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Chapter 3- Prince Charming

Prince Charming

Scarlette’s Point of View 


How outrageous. I was not even given a car to ride on. The town is just nearby, they said, but it still does not count. I couldn’t help but sigh. I could do walking for now, to be familiar with the place, but I’ll ask for a vehicle for later. 


It took me more than just a few minutes to arrive there unlike if I had driven the car. Nevertheless, I knew complaining wouldn’t take me either. In fact, I think it has been worth my while. What’s important is that my spirits are lifted since I got myself some nicely brewed coffee. My morning is now finally complete.


Whining about being stuck here and thinking of how to get back on Mark won’t really make the time pass too fast. That is why I need to make sure that I use my time here wisely. Not to mention the fact that I have to meet this Kinsey here. 


“Maa, isn’t that Scarlette? Can you please ask for me to take a picture with her?” I could hear a girl from behind me ask her mother shyly as I continue to walk. I shove a hand against my coat from yesterday. I guess something still doesn’t change no matter where I am. too bad that I’ve forgotten to take my shades as well.


I took a deep breath before stopping in my tracks and smiling from behind me. I gave them a huge smile. “Hello. I heard you’d like a photo. We could do it if you’d like to.” I said. It’s not something I usually do, but it’s not like I have anything better to do either. Might as well make this girl happy and make sure she doesn’t tell anyone.


After that, as I continue to stroll my way through the small cemented sidewalk on the street, I realized how slow-paced everything here is unlike the city that I was brought up in. I kind of envy the fact that some people here could still have the time to stroll in the park or eat while laughing as if time is not running out every time seconds pass us by. Or at least, I was just too busy to see that that’s just how a normal person should think. 


It’s just so weird that I could now look up in the sky or feel the warmth of the sun against the back of my hand without worrying about meetings or business calls. And if I am going to be honest, I think it feels nice. Maybe I needed this vacation after all. Hmpff. Although, it doesn’t change the fact that I do not wish to be here. I guess I’ll see after I return to my normal life.


“He- Aw. Aw! Ouch! I’m sorry…”


I bumped into someone as I was too busy trying to assess the new environment I am now in. It’s not like I feel too alienated here. I just simply wish that I am not here. My life has always been quick and go, but I love it there. 


Anyway, back to this man I’ve bumped in. I completely frown as soon as I saw that my lovely morning coffee is now empty with just the cup and the straw threatening to fall from my grasp as well. I checked into my coat to make sure I didn’t stain even a bit of the fabric. Not until the guy cleared his throat and have gotten my attention.


“Ehem. Miss?” He said as he motioned over his stained sky blue buttoned-up shirt. I’m not sure what he wanted but that’s not my main concern now. I drifted my gaze back to my clothes and then returned it to him when I was assured that not a single patch of the thread was damaged.


I was quickly welcomed by a blonde and fair skin guy with round spectacles. He is looking at me in anticipation as I first take in his features. I was just starting when I saw him cracked a small smile. “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” 


My eyebrows knit together. “Excuse me?” I asked rhetorically before I could get caught up with my thoughts yet again. 


“You were checking me out, did you not?” He flashed me another smile of his before fixing his spectacles against the bridge of his nose. I wanted to scoff but tried to keep it to myself. 


“I did not.” I answered, uninterestingly. He did not reply after that. Another moment of silence and that’s when I decided that I have wasted enough time here.  I took a step to the side so I could start moving, but the bloke blocked my path with his plastered smile not leaving his face. 


Is he trying to be approachable with that facial expression? I have no more business with him. If he continued on getting in my way, then I might consider him as a creep. I honestly don’t have all day for this, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I am new here after all. I’ll just scream as soon as his skin touched mine, even just a little. 


I arched my brow upward. “Excuse me. You’re in my way.” I said as politely as I could. 


“I know.” He said, a little bit more enthusiastic than he should. 


I blinked back at him in surprise. “Uhm… Please make way?” I replied sarcastically, but the guy didn’t move an inch in front of me. Instead, he motioned on his coffee-stained top again. More than confused, I eye it then back at him. I see what’s going on now. “I believe you need to be paying for that, mister. I do not have all day.” I said, crossing my arms against my chest. He should’ve said so already if he wanted to buy me a coffee. I am kind enough to play along. 


“Huh?” He replied, his smug smile finally disappearing from his face.


I hummed before flickering my hair to the side. I motioned at his shirt. “My coffee. I couldn’t possibly be drinking it if it wasn’t in your shirt now.” I pointed out with a slight duh tone. 


He gave me a look of disbelief, which I didn’t take account of. Right, why was I in a hurry when I have all the time in the world now? I needed that caffeine to soar through my veins. 


“So? Are you just going to stare right at me or what? I could sue you right now if you keep wasting more of my time.” I said. It’s not like I couldn’t buy my own. He simply insists is all. 


The guy shrugged with a small smile as if something amusing just happened. “Unbelievable.” He muttered. Ahhh. He must’ve known me and now couldn’t believe that he had scored a time with me. I don’t want to sound too proud, but I do have a following of my own. I won’t be surprised if he is a part of it.


I smile, trying to shift my mood if he is indeed a fan. “If you want, I could sign something for you.” I said. 




“Like an autograph. Do you have a paper with you?” I asked.  He must’ve been too overwhelmed that this is happening to him now. 


“I… uh? Let’s get your coffee first.” He said as he tried too hard to scrub his stained top with the handkerchief as if it would do just the trick to remove it. 


“Alright then…  “I whispered as he leads the way. I lowered my head down though as we walk. Am I supposed to say something as we walk or is it okay for me just to walk a mile away from him? I mean, I do not know him… It’s not like I owe him anything.


Wait a minute… I gasped mentally at my little realization. What if he is to abduct me? Or drug me with my coffee? Is that even possible? Or did I just watched too many thriller movies all the way here? 


I let out a soft sigh and dismissed the ideas immensely.


“You’re not from here?” He questioned before turning beside me. He flashed that smile again, revealing the teethy white pearls underneath. “And… why are you walking like that? Are you hiding from someone?”


“You’ve got a lot of questions.” I simply commented as I continue to hide my face behind my hair. I can’t have someone recognize me with a random guy. It’ll be all over tabloids. “And how do you say so?” I asked.


“Just a guess…” 


“Wait… Do you not know me?” I asked in surprise as I stand up and push my hair back. This is a new scene for me indeed. 


The guy before me simply chuckled. “Would you finally apologize if I do?” He asked, and after the fact that I continue blinking back at him, he spoke again. “I do not. Should I know you?” He asked kindly. 


I honestly feel embarrassed. I immediately turn my gaze away from him to cool off my face a little. “N-no…” I stammered, enough to make me clear my throat. It’s been a while since I found myself in a predicament such as this. “And what would I apologize for? I didn’t do anything wrong.” I huffed.


“Is that so… Well then, let’s continue on to the coffee shop.” He said as if I said something that he could be mad about. How strange of this man. I didn’t do anything wrong… or did I? I was not the one who insisted on getting myself some coffee. I’m used to getting free ones from fans or endorsements for a fact. 


When this stranger opened the door, he took a step in when I was just about to enter myself. And to top it up, he didn’t even dare hold it! It ended up slamming on my face. 


“Ouch.” I squeaked, squeezing my eyes close as I rub my now sore nose. “Not very much a gentleman.” I grumbled to myself before I completely walked inside.


The building was still empty just as I left it earlier- without customers. It’s foreign for someone like me but I’m not completely surprised either. The ambiance in this coffee shop is somewhat off, but I couldn’t deny that their brew is good and top-notch. They just need a little bit of tweaking from here and there to create the atmosphere. 


“Here’s your drink, miss.” The guy walked in with two coffees at hand. He placed the taller one on the table in front of me before he sat himself down across. 


“How’d you know what coffee I want?” I asked him with a raised brow. 


He hummed before stirring his with creamer, I suppose. 


“You were too busy having a look around, so I’ve simply guessed again.” He answered as if it’s no big of a deal. “So, Cece still won’t apologize about the coffee she spilled earlier?” This stranger asked, which resulted in me to look up at him wide eye. He smiles wider as he leaned against the table. 


With a twinkle in his eyes, I knew I was dumb enough not to notice. “Sir Kinsey, here’s the blueberry cheesecake you ordered.” The barista called out from the counter, enough to almost give me a heart attack.


 Who would have thought that the mission I need to accomplish would come his way to me himself? I guess I’ll be returning to my post way too sooner than expected. Ha. I couldn’t help but smile. That’s more like it. 




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