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Chapter 24.2- Dine In

Dine In

Cecilia Scarlette’s Locke Point of View


Our conversation was cut off by the same waitress again. “Excuse me? But the card is not working. May I request for another one or maybe settle this bill of statement through cash?”


Kinsey and I looked at each other, feeling my face heat up in embarrassment. This is the first time a card was returned to me with such issues. “I-uhh… What do you mean? There’s money there. I- have you tried again?” I asked a little bit stammered by the situation. It was difficult for me to even find the words to say.


“Yes, ma’am.”


I cleared my throat, trying to stand my ground. “I see. No worries. I apologize for that. Here take my other card.” I smiled awkwardly, which she took before walking off. 


“I-I am sorry for that, Kinsey. Where were we?” I questioned, not being able to meet his eye. That’s so embarrassing. I want the floor to eat me alive.


“It’s not a big deal at all.” Kinsey laughed it off like he usually does. “As I was saying, I’d rather not marry you because you-“


“Excuse me. This card is not working as well.” The waitress said, enough to make me stand up. This is too much humiliation. I already have so many things in my mind, and this has to add up. Not to mention with Kinsey as my audience to witness this all. 


“Are you really sure? Maybe your register is not working?” I suggested, which made the waitress’ frown more evident. This must be giving him extra work as well, so I tried my best to keep my cool and not lash at her. 


“I do not think that is the problem, ma’am. The cash register works perfectly fine with the other customers.” She replied. I could also tell how she is trying to keep her patience thick with me. 


“Here. I am sorry for the inconvenience, miss. We will pay cash instead.” I then heard Kinsey say with his usual smile. It was enough to lift the waitress’ mood up as instantly. As charming and dangerous, he could persuade anyone he wanted just by looking and smiling. I wish I could do the very same, to be honest. 


The waitress took the money and left. And then that’s when I’ve realized how the situation played out, but I am not really to complain. I lowered my gaze as I slowly took my seat again. “I’m sorry. That’s truly embarrassing.” I said.


Why is nothing working my way? 


“Do not mention it.” I saw Kinsey smile. “I think the universe is really telling me that I should be the one to pay.” He joked in hopes to lighten the mood out,


I smile with a curt nod. “Right. I’ll make sure to be the one paying for our food when we go to the museum.” I said as we readied ourselves to leave.



Kinsey insisted on driving while I busily phone my bank only to find out the worst case scenario. 


“What do you mean all my accounts had been frozen by my grandfather? These are assets of my own!” I yelled over the phone frustratedly. I know he is a powerful man, but to push me over the edge just to prove a point is just so infuriating. 


“What? What happened?” I saw Kinsey give me a quick glance before returning his gaze towards the road. I could only chew the inside of my cheek as I ended the call and slowly dropped my phone to my lap. “So much for trying to open a business and being free. My grandfather wants me to continue and work under Sao. He froze all of my accounts.” I said bitterly as my eyes fixated on the road. 


“Do you have cash in you right now?” Kinsey asked, making me sigh a little. This is the worst. If I would’ve known, then I should’ve withdrawn a couple of bills. I’ve overlooked the fact that my grandfather is a big man and has a lot of connections. 


“No. No, I don’t.” I muttered shyly as I tucked a few strands of my hair behind my ear after I looked down my lap. “But I think I have enough to pay three nights within my hotel room. I’ll figure it out by then” Ha. If could. This is my grandfather I am battling against. Knowing him, he might’ve countered and blocked all of my possible escape routes. 


“I’ll pay for your hotel stay.” Kinsey suggested enough for me to quickly span my face to look at him wide eye. “Use it until you’re ready to go. You have a plan, right?”


“I can’t let you do that.” I told him in surprise. “You’ve just quit your job and-”


Kinsey smirks a little. “Don’t think little of me, Cecilia. I might be working as a professor when you found me, but we came from the same upbringing. I have multiple cash flows at my disposal as well.” He said with a wink. “I could sure afford a living for you.”


“Still. I can’t have you do that.” I informed him. 


“Where would you go then?” He asked. “As you said, we both know your grandfather. Even if you start begging in his doorstep right now, there’s no way he would let anything slide.” He said. “I do not think you have friends you could stay in too.”


“I have friends!” I interjected, feeling my face heats up, but not in a good way. “I have friends.” I repeated as I returned my gaze towards the road. “We dine out and shop all the time.” I whispered in defense even if I know well enough that’s a blatant lie. How would I be able to have one? I do not have the time. Plus, everyone thinks of me as a workaholic with a far too perfect life to even approach. 


“Sure. Sure.” it seems to me that Kinsey only agrees for the sake of agreeing but not because he thinks so as well. Either way, I just let it be that way. “But who of these friends of yours are willing to take you in right now?”


I couldn’t answer. Technically, I don’t really have friends, so it’s not like I need to ponder for anyone. I should just come up with a random name and I- “tell me as well as the address so I could drive you there as soon as we picked your things up to the hotel.”


“You do not have to do that, Kinsey. I would be fine on my ow-”


“You still have that bad habit when you’re lying.” He commented. He gave me a serious glance. It was only a quick one, but it holds so much intensity as if he is telling me to quit playing with him already so we could discuss the matter at hand. 


My shoulder slouches as I rest my back against the backrest. “No one. I would be stuck in my hotel room and go to work as a normal 9-5 employee.” I muttered in defeat.


“I figured. If you don’t want me to pay for your hotel room then what about staying in the flat that I would be able to purchase tomorrow? I’ve been in several contacts to get a lease on one.” Kinsey stated without looking at me this time. My eyes bore at him in surprise.


“You’re asking me to live with you?”


“You could put it that way more or less.” He said. “Is there a problem with that? You’re the one to always say that ‘we are going to be married anyway so what’s the point of worrying about something that’s supposed to happen in the future anyway?’”


I pursed my lips together for a second. ‘But you hate talking about marriage and marrying me, so I try not to bring it up anymore.’ is what I wanted to say, but since I couldn’t bring myself to do so, “Okay then. Living together is not a problem for me at all. I’ll make sure to return the favor as soon as I sort my life out. Thank you, Kinsey. I will try not to burden you as much.”


Kinsey cracked a small smile. “Don’t mention it. You’ve always helped me when I was in trouble back then too. You do not have to worry at all.” Is what he said even it’s actually the other way around. 


“Whatever you say, superman.” I replied, trying my best not to crack a smile as I hide my face behind my hair cascading down like a curtain.



As soon as I opened the door, I felt my face heat up like it has been boiling for a while now. I have forgotten how much of a mess I’ve left my room in. I was in so much panic I left it in quite a drastic state. Nevertheless, I cleared my throat. “Aren’t you going to get yourself another room?” I asked as we entered in. 


“What for? An additional mattress is definitely much cheaper than another room. We are bound to only stay overnight anyway.” Kinsey smiles. “Why? If you’re bothered then I could get a room instead. Although I do not see the point. We had no problem sharing my room the last time. Not to mention, a couple wedded to be shouldn’t be having problems with sleeping organizations such as this, right?” He asked with that much sickly enthusiasm in his voice.


Right, he is giving me a taste of my own medicine. Since I do not really have the need of persuading him into romance just to get him to be here, I do not need to woe him over. Knowing Kinsey, he probably knows that too and is getting into my nerves as humanly as possible. I do not like sharing space, to begin with. But the least I could do is to live with it. He is helping me fix my life when he technically doesn’t really owe me anything. I am not sure how to properly thank him yet though.


“This time you could have the bed.” I said as I try my best to tone down the scattered mess on the ground.




I look at him. “You’ve asked for additional beddings, right? I will use that. “I beat him into speaking this time. “Go to sleep. You must be tired from driving that long.” I stated as I zipped my belongings. “I’ll just freshen up, and I would be hitting the bed as well.” I smile weakly before taking my toiletries and walking over to the comfort room. 


My grandfather might be two steps ahead of me, but I still won’t back down. I may not be a household name yet, but I have enough following to be able to ask some companies for gigs. I’ll be in contact while Kinsey and I settle in tomorrow.




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