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Chapter 6- #1 Support His Endeavors

#1 Support His Endeavors

Scarlette Locke’s Point of View


It was a quick few moments of silence after that. It’s not like I’ve said something weird. I mean, maybe I did. I’m not really a person to base herself on feeling feelings. Feelings could change in a blink of an eye, in a small amount of time, without valid conclusions even. That is why it’s a wonder that people decide it’s right to trust it without numbers to back it up. 


Kinsey lets out a frustrated sigh as if he had given up on the phase of Earth. “If you are aiming for marriage then at least try to be a wife material first.” He trailed off before shaking his head and leaving. Well, that’s not much for a bit of advice. 


I watch him leave and close the door before I start to ponder. Is that supposed to be his type? A wife material? I believe that he thinks our first meeting has been a bit lackluster to him. I must showcase to him what he is missing out on as a wife. What is a good partner even? To not be a burden to the other, I believe. To be capable and self-sufficient. I mean, I am all those already. I could very much function without him. I even lived for years without seeing him for so long. 


I tilted my head to the side. “How strange.” 


I move down the stairs, hoping to get some fresh air and a clearer mind to assemble my thoughts. “We have a decent swimming pool here.” I said in acknowledgment before I went to sit under an umbrella. As if on cue, my phone in my pocket buzzed.


I expected nothing less from my employees, it’s the whole background check from Kinsey and what has he been up to all these years. 


My eyes took a brief scan of the document before I eventually spotted the fact that he is currently teaching a subject or two in a local university. I pursed my lips together. “Is this the interest he so highly talks about?” 


I arched my brow before closing my phone in annoyance. Did he turn away his privilege to be a university professor? I got higher hopes for him. I am not degrading university professors, but it’s not for Kinsey. 


I stood up firmly. “Very well, I must visit this university in town. And the only one at that.” I announced. “Emily!” I called out my sweet personal maid, who wears her jet black hair in two small braids. 


I watched her almost run in my direction. I had the urge to tell her to take it easy because she might slip into the people, but before I could fathom how would I be saying it without giving the impression that I am scolding her, she was already right in front of me. “Yes, miss?” 


“Is the car already there?” I asked.


“Yes, miss. It’s already waiting in the front. Should I call for the driver?” She questioned. 


“No. Get my bag upstairs. I am going to town… I’ll be wife material.” I announced confidently as I push my hair out of my shoulder. When I saw the young lady was still looking at me in confusion… or was she trapped in a daze- for whatever reason, I had to clear my throat for her to start moving. 


I smile to myself as I descend towards the garage. “I couldn’t wait to see the look on Kinsey’s face.”



I tap my fingers again on the top part of the steering wheel. I was already in the parking lot of the Grand Lakewood University where my supposed fiancee works at. I kind of expected something underwhelming since it’s in the countryside and it’s my first time hearing about it, but I guess I should’ve given it the benefit of the doubt. It was vintage and breathtaking.


I stepped out of the car and made sure my yellow flower print summer dress with short puff sleeves isn’t creased. I eyed my reflection against the car before ruffling my hair to its position and making sure the dress slit that goes up to my thigh is in place. 


I took my clutch before locking the car door. I started walking after that, taking long strides with my core tight and fierce expression on. As if I am on a catwalk, I made my way to the huge entrance. 


“Good morning, miss. I need your identification card before I could let you in.” 


I stopped in my tracks and eyed the man guarding the entrance by lifting my shades. I frown at the thought. I am indeed an uninvited guest after all. As much as I do not wish to get held back, this man is simply doing his job.


I smile politely. “I am Mr. Kinsey’s fiancee. He won’t answer my calls, and I am worried that he had forgotten to take his medicine.” I lied, making a mental note to indeed get his number later too. 


The guard was surprised. He seemed to be acquainted with Kinsey. “Sir Kinsey is sick? I didn’t notice. He is usually sunny today and greeted me as he walked in. And I didn’t know he is in a relationship.” 


I gave him a small smile. “We like to keep our… relationship private. He has a lot going on on his plate, and so am I. Can I now go in, sir?” I asked politely as I brush my hair off of my face. 


“I-yes. Sorry to keep you preoccupied for too long. Please fill up the register here with your name and then you are ready to go.” 


Would it be a big fuss if I place my real name here? But then I might get in future trouble if I input a fake one. I flash another smile to the guard before I enter my name. 


“Is this all?” I asked before tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.


“Yes, miss… Locke. Thank you for your cooperation. Sir Kinsey is most probably in class, but you could look for the faculty first to check. It will be in the main building. Just continue walking to the path straight ahead. The faculty room would be on the ground floor at the most right of the hall.” 


I thanked the security man before I continued on. The garden is in the middle of the stroll, along with the beautiful patches of even-out-cut bed grasses. It is such a delight in my eyes that I didn’t realize how long I’ve been walking already. Not until I’ve reached the so-called main building with sore feet and burning skin. 


I let myself take a breather as I adjust my sunglasses. Before I proceed, I noticed everyone giving me the eye. I’m used to it already, but I am worried that it might ruin the surprise visit for Kinsey. 


“Now, to the faculty.” I muttered as I continued my stroll and sightseeing about the place I assume Kinsey would rather be. 


Once I saw the sign for the faculty room, I quickly took a step inside, my heels clicking against the tiled floor as loud as I intended to so that I could have their attention. I smile confidently, placed a hand on my hips before I lift my shades off. “Hello. Good day. I am here for Kinsey. Pierre Kinsey.” I announced. 


Their faces couldn’t be painted, which made me confused. It was a complete silence that made me rethink the situation that I am in. I probably should’ve knocked first. I have forgotten that this is not my office. “Are you a student? You are violating the dress code. Why did they even let you in?” A middle-aged man stated. 


I cocked a brow at what I assume is another professor, but I decided to bit my tongue.  “I’m sorry. I am not a student. Although, I’ll keep in mind the dress code you are talking about the next time I visit.” I flashed another smile that I am used to displaying in my shoots.


“Sir Pierre is still in class. May I know why you are looking for him? I am Sierra. I am an English professor here and am seated next to him. I could give a message if you want.” A lady in full bangs and medium hair came up to me. She has her round eyeglass and pink lipgloss that gives her a timid look. It’s only to be emphasized more with her frail voice and body language of rubbing her arm nervously. 


I tilted my head to the side as I fold my shades. Is this the reason Pierre won’t marry me? Is this the wife material kind of girl? 


I had a quick run-through of her outfit, and I couldn’t help but smile. She has a bookworm aesthetic outfit that fits her pretty face just fine. 


“I like your shoes. Where did you get it?” I asked as I smile bigger. 


I instantly saw how the color of her cheeks darken. She’s a shy one, isn’t she?


“Nice to meet you, Sierra. You can call me Scarlette. I am Mr. Kinsey’s fiancee. Could I just wait for him at his table for a while?” I asked as I twirl a strand of my hair against my fingertips. I looked over in the direction where I heard gasps and sent them a kind smile. I am sorry, Kinsey, but I guess you’ll be newsflash after this. Well, it’s his fault for wanting me to go an extra mile for him and appear in his workplace. 


Sierra here seemed to be quite flustered with the bomb I just dropped as well. I would be if I am her. She seemed to be having feelings towards Kinsey. Talk about me being a villain to their office romance… But as I said, I am willing to compromise. What’s important to me is that the businesses are in good condition.


“I-uhh. Yes. T-this way. You could wait for him here. He would be finished soon after a few minutes anyway.” She stammered, trying her best to collect herself from the sudden news. I yet again give her a kind smile as I walk towards the said table. 


It’s disappointing that he doesn’t have his own office but his table is as far as I remember just like when we were kids- it’s always so neat and minimalistic. I couldn’t help but smile wider as I brush my finger against his pen holder. That’s when I saw something familiar. 


“Why is this rabbit pen still alive and here?” I asked myself before picking it up and examining it. “It stands out and ruins the aesthetic.” I continued. Plus, does it still even work? It’s the same pen I’ve lost that day we decided to oil paint when we were young. 


“Cecilia, what are you doing here in my workplace?” That was the voice I was waiting to hear. I looked up and gave him a delighted smile. 


I was welcomed by a very confused Kinsey. It’s not actually the expression I was expecting. “Surprise” I muttered before standing up and leaning against the table. “You said to be a wife material, so here I am.”


He washes his hand over his face. “Cecilia, you-” He cuts himself off before sighing. 


“I what?” I asked. Isn’t this what he wanted? What a truly disappointing expression. He looked conflicted for once, but won’t tell me why. I bet he is too overwhelmed. 


“Come here. Let’s talk outside.” He said, looking around to see that everyone was watching. “I’m sorry for the commotion caused.” 


“Why are you apologizing? I didn’t do anything wro-” I was cut off midsentence when Kinsey held my wrist and tugged me off of that cramped office. 


“I said we will talk outside.” He gave me that stern look with his sharp cat-eyed eyes, making me seal my lips shut as I followed him down. 


Why doesn’t it seem like I only make him angrier? I didn’t even do anything… Well, at least not yet. 




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