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TPOCTTWFP – Chapter 26

The Obedient Disciple is too Cute! (14)

Yun Ge’s appearance didn’t cause much of a stir. She is indeed a genius who had built a foundation since young, but in the case where there’s a lot of talent, especially when there are not a few people, there isn’t much influence. Not to mention that Yun Ge has basically stayed in Yunfu Gate for many years and the people of several other sects don’t know Yun Ge personally.

Yunfu’s elder is a jiedan senior who is kind-looking and doesn’t restrict Yun Ge’s actions. Yun Ge and the little apprentice also didn’t leave the team when they came here for the first time. Although she said that there isn’t much danger, Yun Ge and Xiao Huanmo are not interested in receiving the gaze of others, so they have not left the protective shield of this sect.

In order to prevent the stronger sects from attacking the good seedlings of the weaker sects before the big competition, each participating sect in the big competition has its own protective shield to shield them from the prying eyes of the outside.


“Mater. . .” Little Huanmo pinched the corner of Yun Ge’s coat, a little impatient. The cultivator above was still constantly introducing the rules of the sect competition.

Yun Ge rubbed Xiao Huanmo’s head, “It’s okay, it will start soon.” Yun Ge remembered the headteacher during morning assemblies when she was still a kindergarten teacher.

It was also this long-winded with a group of little carrot heads looking around below.

Lin Ling everted her eyes, this woman with an aura of a loving mother was not her elder sister! It is definitely not her unattainable elder sister who’s only twenty years old!

Soon, the competition officially began and the disciples sent by each sect brought back the first round of digital cards.

Yun Ge received her own card, the blue plate had number 15 on it, while the red plate had 31.

The blue card represented herself while the red card represented her opponent. No one knows who their opponent will be until they get on the stage.

Yun Ge didn’t really care who her opponent would be either.

Just sitting in her seat, accompanying her little apprentice while watching the battles on the stage.

In the first round, there were disciples within 100 years of age. There aren’t many people who have built their foundations, but none of those who’re at the foundation establishment stage were below 30 years old.

This is also why as soon as Yun Ge appeared on the stage and saw the number on the age test stone, everyone could recognize that this woman in white was Yun Ge of the Yunfu sect.

Yun Ge glanced at her opponent, he was a somewhat delicate. . . man. . .

Yun Ge almost recognized the wrong person, because this man is really a bit coquettish. Simply put, he looks like a boy who’s a girl, or a beautiful boy.

“Please” The opponent glanced at Yun Ge and determined that Yun Ge’s cultivation level was also at foundation establishment and smiled triumphantly. Although he is much older than Yun Ge, he is also equally experienced!


After Yun Ge finished this word, the whole person’s temperament suddenly changed. She was obviously curvy and thin, and everyone couldn’t look away at this moment. Between the hands, the pure white veil cuffs slipped slightly, exposing a jade-like color that is more beautiful than jade. . .

Xiao Huanmo looked at her master on the stage then glanced at the coveting gazes of a few disciples from the surrounding sects, and her eyes went cold. . .

Suddenly, a familiar breath made Xiao Huanmo frown. Xiao Huanmo glanced at the people on the stage and then quietly left.

If it hadn’t been the case of returning to Yizong, Yun Ge would have already formed a Dan, so against a cultivator who’s still at the early stage of foundation establishment was no big problem. To the crowd’s dismay, Yun Ge quickly won.

When Yun Ge came back, her first reaction was that her little disciple had disappeared.

Yun Ge frowned, “Where’s Xiao Huanmo?”

“. . .” Only then did the elder notice that the person who was just in Yun Ge’s place was missing. All the people’s attention was on the stage just now, who would pay attention to the little girl who had no presence?

Yun Ge glanced at the expressions of the crowd and knew. There is nothing left for her to do today anyway, so Yun Ge directly left the Yunfu Gate’s protective shield.

The little disciple had a jade pendant that had various contacts she belonged to. There wasn’t any movement now, so she knew that there was no danger. Yun Ge just thought that the little disciple was curious and ran out the protective shield.

Yun Ge sensed the location of the jade pendant then walked in the direction towards the back mountain.

“Yun Ge?” A low male voice rang out.

Yun Ge looked back and saw a male cultivator. Yun Ge’s first thought was that the other party was a jiedan cultivator.

“Your excellency is?” Yun Ge asked expressionlessly and her whole body looked unchanged, but in fact, her whole body had tightened up.

“You will know in the future.” The male cultivator finished and gave Yun Ge a meaningful look, turned around then left.

Yun Ge didn’t notice this at all. Her thoughts were filled about where the little disciple was. When she had determined that the jiedan cultivator had left, the danger also lifted. Yun Ge only knew this person’s cultivation when he came out,
Haha. . . Jiedan stage is remarkable. . .

No way, just now the male cultivator’s lofty expression was the first time Yun Ge experienced something like this. There are many people who’re inflicted with the disease, she shouldn’t forget those people with high cultivation who’re also inflicted with the disease! Eighth-grade syndrome!

The other side.

“You look like you’re having a good time ah!” A harsh voice appeared in vain.

The little girl, who heard this voice, instantly had hatred in her eyes that became as red as a swirling vortex, which was alarming.

“Seek death!” These two words seem to carry an infinite amount of hatred!

“Hehe, you’re still like this! The appearance of a child is really. . . makes people want to raise. . .” As he said such, the black mist wrapped around the small girl’s tiny body and in an instant, the little girl’s body stretched out and turned into a teenage girl!

“Shouldn’t you think about yourself? This is the land of spiritual cultivators!” Unlike the usual chubby little fingers that Yun Ge likes that had rounded nails, slender hands with soft knuckles are tightly squeezed at this time!

“What about you?” Heiwu laughed in a low voice, “It’s probably because of the person on the stage that you followed me out, right? Do you think that she will come out? Coming for you!”

Xiao Huanmo clenched her teeth. She made a mistake. She thought that there would be at most one demon spirit coming from the demon world, but she didn’t expect that the one from the demon king would actually come!

If her master came. . . Xiao Huanmo’s eyes flashed with determination, she would not allow that situation to happen!

“It seems that that woman has a very high status in your mind!” Heiwu enjoyed Xiao Huanmo’s pained expression. Feeling happy, she continued, “What do you think, if she knew that you’re a demon cultivator, what would she do?”

The feud between demon cultivators and spirit cultivators has been going on for almost a thousand years!

“Your purpose of coming here can’t be that simple, right?” The pain from the soul makes it difficult for Xiao Huanmo to speak, but when she thought of the person who was looking at her tenderly, her reason came back a lot. . .


I did not expect little Huanmo to be a demon cultivator. I mean I knew she would be a little cuckoo when it came to Yun Ge, but still. Noice.

Do you think Yun Ge will catch little Huanmo in her original form, or will little Huanmo finish dealing with Heiwu before Yun Ge arrives?

Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter as much as I did!

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  1. Avatar Rikka-chan says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Avatar Ciarara says:

    Thanks for the chapter~

  3. Avatar Shadowanbu says:

    I thought it was pretty funny that Yun Ge’s fight basically didn’t play out at all. Shows where the author’s priorities were ahahaha.

    I think this author has the issue of putting all their care into the parts they enjoy (Huan Mo and her interactions with Yun Ge) whilst neglecting the rest. For example, I love all the little interactions from the small kisses from Huan Mo to the playful dialogue from Yun Ge. But in the earlier chapters when she fought the ‘Flame Beast’, I had no idea it had white fur until Yun Ge literally placed the clothing she made from it onto Huan Mo. Heck, I still do not know what the ice spirit beast even remotely looks like. I don’t even even know how many legs it has.

    As for translation, I think I can spot a few errors and just a few awkward phrases due to differences in grammar structure. Examples are:

    ‘Suddenly, a familiar breath made…’ I’m pretty sure ‘breath’ in this sentence is suppose to be ‘qi’ because ‘breath’ made no sense.
    ‘Seek Death!’ is pretty awkward to read without it being ‘You Seek Death!’. I’m guessing it’s because it was a read like a noun in chinese.
    ‘The pain from the soul…’ Is pretty strange to read. I’m guessing it should be ‘The pain in her heart/soul’.
    ‘…thought of the person who was looking at her tenderly, her reason came back a lot…’ Because the whole story is written in past tense, ‘was looking at her’ sounds like someone is looking at her right then and there. ‘who looked at her…’ would probably be better.
    ‘reason came back alot…’ sounds awkwards because we usually do not use the word ‘reason’ to mean ‘rationality’. probably better to use ‘rationality’ or straight up change the line to say ‘returned to her senses’.

    I think it’s okay to makes these little changes when translating as long as the main intent is retained.

    Anyways, I really enjoy series. I look forward to the development between Yun Ge and Huan Mo XD

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