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Chapter 13- Sunset Kind of Ending

Sunset Kind of Ending

Cecilia Scarlette Locke’s Point of View


So much for trying to uphold elegance and incorporate it into my everyday life. It seems to me that I am incapable of it since the very first time I’ve taken a step in this place. 


I was way too overthinking the situation that I didn’t realize that I was trying to lift Kinsey’s shirt out of him already. What the heck is wrong with these hands? As if they had a life of their own. Bad hands. Bad hands. 


“T-there’s a proper explanation to all of these.” I breathed out as I quickly hid his exposed skin by tucking his shirt back down. Why must everything good that I wanted to do, backfire?


If only I could dig my grave right here, right now then I most certainly would. This is too much of an idiocracy for a Locke. I had no excuse! 


Before I knew it, Kinsey had already turned to face me with a signature smirk plastered upon his well damned pretty face. “So? What’s the explanation, miss Cecilia? I am listening.” There’s a hint of teasing against his voice as he leaned forward, resting his arms against his knees to wriggle his brows. 


I wanted to scream out of frustration, but that would only solidify that I am guilty of the crime. I mean, I am indeed the guilty one since I did it, but it’s not what I meant! 


“I- I am not a pervert, okay? Don’t jump to conclusions. I-I was just trying to wipe your sweat away and-“I looked back up at him as I explained when I saw the look on his face. It’s as if he was judging me. That’s when I’ve realized I’ve blurted out something I shouldn’t. I mean, that was my intention, but to say it out loud? What am I his mother?! To think of it, why must I make sure his sweat doesn’t dry on his back? I should’ve thought of this more thoroughly. Now, I’m yet to be a laughing stock in front of Kinsey. 


Waaaah. My reputation… 


“Hmmm? Then do it.” Kinsey lets out a soft chuckle. “Do it. Just don’t strip me naked in front of everyone.” He added. I looked back down at my feet as I clutched the cloth tighter. “If you want, I could turn right back around and continue eating?” He suggested, but did it anyway even if I haven’t replied yet. 


“T-thank you…” I found myself saying to him. Without judgment, he carried on eating. 


“Make sure to eat your snack too, though. I promise it’s delicious.” Kinsey chimed, enough to make me smile a little as I dry his back. 


“I will. I will. I’ll finish this up and eat.” I responded before making my way in front of him. 


Kinsey was about to take a bite when I started wiping the side of his face. What is he, a kid? Couldn’t he even feel the bead of sweat over his forehead? I had to push his hair back and damp the towel against his face. 


“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked as I was a little bit embarrassed. I feel like he is already teasing me even if there’s still no word left out of his mouth. 


“Nothing. The last time I checked, it’s not against the law to look at you.” He shrugged. 


“I-it’s not, but I demand that you don’t try anything.” I said before clearing my throat. What’s with all of this stuttering all of a sudden? It’s not like me at all. It must be the weather up here. 


“What would I even try?” Kinsey asked as he tried to stifle his laugh. He most probably has mischief he wanted to try. 


“I don’t know… It’s not like I am you nor I could read minds.” I breathed out as I decided to back down and let go of his face. “All done. Here. Do the rest. Wipe your neck and nape too. I’m going to eat.” I said, trying to stand my ground even if I already wanted to crawl under my covers to hide forever and never come out to see him again. 


“I swear… you and your antics.” I heard Kinsey breathe out amusedly before handing out the food for me to munch on. 


I have taken the time to have a look around the place while I eat. It’ll be more than embarrassing if he caught me watching him wipe his sweat as if he is a model on a show. Mmmm. To think of it, he could be a model in a show if he aspired to it. The looks plus the charisma would make all the model agencies fight war just to scout him. 


“Cece, did you have fun today?” 


Automatically, my gaze scanned back over to Kinsey. I slowly lower my food before frowning. “Kinsey, no one ever addresses me like that anymore.” I replied. 


His eyes glistened, having the reflection of the sky and city outline from behind me. “What do you think of me? I am still your Kinsey from before.” He replied before shrugging. “No, why can’t you just call me Pierre again? We are more than familiar with the last-name basis.” 


“But it’s unprofessional to-”


“But don’t you think it’s rude?” Kinsey said with a more stern voice. I blinked back at him in surprise as I swallowed the lump in my throat. The atmosphere took a turn for the worse. “I do not care whatever Alexander said to you back then. I am not him. You wanted to marry me, you say? But you’re treating this as professionalism and business. ” He lets his head hang low. 


Just because I don’t want him calling me by my childhood nickname, we are having an argument. I’m not really sure what to reply to. 


“Tell me honestly…” Kinsey then trailed off not long after before lifting his head to look back at me. “Did you have fun today?”


I looked back at him with uncertainty as the wind blew on against us for it to lightly touch our skin, just in time to let me clear my head. Fun. I’ve never had it in a while. I thought it’s okay to have it when I already achieved my goals, but I guess having fun is indeed fun on the way. 


My face softened. “I did.” I whispered with a small smile. “Thank you for bringing me here actually. I had so much fun that I wish we could do this again sometime. But Kinsey, this and that had nothing to do with what happened before. Just please respect the fact that I don’t want to be addressed like that. Cecilia would’ve been fine if you wanted.” I whispered, trying to etch my sad smile wider. It’s a small thing, but I do not want to remember any fragments of yesterday. 


Kinsey lets out an exasperated sigh before running a hand through his hair. “Fine. Fine. Cecilia. Let’s focus on what we have going on right now.” He smiles before standing up and messing my hair. I would’ve protested, but I’ll take it as a little price to pay for our peace. “The sun is about to set. Let’s have a couple of photos taken to commemorate this event, shall we?”


I stood up and straightened my tracksuit. “In these clothes?” I asked rhetorically, but when he arched my brow to prove a point, I had to add something to my statement. “Right, it’s not like you were really asking for my permission. Let’s take a picture to commemorate.” I sang as I pushed myself against his side. 


“But wait, I have to make sure the angle is right. How do you even want me to pose? Is my hair appropriate for the photo you are aiming for? Do you want me to retouch my makeup? I can redo my-” 


Kinsey flickered my forehead, making me bite back my tongue. “W-what was that for?” 


“We could take it as normal people would.” He said before pulling me closer to him and lifting the camera to take a shot.


“You’re squishing me, Kinsey.” 


“Say cheese!”


“Why chee-”


I heard the click sound from Kinsey’s phone and from there, I was rattled. I quickly took a glance over at the screen he was looking on into. 


“Kinsey, delete that. We shall take another one!” I exclaimed, trying to take the phone away from him, but with his one strong tug, he had it back on his grasp with a smile I would not even dare paint. 


He once again took a glance over his phone’s screen. “Why would I? You looked so cute and confused here.” He chuckled before glancing over it again. “I like it.”




“What? I did not even do anything? We just took a photo.” He reasoned out, but I continued to give him a look. “I promise it won’t get out and tarnish your reputation if that’s what you are afraid of.”


But I can’t let it go. The fact that there’s a chance that someone other than us might see makes my stomach flip in a not so amusing way. It’s a step away from elegance and perfection, a certain someone would say. And I can’t have that, especially now that I am practically demoted from my position at the company. 


“Fine. Okay. You look like you’re going to cry. Here. Take the phone and you take our photo instead. Click it when you’re ready.”


My face lit up, my back straightening as I revived my spirit up. “Many thanks, Kinsey” I stated as I grabbed the phone and angled it over us. Kinsey is actually taller than me, so I tried my best to tip on my toes. It was hard balancing myself, which I think he noticed since he wrapped his arm around my waist to assist me. 


I titled my face a little and posed for a serious one as I do in front of the camera for my magazine covers. I snuggled closer over to Kinsey in an attempt to hide the tracksuit I was wearing. And it was actually just in time for the sunset.


As soon as the orangey swirls mix, blueish cotton starts to slowly, slowly diminish, and tone down from our background. I clicked the photo. 


It seems like Kinsey noticed as well as he was quick to assist me back on my feet and turn us around to witness a breathtaking view. The sun was bright yellow in my eyes that I didn’t notice Kinsey’s hold on my torso only tightened against him. 


“Wow…” I breathed out. The whitish fluffy clouds seem to dim while on the contrary, the city lights are starting to pop out of nowhere one after the other. It was marvelous in its own way. 


“Cecilia? Do you want me to take a picture of you here? Don’t you have those social media vlogs you need to upload?” Kinsey asked, being the thoughtful guy that he is yet again, but I didn’t even bat an eyelash at him- not now when I am trying to take in the view before me. I am trying to have the moment as layers of the greenery dances around us with the wind. It’s both refreshing and exhilarating. 


“And confirm it to everyone that I’m temporarily kicked out of the company and is now staying here for a while?” I asked rhetorically as I did not move my gaze still. “Shocks. Thank you for reminding me, Kinsey.” I murmured softly.


“Oh, then let’s enjoy the sunset together then. Haha. I’m sorry for being heartless” He replied as sarcastically as I did back. That’s when I’ve realized how closer we were to each other- when I felt the vibration of his voice against my cheek. Clearly, there was no gap between us physically. “Did you know? That when you watch the sunset with someone, you two would end up spending your lives together until the last sun setting in your lives?”


My face softens. “Until we die?” For the first time in a while, I peer my gaze from the sky before I finally look up over at Kinsey’s face. He did tilt his head to face me after a few seconds. “That’s a bit superstitious, don’t you think?”


“Well, you will never know until you’ve tried it.” He laughed before once again overseeing the sun ever so slowly disappearing in front of our joyous eyes. 


Until I’ve tried, huh?




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