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Chapter 2- Temporarily Dethroned

Temporarily Dethroned

Scarlette’s Point of View


We all know that being called within that time of the day isn’t a mere coincidence. It was about that deal Mark screwed out. To my knowledge, the contract between them is not that big, but the reputation tarnished by that man might cause us more than millions. 


I gritted my teeth in anger as I try to pose for a calm expression. Being anxious is an understatement. I cross my legs together as I cut my reminisce short. The cold wind that had blown run shivers through my spine, which is the sign that I need to retire to my bed. Else, I would be collapsing outside here to sleep. 


I practically throw myself unto my large bed. I didn’t even bother taking off my shoes before I close my eyes tiredly. Vacation, huh? I could remember it so vividly… How my grandfather technically fired me from my post while Mark had managed to save face from this mistake of his. I’ll make sure to make him regret this once I returned to the office.



I open the door to my grandfather’s office and sure thing he was waiting for me with his hands clasped together, facial expression as sour as I could remember. I could only swallow the lump in my throat before I knock twice and step inside. 

I muster a small smile before I take my first steps in. With my stilettos clicking against the marble floor, my grandfather’s face could only get dimmer. 

“Cecilia, is something the matter lately?” He asked even though we both know well enough that a disaster did take place. I immediately flinched after hearing his statement. I’m not sure how deep of this case he knew, but nevertheless, no matter how I see it, the situation at hand would cause grave danger. 

“Not much that I couldn’t handle, grandpa.” I said as confidently as I could. I’m still not sure how I would solve this, but there’s nothing a Locke such as myself couldn’t do. Even if it takes me to such lengths, I’ll make sure to preserve the company name. “I only hit a stumble, grandpa. I’ll deal with whatever it was that happened to the investor.” I try to reassure him. 

My grandfather looked at me disapprovingly. “Do you even know what you’ve done? Mark reported what happened to me already.” He said, making my eyes widen in surprise.

“Mark what now?”I questioned. Besides, he talked to the CEO? That low lazy life? How did he even manage to do that? The CEO is my grandfather and I could only count the times we talked in this lifetime. Wow, call about favoritism to this extent. 

“Don’t play dumb with me now. What are you thinking sending over a starter employee to make business deals like that?” He scolded me, which resulted in me to bit back my tongue. “Not only did you leave the work to a new employee, but what did your laziness cause us? You didn’t designate the job way before the exact meeting. Thus, making the investor wait and be left unattended.”

“But I-”

“Silence. We didn’t simply lose an investor, Cecilia. Have you seen our stocks yet? It’s starting to drop. How are you supposed to fix that?”

How late was I to know of this already? Or was the news just that fast? It was not me who practically decide to have him represent the company, but then again, I was the one in charge. I have no right to point fingers. Although, I won’t forget how that Mark dared to twist the truth. I’ll really bounce back from this. How dare he make an enemy of me. I am the heir of Locke empire. This won’t be the end of me.

“I’m sorry, grandpa. I’ll fix this as soon as I can. I’ll deliver results before tomorrow morning.” I said.

“What are you to do?” He repeated the question. I pursed my lips in a thin line as I nervously clutched onto my skirt. I have no plans yet nor an idea how much it damaged us already.

“I do not know yet…” I trailed off as I turn my gaze down. I do not have it in me to watch his disappointed face any longer. I took a deep breath for a second first before I tilted my chin up again. “But, but I would make sure if not completely solved, I would at least manage to stop our losses.” I tried to convince him with baseless facts that I know will not work, but I have wishful thinking that he’ll hear me out. I’m still his granddaughter after all.  

“Child, I think it’s better if you step down for a while. This may have happened overnight but it can’t be fixed in the same way as well.” My grandfather sighed before shaking his head. “If that’s how you belittle the situation then it’s better for you to not handle this.”He said. 

 “I think it’s better for you to stay in the summerhouse for the meantime and do those supposed hobbies that you’ve always wanted to do.” He even added as if it’s already his final decision. 

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. “What about my position? Who would take over my work? B-besides, it was only a singlehanded mistake on my part, grandpa. What about the times I gave the company victory?” I frown as I could not help but protest.

“I’ll have Mark Sao trained, so he could take over.” He dismissed. 

I stare at my grandfather blankly. I seriously wanted to scream in frustration. He is the root of this all trouble and he is technically getting promoted? What an actual joke. 

“Grandfather, I think you’re making a mistake. Didn’t you say so earlier that he is a newbie? You’d take him up on a position already? Not to mention the fact that he is part of this problem.” I tried reasoning out. I was more than desperate, wishing the world would be on my side for once. 

“I’ve talked to his father already. He said that Mark is up to the task. This is also his chance to prove to me if he is capable. I would demote him at once if he failed. Besides, it’s not like he is far away from us. He is a relative. “ 

I feel like I’ve been played. Am I hearing things right? Maybe I am just dreaming? More like a nightmare if I say so myself. 

I clench my fist unto my side as I try to keep my emotions in. It’s like a cyclone invaded my inside to destroy me singlehandedly. This is worst than getting fired. “But what about me? Am I not allowed to get a second chance?” I asked sadly. To be stripped off from my position when I’ve tried so hard to work my way up to where I am now. This is so not fair. 

Does this mean that I will no longer inherit the family business? If I am not a Locke then what I am now? 

“I am not sending you over to the summerhouse just so you could unwind, Cecilia. I’m having you take a little break from this hectic schedule, but also so you could prove yourself again.” My grandfather said, quickly taking me out of my emotional state. 

“Yes. Anything. My position in the company may still not be a major role, but I cherish it so much. Nevertheless, so long as I could be of service into flourishing this empire you built, then I would happily oblige.”I replied quickly. I’m unsure but it’s the only thread I could take up to this point. If my grandpa is so disappointed in me that he had to appoint a newbie in a role I’ve been working on then it only meant that he is still not convinced that I could handle the entire business. 

“Now, that’s what I want to hear.” He answered as he leaned back to sit straight. He pushed a black file in front of me. I did not waste another second as I quickly pick it up and browse it down. In front of me was a profile of a guy I’ve never known nor even heard of. 

“Pierre Kinsey?” I read the name at the top file out loud.



I opened my eyes to the sound of someone knocking on my door. I slowly sit up with a soft sigh. “Didn’t I already told you that I will wake up on my own? How ma-” I cut myself off as I had given a chance to have a look around. 


I hold onto my head as my eyes scan the open wine bottle and a couple of magazines scattered onto the floor. Right, I am no longer in my own safe space. I was deported to this summerhouse yesterday, and I drunk wine all night to try and relieve myself – it did not work. 


I hope Sao is happy right now because I’ll surely kick him twice as soon as I return to my office. Although right now, I need to focus on the new task at hand. Prince Kinsey, the second son from the Kinsey group. I stood from my bed and fixed my hair a little before I went to open the door. 


“Good morning, miss. Breakfast is waiting for you in the garden.” The maid before me greeted me with utmost enthusiasm. I immediately returned the gesture with a small smile before speaking.


“I am going outside.” I quickly stated, not even waiting for her to reply. I never really like eating breakfast. I only do so to show up at our abandoned and depressed dining table, but since I am instilled here already, there’s no purpose in doing that anymore. I could only hope that there’s a nice coffee shop around here somewhere. 



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