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Chapter 16- Rage


Cecilia Scarlette Locke’s Point of View


I was already down the stairs, ready to bolt out of this place when Kinsey stepped in to block my way. “Cecilia I-“


“I don’t have anything good to say right now. Let me go home.” I demanded. To be fair, I am aware that I can’t just show up out of nowhere and demand him marriage that was planned since we were toddlers. But it’s his duty, and following your wants in life is more complicated when you have responsibilities already ahead of you from the day you were born. 


I just- I’m so frustrated right now. I feel like I am going to blow, and I do not want Kinsey to watch me cry miserably out of context while trying to rethink my choices in life- no. I’m not letting him see me shed a tear and think I’m like a flimsy branch. I won’t be able to take him back even more since he would know he has the upper hand. 


“Just please let me go… I want to go home!” I raised my voice yet again as he didn’t even dare move. I felt him flinch, but I couldn’t care less right now. I am more concerned for myself as I try every ounce of my strength not to pull my hair off of my head. 


What’s the use of money and name when I’m this fragile and confused? I am chaos waiting to explode! 


“Cecilia, listen to me I-” 


I squeezed myself, so I could be able to try and pass through to his side, but unfortunately, I was not quick enough for this. Playing with Austin was not enough to make me as fast as an Olympic runner overnight. Right. 


Kinsey had caught me around my waist as I struggled away from his grip. “I do not want to listen!” I yelped stubbornly. “I do not want to talk right now!” I continued on as I wriggled my legs around and hit his back- very unladylike, but I couldn’t be bothered right now. 


I wanted to scream and punch my pillow violently until I fell asleep in exhaustion, but nothing of it was happening since Kinsey isn’t letting me to. 


“Let me go. I said let me go!” I yelped. “Let me go or I’m going to scream rape.” I tried threatening. I’m not sure if the police here are dependable but that’s the first thing that popped through this worthless brain of mine. “I’m serious, Kinsey. I’ll scream if you don’t let me go in 3.” I gave him a glare. Although, I doubt that he notices. 


“One. Two.” I started counting quickly. I just have to take in a deep breath before yelling three and then screaming something worthless out of my mouth. But before anything bad was yelled, Kinsey dropped me to the floor. I felt like a fish slapping against the tiles as if I slip from his grasp.


I let out a soft grumble. And before I could even protest, I tried standing myself up first, and I saw how Kinsey collapsed before me. “What the-” I could not even finish what I was supposed to say as I slid myself against the floor so I could at least shield him from the impact of hitting the floor face-first. 


What a heroic thing to do for a flimsy girl like me. I guess the adrenaline of my anger really lasted until after I caught his upper half against my body. I hit my back against the wall as support, and that’s that, making me groan a little. I want to curse him so badly. What is he thinking? But the first thing that came out of my mouth was “Are you okay?”


My eyes were closed tight as I tried to withstand the pain from the impact of his fall. Kinsey is not as light as I thought he would be. 


Once I’d received no reply, I opened my eyes and peered over to look at him. I brushed my hand against his forehead to push his fringe away. I checked if he was bleeding or anything, and the only thing I felt was that his face was burning hot. 


His eyebrows were knitted together as if he was in great discomfort. I felt myself frowning as I moved under him and repositioned myself. I then moved my hands next to feel his cheeks, and hot were they too. 


“I… I’m sorry, Cecilia. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” He said with a quick grunt. I watched as he opened his eyes and searched to look at mine. I am not really sure what to say. Things escalated quickly. At one point, we were screaming at each other, and the next, we were on the cold floor with sore muscles. 


I shook my head. I should forget about the argument for now. I couldn’t leave Kinsey like this. “Can you move? I’d like to take you to the couch, at least. It’s better than staying here. And then we will figure out what to do next.” I explained to him my plan.


“I’m sorry for troubli-“


“Shush. We will talk about that later. Can you move or not?” I asked again. I tried to act cool and in control when the truth was I am already at my wits end. Like what am I to do with this? How am I to transport Kinsey to the couch if ever he says that he couldn’t move? 


This morning is truly more eventful than I could handle!


Good thing he let out a very soft “yes, I could.”


“Okay… Let me just move for a little.” I trailed off. I slowly slipped off and laid him on the ground. I’m afraid that this has been my fault. 


Anyways, I ignored my throbbing arms before I hoisted him up. I assisted his weight as he tried his best to stand up. And that’s how I’ve noticed how hot his arm is as well. 


Slowly, slowly we walked over to the couch and sat him down. “Does it hurt anywhere?” I asked worriedly. I’m not sure where to place my hands, so they simply sit beside me, shaking. “Do you need me to get you anything?” I added before he could even answer.


“I’m fine. This is just a cold. You… you don’t need to worry.” He answered quietly. 


“Just a cold? You’re burning up!” I exclaimed. Am I the hysterical one here? Am I overreacting? He just stumbled off of his feet a while earlier. What was the cause of this even? It can’t be our argument, can it?


“It’s okay… What about we uhm… finish our breakfast?”


“No. No. We need to be sure. Where do you keep your thermometer? We will check.” I replied frantically. We don’t need to check, to be honest, but this goofball had decided to be stubborn. “Don’t tell me you’ve been feeling like this since you woke up?” 


Then it dawned on me. I already felt more horrible even if he wasn’t giving me an answer yet. He slept on a small couch, cooked breakfast for us, and then I argued with him- all while feeling sick?


“We are going to a hospital. I am calling the ambulance right now!” I announced before rummaging through my pockets for my phone. My mind is a tangled up string right now. I feel more like a madwoman than anything else. In the back of my mind, I know if something bad happens to Kinsey, I would not be able to even sleep a wink.


I felt something grab my wrist, and I came face to face with a frowning Kinsey. “Cecilia, you are overreacting. I do not need to go to a hospital. Serious. Calm down.” He said sternly. “Now, it’s not going to help if you continue on acting like that.”




“No. Stop. Do you know how much an ambulance cost?” He shot back, making me more frustrated than I already am. 


“Not exactly. But I could afford even a private one for you.” I argued, pulling my wrist from his now flimsy hold.


“I said no. No one is calling an ambulance. No one is-” He cuts himself off by a series of coughs.


“Kinsey…” I trailed off as I slowly rubbed his back in soothing circles. We are arguing even with this. 


“It’s okay. I only need some rest.” His voice is faint, but we both know that just a rest would not make it all go away magically. 


I let out a soft sigh. Kinsey is sick, and all I am giving him is headache still. I looked at him, analyzing his hard gaze on me. I nodded after a few seconds later. Now, what am I to do though? I’m so used to just going to the doctor whenever I am not feeling well. I want to take care of Kinsey and nurse him better. 


“I need to give a call to the mansion. I’ll inform them that I won’t be coming home today as well.” I said, which I received a doubtful look from Kinsey as well. “I promise that I will only call the mansion.” I added. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back real quick.” 


I do not need to call in just because I would stay out another day away. What am I? A kid? Whether I admit it or not, I just need a few pointers from Emily about something… and it’s obviously not about how to look after a sick person. I could only hope Emily would not make fun of me. She’s the maid who’s always sending a piece of cake to my room, and she is the only person I could trust now. If ever she decided to leak the following information to others, then… I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there. For now, Kinsey is more important. My grandfather told me to pick up Kinsey, not stress him out until he gets sick. 


I placed my phone over my ear when I’ve arrived in the kitchen. I turn to glance over to the living room just to check if he is still there. 


He is. 




“This is Scarlette Locke. I need Emily on the phone, please.” I stated, trying my best to sound as firm as possible. 


“Just a second, miss.” I heard from the other line.


I ought to say to make it quick, but I heard the thud of the phone to the side. She must’ve run as soon as she heard that it was me. I hope this would not take more than five minutes. Else, Kinsey might think that I am unto something suspicious. 


“This is Emily speaking. Is there something the matter, miss Scarlette?” She must’ve been surprised that I called her in specifically, but to be fair she’s the only one I know in the mansion right now. 


“Yes. And I need your expertise. But first, promise me to keep this confidential.” I said in a low voice. I want to avoid for Kinsey to hear this as well. 


“I promise, milady. Anything that I could help you with. What is this about?” Emily’s soft and soothing voice rings through my ear enough to make me feel calm for a little while. There’s a little bit of anxiousness at the end, but it was still enough to stop me from pacing all over the room.


“Pinky promise?”


“I-err… Yes. Pinky promise, miss Scarlette.”


“Good.” I stated seriously before taking a deep breath, readying myself to let the words flow as calmly as possible. I need to retell the sequence of what transpired here. 




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