Miss Little White Lotus
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Miss Little White Lotus

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Synopsis Miss Little White Lotus

Scarlette Locke is known for her serious demeanor and business-only policy. With her family’s legacy on top of her shoulders, she strives her best to live with elegance and perfection.

“It’s a lot of responsibility for a lady who should be having fun and falling in love.” One would think, especially if the said lady was supposed to be inheriting worth more than a billion dollars tycoon business in the near future. She needs to get all the fun she could get with her peers. But for her, a superficial thing such as romance is nothing more but something to be frown upon for it doesn’t last.

But as Scarlette tries her best to navigate this treacherous path of hers with a winning smile, she will eventually have to meet blonde hair, green eyes, Kinsey- who had chosen to live his life freely, according to his own rules with all the fun he wanted in life. He follows his own decisions for himself and no one else’s. For him, so long as you can feel it, it exists. And so long as it’s for her, he will take it.

If the saying goes opposite attracts, would the magnetism of hearts and red strings be enough to hide and bury down their papercuts? If it’ll be the man who wants to genuinely be love versus the woman who couldn’t care less about marriage vows, would they actually stand a chance?


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