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MCMBC Chapter 7

Was molested

Chapter 7 was molested


And then, the agents asked them to make a statement, then hung up aggressively and continued to clean up the mess.


The two parties who were confused were still immersed in the lingering power of their own agents, and it took a long time to react. Wen Ge looked at Gong Ze , and said from his heart: “Actually…they are twins who have been separated for many years…” Even he sighed at this tacit understanding.


Gong Ze  was uncomfortable with his lover’s speculation. Now he cares more about Weibo, so he opened it easily, and at a glance, he saw the popular “Wen Ge Gong Ze  Weibo at the same time” on the hot search, and this topic has surpassed what they wanted before. The hot search on “See you on Saturday” together became the number one. The third and fourth in the hot search are still related to them. They are “Wen Ge Gong Ze  on the same stage” and “Wen Ge Gong Ze  meets in the century”.


Gong Ze  casually clicked one and took a look and then sighed: “Mr. Wen, congratulations, we have reached the hot topic of Weibo today.”


Wen Ge has also seen it. Looking at Weibo that has become a Shura field, 1 Shura field : a situation where a person gets entangled in many complicated relationships, it may also mean a place where a fight may occur at any time. he couldn’t help but sigh deeply.


At this time, Weibo has become a battlefield for fans on both sides, and they have started scolding across the network cable. Gong Ze ’s fans said that Wen Ge was shameless and rubbed the enthusiasm of his movie actor. Wen Ge’s fans said Gong Ze  smiled and knew that he was pretending to be innocent. In fact, he was acting innocent in private, and he was jealous that their male god was more famous than him.


People from both sides scolded wach other, from personal scolding to work and then to the company, as long as it was related to them, they were not spared. Coupled with the challenge of the marketing account and the fanfare of the people who eat melons, this curse battle intensified, and it was out of control at the end.


As a result, the names of Gong Ze  and Wen Ge appeared in the search bar of all netizens on Weibo, causing their names to remain on the hot search list for a long time, and even directly crashed Weibo.


So under the topic of the two, there is another topic of “Weibo programmer is crying”.


The hot topic about the two has not gone down, and at this moment, related personnel came out and broke the news that Gong Ze  and Wen Ge would participate in the show together this time because they were deceived by the show director. When the director invited the guests, he did not explain to the two that there was another person. They were kept in the dark until the moment before the recording, they did not know the truth.


So if you really want to investigate it, both of them are the victims, the blame for all this is that the director is too shameless!


As soon as the news came out, all the netizens rallied and attacked Lu Siming fiercely . It is also rare for the two fans to temporarily put aside their gap, and the united front to oppose Lu Siming and his “See You on Saturday” program group.


So after “Weibo programmers cried”, another topic exploded-“Lu Siming is shameless!” “See you on Saturday fraud”.


Suddenly, both Lu Siming’s and Guan Bo’s comments were full of curses. Under pressure, Lu Siming had to come out to apologize. Song Qiao and Fu Yueze, who were the hosts of the show, had to come forward and accept the scolding from fans together with the show.


However, although “See You on Saturday” was scolded miserably, the topic has soared. In less than a day, it has risen to third place, second only to Gong Ze  and Wen Ge.


Therefore, even if the netizens scolded horribly, the director was very satisfied. After learning the news, he made a special call, and he did not hesitate to praise Lu Siming and let him continue to work hard.


Lu Siming held the phone and nodded bitterly, looking tired. After all, he was chased and scolded by netizens, from a personal attack to his family. This was his first experience. It was inevitable that he could not bear it for a while, but seeing that the show was finally able to be saved, he had some comfort again. It’s much better.


Just thinking that Gong Ze  and Wen Ge were dragged into the water by themselves, so after thinking it over and over, decided that it would be better to make a phone call and apologize in person.


Wen Ge was about to go to bed when he received Lu Siming’s call. Because the weather was a bit cold, his hands and feet squeezed into Gong Ze ’s armpits and between his legs. Hearing the ringtone, he looked at the phone on the bedside with resentment, not wanting to stick his hand out of the bed.


Upon seeing this, Gong Ze  patted his back, propped up his upper body, took it over, turned on the speaker, and placed it on the bed.


“Mr. Wen, I called you so late, I hope it doesn’t disturb you.” Lu Siming’s tone was extremely cautious.


Wen Ge also guessed the purpose of his call, so his attitude was not bad, and he asked as usual: “It’s okay, what’s the matter?”


“That’s it. I think it must have caused trouble for you today because of the program. It’s a lot of trouble, and I really feel sorry for it. All of this is my fault. I was so enthusiastic and didn’t care about the consequences. I’m really sorry for the trouble.”


Lu Siming’s tone is indeed very guilty. It is estimated that this apology is from heart.


Wen Ge glanced at Gong Ze  after listening, and the other party was listening with his hand on his head. Seeing him looking at him, raising his eyebrows, his smile was a little scornful.


Wen Ge retracted his gaze and said calmly: “It’s okay. “See you on Saturday” is also a show I like very much. The most important thing is that the show can be kept. I also know that you have a deep feeling for this show, and I understand it.”


Lu Siming listened. Wen Ge didn’t care, a big rock finally fell in his heart, thanking him several times before hanging up the phone.


Gong Ze  put the phone back on the head of the bed, opened his hands, Wen Ge consciously nested in, and squeezed his cold feet into Gong Ze ’s legs.


He is born with cold body, and it’s hard to live in autumn and winter. On the contrary, Gong Ze  had a hot – blood physique, like a small stove all year round. So when the weather is cold, Wen Ge likes to hug him to sleep, which is comfortable and warm, better than heaters.


The cold feet gradually warmed up, Wen Ge rubbed comfortably under the covers, and hugged Gong Ze  a little tighter. Both of them have the habit of sleeping naked, regardless of whether they had exercised in bed that night, they only wore a pair of shorts to sleep. Then Wen Ge couldn’t help but let out a sigh again with the touch of the skin, his eyelids blinked, lethargic.


“Sleepy?” Gong Ze  lay on his side facing Wen Ge. Seeing the unconcealable fatigue between his eyebrows and eyes, he stretched out his hand and patted his back lightly.


Wen Ge closed his eyes and hummed in response. He was almost falling asleep. As a result, Gong Ze  said again: “It’s probably going to be a while before you can sleep.”


Wen Ge was puzzled and half opened his eyes.


Gong Ze  took his cell phone and shook it in front of his eyes, and then three seconds later, the bell rang. Wen Ge looked at the familiar number, knew it, closed his eyes, and buried his entire head in the bed.


Gong Ze  didn’t turn on the loudspeaker for fear of disturbing him, and his voice was deliberately lowered.


Lu Siming’s rhetoric is exactly the same as just now, even his tone of voice has not changed. Gong Ze  listened absent-mindedly, and then made a perfunctory response. After the other party finished talking about the business, he just hung up, not even leaving Lu Siming a chance to say goodbye.


Wen Ge was already asleep, and his entire face was buried on Gong Ze ’s chest. His warm breath sprayed gently on his chest. Gong Ze  only felt itchy in his heart, and slowly reacted below, but watching the lover who slept soundly, he still suppressed the desire in his heart and forced himself to close his eyes. Just the thought of having to separate again tomorrow, and the last tenderness was interrupted, he felt unreconciled!


Gong Ze  was on a plane at more than two o’clock in the afternoon, so the two of them slept until more than nine o’clock in .


When Wen Ge woke up, he saw Gong Ze  holding his head and looking at himself with a smile.


Facts have proved that male gods are good-looking no matter what. Even if you just woke up, didn’t brush your teeth and wash your face, and your hair was messy, it’s still a handsome person who can’t let people close their legs.


Wen Ge once again sighed in his heart that his man was really handsome, and then drew up sleepily and kissed him.


Originally, he just wanted to rub his lips against him, but as soon as he kissed him, Gong Ze  suddenly rolled over and pressed on his body, with one hand on the side of his ear, and the other hand holding his chin, applying a slight force to make him Open his mouth. Then the moment he opened his mouth, his tongue poked in flexibly, first swept his teeth, and then hooked Wen Ge’s tongue, hooked and licked.


Wen Ge just woke up, he was not completely awake, but now he was kissed again, his brain became more chaotic, and he couldn’t think anymore. He just wrapped his neck by instinct, closed his eyes, and responded intently. .


The two were totally immersed in it, except for the soft sound of kissing, only Wen Ge’s whimpering and groaning came from time to time.


After a long time, Gong Ze  let go of him, and both of them felt a little tingling in their lips and tongue. Wen Ge closed his eyes and panted slightly with his mouth open. He felt Gong Ze ’s tongue licking on his neck, but he didn’t have the strength to push away. Wen Ge naturally knew his intentions and didn’t want to refuse. Later, he thought that in five hours, Gong Ze  would leave. Driven by his reluctance, he took the initiative to cater to this sudden morning love.



It Was almost eleven o’clock when the two went downstairs. Although Wen Ge had not been tossed by Gong Ze  to the point where he couldn’t get out of bed, he was still quite uncomfortable, so he lay on the sofa to rest while Gong Ze  was cooking lunch.


Maltose was holding a toy ball in his mouth and wanted to play with Wen Ge. Seeing him lying on the sofa, he raised his front paws and squatted against the edge of the sofa, groaning a few times.


Wen Ge turned his head and touched his son’s head, and said in a hoarse voice: “Go play by yourself, Dad can’t accompany you today.”


He doesn’t know if Maltose understands it, but he really didn’t pester Wen Ge anymore,went  to the corner to play ball.


Wen Ge lay down for a while and felt better, so he got up and soaked himself a cup of soothing tea.


Gong Ze  was really too fierce this time, and he actually broke his throat. The only thing to be thankful for was that he doesn’t have work for the next few days, and he will be able to raise his throat well.


Seeing Wen Ge entered the kitchen, Gong Ze  quickly put down the kitchen knife, and went to help people: “Why are you here? Tell me what you need, and I’ll take it for you.”


Wen Ge waved his hand: “It’s okay. , You continue, I will soak my own throat.”


“Really?” Gong Ze  was worried.


“Really,” Wen Ge nodded and touched his empty belly urging, “You do it fast, I’m all hungry.”


Gong Ze  had no choice but to continue cooking first. Wen Ge didn’t rush to leave after making a cup of honeysuckle tea for himself. So from time to time, Gong Ze  fed him a freshly cooked dish with chopsticks. He came and went, and Wen Ge was half full before he started eating.


After lying on his back for a while, his waist became sore again, Wen Ge stood up and hammered his waist. Seeing that Gong Ze  was still straight and energetic, he felt a little unhappy, so he put the cup behind him and hugged his waist, biting the flesh on his shoulder, angrily said: “Mr. Gong, I thought I would be killed by you just now.”




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    Shura field : a situation where a person gets entangled in many complicated relationships, it may also mean a place where a fight may occur at any time.
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