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Chapter 23- Home


Cecilia Scarlette Locke’s Point of View


It was the default ringtone blaring from my phone as a signal that someone was calling. My emotions are unstable enough for the grand reveal of my punishment, and this call has to make my heart shakier than it’s supposed to be. I’m having cold sweats right now as I try to fish out my phone from my pocket. 


“I-i am sorry. I will… I will shut my phone now.” I said as I struggled to shut my phone off. Pierre Kinsey, what great timing you have. I’ve been waiting all night, and you had to call now. As soon as I shut my phone, I looked back at the couple before me. My grandfather’s face only hardened. “I apologize. Please continue.” 


He cleared his throat. “Very well. You’re to work under Mark for the time being and-”


What the freaking hell? If my eyeballs could jump out, they would. My eyes widen so much that it feels as if they could both bulge out. That incompetent newbie would be my boss? It was his fault I’m in this predicament in the first place! And it’s no wonder he is getting away with it by pulling some strings in the board. But why can’t I do the same? I’m practically the grandaughter of the CEO!


“This is ridiculous.” I breathed out, feeling my environment spin before my very eyes. The hotness in my head is building up as if it’s a volcano about to explode and destroy everything around it. I just- after everything I worked hard with. Everything has turned into ashes. I could not accept it. ‘This is so unfair!’ I wanted to scream that very statement unto their faces for a very long time now, and I’m thinking that this is the best time to give them a piece of my mind. It’s not like this would come to worse anymore. It was a single mistake. It’s fixable too. Why couldn’t they favor me for once? It wouldn’t kill them to side on me. 


“Hold your horses.” 


I blinked back at him. 


There’s more? 




“You’re to pack your bags right now, and-”


“You’re disowning me too?!” I could not help but finally raise my voice as soon as I found it. My voice was a pitch higher than I would usually do, and it seemed to push my grandfather over the edge as well. I couldn’t care less, though. At least not right now. That’s probably not the best decision as I dig a deeper grave for myself, but how? They’re willing to turn my life into 180 degrees just for the sake of he said, she said. 


“Cecilia!” He yelled back, in an attempt to pose authority towards me. 


“I hate you! You never really cared! You- you think this is the best course of action? Watch, and I’ll prove you wrong. I will definitely. I will definitely climb the corporate ladder even if I’m not your granddaughter! I never felt like it anyway!” I was like a bubble finally bursting out into their faces, and my grandmother could only gasp while my grandfather gave me a glare. 


I could taste the bitterness on my tongue. “Make Mark Sao marry a Kinsey too then.” I challenged before running away from the scene. I might regret everything I’ve said, I might not. But the adrenaline kicked in, and I knew that right now the best way to deal with this is not to see them for a while. I’m mad at them, and the same goes for them to me. Nothing would come out good with another confrontation.


With that line of thought, I packed my bags as fast as I could. I squished in all my necessities and everything that I could fit into it. Stuffing things into my luggage bags isn’t the wisest decision, but I am in no right mind right now for organization and logical thinking. I just simply get out of this house and take a breather. The air here suddenly became more suffocating than I am already used to. 


When I say rush, I mean rush all the way down the stairs with two of my luggage bags flailing on both sides. I’m not sure how I’ve managed to lift the two up like a walk in the park on the staircase, but I did. And the last thing I remember is the sight of the shrinking view of what was supposed to be my home. 


Now, where should I start?


“Miss? Where should we go?” The family driver then asked. I broke out of my trance, looking over him. Right. I still have no destination to go. “Drop me in the nearest hotel.” I said with a light shrug, hoping I’ll magically figure everything out once I arrived there. 



I shut the door close before checking my belongings. The feeling of rage had died down, but the anger still resides inside of me.


“You should’ve seen this coming, Scarlette!” I exclaim as I throw myself towards the fluffy queen-sized bed. I shut my eyes close for a second. My head is buzzing, and my body is finally paying for the adrenaline rush just like that. I feel like a soggy pasta in the works. 


While laying on my lap for a couple of seconds, I could not help but think how my life flipped just like that. Feeling the void widens inside my heart as if a strong gravity was tugging strings within it- it made me want to scream and burst like a bubble. If only I was a bubble then I wouldn’t have to stay and figure all of this out. 


I rolled to my side, “If I was a bubble.” I mumbled in defeat as I sat up. I run a hand through my hair and punch my pillow repeatedly just until the hollowing feeling of dread escapes from my insides. I feel like throwing out. I feel like feeling everything and nothing at all. This doesn’t make sense, but nothing that had happened within this day had made sense to me until I have to make sense out of it. How plainly cruel.


I plopped back down on my back. “I would not get anywhere with whining. I’ll just think of this as a direct challenge from Alexander himself.” I talked to myself, hoping this pep talk would calm my nerves down.


All my life, after that incident, I’ve always tried to best him. No matter how small the detail is. But the results stay the same: we are not even at the same level, he is far more superior than I will ever be. Still, I try my best to turn a blind eye and continue on perceiving. “If I manage to bounce this back, then I’ll be at least one step closer.” 




I glanced over to the side table where I’ve hastily tossed my phone. I do not have the will to move at all. I am hoping that that will be Kinsey, but what am I to tell him? I don’t want to look being needy. Heh. But I’ll be more bumped out if it’s one of those business emails I’ve been avoiding since Mark had gotten his way in the company. It is really safe to say that he played me well.














I furrowed my brows this time as I slowly pushed myself back up. The screen makes that small flash of the lockup wallpaper. 


If it is indeed Kinsey, then what is it that he wants? If I remember correctly, he also called me earlier. I chew unto my lip as I retrieve my gadget. I’ll be digging my grave tonight if he happens to know my situation. Does news spread out that fast?


Are u ok?


Where are you?


I’m on my way. I’m coming to get you.


Please answer your phone.




Can you meet me? 


Cecilia answer your goddamn phone


I tilted my head to the side as I noticed the time and the various missed calls that came from Kinsey. I’ve spent so much time sulking? But wait, did he just say that he will come and get me?


He will come?!


I instantly jolt up out of my bed and made that panic dial, hoping I’d reach him as I try to make myself presentable. When was his last message was sent even? 


“To go without knowing his destination? He must be going crazy.” I breathed out as I stuffed the most immediate items in my handbag. “Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up, Kinsey.”


I was all over the room, trying to move and slip on my heels. Once I proved myself ready though, I kept pacing around the room. Various emotions mixed into my stomach. It’s already given that he knew something had happened if he is to go here in urgent, but it’s not like it was his fault. The decisions I’ve made until now are mine alone. I am afraid that he is acting out of impulse and doing something that he’d regret later. 


I mean, getting kicked out of the house is not that bad either if I would think about it. And, and I still get to work at the family company. Not that bad… yet. 


I shook my head. “Kinsey, you’re stressing-“


“Cecilia! Are you okay? Where are you?” An abrupt voice came cutting my monologue.


“Kinsey. Stay where you are. What are you saying about coming here? You’ve just felt a little bit better, but you still just came from being sick!” I exclaimed, beating him to it. He was right that morning when we fought, this is how I’ve wanted to live my life, so I do not have to drag his as well.


“It’s too late to stop me now, Cecilia. Alexander called me. He said you’re going to be punished because I don’t want to go home.” Kinsey explained briefly enough to make my lips frown automatically. He really likes making a show for everyone.


“It doesn’t matter. It’s not like you coming here would lift the punishment. And it’s not like the punishment would take away the fact that I am a Locke and I am a capable woman.” I said confidently even if I was doubting myself just a few minutes ago.


“I know. I am aware of that, but you should know that I am your Pierre Kinsey, Cecilia. I won’t let you handle things alone if you’re in a pinch.” Kinsey said.


“If you’re my Pierre Kinsey then you should’ve just come with me the first time I’ve told you to do so.” I stated. I wonder what changed his mind. Guilt? He knew what was going to happen to me if I fail my grandfather. Kinsey knows him, and my grandfather very much so dislikes failure. 


It was silence from his end, making me grit my teeth. I reluctantly ought to end the call, but I am worried that he might throw what he had stayed for in that little town just because of this when it already had happened. “You know what? Let’s not dwell on what had happened. Just stay there while I figure this all out. I’ll call once in a while but do not make rash decisions, okay?” If ever, the decision I’ve made for him would all be for nothing if he would return anyway. And it’s not like my grandparents would welcome me with open arms after what I pulled earlier.


“I mean I would like to do you that favor, but I’ve already quit my job and already driving home to you.” A mixture of playfulness and seriousness hints at the tone of his voice. 


“Please tell me you’re joking.” I grimaced as I took a couple steps to look over at my window, sighing, and questioning what did I do wrong in this life of mine to make it this distraught. 


At least the night sky looks peaceful.




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