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Chapter 17.1- ill Kinsey

ill Kinsey

Cecilia Scarlette Locke’s Point of View


“Uhm… so let me get this straight, milady. Sir Kinsey is sick and the miss doesn’t know what to do to make him feel better?” Emily summarised my over-the-top explanation with a little bit of a side story here and there. I could tell that she carefully worded out that statement. 


“Shhhhh! Don’t say it out loud.” I whisper-yell at her as I decided to take a look at the living room only to find out that Kinsey is no longer there. It’s like a bolt of panic jolted towards me. Heh. But the joke’s on me, my heartbeat could still quicken more. And it was proven when I saw Kinsey standing right beside me, his arms around himself, face flushing while gritting his teeth as if it’s the winter season already. 


“W-what are you doing there?! You’re going to give me a heart attack!” I complained, my voice raising a pitch higher than I would normally go for. I was that nervous and jumpy at the moment- typically not a Locke should be. 


“What is not supposed to be said out loud?” Kinsey looked at me in a stingy way as he was leaning over the counter for support.


“You- you should not be here even. You should be resting over there. Didn’t I tell you not to go anywhere else?” I questioned, completely switching the subject to 360 degrees. “Go. Return to your post there, Kinsey.” I said.


“You’ve been away far too long… Plus, I’m thirsty.” He could barely even let out the words. I sighed softly and slipped my hand against his cheek. He’s still burning as expected. 


“I’ll get it for you. I’ll assist you back to your bedroom. You should lay down.” I said, my eyes softening when he tried to look at me with a frown. I could tell that he wanted to say something, but decided against it, I suppose. 


“What else do you want?” I asked as I moved his arms for him to lean over me instead. I wrap an arm around his torso as I swing his arm onto my shoulder. I gave him a small smile to reassure him. I could return to Emily later. I know she will understand. 


Kinsey’s emerald eyes bore against me. He stared down at me mindlessly, enough to make me feel as if there’s something wrong with my face. But he is probably in a trance that I need to break so he would be able to rest already. 


“Stay, okay? I’ll drive you home once I’ve gotten better.” He said. I blinked back at him before pursing my lips together. I’m not sure whether I should hit him or feel touched. He is in this kind of state already and still thinks about me. 


I smile weakly. “Fair enough. I do not intend on going anywhere either until you feel better.” I replied. Clutching my phone in my hand tighter, I helped Kinsey up the stairs all the way to his room. 


We had a few quick stumbles here and there, but I felt like Kinsey was holding himself up all too much that it ended up that he didn’t need me after all. I became more of a hindrance if I say so myself as well. 


“I’m sorry for having you take care of me when we are supposed to be having fun.” Kinsey said before plopping to the couch. I so badly want to say a snarky remark about his statement. The last time I checked, we wanted nothing more but to disappear from each other’s lives earlier. But I kept it to myself. It’s plain rude and would make him feel even worse.


“It’s okay. We will have fun when you get better.” I replied before making sure to tuck him to his bed. “I’ll be back with a glass of water. Don’t go anywhere this time.” I said sternly. I didn’t wait for his answer as I was already heading down the stairs. I made a mental note to prepare lukewarm water for him. His teeth are chattering.


“Hello? Emily? Are you still there? Sorry about that. Where were we? Right… What am I supposed to do now?” I asked so seriously as I made a turn towards the kitchen. 


“These are some basic self-treatment you could do, miss.” She started, making me nod as if I could see her and she is able to see me. Whatever she’s going to say next will be my life mission now. “Make sure that sir Kinsey drinks paracetamol and plenty of water. Also, keeping him warm and sweating a little would be nice. A porridge will help him if he gets hungry. Afterward, make sure to sponge his skin with tepid water and change his clothes. It’s also important that you see to it that he rests well on his bed, miss.”


That’s a lot of things that I need to be doing. “I-I got it… I will do all that. Thank you, Emily.” 


“Good luck, miss. Please call again if you encounter difficulties. I would send a doctor if you see fit.” 


“Uhm… yes. Thank you.” 


And that was the end of the conversation. Just thinking about all the stuff I need to be doing made me a little bit down. And not because I do not wish to do it for Kinsey, but because I am not sure if I could pull it off. If this will be out to the world, I could only imagine the articles and laughs that I will be getting. 


I mean, I ought to be Kinsey’s wife. But not a housewife. 


I run a hand through my hair first, tying it up into a loose bun. The appearance comes second now. I need to focus on my next task. And that was to prepare him a tray and make him drink some medication- or should I check his temperature first? But I am already aware that he has a fever.


I groaned to myself. “I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.” 


I checked the table to see that he hadn’t been able to touch his breakfast. How come I did not notice that? I placed them in a tray as well as a new cup of water. I searched through the cabinets for clean utensils and set them in as well. It was a quick rotation before I went ahead to go upstairs. 


“Kinsey, where are your medicines and temperature checker situated?” I asked as I slowly opened the door to refrain from breaking ceramics in a split second. 


“I-uhh…Don’t worry. I already got it here.” 


My face fell. “I told you not to move from your bed, didn’t I? Why can’t you rely on me at all?” I scolded him as I placed down the tray of food on his bedside. 


He started to cough again, making me sigh. “Alright… No scolding for now. Just, just please let me take care of you, okay? That would help you get better sooner. Here, you need to eat breakfast before drinking medicines.” I said. “Your water is in here as well.”


“T-thanks.” Kinsey quickly replied. His cheeks are flushed red and his hairstreaks are all over the place. Still, he looks like a gorgeous fallen angel. 


I stood there beside his bed, watching him push the covers and barely sit up. I simply continued on fiddling with my fingers until he had managed to rest his back against the headboard. “C-could you please pass me the bed tray, Cece?”


“I- oh. Yes. Yes. Of course.” I quickly lifted the tray and adjusted its feet so it could prompt properly unto his bed. “Here you go. Eat well, okay?” I had second thoughts, but I patted his head gently before I moved to the couch he was sleeping on earlier. The stock market is about to open, and I think I could swing trade while waiting for him to finish his meal. 


But then as I was getting comfy, I heard the chatter of silverware. I glanced over at Kinsey quickly and saw that he dropped his spoon against his plate. But I stayed in my seat for the meantime as I watched him ever so slowly take it within his hand and drop it again.




“I-I got it, Cecilia.” I saw the way he scrambled to immediately retrieve the silverware. I swallowed the lump in my throat and stayed in my post. 


His hands were shaking. It was clearly evident from the way the piece of pancake moves on his spoon. I let out a deep breath. I could not even focus on the charts anymore. I stood up and walked over to his bed. 


I could not believe I would do this, but it’s partly my fault that he is in this state. Also, I did promise to take care of him. 


“Kinsey, let me… Please. Just please let me do it, kay?” I smile weakly before ever so slowly taking the spoon out of his grasp.


Kinsey let out a soft and awkward chuckle. “I’m sorry for having you do this for me, Cece. And thank you.” He replied as I held the spoon tightly and started feeding him with potatoes. 


“What’s there to be thanking for? You’ve done the same for me back then. You always visit me with hot choco whenever I get sick.” I whisper. Now, that sounds way too sentimental, but knowing him, he would still act stubborn if I hadn’t brought that up. 


My face heats up a little. “S-say ‘ah’. You need to open your mouth wider.” I breathe out as he looks at me, seeing the way his cheeks turned bright red as well. This is more than embarrassing than I thought it would be. 


“Ahhh…” Kinsey dragged the word, opening his mouth wider. 


Is it just me? Why does the atmosphere here suddenly feel hotter? Nevermind, this is most probably better for him. 


“Chew it well, kay?” I said as I looked around but him. I lowered my gaze as I scooped more from the potato salad. “Do you want some more?”




I was not sure if it was my nerves or it’s the fact that I feel like melting in front of him for no reason. When you are in front of a star, are you supposed to shine with it or let it shine you in? With the solid goal of feeding him, spoonful after spoonful, I haven’t realized that I was overfeeding him- and fast at that. 


How blind was I to not realize until he tried choking the words. “Time out” 




“Water… Water, please.” He hoisted himself up, and I panically took the glass of water. And surprise, surprise… I pour half of it on him. 


“Kinsey wanted water to drink. Not water to shower on in bed.” I murmured, scolding myself quietly. I could not even look him in the eye as I slowly brought the glass down away from him. Ahhh. I am not helping at all. I am such a headache. When you only want to help, but the universe has to conspire that this day must be the day you perform all of your fatal and clumsy mistakes- I am such a fool. 




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