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Chapter 1- The Vermilion Princess

The Vermilion Princess

Scarlette’s Point of View


Scarlette Locke: Icon of Style

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All Eyes on Locke’s Vermilion Princess

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Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Scarlette Locke to Inherit Family Tycoon Business

Scarlette Locke Announces New Clothing Line

10 Ways To Rock Casual Look Just Like One of The Uprising: Scarlette Locke


I threw the last magazine at my disposal before I turn my gaze up at the full moon shining from above. The fact that there were no stars and yet it isn’t so hard to spot it up there in the dark. The moon is there, mindlessly drifting with no problems whatsoever. Whether it appears full or not is not anyone else’s business, but that matter alone.             


“How full of ambition the moon is as it tries to compete with me…” I let out a soft sigh before taking a sip unto the clear wine glass I’ve been circling with my hand for a while now.


I kept looking over that shiny white luna as if it had something to do with the situation I am now in. I could hear the crickets in the background as well as I lean closer against the pavement. I have to blink a couple more times just to make sure I am still on the balcony of my new room of the summerhouse I am supposed to be staying into for who knows how long.


Could this night get any lonelier? 


“Tipsy. Just tipsy… I need more.” I murmured to myself. I slowly made my way to take a seat and pour myself a drink, which I already forgot to count for what nth it was already.


“If yesterday didn’t happen, everything would’ve been so much better.” I murmured through gritted teeth. I clutch my wine glass tighter before downing its content in one go.



The clock sitting on my bedside table started ringing. And just like everyone, I would be needing to stand up and go to work at the scream of it. Never had I ever have a day where I could sleep in. I find it both a blessing and a curse.


Yawning as I force myself to stand up and start the day, my body remotely and in full function begin doing my daily morning routine without my subconscious being completely present. A little stumble here and there, but I’ve managed to get through this big obstacle of mine. Mornings is not where I am best at, but I try every day.


After I made sure that I am more than decent, I showed up at the long breakfast table prepared for the whole family. And as usual, only me and my grandparents were present.


“How was your sleep?” I asked as I slice my eggs in half, making sure to watch how the yolk satisfyingly ooze out on my plate. 


After that, the breakfast continued without another word being uttered. And just like always, I would be going to leave the table silently so that I could go to the company. It’ll be a busy day as usual, but it could not be helped- a messy jampacked schedule meant work things get done.


I stepped out of the vehicle as soon as the car door was opened. And from there, I was welcomed politely as I try to walk my way inside gracefully. I clutched my bag tighter along with nausea forming in the pit of my stomach. I sucked it in and smiled as people make way for me. That’s only to be expected if you’re going to be the future owner of the place. I just hope that I could live to expectations.


I sighed and slumped my shoulders a little as soon as the elevator doors closed. They looked up at me too much that no one doesn’t even dare share the elevator space with me. It’s not like I am a villain in a movie, I swear!


“That’s a typical work day for you.” I said before I causally toss my hair and straighten my clothes. As soon as the elevator doors opened, I was welcomed by my ever so patient secretary, Samantha.


This is my department. This is my floor.


“Good morning, miss Scarlette. Looking good as usual.” She greeted with the utmost fake enthusiasm as she could.


I smile back and took the file I’ve asked for yesterday from her hand. “Good morning to you too, Sam. Make sure to have my coffee in five minutes.” I told her as I read the report while walking through the hallway.


“Yes, miss. Should I add sugar today?” She questioned.


I stopped in my tracks before I took a glance at her. “Actually, I think I’ll be in a good mood. No sugar.” I send off another smile before flickering my hair off of my shoulder and resuming my walk.


More acknowledgments and greetings from employees welcomed me, but I do not have all day to greet every one of them. I actually need to accomplish tasks at hand, but as I was just about to enter my office, I’ve called unto one of the random employees roaming around.


“Will you please call in Mr. Sao in my office ten minutes after 9? I need to check something with him. Thank you.” I said, not even batting another lash with him. I did say it as a question, but I only expected yes as an answer. I’m not sure if it’s part of his job description, but it’s not like calling someone is that hard. Even if this random worker is from another department, I only expect results. I couldn’t wait for Sam anymore after all.


With that line of thought, I get myself inside, ready to complete a handful of things.



Late morning is not one of the best times to deal bullshit with me either. It’s the time of the day when I am most focused at work. Thus, it didn’t clearly help when Mr. Sao decided it’s just right to turn in late.


I had a frown plastered on my face already. “I believe I’ve said ten minutes after 9. What time is it now?” I asked rhetorically. Mr. Sao is actually a starter employee if you’re going to consider it, but his father ought to have him in a higher position already. Three months in with supposed ‘promising talent and skills’, but all I could actually see are laziness and procrastination in a body.


He gave me a smug smile before checking his wristwatch. “10. I was just a few minutes late.” He answered as he made himself sit from across my table. Mr. Sao is the son of one of the board of directors,  the only reason why he is in front of me right now. Another thing that’s only going on with him is that he’s too proud of himself enough to take this current business deal.


“Anyway, I believe it’s time to submit your report about the business deal with Gryphion Inc, Mr. Sao.” I started concretely. I’ve already wasted enough time for him.


“Pfft. Mark is okay. Calling me Mr. Sao makes me feel like I am an oldie when we are just at the same age bracket.” He chuckled before crossing his legs casually.


I cleared my throat. “We are in the workplace, it is ought to be professional… But if you say so.” I replied before shrugging. “So, I am to assume that you’ve closed the deal already?” I tried to ask again. I’m beginning to get impatient with this guy if I am going to be honest. I have to make sure to ask Samantha for another cup of coffee with lots of sugar cubes later.


“Oh, that.” He laughs while scratching his head. “I was too drunk the other day… that I’ve forgotten. Heh. It’s okay. I’ll try again later.”






“What did you just say?” I asked as I feel my muscles tensing. My voice wavered a little, but my full attention was now focused on the next words he is about to say.


“I’ll try again later?”


“No. Before that.” I said sternly and with utmost urgency.


“Uhh. Uh. That I was too drunk?”


“After that very statement.” I pressed on as I clutch the fabric of my clothes under the table. “That you’ve forgotten…”


“Oh! Oh. I remember. I’ve forgotten about the meeting. It was a great party after all. So technically, there was no deal made.” Mark laughed, enough to tick my nerves even more. I am already a ticking timebomb and he kept spamming the button for me to explode. What the heck did he just confirm in front of me so boldly?


“You forgot about the meeting?!” I snapped like a bolt of light, standing my way up before I slam both of my hands against the table. The guy across me jolt up in surprise. “Not only did you not ensure the partnership nor the business deal, but I could only assume that you made our investors for this project wait for I do not think how long!” I screamed at him. Being pissed is an understatement. He simply buried us all alive! I knew it, it was wrong to count on this buffoon. 


I do not care if I make a commotion. This is the last straw for him, the nth time he kept screwing up my business plans. This Mark Sao has a clear death wish. I’ll happily oblige to that if that’s the case.


“Miss S-Scarlette, please. Please calm down.” He muttered in shock.


I was honestly surprised at how loud it came out as well, but the way it burned through my throat eased the pit of fury I’ve been holding back on all this time.


“Do you think this is some joke? They’re important people! We’ve been working so hard for the last two months so that we could sign them for the company. Not only manpower and assets were wasted here!” I continued. If only I could hurt him, I would. I want to hit his head out of frustration so that I could knock some sense into him. “Do you even understand what you’ve done?”


Mark simply stared right out at me as if I’ve unleashed a dragon from a storybook, but I’m willing to do more than that. I slam a hand again against the table. Simply seeing him, makes my blood boil even more. I run a hand through my hair as I take a sharp intake of breath.


“I don’t even want to see your face again…” I trailed off before I showed off a piercing glare in his direction when he even dared try to utter a form of excuse. “I do not want to see your face again. Else, I will obliterate you.” And I meant every word.


I slumped in my swivel chair as soon as he left my office. It feels as if a vampire had drained all of the liquids from my body. Now, how am I to fix this? I would need to make sure that I could remedy the situation before the news come its way to my grandfather. I would be more than doomed if he finds out I turned away such an important deal for our market.


I press the button on the local company telephone to make Samantha get me another cup of coffee when as if on cue, she appeared from my door.


“Oh, that was fast. Sam, I need-”


“Miss Scarlette, the CEO wants you in his office right now.”


Well, that calls for annihilation. Can I call in for a timeout and bang my head against a wall for two minutes straight? At least that’s what I really wanted to say before I replied. “Okay. I’ll be there Asap. Thank you.” 




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