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Chapter 10.1- #5 Have Fun

#5 Have Fun

Pierre Kinsey’s Point of View 


I was not sure what I was doing. It’s been a while since I last saw Cecilia, and I doubt taking her to the park would be in her best interest. What was I thinking? I panicked a little and blurted out the first thing that came into my head. I’ll just have to make sure to tailor the day to the best of my abilities. Although I am not sure what she is into anymore, I will take it as a normal date. But knowing Cecilia, nothing is really normal when she is around. 


Date? Now, where did that come from? I couldn’t bite back the smile on my face. 


Juggling the car keys in the palm of my hands, I checked my reflection in the mirror before I completely head out to pick out the girl that has been living rent-free in my mind since she came and showed herself back to me. This had to be a good day. 



I stepped out of the car and suddenly my hands started sweating. I couldn’t be nervous right now. I’ve picked up a handful of girls before this. Cecilia is just a childhood friend I haven’t seen for a long time now.  


I tried to convince myself of the worth of it all when before I knew it, I was standing by their huge door. I run a hand through my already messy hair, hoping it’ll give off the natural volume and not provide a messy look. She is not the one to fancy messy. I even cleared my throat before hitting the doorbell. But before I could even take a breather, the door already opened to reveal Cecilia with her unimpressed look. 


She’s probably annoyed with me for something I am not sure I did, but she looks beautiful right now that I have to pinch myself to wake myself from a daydream I did not intend to have even if it was just for a split second. Her hair was well kept in a high ponytail with some loose strands that doesn’t seem to bother the look at all. It may or may not be intended, but it suites her so much that I wondered if she always wears her hair like that. 


What only made me furrow my brows is the fact that she was wearing a white silk bubble dress with puffy off-shoulder sleeves. Not to mention the black ankle strap heels she is wearing. Did I really mention to her that we are to go to the park? I mean, she looks good- great even… Breathtaking, but I do not think this is appropriate for the itinerary I’ve prepared for us. 


Good thing, I know Cecilia enough to know that she would turn up this way. 


I pursed my lips together before smiling. “You look dashing as always.” I greeted. 


“Good morning, Kinsey. I thought you have forgotten me for a split second.” She replied before she let herself out.


“I assume you’re excited? You even opened the door yourself.” I teased lightly with a chuckle to wrap it up to a much more enthusiastic part of the day. 


“Of course, I am. I’ve prepared enough to spend the day with you as best as I could. You might be the host, but I don’t intend to be a boring guest either.” She replied before giving me a little shrugging.


“You’ve never been boring to be with.” I reassured her before opening the door for her. My objective here is to help and teach her to relax. Even when we were kids, Cecilia was a bit uptight with herself. I only hope her stay here will help her have a good time. 


“Is that so? I’ll take your word for it then.” Cecilia flashes me a quick smile before she heads to take a step inside. 


The day is really about to start. Let’s make it happen and make the most of it. That’s what I said to myself before I jogged to the other side of the car to get in and start the engine. 


Cecilia Scarlette Locke’s Point of View


I look outside and then let the greenery of trees flash before my eyes. It will not be a long drive to the park, I assume, which I stand corrected. I don’t think ten minutes had passed for us. Anyway, when I was about to head out, I did not expect Kinsey to open the door for me. He is not my chauffeur, after all. I stepped out and was about to thank him when he simply flashed a small smile at me before heading over to the trunk. 


I took my time to look around only to see many groups of people hanging out on the grounds. I guess we’ll be part of the crowd too. The place is surrounded by trees so even if we are directed to the sun, it won’t be as necessarily hot. 


“Where do you want to fix our spot in?” I found Kinsey walking over me with a picnic basket at hand and other things I could not figure out right now. 


“Under a tree with a much peaceful atmosphere would do.” I answered as I already eye the perfect place. 


“Sure. Let’s go head over there then.” He exclaimed. He is too excited for someone who had been living his life here for a while now. “You like the place?” He asked as we settled in a spot. I continue to take in the new environment as he sets the typical red and white plaids picnic blanket against the carefully tended grass.


“This park is much bigger than when I just passed by it.” I commented as I tried my best to keep my voice in a monotonous tone when on the inside I literally wanted to bounce around in excitement. Emily was right, maybe I should’ve worn a pair of running shoes. That way, I could have a choice to run around the area. 


“So, what do you want to try and do first?” He asked before sitting over. I looked up at him, feeling the light inside of me dim. The decision is mine? Well, if it’s me to decide then it could only be one thing since I don’t see him with any paperwork he had to grade.


“I’ve prepared the most challenging sudoku I could find. This will help strengthen our concentration and have fun in silence.” I stated as I took out the worksheets. I have to say it as excited as I could for me not to falter and stumble towards the fact that I may or may not like to roll around the beautiful greenery of grasses.


Kinsey stared at me for a while. I stared back at him. 


He eventually cleared his throat as he was the first one to look away and compose himself. I was hoping he would scold me or persuade me to do something more active, but he spoke with a smile on his face. “I see. Let’s do it then. Give me a pencil!” He exclaimed. 


I mean, Sudoku is a fun idea but being here on the open grounds, I wish we have done something else. To be honest, I am not even sure if Kinsey is just being nice or if it is really normal to play Soduko out here in the open. I even took two volumes with me. I regret it so baaaad!



We played for a while and actually finished it. “That was intense!” Kinsey laughed as he stretched his arms up. I looked at him with a small smile. “Now, can we do what you really want to do now?”


I tilted my head to the side. “Huh?” 


“You were glancing over to the people who are playing volleyball. Want to try?” He suggested. Now we are talking. Thank you for observing me with a keen eye, Kinsey! Although I have to take a mental note not to be obvious with my wants as well. That’s bad for business. Anyway, I nodded way too quickly.


“Yes. Yes, please.” I replied as quick as I could. 


“But don’t think you could easily play with that you’re wearing. You’ll trip and hurt yourself.” Kinsey said, making me look down at my dress.


My face fell. why is the world conspiring for me not to do the active stuff? Well, it’s my fault from the very beginning. No one is really conspiring to ruin the day. I should’ve followed Emily’s advice! I could wear something sporty and still be pretty in front of Kinsey! “Should, should I go back and change?”


“Don’t worry. I got a tracksuit here and a pair of rubber shoes for you. Although I am not sure if it’s to your liking.” He said as I watch him take clothes one after another. Kinsey, you are a savior! It does not even matter right now if they’re in style or not. Volleyball is the apple of my interest right now.


“I will wear it. Thank you, Kinsey.” I exclaimed picking it all up. 


“Change in a comfort room. Do you need me to escort you there?” 


“No. No need. Look over at our belongings. I will be as quick as bolt!” I giggled, walking as fast as I can to change. Upon seeing how lively everyone is, I suddenly felt envious of how happy a person could be, and now, with the help of Kinsey, I learned he knows life here better than I do, and I should follow his directives to make the most out of this time off work. I’m still not sure if I’ll fully enjoy this but trying out something is a part of life that makes it more thrilling to live on.


Heh. Definitely an excuse for the real reason that I want to try it despite not having a monetary return. 


“Kinsey, Kinsey I am back!” I called energetically before stopping across from him. He looked up, and he had that satisfied look on his face. 


“Now we could definitely play.” He beamed before standing up. He looked over at the lady he was conversing with before I came and smiled. The woman smiles back meekly before leaving. “What?” He shot back.


“Nothing” I said.


“Do you know how to play?” Kinsey proceeds on asking before picking up a ball I didn’t know we had to begin with.


I place my fists against my hips before I stood up straighter. What does this man take me as for? “Of course not.” I answered shyly. He will eventually find out either way, so there’s no point in pretending. “I could learn the technicalities and the rules by reading a guide if you want, but I was hoping you could show me the skill itself.” I admitted.


Kinsey’s smile actually resembled an amused look. “Perfect.” He even commented under his breath that I totally caught on.


“What do you mean perfect?” 


“It only means that I won’t be useless for you. Let alone a loser that couldn’t even return a ball. It’s bad for the guy to not have a single win, ya know.” He sets off a wink before leading me to a spit with lesser people. 


I made a face out of embarrassment. “You think too highly of me, Kinsey. I’m not a perfectly functioning robot.” I said. No matter how I try, I would have flaws which I hope the people I care about would accept me for too. 


“I’ll showcase you my power moves as well as share a few of my tips and tricks.” He wriggled his brows while trying to flex his arms. It’s not that much of a bulky type, so I do not understand why he is flexing, and what for. 


“Alright, alright. The girl just wants to know how to toss a ball or two. Please teach me your ways.” I played along with a small smile. I doubt that he could even play professionally, but I could be wrong, Kinsey is pretty sporty as far as I remember. 


“I’ll teach you how to do an underhand serve first.” Kinsey said as he walked beside me. I nodded in response as I watched closely at how Kinsey held the ball, let go, and hit it with his other hand through the side of his wrist.


“Whoa…” I breathed out as my gaze threaded with the floating ball. 


“Did you see it clearly? Think you could do it already?” 


I smile excitedly. “I think, I got it.” I beamed. I might not be able to fully control the ball, but how hard hitting a ball could be? 


That was my line of thoughts as we progressed through the rest of the basic skills playing volleyball. It went on pretty smoothly if I say so myself. Well, not until we have to do the toss and the girl from earlier found her way to bother us with her presence. 





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