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Chapter 7- #2 Say How Much You Love Him

#2 Say How Much You Love Him

Scarlette Locke’s Point of View


There’s nothing a Locke couldn’t do, and he is supposed to know that as much as I do. My perseverance is endless, and failure is futile. 


I straightened my clothes with a frown when he dropped his not so gentle grip against my skin, leaving a burned feeling against it. It was free already, but I could still feel the tight hold around it. 


“What are you doing here?” Kinsey then faced me as he rephrased his most repeated question of the day. 


“I told you, I’m here to see you.” I said with a small huff. “You were the one who talked about effort and time to build relationships and stuff.” I added as if reminding him of the past conversations we had. “I’m serious when I’ve said we are going to fall in love.” 


“That doesn’t happen in a snap, Cecilia.” He sighed. “And then what are you planning to do after this?”


I made a face. I was so sure I had a say unto that but for the first time since then, I do not have a plan. I’m not even sure what falling in love really meant, but here I am. “I… I’m not sure.” I muttered as I thought about it as quickly as I could, but nothing came. “But… but I am serious about falling in love. I said so already. I’m not taking it back.” I tried to change the topic. I’ll give him a better answer later. 


“Did you even understand what we’ve talked about? I wanted a normal life- away from the company, hectic schedules, and-“


I feel like we’ve been going in circles already. I do not need another conversation with him where he is rejecting me. I’ve had enough of that in a day. 


“I don’t care. I want to love you so we could get married. Why can’t you cooperate? I said, I want to love you!” I exclaimed, taking a firm step closer to him to prove my point. I hope he could tell how upset I am already. I don’t want another go of this discussion. 


I watch Kinsey look around in panic before placing his finger against his lips. “Shhh. Shhh. Cecilia.” He scolded me softly. 


I didn’t leave my gaze upon him. I don’t even mind other people hearing either. I wanted to prove my point. To me, it’s just the two of us having this repeated conversation that I desperately try to end with my very own hands. 


“You are causing disruption here. I’ll take you home. Yes, you might just be getting hungry. Wait for me here for a minute.” Kinsey quickly said, not letting me elaborate a response before he gets away. 


I made face.


“Don’t go anywhere.” He added before fully disappearing from my sight. 


I’ll simply assume that he was too happy to see me. Although, he is still not that confident to confide nor show his feelings to me yet. Mhmmm. That must be it. That’s my take on the situation, so I have decided to stay on the spot as he told me to. It’s not like he took long, a few minutes or so, and he is already bolted towards me with his things. This made me smile wider, he must be really pleased to see me. I’m good being a wife material! 


“Are we going to eat out to celebrate? I’m craving seafood. Please tell me there’s a restaurant that serves great shrimp here.” I said, but Kinsey didn’t even bother talking to me. He grabs my wrist and then off we went out of the scene. I had no choice but to follow, obviously. “Kinsey, you’re walking too fast. My feet are starting to hurt.” I admitted in a soft protest. 


And that’s what made him stop. 


Kinsey looked at me briefly before looking at my feet. “Why are you wearing high heels stilettos here?” He asked. 


“It’s a part of the dress code.” I answered proudly. 


“What dress code? You’re not even in an office.” Louis stated, which I am ready to reply unto with a hundred reasons why I need to wear my heels even outside my office, but Kinsey decided he didn’t need to hear it. 


And to my surprise, he shuts me off by sweeping me off of my feet. I almost screamed at how easily he took me into his arms. Fortunately for me, I managed to bite back my tongue and compose myself. 


“Kinsey” I called out, but he didn’t even stop nor take in the time to glance at me. “Kinsey” I repeated, even if I dislike repeating myself to someone. He is plain out ignoring me. I am sure by now as I called him a little louder than before. 


“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked. I must commend myself for not stuttering. Surprisingly enough, having him this close is not as uncomfortable as I would’ve pictured it. I mean, we are ought to get physically close if we are going to be married, but I’ve imagined him to be a little less flawless at first try, but here we are. 


“Carrying the princess because she has been too whiny lately.” Kinsey answered, which made me frown. 


“Is that how someone is supposed to talk to his wife?” I scolded him as Kinsey’s arms hugged my figure even more. 


“Don’t move too much, or you will fall.” He only said in reply. “I’ll take you home. In the meantime, don’t think about marriage. You’re still young, think about something you’d enjoy or maybe a genius dress design for a shoot.” 


“Do you honestly think I’d give up just because you’re rejecting me again? You must’ve known for all people that I do not stop until I get what I want.” I tried threatening him because that’s the only thing I could think of saying right now. Truth be told, I didn’t account for him to still reject me after all this effort. 


“Then this will be the first time you’ll have to be giving up.” He said, completely unbothered. Doesn’t he know that I could punch him square in the face? He has no defense since he is holding me. 


“Good morning, sir Pierre!” A student greeted over so swiftly before gasping subtly. “Oh my, what happened to the lady?” 


And as if his scrunchy face wasn’t even there in the first place, he beamed. “It’s nothing that matter, Franchesca. A little lady here just got in trouble. I won’t be meeting the class today. You could all go home earlier.” He said gently, which made me realize something. What if it’s not a co-worker he is in love with? What if it’s a student? Maybe that’s why he is so adamant to stay here in this town. But seriously? Forbidden love? If it were me, I would simply bribe her parents and the institution to make way. Problem solved. 


I noticeably saw how her face fell. It was the only explanation then. “I-i see… Be safe on your way.” 


“We will. See you all tomorrow.” Kinsey replied before he continued walking. 


I arched a brow at him, which he eventually noticed. 




“First that Sierra and now that Francesca? Be honest with me… I would understand. How many girls do you have even?” I asked. This made Kinsey groan and toss me a little from his arms. I almost yelped before quickly clinging around his neck. “What was that for?!” I breathed out. 


“Don’t ask ridiculous questions, Cecilia.” He dismissed, enough to make me showcase a sour expression.


“Didn’t I tell you to call me Scarlette?” I questioned.


“I like Cecilia better.” Kinsey finally smiles at me. “Besides, aren’t I not a nobody? We’ve been together since we were kids. Give me a little credit for being able to stay and tolerate someone like you.” He said as we now happened to reach the main gate.


“Hey! Don’t say it like being with me had been a burden.” I replied before trying to fix my hair back in place. “Those were trying times, and I always share my red velvet cake with you.” 


“Oh? You meant that one that we stole in your fridge because we are not allowed to eat past nine?” Kinsey chuckled enough to emit heat against my very own cheeks. 


“Don’t say it like that! We didn’t steal it… We were just really allured by it and hungry at the same time. And it’s not like we were not punished after…” I trailed off as I fiddle with my fingers. That was a little embarrassing on my part. How could I not abide by a simple instruction like that? 


“Sir Kinsey” I heard the guard from earlier greeted, resulting in me to lift my chin up. “You’re going home early today?” He asked. I raised my eyebrow yet again. It seems to me that Kinsey is the type to waste his time with idle talking. He seems overly familiar with everyone. 


“Good morning. I had a little bit of trouble here.” Kinsey chuckled lightly, feeling him motioning me as he moved his arms. I glared at him a little. He’d been acknowledging me as trouble for quite some time now, which I found very confusing.


“Ahh… Don’t say it like that. Miss Scarlette here had come all the way to visit you. I must say so, I was quite surprised that you’re already engaged. Might be surprising to some of your suitors in the university too.” The guard joked, followed by a humorous laugh. But I didn’t find it funny. I’m starting out to piece it out together. That’s why he wanted to get me out of the building as soon as possible. 


I turn to Kinsey. “I still want to marry even if you have tons of other girls, Kinsey. We are bound to get married since we were young.” I pointed out. Kinsey formed his lips into a thin fine line before looking over at the guard.


“Don’t say things like that, Ronald. My fiancee might take of it as something else.” He chuckled.


“Oh-uh. Sorry. It was just a joke, miss. I could assure you that sir Kinsey doesn’t bring nor go out with any other woman here.” He says. I narrowed my eyes at him before lifting my glasses up.


“I am not bothered. Even if he does hav-”


“We will be going now! Thank you for your hard work!” Kinsey bid before completely withdrawing all the way to the parking lot. “Call your driver… We are going to take my car.” He then said. He slowly placed me down in front of a red shiny one before he took his keys and unlocked it. He opened the door and smiled. “Get in.”


I gave him a look. “I will. Thank you.” I answered before I slipped myself in. 


And then once he was settled in on the driver’s seat, he started the car. “So? Any seafood restaurant?” I asked, hoping I will get any positive answers. 


“No. I am taking you home.” He said seriously before the vehicle that we are in started moving. 


I was about to protest, obviously. But my stomach decided to do it first. I was quick to look away before turning my gaze outside the moving car. All I could see was the greenery and how fast we were passing through the trees, but I eventually knew all too well how red must I look as I wanted the Earth to swallow me whole.


“I guess we will have to go to the wet market first then…” He trailed off when I could definitely feel that he was stifling a laugh all the way.





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