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Chapter 9- #4 Respect His Need for Space

#4 Respect His Need for Space

Cecilia Scarlette Locke’s Point of View 


Sitting down, Kinsey was so excited as he sets the table himself, and one after the other placed in the ceramics and utensils. I am honestly hungry for something to eat too. I was looking forward to whatever it is Kinsey cooked for me that I was even almost tempted to take a bite of that tempura I was cooking earlier. Keyword: almost.


Then the moment of truth came, waterworks quickly flooded my mouth as he presented to me two dishes for this meal. The aroma and the presentation it gave off were exquisite- too good that I was slightly embarrassed when he placed the tempura I made down along with it. I was ashamed of myself. Clearly, my best for this dish isn’t that well still.


“I hope it is to your liking. I made Baked Garlic Shrimp with a drizzle of olive oil instead of butter to make it a little bit crispy and then still in line with your diet.” Kinsey announced before undoing his apron and tossing it to the side before he sat across me. 


“And what do we have here?” 


“This is a Shrimp Taco Salad. I hope you do not mind that I added a little bit of tequila for it to have more character.” Kinsey said. 


I could only bit my bottom lip as my gaze went back and forth between the two dishes. I am kind of envious of his cooking skill. This is beyond perfect. My taste buds are just dying, dying to have a bite, but I do not know which one to try first. I don’t want to discriminate one from the other. 


My cheeks turn red. “I am sorry… I could only make tempura, and it’s actually not the most presentable either…” I trailed off. 


Kinsey chuckled. “So that’s what you are worried about? I’m well aware that you couldn’t cook, Cecilia. And the fact that you tried making this for me is enough for me to be happy. It’s actually a bonus that it turned out to be edible.” 


“Hey!” I protested before pouting, but soon my face softened as I look at him.


“Hmm? Go on. I know you are hungry. Please take some. It won’t be good anymore if the taco shells become soggy.” Kinsey grins before taking the tempura and eating it as if it’s normal to have uneven colored breading. I’m not even sure how I managed to do that since it was deep fried.


“I- thank you for the food.” I murmured.


“Mhmm. Thank you, indeed. This tempura passes my taste.” He chuckled, making me look at him in surprise. I was surprised not because of the fact that he is telling me those things that I made are good enough, I know he is just being kind, but because we are to converse while dining… How long I’ve wanted to have that in my household. “Oh? Is the food not to your liking?” He asked, his gaze returning to me. Oh, shoot. He caught me staring, didn’t he?


“No. It’s really good. Please have some as well. I won’t be able to finish everything even if I want to.” I gave him a small smile before picking up my utensils again. 


“Don’t mind if I do.” He beamed. He really loves food. 


Kinsey. I could not help but steal glances at him as we eat. We didn’t really converse after that, but the dining felt less suffocating- something I haven’t had in years. Is this the life he had chosen? Will I be happy too if I decide to have a much simpler life? 


I shook my head. How could I even think of dropping my own family? Especially for a life I haven’t even lived yet. A good meal is not even an enough factor to measure this decision I would be making if ever. 


“Kinsey.” I called out.


His head snapped up to face me. “Yes, Cecilia?”


“You do not want to return nor marry me for that matter.” I said. At the mention of it, his eyes became sharp serious again before placing his utensils down and wiping his lips. But without waiting for a reply, I continued on. “Then show me the reason why you are so willing to turn your back to the life you’ve grown up in. I think if I would have a better understanding, I would have a better judgment regarding this.” I stated. 


If I won’t be able to take him back, then it would top again to the list of my failures. But this is Kinsey we are talking about. I want to know and make a strategy around it. It’s not like I am giving up either. I am simply willing to back down a little and hear him out. Just like company projects, I will take this step by step and adjust the platform until both parties are happy. How foolish of me to take the easy way out and expect immediate rewards. 


Kinsey leaned on the table before he smiled. “We could do that. How about we go to the park tomorrow? Good thing it’s a weekend.” He smiles. “Don’t expect nightclubs and such, though. We don’t have it here.”


“Sure, whatever you have in store would do. I want to see what’s so good in this place.” I said before sipping a glass of water. A park, huh? I did see a couple of people there the first day I got here, but what are we to do there? 


“Okay then. I’ll pick you up, six in the morning. Would that be fine?” Kinsey asked.


“Affirmative. I’ll make sure that I am all prepared before you arrive.” I smile before I continue eating my meal. To think about it, when was the line since I’ve taken myself out? The best I had was trying a new coffee shop to celebrate a project completion. 


The last on our menu is a chocolate cake stored in our fridge. Kinsey ate it heartily with me. I’m glad we have resolved our differences for now. Although this Kinsey before me is different from what I’ve known, I am sure the same could also be applied to me. It has been so many years since we last saw each other. For us to be eating like this again will be the last thing I would say I’d do on a Friday night if you were to ask me a week ago. 


“Thank you for the meal, Cecilia.” 


“I appreciate the dishes you’ve cooked for me too. I’ll take the time to learn a course or two as well, so I could make you a more decent one if we happen to gather like this again.” I said as I folded the napkin off of my lap. 


And that’s when I felt his hand on top of my head. I quickly looked up at him in surprise. “We haven’t seen each other in a while, but it doesn’t change the fact that we know each other and had fun memories together before. Please stop talking to me as if you are on a business trip and I am one of your clients.” He said with a grin, his perfectly pearly whites on display. “If ever, we are total bff’s back then.”


I tilted my head to the side. What is a bff?


I cleared my throat before I gently took away his hand on my hand. I gave him a small smile before speaking. “I will try. Let’s have more fun in the park tomorrow, Kinsey.”


“We will. I will make sure it will be worth your time. I will be going now.”


“Goodbye.” I simply said before motioning for one of the maids to escort him out. 


“Good night, Cecilia. Do not dream of me.” He chuckled.


I simply shook my head as I found myself smiling a little. “You wish, Kinsey.” I breathed out to myself before standing up and making my way to my room. I still need to plan and be prepared for tomorrow. 



It was a nice long bath. I honestly was itching to get rid of that fishy smell that I’ve gotten from the market. I slipped into my pajamas and then went over to my desk. What does one even do at the park? I prefer laying down and feeling the breeze better at the beach. Don’t they have a beach here?


Cecilia, stop.


Okay, now I am calling myself Cecilia again. 


I shook my head again. I find it difficult to understand why I am talking to myself like this. I should be thankful that at least Kinsey was willing to give me a bit of his time when he could’ve had a ton of papers to grade. 

Ah? Could it be it? Why don’t I just help Kinsey with his paperwork? That would be a truly productive day in the park. Right… It’s better if I prepare foods that could boost productivity as well. 


“This is going to be a really exciting day, I could already tell.” I exclaimed to myself before stretching a little to release the tension from my sore muscles.                              




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