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Chapter 10.2- #5 Have Fun

#5 Have Fun

Cecilia Scarlette Locke’s Point of View 


I couldn’t blame Kinsey if girls really do hole up around him. He is definitely the looker, and not to mention, as good and smart as an angel sent from above. I mean, who would be able to top that?


“Can I join in? My companion has left me to do some urgent meeting. She will be back for a while, and I am now bored out of my mind.” That’s what she said. Although, I think she might just probably be hoping she gets to score with Kinsey. 


Kinsey glanced at me, and I simply shrugged. “If you want to then, it’s fine by me.” I answered before picking up the ball from the bed grass. 


“I- but I was teaching you how t-“


“Perfect. You could teach me too, Pierre. I don’t really know much about playing volleyball. Teach me too so the three of us could keep playing together.” She whines like a nosy high school lady. I would stab myself if I sounded like that when Kinsey was teaching me. 


Wait a minute. Did I hear her right, though? They’re already on a first name basis? How fast is that! But then again, they might have known each other before too. Let’s calm ourselves and not jump to conclusions, Scarlette. 


Eventually, Kinsey started teaching the girl too, whom I don’t bother getting the name. It’s not like she was interested in knowing me too anyway. Nevertheless, I do not feel the need to watch them, so I return to where the picnic blanket was placed and sure enough, I saw a kid crying just beside it. 


I immediately frown. This is the problem in relaxing in such a crowded public area- there are so many distractions and disturbances. 


Should I simply shoo him away? I mean, he is crying, but he will definitely be with his guardian at some point. 


“Boy, why are you crying? Please return to where your parents are.” I stated as my body towered over him. He glanced up and simply cried louder. 


I gritted my teeth. I hate crying children. I looked over Kinse for help, knowing he would know what to do, but the bloke is simply too preoccupied right now with his newly found girl. I could only sigh in defeat. I look over at the child curled up beside our basket. 


Eventually, I let out another sigh and knelt before him so we could be on the same level. I might be like this, but I couldn’t abandon him just because I hate crying kids- he is still a crying kid that needs to be looked after. And now that I am an adult, I need to take control. I don’t want him to be like me… in some way. 


“Please look at me… I am not a bad person. Why, why are you crying child?” I tried to coo, but it sounded more of like a stammer. I even bit my tongue twice with that statement. I felt like cringing. Soothing a child doesn’t really suit me at all. Never again, I thought. 


But the joke was on me, when he cried harder, I knew I won’t be able to turn a blind eye now. The first attempt is always futile but it doesn’t mean it has to continue that way. 


“Hey, w-what’s your name?” I asked softly, debating whether I should touch him or not. “What’s wrong? You could tell me anything.” I said, but I hope he is smart enough not to trust strangers. 


Nevertheless, just sobs were replied to me yet again.


“What about this… It’s okay for you not to tell me what’s wrong, but you could stop crying so we could play together. Sounds good?” I asked. He didn’t even lift his head. “Or… you could cry there and I could sit beside you. I could cry with you. I have a lot of things to cry about too, you know.” I added. To think about it, it’s probably the best option for both of us. 


Although, I believe I am probably not making sense right now. I mean, cry with a toddler? What a ridiculous thing to do… But then again, there’s a saying that if you can’t fight them then join them. 


“You’re really going to play with me?” I was surprised, hearing a squeaky voice from beside me. I guess it did the trick after all. No crying duet that’s about to break out of nowhere I guess. I was quietly hoping for it, if I am going to be honest. 


I looked over at him and mustered a soft smile. “I could if you’d finally stop crying.” I answered, pushing my luck to push his hair away from his wet face. I could only hope there’s not a snot mixed in with that too.  “We could play catch with this ball if you’d like.”


He instantly nods, wiping his face with the sleeves of his shirt. “I am o-okay now. Let’s play.” He whispered shyly.


“Won’t you introduce yourself first?” 


“My name is Austin. I am six. I live in-“


“No, it is okay. I just need your name, cutie.” I chuckled lightly before petting his hair. “You could call me Scarlette.” I replied before wiping his cheek with a handkerchief. I then folded it and tucked it in his pocket. Nope. I won’t be needing that anymore. Thank you very much.


“Okay, Scarlette. Can we play ball now?” He asked. Austin was not even looking at me as he seemed to be much more interested with the ball in my hands now as he tried to reach out for it. I handed it over to him slowly. I like it. He is quick to negotiate with. 


“Would we play catch? Let’s go.” I helped him stand up and off the two of us to a spot to play. So much for learning volleyball, I only ended up playing catch with a kid. 


and it was all fun and games at first when I’ve realized that this kid more than anything wanted to play. His energy battery is just endless! 


“Scarlette! What are you doing! The ball already rolled to your side!” I blinked back in realization. I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead, and I do not think it’ll stop anytime soon too. 


“Oh, wait a minute. Can we take a break? I need to catch my breath!” I exclaimed as I slumped against the ground. I do not care if I dirtied myself even. That’s just how tired I am. 


I shut my eyes close for a second so that I could normalize my breathing again. Where does he even get the energy? I am sweating all over, and I could feel my legs go numb. I don’t believe that I have the same battery when I was younger. 


“Scarlette? Are you dead?” I heard Austin’s small voice from beside me. I couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh before opening my eyes. I wish I was dead. 


“I’m very much still alive. Thank you for asking, Austin.” I answered sarcastically, but he just laughs. 


“You’re very much welcome.” He well then replied before laying next to me. Ah? Is he mocking me? I could pretty much see that he resembles a certain someone in some way. He even smiles too brightly the same. “I always wanted to play ball. Thank you, Scarlette.” He said, making me hum. I’ll give it to him, he is a polite kid that my mini annoyance soon faded away.


“It’s not a problem. I do not have anything better to do anyway…” I trailed off as I glanced up the sky where he was looking. So this is what people mostly do in the park. It sure is nonessential and tiring, but yet my heart feels so full that I couldn’t help but smile. “Thank you as well. I had fun too.”


And as I am starting to feel the oxygen back on my lungs run smoothly, a blonde head popped in front of me. My face crumpled as it definitely ruined the view. “Cecilia, are you okay? What happened? Who is this ki- aw!”


I didn’t really comprehend well what Kinsey was saying for as soon as he popped out of nowhere and started asking questions, I sat up that only resulted in us bumping heads.  I curled into a ball as I hold the part of my head and tried to ease it with a couple of caresses from my hand.


“Scarlette? Who is this? Is this your hubby?” I heard Austin question in the middle of the head bump. I definitely hit his jaw or something. 


My head snapped towards Austin with a frown. “Hubby?”


“Yes. My mama always calls my papa hubby.” He replied like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Well, I guess it is in their household. What am I to say? That’s the plan obviously, but I did promise Kinsey to lay low for the meantime. He might misunderstand and accuse me of teaching this kid things for me to be able to forcefully take him home. I mean, that was the plan before, but the circumstances changed a little. 


Plus hubby? I’d call him Kinsey even after marriage. 


I sat up straighter. The burning sensation on my head is now the least of my concern. “Austin, you-”


But Kinsey cut me off midsentence like he always does. I made face as I watch him walk closer to the little boy. “Yes, Austin- Austin was it? Yes. I’m her hubby.” He chuckles, picking the boy in his arms.


My eyes widen. Is he for real? Unbelievable. The duality of Kinsey is making me more frustrated than it should. Like, could he make up his mind if he wants to marry me or not? But it does save time for explaining. We are in a very complicated situation that even I couldn’t pinpoint exactly- at least right now.


I cleared my throat as I hurriedly stood up and dusted my clothes. “Why are you here, though? Are you done with the miss from earlier?” 


Kinsey made this expression wherein he narrowed his eyes and protruded his lips like a kid. I am not sure what he is trying to achieve exactly. “Speaking of that, why did you try to get rid of me like that? I’d rather teach you than teach her. Didn’t you like my teaching style?”


I almost sigh in frustration. What the hell is wrong with this person? “I am not trying to get rid of you or anything.” I answered. I guess it didn’t work out for the two of them. The girl might be a slow learner of some sort. “I was simply-“


“Scarlette, I am hungry.” Austin said out of nowhere, cutting me and Kinsey’s conversation short. 


I’ve prepared a menu with Kinsey in mind. I’m not really sure if a toddler would enjoy it. 


“If he’s hungry then we could eat already. I’m pretty hungry myself too.” Kinsey chimed as they started walking back to where the picnic basket was situated. Seems like Austin will still accompany us with our meal. I am glad I’ve prepared more than enough.


I watched them do so as I called the maids to start the walk-in buffet that I’ve prepared. I’ll give Kinsey something to be impressed about. I didn’t come here empty-handed. I’ll show him that I know how to have a good time. 


“Wait a minute. I got food along with me.” I smile as I follow their trail and then slump across them.


Kinsey’s face immediately lit up as he placed Austin down. “You cooked for me again? That’s splendid news. I would definitely like to try some. Austin would definitely like that too.” He exclaimed before sitting down and patting the kid’s head.


I tilted my head to the side before seriously saying, “Kinsey, I couldn’t cook.” I flat out admitted since he is supposed to know that already after what happened last night. If I were him, I would be mortified to know that I’ve cooked for him again. I shrugged as I tucked loose strands of my hair behind my ear. “Anyway, I got something much much better.” It’s my face’s turn to beam. These dishes were only made to satisfy any men’s appetite. This is a great arsenal for both physical fitness and energy restoration. Not to mention the exquisite taste from a star chef I scouted last night. I might have crammed a little, but he is still in the top caliber. 


Kinsey has gotten even more confused, but I’d like to think of it as he was too happy and caught off guard with my surprise as the maids placed in our food with the fancy ceramics I’ve handpicked to give out a much more picnic vibe. 


“We have focaccia bread and Caribbean potato salad for appetizers. Egg Benedict, Chicken tortilla pinwheels, and quesadillas with pico de gallo as the main dishes. Then, we also have some lemon blueberry scones since I am aware that you like your sweets.” I said proudly, making sure to introduce them to everything in front of them. Although, I am aware that Kinsey is familiar with most of the dishes if not all. 


“Oh… you’ve prepared a lot. We won’t be able to finish all of this.” Kinsey said.


“We have Austin with us too. We will be fine.”  I simply smile and let him take it in. I do not care if he seemed to be getting overwhelmed because of this. This is good food. 


“Are you trying to feed everyone in the park, Cecilia?”


“Do you want to? We could invite everyone to eat with us and-”


“No! No, please no.” 


I looked at him after his sudden burst out. I shrugged nevertheless, and turned to Austin instead, which to my disappointment resembled a very unsatisfied look on his face. 


“I’ve also cooked some food for us, but everything looks great. Thank you, Cecilia.”


I wasn’t paying attention to what Kinsey was saying as I watched Austin pull Kinsey’s sleeve. “Do you have lemon bars? My mama always makes it when we go to picnics.” That’s what he said. 


“Lemon bars?” I questioned. 


“Didn’t you like anything now? Cecilia has good taste in food. I bet everything here tastes amazing.” Kinsey tried to insist, but Austin persisted as well that he wanted his lemon bars. 


I looked over the scones. It has lemons on it too, but what exactly is a lemon bar? Like a chocolate bar but lemon? 


“Okay. Lucky for you, buddy. I have lemon bars here. I also have sausage rolls and macaroni salad. You like those?” 


“Yes. Yes, please. ” 


Kinsey took out the food he had and let Austin eat. “Let’s eat too?” He hummed. I simply nodded before smiling a little. 


“Did you cook it? The food in the basket?” 


“Hmmm? Yea. These quesadillas are amazing!” He exclaimed as he had taken another bite. But I still couldn’t keep my eyes off of Kinsey’s made meal that he’d eventually notice. 


“Why aren’t you eating, Cecilia?” Are you bothered by it? It’s because I’ve prepared such generic and childish food. Of course, kids tend to choose food more familiar to them. I’m sorry… Don’t mind him. The food you’ve prepared for us looks and tastes delicious.” He chuckled lightly, but I didn’t move, licking my lips a little. 


It’s not like I am offended by it.  What is he saying sorry for? I wanted one too.  





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