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TPOCTTWFP – Chapter 34

The So-called Heroine (8)

Little Huanmo curled up in Yun Ge’s arms. While four people were climbing towards the highest peak of the ice mountain, behind them, hidden at the foot of the ice mountain is an ice spirit beast. The Ice spirit beast trembled twice with a heart full of tears. Could anyone recognize it like this??? He’s more like a pet, right?!

The first-level ice spirit beast felt the deep waters of the next two days.

It was thrown there by little Huanmo at the beginning. For the ice spirit beast, the Land of Extreme Cold is the best place to train that it became a level 6 ice spirit beast.

“Rumor has it that there is a strange object on top of every ice mountain. The Earth Heart Fruit should be on top of this ice mountain.” Ming Xuan glanced at the unattainable ice mountain in front of them and told Yun Ge.

Yun Ge also glanced at it then nodded. She then turned to Lin Yuan who was looking around, “Junior sister, remember not to run around.

Lin Yuan raised her head and nodded, “Don’t worry, elder sister!”

Lin Yuan was looking around purely because she wanted to know where the so-called ‘opportunity’ was.

When she didn’t find it, Lin Yuan didn’t really mind it and followed Yun Ge and Ming Xuan honestly. The three of them walked on top of the thick snow and Yun Ge didn’t find it difficult because of her spiritual power. It was also because of this that she didn’t feel much difficulty even after carrying her little apprentice.

The whole area was covered in eerie silence. They couldn’t even hear their steps on the snow and even the crushing sounds of the snow, let alone other noises.

The three of them were nervous, especially Yun Ge and Ming Xuan. It didn’t make sense that they didn’t encounter a single spirit beast on their entire journey. Generally, unless there is a very powerful cultivator among them, it’s impossible that no spirit beast would attack them and neither Yun Ge nor Ming Xuan had reached this so-called ‘powerful’ point.

Suddenly, Yun Ge heard a subtle sound that startled Yun Ge and jerked her head up. It was then Yun Ge had realized what happened, “Avalanche!!!”

Yun Ge hugged her little apprentice tightly, hoping that she could rely on her spiritual power to ride the snow and not be affected by the avalanche. Apparently, Ming Xuan was thinking the same thing because Lin Yuan, who was completely dumbfounded by the incoming avalanche, was right next to him, so he also casually carried Lin Yuan.

It was then that the two realized with horror that their spiritual energies were out of control! It wasn’t absent, or turbulent, it was completely out of their control! It’s like when a ghost traps you against the bed, you can clearly feel its presence on your body, but no matter how much your consciousness and mind command your body, it simply won’t move. That’s exactly what Yun Ge and Ming Xuan are experiencing right now.

The two people’s faces turned white, looking at the incoming and unstoppable avalanche, Yun Ge’s first reaction was to cover up little Huanmo’s face and hug her really tight.


The level 6 ice spirit beast felt a little aggrieved and it wasn’t intentional. Why did its owner hit it? It just accidentally sneezed on top of the ice mountain. . .

Little Huanmo glanced at the two people who were already unconscious not far away. She kicked them twice before kicking them to the back of the spirit beast before carefully picking up the pale Yun Ge herself.

The ice spirit beast was confused. Why did its master save those two people? Doesn’t she hate those two? The ice spirit beast thought about it and when it was about to shake off the two people off its back, little Huanmo glared behind her and the ice spirit beast immediately followed behind little Huanmo.

“Did those few demon cultivators come during this time?” The young lady, who seemed to be frozen for a thousand years by the look of her eyebrows and eyes, asked the spirit beast. She was riding the spirit beast while a hand gently stroked Yun Ge, who had her eyes closed. Her slender fingers rested on Yun Ge’s beautiful note that looked better than white jade due to her pale skin color.

[They came! Many times! They all bullied me. . . and they wanted to eat my meat!]
The spirit beast felt so aggrieved that it immediately complained like a baby.

“Regularly?” Huanmo ignored her ice beast’s complaints and continued to ask.

[No, but they turned the entire land into a place for beasts and placed a ban on every ice mountain. . .]

“Understood. Go to the ice cave.” Huanmo instructed while hugging Yun Ge. Although she’s still a young girl and isn’t as tall as Yun Ge, she’s only half a head shorter than her, not to mention that her body is almost full of spiritual energy so she can easily pick the person up easily.

“Come out!” The young girl’s eyes suddenly focused on a certain place.

The corners of his mouth slightly raised into an obscure arc. The depths of his deep black eyes couldn’t reflect what its owner was thinking as he said/

“I haven’t seen you for more than a year. Your temper has risen!” A flirtatious voice echoed. Along with his voice appeared a burst of snow, then a man wearing a blood-red cloak appeared on the back of another ice spirit beast.

“Many thanks for the compliment.” Huanmo didn’t move as she calmly squeezed her hands.

“That look in your eyes. . .” The man stepped forward, “Those fierce little eyes, could it be that after a year of not seeing you, you’ve grown fangs and hungry to eat some meat?” The man teased.

“Hehe. . .” Huanmo didn’t let go of Yun Ge but suddenly giggled. Her delicate yet coquettish face only made people feel shivers when it was expressionless, but with this smile, the man swayed for a moment.

“Two dan formation stage, a small shrimp that had just introduced spiritual energy into their body, plus a useless spirit beast. My cute little dinner, are you planning to prepare for my breakfast tomorrow as well?” Glancing at Yun Ge, who had a delicate profile, in Huanmo’s arms, the man laughed again, “This woman is also good for making a furnace. . .” The man didn’t take Huanmo seriously. He’s the demon king among demon cultivators who’s equivalent to Nascent Soul among cultivators. Not to mention the two knocked out cultivators, even if their awake, it’s impossible to make a move against him, and this kind of person is in front of them. . .

“Do you know how the demon spirit’s clone died?” Huanmo whispered in the man’s ear like a reminder, the man was alarmed, but it was too late. He could only see the spiritual energy in his body losing control and running towards the woman who had changed her appearance in front of him.

“You, you, you. . . how can you?” The man widened his eyes and looked incredulously at the expressionless woman in front of him without a hind of fluctuation in her eyes. He was still doubting in his heart, how could it be possible? How could she kill him???

Huanmo looked at the man’s dantian that had no trace of spiritual power and glared at him, “That’s how the demon spirit’s clone died. Don’t worry, you’ll soon be able to see them.”

Huanmo’s tone was flat and casual as if saying that the weather today is pretty good.

The ice spirit beast below her had shivered all over, its master is really good to it! Really!!!

“You. . .” The man looked at Huanmo incredulously and died without fully understanding exactly how could this person kill him!

Huanmo just watched obsessively at Yun Ge’s closed eyes, the killing intent in her heart slowly receding like a tide.


Hmm. . . I mean, I knew Huanmo is a demon cultivator. . . but. . . the demon king’s death is kinda anticlimactic. . .

Well, anyway, I look forward to how Huanmo explain the current situation to Yun Ge when she wakes up hahahahaha!!!

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