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MCMBC Chapter 16

Invitation to a program



Chapter 16… Invitation to a Program


When Wen Ge reached the WeChat location, Ying Yutian and Ye Qing were squatting on the side of the street, looking at the passing crowd. Their pitiful appearances were exactly the same as when Wen Ge saw Maltose for the first time.


Seeing them from a distance, Ying Yutian’s weeping face instantly rejuvenated, and he ran over, crying and holding Wen Ge to express his thoughts about the rest of his life.


“Xiaoge, oooooooo, fortunately we have you! I thought Qingqing and I were going to be sleeping on the streets of Germany today, oooooooo.”


Ying Yutian cried to Wen Ge, and Ye Qing’s eyes were red. It is estimated that if he comes a few seconds later, he will cry too.


“Didn’t you have a translator ?” Wen Ge had a headache from his crying. But Ying Yutian was really frightened, crying loudly and miserably. He could only endure the harassment of the magic sound and comfort him.


Ying Yutian cried until he hiccupped. Because he cried too loudly and didn’t hear Wen Ge’s words clearly, he didn’t answer him. But Ye Qing stood aside, sniffed, and said, “I was following him. Then, Brother Ying saw a stall selling hot dogs. We were all a little hungry and wanted to buy one. But when we finished buying, we found that there was already no one around anymore.”


Wen Ge was not surprised, knowing that these two had really done something wrong. Seeing their faces turn pale, he knew that they had learned a lesson, so he didn’t say anything. He patted them on the shoulder and let them get in the car.


The two climbed into the back seat obediently, only to find that Gong Ze had been sitting in the driver’s seat. Ying Yutian sniffed and greeted him. He is quite familiar with Gong Ze. When he went to talk to Wen Ge about work at home, they would talk a little when he met Gong Ze at home.


But it was the first time that Ye Qing saw Gong Ze in private. So, he was so nervous that he didn’t know what to do. He stood a bit with his feet side by side, stammered stiffly and said, “Hello, Film Emperor!”


Wen Ge just got into the co-pilot and said with a smile. “Xiaoye, why are you so nervous? The film emperor won’t eat people.”


Ye Qing laughed dryly, and complained in his heart. Who said that the film emperor does not eat people? He eats you every day.


The difference between the figures of the two is just too great. Anyone can tell who is pressing and who is pressed at a glance. And when Wen Ge just turned around, he happened to see a little red mark behind his ears. The life of the boss from his family is very blessed.


Not long after they left, the camera crew called, and they finally found that there were fewer people in the team. As soon as they opened their mouths, they cried and asked where they were going, and then asked if they were bullied by foreigners. They were too worried.


It’s not that they are too exaggerated, but that Ying Yutian and Ye Qing are so outstanding, and they are all the kind of chickens who have no power to bind the chicken. They can’t do anything if they are harassed on the street in a foreign country with language barriers and can’t ask anyone for help. It was really not reassuring.


Before contacting them, everyone on the film crew had imagined in their minds countless scenes where the two were bullied by the tall German guys, and their hearts were frustrated. Now that they heard that they were with Wen Ge, they were finally relieved. So after a few words of comfort, they continued.


Wen Ge wanted to send them back to the hotel, but Ying Yutian said that it was boring to go back to the hotel where there’ll only be the two of them. So he (WG) had to follow them  wherever they went.


Wen Ge didn’t have any comments, so he looked at Gong Ze .


Although Gong Ze disliked these two light bulbs a bit, he still acquiesced.


So the two became tour guides then took Ying Yutian and Ye Qing to stroll around the city.


At about five o’clock, Mrs. Smith called to say that the party was ready, and asked when they would be back, so that she could estimate the time when the turkey would enter the oven.


The sightseeing was almost over, so Wen Ge said he would be home in an hour, and asked Mrs. Smith if he could invite two friends to the party together. Mrs. Smith heard that it was their friend and happily agreed.


Although it was a small welcome party, there were actually quite a lot of people present. They were all friends Wen Ge and Gong Ze met when they were studying here. They went away after graduation. They don’t know how Mrs. Smith actually called everyone over.


Except for the Smiths, none of these people know about the Chinese entertainment industry, so they don’t know that their former friends have now become popular superstars in China. So their attitude towards them is still the same as before, and they are naturally familiar with each other.


As Wen Ge’s friends, Ying Yutian and Ye Qing were also warmly received, especially Mrs. Smith, who watched the two children, well-behaved like her little grandson, and liked them so much. Soon, Wen Ge and Gong Ze were called by friends to chat. She was worried that they would feel left out, so she stayed with them all the time. Mrs. Smith lived in the UK for a few years when she was young, so she speaks English. The three of them can communicate in English.


Because it was not a weekend, everyone had to go to work the next day. So the party ended at less than ten o’clock. Wen Ge and Gong Ze said goodbye to their friends and sent Ying Yutian and Ye Qing back to the hotel.


The camera crew’s friends had just returned from dinner, and the two met at the entrance of the hotel. A group of people surrounded Ying Yutian and Ye Qing asking questions. Wen Ge was also dragged to talk for a while, and couldn’t get out for a while.


Gong Ze stayed in the car and waited, watching a group of nymphomaniacs surrounding his lover, and the hungry eyes almost pouncing on him. His heart was very upset, and his brows were frowned tightly. After waiting for five minutes without seeing his lover coming back, he finally couldn’t help but honk the horn.


Everyone looked over, and Gong Ze pulled his mask up again, and leaned back slightly to hide himself in the darkness.


“Sorry, I have something to do. I’ll leave now.” Wen Ge didn’t introduce the person in the car to them, and got into the car after a brief explanation.


After the car left, someone asked Ying Yutian, “Is that Mr. Wen’s friend? Why does he wear a mask?”


“He has a cold and is afraid of infecting others.” Ying Yutian calmly lied.


Most people believed what he said, but there were still one or two, looking at the direction the car was driving, tilted their heads and fell into contemplation.


“Do you think-”


“Yes.” The young lady who spoke first looked at her companion with dissatisfaction, “I haven’t said yet, you know what I’m going to say?”


“Do you think that the person wearing a mask looks like the actor Gong Ze?”


“Fuck!” The young lady looked horrified, “Are you the fucking roundworm in my stomach? How can you know that?” The companion smiled mysteriously, “Because I think so too.”


“Then… like you said, is that person the actor Gong Ze?” The companion lowered her head and thought, “Although I want to think so, reason tells me not to be impulsive.”


Both people’s minds flashed at the same time. Since their debut, the two people have been fighting and various news slogans were published with strong flavors of fighting.


“Actually…” After a long time, the young lady confessed, “I’m their…CP fan…” The companion smiled knowingly, “Oh, what a coincidence.”


On Tuesday, Wen Ge drove to work alone and met Ying Yutian and the others. The film crew negotiated with the company on the shooting details of the ad on Monday, and set off for Argentina overnight that day.


It is not the first time Wen Ge has met the chief designer of Hugo Boss. In fact, since he became the spokesperson of Hugo Boss in Asia, when he walks on the red carpet or participates in important events every year, his clothes are designed personally by the chief designer. So the conversation was very pleasant and harmonious. Before the separation, the chief designer invited Wen Ge to have a meal together.


Early the next morning, the three people took the earliest flight to Argentina to make peace with the film crew.


Another day passed, then Gong Ze said goodbye to the Smiths and returned home.


Next, he will have a premiere and a few interviews, so there is no spare time to fly around with Wen Ge.


After the plane arrived, the agent came to pick him up in person.


Gong Ze’s agent is Luo Mingfan. He is an authentic northerner. He is a little taller than Gong Ze, but he is a little thinner than him(GZ). He looks like a bamboo pole. His legs are straight. But so thin that it looks scary, so Gong Ze’s fans call him Chopsticks.


This Mr. Chopsticks doesn’t meet the requirements of the northerners except for his height, especially the fragile small heart and the standard glass heart. If others say something more serious, he can cry immediately, and it’s hard to stop his crying. So Gong Ze never dared to scold him, or even refuse him, because he would not be able to stand it.


Gong Ze often wondered what kind of luck he and Wen Ge had, and how they managed to recruit all the weird people. Whether it is an agent or an assistant, they are not like normal people anyway! No wonder netizens say that he and Wen Ge seem to be the most stable and reliable in their team.


The next day the agent came to pick up people to the company in person.


The day before, the boss said that he had something to tell them, so that they would come over at some time.


When the two arrived at the company, they took the elevator directly to the top floor to get to the president’s office. The secretary flushed with excitement when she saw Gong Ze, and waved to him excitedly. Gong Ze took off his sunglasses and smiled at her. He then went into the office, leaving the secretary who had not recovered from his beauty and fell into a chair with her heart in her arms.


The door of the office opened and closed, Gong Ze walked straight to the desk and sat down, and the chair behind the desk facing the door turned around at the same time. A blond hair came into view soon.


Gong Ze couldn’t help but ridicule, “This hair color makes your face even more uglier ba.”


“Damn!” The man lying in the boss chair suddenly jumped up violently and beat the table violently. “Thump!”


Gong Ze smiled, “Went for a whitening injection? You look whiter than before.”


“I said, it was because there was a lot of ultraviolet rays during that time! I was already very pale, okay!” Mu Ran argued for himself for the Nth time.


Gong Ze shrugged and obviously didn’t believe it. He tapped his fingers on the desk and asked him, “Let’s talk, why did you call me to come today? I still have work and don’t have time to wrestle with you.” Mu Ran is the boss of Gong Ze’s brokerage company and is also a college classmate. So compared to other people, his attitude while speaking to Mu Ran is a bit less respectful than subordinates, and a bit more casual like friends.


Mu Ran rolled his eyes and took out two files from the drawer and threw them at him, “Apple TV just sent me a program invitation. You can check it out and take it if you are interested.”


Gong Ze didn’t even look at it and just said: “I’m not interested, just push it.”




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    thanks for translating!

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