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MCMBC Chapter 2

Still angry



Chapter 2  still angry


The man looked at Wen Ge intently, waiting for his answer.


Wen Ge looked down at the ground, and after nearly five minutes of silence, he said in a dumb voice: “The last few days, I was too busy.”


This was obviously an excuse. Gong Ze’s eyes were dimmed a bit, and when he spoke again, the grievance in his words was even worse.


“Are you still angry with me? It’s been half a month? You should calm down, too.”


Wen Ge curled his fingers slightly, and finally raised his head, as if to verify Gong Ze’s words, his face was cold and had a slightly faint angry look.


Gong Ze let go of his shackles, his left hand propped on the wall behind him, and his right hand stroked Wen Ge’s  face, gently stroking it little by little.


The slender index finger stroked from the end of the eyebrows to the corners of the eyes, and then all the way up, staying on the slightly pursed lips and gently rubbing them.


There was no close contact for more than half a month, Wen Ge was only touched by him now, and his body couldn’t help but tremble. The body was empty and uncomfortable, and there were some demands hidden.


Gong Ze saw his reaction in his eyes, smiled, and whispered ambiguously in his ear: “Did you miss me?”


Wen Ge was so embarrassed by his teasing that the pink of his ears spread quickly . Pursing his mouth, stretched out his hand and pushed hard.


Gong Ze was pushed slightly, Wen Ge escaped from his arms and walked outside without looking back. However, after just two steps, he was dragged back.


As soon as his back touched the wall, a strong scent of men’s cologne rushed into the tip of his nose, and at the same time, a warmth covered his lips. Wen Ge was startled for a few seconds, Gong Ze’s tongue poked in, gently licking, extremely teasing.


This familiar feeling made Wen Ge unable to hold back a low groan, sighed in his heart, and finally closed his eyes in resignation, and responded to Gong Ze.


They hadn’t seen each other for more than half a month and didn’t contact him. He really missed him.


The kiss was long, and when the lips parted, Wen Ge’s pale lips had become red and slightly swollen, and the corners of their lips were glowing with water.


Gong Ze breathed heavily, and sprayed on Wen Ge’s face with the damp heat with the fragrance of mint, hot and scorching, and Wen Ge’s ears became even more red.


Gong Ze tilted his head and licked the water stain on the corner of his mouth, pressed it tightly, and said with a smirk: “If you let me kiss, you can’t remain angry anymore, do you know?”


His tone was rascal.


Wen Ge snorted coldly and turned his head away from him.


Gong Ze is also not annoyed. For this kind of hard food but not soft, since good things don’t work, then just go hard. So he held Wen Ge’s chin, ready to kiss again.


But at this moment, the sound of high heels rang upstairs, and the two of them stopped moving. Wen Ge reacted first, pushed Gong Ze away hard, then glared at him, and quickly fled.


The fat sheep that reached his mouth just ran away, Gong Ze sighed, tidyed up his clothes, and left quietly.


As soon as Wen Ge walked to the door of the lounge, the door was opened from the inside. Seeing that he hadn’t come in for so long, the assistant was about to come out to find him.


“Brother, where did you go?” The assistant turned sideways to let Wen Ge in.


Gong Ze just came out of the stairwell. Wen Ge took a look from the corner of the eye, walked in with a blank face, and then closed the door casually.


Since the assistant didn’t know his relationship with Gong Ze, he naturally couldn’t tell the truth and could only lie to him that he just went to the bathroom.


The assistant nodded and didn’t ask any more questions. Instead, he squeezed his fingers and said tremblingly: “Brother, I don’t know that they also invited Gong Ze. They never said that there are other guests! They are deceiving, if you don’t want to record in this episode, let’s go now? It’s because they deceived people first. Even if we breach the contract, it’s reasonable.”


Like all netizens, the assistant always thought Wen Ge was displeased with Gong Ze, not just because the two of them  have never been in the same stage, but because Wen Ge avoids talking every time he is asked about Gong Ze and looks very impatient, he naturally thinks Wen Ge hates Gong Ze.


Wen Ge looked at the assistant’s self-blaming expression and hesitated to tell him his true relationship with Gong Ze. But after weighing it over and over, he chose to keep it secret, because his assistant is good at everything, only one thing is bad, he can’t hide things in his heart. If you let him know about this, a second person and a third person will know about it the next day.


So let him continue to blame himself.


Thinking of this, Wen Ge patted his assistant on the shoulder, and said with relief: “Forget it, the contract is signed, and now if I go away , this matter will only be even bigger.”


“But, then there will be Gong Ze who will be on the same stage with you. “The assistant is still worried.


“What else can we do? The outside world has been spreading that we are not in harmony. If I suddenly say no to recording , I will just put the evidence in front of them.” Wen Ge has done a good job of fooling the little assistant. , And there will be no guilt that has deceived him.


But the more calm Wen Ge was, the more the assistant blamed himself, his entire face wrinkled together, and he wished to put Lu Siming in a sack and beat him up now.


In fact, before Wen Ge came in, he had already told Wen Ge’s agent about this. He wanted to work with his agent to persuade Wen Ge to give up recording the show, but the agent was silent for a long while and said that Wen Ge would decide for himself.


Wen Ge’s decision was to continue to record. Although he disagrees with all his heart, it is undeniable that this is the best solution.


Although the outside world is saying that Wen Ge and Gong Ze are not in harmony, and they are still talking about it, they are only rumors, and the parties have never admitted. But if today he really refuses to record , it will be a hard evidence . Although this kind of thing is everywhere in the entertainment industry, with Wen Ge and Gong Ze’s popularity, he is afraid that in addition to being blacked by the opponent’s fans, passers-by will also call him defiant, playing big names.


So stopping recording is only harmful to Wen Ge, and now he can only bite the bullet!


However, the assistant still had a chance, and imagined that Gong Ze’s side would stop recording. In this way, even if it caused some influence on public opinion, it was Gong Ze who was attacked, and Wen Ge would not have any influence. In general, Gong Ze’s words are the best of both worlds for them.


But Wen Ge only chuckled when he learned of his thoughts: “How can they not think of what you can think of.”


As Wen Ge said, what they can think of, how could the person on the other side fail to think of it.


So Gong Ze continued to record according to the original plan.


Half an hour before the recording started, Lu Siming knocked on the door of the lounge again anxiously.





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