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Chapter 14- Berries


“Cece, don’t forget the strawberries! My brother loves them.” I felt a hand against mine as the small blonde boy from in front of me tugged me upfront. 


“Strawberries? What’s a strawberry, Pierre?” I asked as I followed in his footsteps. 


Eventually, Pierre slowed down as he looked at me in surprise. Full-blown greenery on his background with his lips slightly parted. “You don’t know what a strawberry is?” 


I shook my head as I pouted deliberately. I don’t like it when I do not know something while Pierre does. His brother would make fun of me again. 


“Oh no. We need to hold a berry feast for you. Poor, Cece.” I found Pierre patting my head. 


Did he just say I am poor? Oh no… I am indeed poor! With that simpleminded analysis, large drop of tears started rolling through my cheeks. “WAAAAH” 


The little boy before me looked at me in surprise before engulfing me in a hug in an attempt to comfort me. Just steps outside of the house and we are already making a commotion. “We’ll find a strawberry right away for you, my Cece. You’ll get to taste one today. Don’t cry anymore.” 


“Pierre, you’re so mean! I want strawberries too. ” I sobbed against his small shoulders as I clutched my small basket tighter. 


“Come on. Let’s dry your tears, and we will get you strawberries, okay? What berries don’t you still know?” Pierre cooed me as he pulled away from the hug. 


I sniffle a little as I wipe my own face. 


“You cry a lot for something so small, Cece.” He chuckled softly. “Hmmm. What about telling me the berries you’d know instead?” 


I nodded as I let out small hiccups. Pierre and I took a step closer together before I put the basket of food down. I then held my hand and lifted my pinky finger. 




“You’re still not familiar with that… But okay. You’ll meet strawberries soon enough. Don’t be upset now.” He tried to reassure me as I instantly believed him. I always believe Pierre, no matter the situation.


I nodded before I focused again on my little pinky. 


“Strawberries… Strawberries. I-“


I thought harder when nothing popped out of my head anymore. When I could not take it, I tried lifting my ring finger. 


“S-strawberr-” I cut myself off before shaking my head. The idea seemed like cheating, so I held myself back. One last time and I thought of other berries that I knew. 


When Pierre took a step backward, I lifted my head to look up at him. I lifted my ring finger. “St-strawberries?” That was surrender, and he knew. 


He sweatdropped. 


“Don’t tell me, you don’t know any other berries, Cece?” He asked reluctantly. 


I blinked back at him for a couple of seconds, trying to let what he had said sink into me.


“WAAAAAAAH!!!” I wailed in despair as I accepted defeat towards this so-called berry family. 


Pierre once again took me back into his short arms. “Oh, no. Please don’t cry, Cece. We’ll make it work. I could teach you about berries while we are on our way to see my big brother. Don’t cry. I’m sure you’ll manage to remember them before we could even get there.” 


I sniffled and buried my face against his shoulder in defeat. 


“W-we should meet the strawberries first. Did you know that eating strawberries could make you smarter? I’m sure my brother will praise you soon after.” 


I quickly pulled away again from him. “R-really? Strawberries could do that?” I pouted again as I tried to tug on my pigtails lightly. “I’ll bite you if you’re pranking.” 


“Mhmm. Let’s eat together. You will never know until you’ve tried.”  



My eyes fluttered open. What a strange dream. I couldn’t particularly pinpoint when that happened, but I could tell that it was back then. 


The glare from the windows made my eyes squint. Who in the right mind would leave their curtains open? 


I’m so used to waking up around this time that I do not need the sun to wake me up, but I deserve to be fully woken up later because my body is so sore from yesterday. But no, the sun said Scarlette should wake up right here, right now. Thus, I sat up and flapped my legs out of the covers so that I could walk and pull the curtains together. 


“I know… I know… It’s morning. You don’t need to be so bright.” I murmured with a little bit of annoyance in the back of my head. 


That’s when it hit me. I was not situated in my supposed room. I clutched the ends of the curtains tighter upon the realization. I shut it close together before taking a swift turn. 


“Right. This must be Kinsey’s place.” I said to myself as I retraced my steps back to the bed I came from. I had no recollection of me going home after all. This is the only logical explanation. 


Upon plopping back to the soft mattress, I’ve realized that I was sleeping here alone. Was Kinsey up already? The answer was no for I spotted him sleeping still on a couch just across the bed. Crawling over at the edge of the bed just to get a better view of him. 


“You will have a very sore back later.” I muttered as I heard his soft snores and saw how cramped he was on the couch. He was too tall for it to be able to accommodate him. 


Well, it would be a bad idea to disturb him in his sleep. I might be his future wife, but it’s still rude to watch someone sleep. And knowing Kinsey, he might easily be flustered by it. Hmpff. But what a faint heart he is. 


“I’ll tell the maids to prepare breakfast for us for the meantime.” I said particularly to no one as I’ve decided to finally make my way out. 


I’m still wearing my yesterday’s clothes, and I trust myself that I still look presentable to be able to face anyone. But once I’ve left the room, my eyes roamed over to the not-so-high ceiling. It’s plain and white with no evidence of a chandelier whatsoever. 


I had a quick looked around, and I was surprised to see how small the space is. With only a couple of paintings on the wall and a few modern sleek minimalistic style pieces of furniture. It’s a good and aesthetic place to live, but I couldn’t help but sigh as I started to descend down the spiral stairs. I have to drop the idea of having a maid here. 


“I’m so hungry.” I groaned to myself. If only my grandfather didn’t give me this as an assignment…



“Pierre Kinsey?” I asked as I looked up at my not so impressed grandfather. I made a mistake and it feels like I’ve never done anything good for the company all my life. 


“You need to bring him back here.” He stated with all finality before folding his arms as if the conversation is now dismissed. 


“But why me? We could hire a private jet for him- or whatever he wanted to ride.” I reasoned out adamantly. I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m being retrenched like this. Kinsey might be my supposed fiancé, but I’m not a chauffeur to take him to places. “At least give me some other punishment. If you want, you could place me in a much lower position. Just please don’t kick me out of the company like this. I have more than I coul-“


“Scarlette!” My grandfather’s raspy voice boomed all over the four corners of the room enough to make me tense up and feel alarmed. Why is this happening to me? 


“I’m sorry, grandpa…” I whispered, looking down as if there’s something entertaining happening on the carpet underneath my heels. I could feel how flustered my face is as blood continues to rush through it too much. I wanted to explode right here. 


“Would I have you do this if he is so willing to return home? You’re his future wife. You must oversee him if he is acting up.” My grandfather’s voice is understandably angry right now, making me swallow the lump in my throat. 




“Bring him as soon as you can, Scarlette. Else, you will never return to this company ever again. Don’t make me wait.” He said sternly, and I knew from there there’s more rebuttal after that. 


I am literally shattered into pieces. Might as well throw me out of the building already. Sure, I’ve made a mistake but it’s not like it will cost the whole company. It’s not even my full fault, to begin with! Why must it cause everything for me? And now I have to dangle into a tight rope to take someone whom I’ve never seen before nor talked to for so long. I’m not even sure if I’d recognize him in the street if we ever bumped into each other. 


I left my grandfather’s office with my head hanging low. They won this time, but I’ll make sure to come back with Pierre Kinsey and destroy their lives one by one. 


“Just you wait.” I breathed out. It’s not like picking up my husband to be would be so hard anyway. 



And looked at me now… I’m stuck here in this place without even a single clue why Kinsey wanted to stay here so bad. He talked about his passion or the thing he wanted to claim, but he could definitely pursue whatever he is pursuing here there with a much better opportunity. 


I shook my head a little.


I knew. There’s more to that, and I am willing to get to the bottom of this just so I could return back to my post in the company. Hopefully, I won’t be too late by then. 


Nevertheless, my thoughts were cut off when my stomach made an inelegant growl enough to make me frown. I rub my tummy as I try to navigate my way to the kitchen, hoping I could munch something there to eat. An apple would suffice for me already. 


Well, my mind was getting clouded by food already when something piqued my eyes from the distance. 


To think that I’d forgotten all about Kinsey already until my grandfather mentioned him as my fiancé. It’s been so so long I even doubted that he would remember me too. I mean kids that don’t know each other to play makes sense, but when the last time you saw a person is when you were little, you won’t expect anything anymore. That’s the truth and not just because I’m a little bitter in life…Really.


But if that’s true as one says, then why am I seeing a picture of us displayed in a frame on top of his fireplace? I’m supposed to be irrelevant in his life already like he was to mine. 




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