The Price of Confessing To The Wrong Female Protagonist
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The Price of Confessing To The Wrong Female Protagonist

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I Recognized the Tyrannical Flower as a Little White Lotus, and She Cultivated into a Man-Eating Flower!, 我把霸王花认成了小白莲,接着养成了食人花!, 认错女主的代价[穿书]
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Synopsis The Price of Confessing To The Wrong Female Protagonist

Yun Ge learned a tragic lesson after transmigrating: You shouldn’t skip when reading a novel! Even if the chapter name says “The Death of Yun Ge”, you shouldn’t just immediately click it! And you definitely shouldn’t give it a negative rating out of anger just because the cannon fodder that happened to have your name was thrown into a brothel as the lowest of prostit**es. If you hadn’t given it a thumbs down, you wouldn’t have transmigrated! And if you hadn’t transmigrated, you wouldn’t be stuck without any foreknowledge of the events to come, in this undoubtedly tragic role of “Yun Ge” right now!

Yun Ge clenched her fists. It doesn’t matter. At least she knew that the female protagonist’s name was “Lin Yuan”! In the first part of the story, she was Yun Ge’s junior sister! As soon as that girl appears, Yun Ge should just stick to her and start currying favor. Hug her thighs! Shell definitely be able to change her own fate!

In the days and nights that passed, as she waited for the protagonist to appear, the only comfort Yun Ge had was her cute and thoughtful little disciple.

Until one day…

Little Disciple: Master, why are you always so fond of Martial Aunt Lin Yuan? Is having this disciple not enough?

Yun Ge: Obedient disciple, please don’t mess around! She’s the female protagonist! Fate’s beloved! Whoever crosses the line will die a miserable death!

The Obedient-Looking Disciple: Since she’s the most important in Master’s eyes… it would be me if she dies, right?

Yun Ge: My disciple, don’t mess around!!!! This Master still needs to get in her good graces!


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