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Chapter 5- How to Be a Wife OPERATION

How to Be a Wife OPERATION

Scarlette’s Point of View


“Say, I would need all the files here that you have about Pierre Kinsey.” I said as a maid decided to interrupt me in my studies with a piece of cake. I made sure to thank her first, though, before telling her my concern.


The maid looked over at me, a little bit unsure. It’s as if I’ve grown another head, and I’ve just spoken an alien language a while ago. “I am not sure what you are talking about, miss. I apologize.” She said. 


I frown a little as I darted my gaze towards the cake she had delivered for me. I return my gaze to her. “I’m sorry. I should’ve checked your job description first. I ought to have my butler do stuff for me so I won’t be sidetracked at work.” I smile weakly. “You could leave now. Thank you.” I muttered. I watch the maid leave my room with a small smile on her face.


She must’ve been worried to talk to me. At least that’s how I always perceive people when they meet me. It’s either they rub their arms unconsciously as they seem to be too relentless around me. Some could not even look at me directly in the eyes. I sighed. Am I working too hard for others to find me scary? It’s always they can’t look or they can’t stop looking- there is no in-between. 


I chewed the inside of my cheek before taking the plate closer in my direction. The problem is not me being a workaholic. I do not even categorize myself like that. I am simply trying to live my life and exercise the expectations brought upon me. Most people may have not known this value, but I was thought that the things you want in life are like this cake. It’s beautiful on the outside and sweet on the inside, but this delicacy is nothing more but limited resources- not everyone could take a bite. Thus, you have to take your shot way before others could. Stab and eat at your heart’s content until you’re satisfied and as if it’s all yours. 


“This is too sweet for me, though.” I muttered, but I took in for another bite as I look outside from my window. I sometimes feel encapsulated until they tell me how lucky I am to be born in such a high upbringing. Maybe they are right, maybe they are not. I’m just simply trying to take a piece of cake in this life of mine. 


A sigh escaped my lips.


Back at the matter at hand, Kinsey asked me about love, which I found surprising. Since when did he become so sentimental? If I would remember correctly, we are just alike. He may not directly inherit their business, but we are similar. We were trained to be the best at what we do, and what we do is for our family name. 


Since when did we last saw each other, anyway?


I dismissed the thoughts that have been clouding my mind. I have to find a way to meet him again. Who would have thought that we would meet unplanned? I must take note to not be so reckless even if I am in the countryside. 


And that’s when I heard clear and loud knocks against the door. “Come in.” I said, hoping it would be enough to be heard at the other side of the door. I sat back up straight as I fiddle with my fingers.


 “A pleasant day, miss Cecilia!” I’m not sure how to react to that, but sure thing, it’s like all of my worries have been solved when Kinsey’s head popped out from my door. I raised a brow at him as he made himself in. Now I do not have to worry about how am I supposed to find him. 


“Are you here to take me for marriage already?” I asked as I saw the bouquet of flowers he is holding. I’m not really fond of things like that, but since I’ve gotten used to receiving one, I’ve learned not to mind anymore. 


He looks much more presentable now than when we met earlier. I guess the same goes for me too. But instead of a suit, he is wearing a plaid top and a pair of chinos. I am not sure what I should feel about that. Is he not here for business? 


“I am not here to talk about marriage. That’s too far ahead from us.” He said as he sat across me. 


My eyes narrowed at him. “Then what’s so important to talk about other than marriage that you have to walk into my room and not wait for me outside?” I asked. I don’t understand why would he take the time to come if we are not even going to discuss the most important matter like it could’ve just been an email. He is seriously making my head ache on so many levels.


“I’m here to catch up and welcome you.” He simply answered, which made me more confused.


“Are you part of the welcoming committee of this town now?” I asked, clearly unimpressed. “You know you do not need a part of this when you have your own company you need to run.” I said as a matter of factly, making Kinsey sigh and run a hand against his already tousled hair. 


“Cecilia, couldn’t we have a proper conversation?”


“And by that you mean? I do think we are having a proper conversation right now.” I replied.


“You’re overreading the situation way too much. Let me explain it to you.” Kinsey said as if he is begging me to shut up and just listen to whatever it is he is going to say. “Firstly, I am not in some way part of a committee you are talking about. I am greeting you properly because it’s been a while since I last saw you. I wanted to have a little chat. I want to see if you are doing great or whatever it is you’ve been up to. Second, it’s not my business to run. And third, please cut me some slack off about marriage. It’s easier said than done. It’s a lot more complicated than what you think.” 


I lean against the table as I clasp my hands together. “I see. You require thorough and specific steps? That is fine by me. We could start with your return.” I said. This path may have proven to achieve the results longer, but I am willing to compromise. It’s only natural to be flexible to meet the other person you are transacting with halfway. 


“I’m sorry, Cecilia. But I do not plan on returning anytime soon either.” He replied. I sighed before pursing my lips into a thin line and sitting against my back.


“You’re making this hard for me, Kinsey.” I admitted as I start to fiddle with my fingers underneath the table.                                        


He set aside the bouquet of flowers at my newly setup table this morning. “Cece, I-“


“No one calls me that anymore. Please address me as Scarlette.” I stated with a frown now plastered on my face. This talk is not favoring me anytime soon, making me at my wit’s end. He should know by now that I’m not used to getting so many no’s in a small amount of time. 


“Scarlette.” He tested against his lips, his gaze getting icy cold against me as well. “I have things already going on here. I’ve said it to my father and mother already- I don’t want anything to do with the business. I want to pursue something different. Let my brother inherit my family legacy as he wanted, but let me pursue mine.” He stated as if his words are the finality of everything. 


What is happening now? He is throwing away his future for something indefinite? And what is it he wants so bad that he couldn’t have while running the business? 


I gasped softly. “You wanted another woman, is that it?” I asked as I slammed my hands against the table. It didn’t cause the intensity of loudness that I wanted when I stood up, but it gave a hint of alert. 


Kinsey looked at me as if he was surprised at my outburst. We were at a staring contest for a couple of seconds until I broke the silence with a soft sigh. 


“Alright then. If you wanted it so bad, then I’ll let you have another woman so long as it doesn’t go public. Infidelity upfront in news could affect our stocks and the business will-” 


“Unbelievable.” Kinsey breathed out as he once again ran a hand through his hair. It’s my time to furrow my brows at him. I’m trying to compromise here for his sake, and he still thinks it is unpleasant? 


“Marriage is not like a business matter, Cecil- Scarlette. It’s more than that. It takes time and falling in love. If you think it’s wrong because it’s not tangible then I’m not the man for you.” He said. “Love is considerate and pure. It’s the building block of a relationship. You can’t just appear and ask someone to marry you. And what is it you think of me as someone willing to have multiple ladies in bed? That’s foul.” 


Now, he is blabbering about glitters and fairytales. As much as he is frustrated, I am getting more than annoyed too. 


“I didn’t simply appear and ask you to marry me. This was talked about even before!” I exclaimed. 


“I do not know about you, but business is business, and the love of my life is out of that equation. Don’t confuse them into one, Cecilia. ” He said. “You want me as your husband, but you still address me by my last name. However you think about it, we lack intimacy to be husband and wife.” He replied plainly, which made me think how simple love could be. If that’s the base of intimacy then it’ll be as easy as eating pie. 


Either way, I am technically getting out of options here. He won’t meet me halfway. He clearly won’t compromise in the name of love is what he is saying. Should I just hire a man to kidnap him and take him back to his family? That’s a more plausible way of thinking if I’m going to have to make this work, to be honest. 


It will guarantee a quick solution but not a long-lasting one, which is bothersome. I don’t like dealing with things half-baked anyway. 


I smile confidently before pushing my hair off my shoulder. “Then there’s no other choice. Let’s fall in love.” I announced. 




“I said, we will fall in love.” I smile proudly as if I just solved world hunger. 


I, Scarlette Locke, will do anything by hook or by crook to do things tasked to me and accomplish it perfectly. We may have undergone a little bump in the process, but I’m still confident that I could execute this smoothly. I mean how hard could it be?




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