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Chapter 4- Already At Bad End?!

Already At Bad End?!

Scarlette’s Point of View


The guy before me chuckled as if something funny was happening right now. “Cecilia Scarlette Locke, should I say more?” He hummed as he rested his chin against the palm of his hand. He seems to be mocking me with that smile of his. 


I frown a little. “Are you making fun of me?”


“A little.” He briefly answered before sitting upright. I watched him stir his coffee messily like he always does. “You still haven’t changed as for when I last saw you.” He then added just before he sipped his coffee. I couldn’t help but arch my brow upwards.


I am willing to ignore that comment for now. 


“So what drives you here? I’m sure you didn’t go just so you could spill coffee to a supposed random stranger.” He chuckled. “Not only that. You didn’t apologize and assumed I’m a fan or something.” He mocked, enough to make my cheeks burn.


“If you want an apology then you should’ve said so. I could not read minds.” I tried to defend myself as I narrowed my eyes at him. He is pushing it too far. “I could definitely pay you back for this coffee, and I could do it right now.”


“You’re still hot-headed as ever, aren’t you Cecilia?” Kinsey chuckles before he tries to place his hand on top of my head. I deliberately dodge it. 


“I am not eight anymore, Kinsey.” I replied disapprovingly. I didn’t plan on meeting him right now. I’m not in my best state, I thought as I made sure my head was tilted down the whole time. 


“Anyway, it’s good for you to finally got a vacation. It’s been a while since I’ve talked with you and-“


I frown deeper. “I am not here for a vacation. In fact, you’re just what I needed.” I disrupt him abruptly. 


He looked at me for a second before he sipped from his drink again. “Hmmm? That’s too straightforward for you for the first day of our coincidental reunion.” He chuckled. “Unfortunately though, I have something working on as well. I am not sure if I would be a complete help to someone like you. You’re a big shot already.” He smiles. 


He is teasing me, I could tell. I am more than aware that he knows why I am here and searching for him. If ever, I think he is simply humoring me. I don’t have time for that either. 


“Kinsey, let’s get married.” 


I watched him look at me as he sips his coffee. He didn’t turn his gaze away as he slowly placed the mug down the table, his lips pursing into a thin line. I was determined. The sooner I get this over with, the sooner I get myself to return to my post, the less catching up that I have to do. 


“Do you even know what is marriage for? I think you are taking it lightly.” He replied as his sight turned sharp and knowingly. Now, this is the Kinsey I know. 


“I am not. This marriage is a big thing both for your family and mine. You don’t have to worry about me. I am capable of handling the business. As soon as we get wedded, the soon the companies will merge. If that happens then we will be unstoppable and-”


My lips twitched when Kinsey cut my statement off with a sigh as if he was disappointed or something. I do not like getting cut in the middle. “Is it not favorable on your end? May I remind you that Locke has been one of the leading institution at present. And besides, I have established a name of my own already if that’s what you are concerned about. I could also handle business if you want me to drop my other endeavors.” I tried to compromise as he already showed a hint of refusal, which I do not understand and like.


“No. That’s not it. You’re intelligent, beautiful, business-oriented, confident- everything. No one could ask for a better wife but-”


“But you’re going to ask for a better one?” I asked sarcastically with a frown now plastered upon my face. I’m not the one to be rejected, but he is of a top caliber as well, I could accept this. I’ll just have to make him say yes. 


“Let me speak first, Cecilia.” He replied. I could see from the way his eyebrows furrowed, how frustrated he is right now. Thus, I motioned for him to continue on as I sipped my caffeine. He took it as a cue to do so. “I’m afraid this is not how marriage works. You’re treating it as some kind of business.” He started. 


Like it should be!


It’s now my turn to furrow my brows at him. 


“Marriage is an agreement with both parties to be together, am I wrong?” I asked as I tilted my head to the side.


“It is more than that.” Kinsey runs a hand through his hair. “It needs intimacy and time. A foundation even.” 


“That’s easy. We’ve been brought up together and trained long ago. We got the foundation you are talking about.” I said plainly. “As for intimacy, I’d let you take me out once a month within our marriage. Just make sure it won’t hit any business trips or important meetings. ” 


“Ugh. why are you doing this to me, Cecilia?” I watch Kinsey throw his head back as if I said something so ridiculous. I watched him do his monologue. It’s also a way for me to take in the changes he had undergone enough for me to barely recognize him at first encounter. Sure, I haven’t seen him since I don’t know how long, but how could a person change so much? Not only did he get taller, but something was amidst. Maybe it was the shirt he was wearing- he is definitely better in designer clothes like old times. 


“Here. Just answer me first.” I heard Kinsey leaned himself back at the table seriously.


“Am I allowed to make mathematical models of some sort?” I asked.


“No. It’s nothing to do with Math nor statistics.” He exclaimed. What’s wrong with him? He could not be too relentless. It’s just the two of us here. “Just answer me truthfully.”


“Okay. Go on then.” I replied, kind of weirded of by him. I’m sure it’s not something I could not handle. I smile confidently as I draw random patterns at the lid of my coffee.


“Do you love me?” He asked. Is he seriously trying to scare me away with something so abstract? I’m getting tired of him playing around. Even a kindergarten could answer that!


“Kinsey, no matter what you do, you’re going to marry me. I do not care about such trivial matters. So long as we get married that is good enough for me.” I answered, completely uninterested. “There’s no room for negotiations. That was long overdue.” 


“I bet my father just tried to talk you into this.” He groaned in reply. 


I watch him at his remorse. It honestly feels like an insult towards me. What’s so bad about marrying me? As he said earlier, I am perfect. What more would he need? “Actually, you have a lot of explaining to do. If you haven’t been away from home then they wouldn’t have to speed up our marriage.” I said. 


Kinsey stood up from his seat. 


“Huh? Where are you going?” I asked.


“I’ve already gotten your coffee. It was nice meeting you again, Cecilia… But just like you, I have things I need to accomplish. I need to bid my leave now.” He said. He even pulled a small smile towards me before he completely left me back on my own.


How strange. Did I push him too hard? I mean it was already given that we will be getting married. Maybe I should’ve opted for a much more formal way. I narrowed my eyes as I watch him completely shrink from my sight before I then resume drinking my coffee. I guess he prefers if I’ve sent him an email instead. 


I might’ve failed now, but I’ll make sure to make him come home with me. There’s nothing I couldn’t do if I have already set my mind to it. 

I didn’t go anywhere after that. I returned to the family resthouse as soon as I finished my caffeinated drink. The result is the ever so sore feet that I now have. I grumbled to myself as I descend towards my room. 


“Five minutes to rest before I return back to work.” I murmured tiredly as my face hits the pillow. I stare at the unfamiliar walls for a while until it was brought upon me that there’s no work for me to do. My only job here is to get Kinsey and make him return home. 


What is he even doing here? Vacation? As far as my grandfather told me in his office, Kinsey is the second son of his family, which I am already aware of. He is not the direct one to inherit the lineage, but it’s not like his parents are going to neglect him. His older brother wants him to help in business, and since both families want to be partners beyond papers, I ought to marry one of the siblings. The older brother is too old for me, so this leaves me with the younger one which I grew up with. Either one won’t be a case to me, this is my duty after all. 


The problem here is that not only did he set aside my offer of marriage, but I was also informed that he do not want anything to do with inheriting even a part of their family business. He wanted to pursue something else, which I needed to find out if I wanted to take control of the situation. 


I sat up before messing my hair in frustration. It’s bold of me to think that I will only be spending less than a day here… Why does he have to make it so hard for me?


“With the power bestowed upon me, I’ll get you to marry me eventually.” That’s what I promise myself before I picked up this sore physical body of mine and head off to shower. 




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