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TPOCTTWFP – Chapter 29

The So-called Heroine (3)

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The latest three major news from Yunfu Sect.

The first is that the senior sister had formed a dan during the hundred-year competition! I heard it was because of the little nephew. . .

The second is that the new apprentice of Elder Lian has a very good relationship with senior sister!

The third is because the senior sister has formed a dan, a messenger from Guiyizong has come.

The little disciple knew the first news when she opened her eyes, but she didn’t know that her master was injured because of her injury, and in anger, she wasn’t able to control her spiritual power and formed a dan.

About the second news, the young disciple clearly had known after seeing Lin Yuan, who was put inside the cave by her master, with a cheeky smirk. She couldn’t bear to look at her directly.

The third news. . .

Little Huanmo’s eyes flickered and glanced at Lin Yuan who was talking and dancing around.

“Senior sister, I heard that Ming Xuan is very handsome!” Of course, he’s handsome! For an ethical (?) meat novel writer like her, the heroes in the novel are all selected through thousands of choices, and there is absolutely no crookedness!

Ming Xuan! The first male protagonist who is cool and crazy?

“. . .” Yun Ge looked at Lin Yuan’s sparkling eyes as if she understood how Yun Ge and Lin Yuan’s endless enmity came from in the original book. Is it because of this man?

“This sister has never seen this person!”
So you have to believe that I don’t know him at all and have nothing to do with him!

“I know.”
Of course, I know. Senior sister, you don’t know! You will fall in love with this man at first sight, then. . . uh. . . then you will be blackened because he fell in love with an ordinary woman who is completely inferior to you! Don’t worry senior sister! I won’t steal your man!

“What do you know?” Looking at Lin Yuan’s slightly lewd smile, Yun Ge was confused.

“Nothing. . .” Lin Yuan hurriedly changed the topic, “Senior sister, can you teach me how to. . .” Lin Yuan mused for a while, completely unable to find the right words explaining that she knows nothing about immortal cultivation. After a while, she finally had to say, “How to cultivate?” Look how smart she is, throwing this question to her senior sister who she knows is a smart person at first glance. She believes that with senior sister’s ability, she’ll be able to understand what Lin Yuan means!

“Cultivation?” Yun Ge felt a little strange. Wasn’t she being taught by her respected master? Yun Ge’s spiritual veins are much different than the heroine’s, how can she teach her? Could she be referring to teaching her something as basic as drawing Qi into the body?

“. . .” Little Huanmo laid on Yun Ge’s arms, no longer speaking and no one knows what she’s doing.

Yun Ge felt sorry for her and rarely asks her anything, especially after listening to Elder Liu’s words. She is even less willing to make things difficult for her.


“All five organs and six internal organs have been damaged to varying degrees, and she can only rest to recuperate.” Elder Liu glanced at Yun Ge’s expression. Although he couldn’t bear it, he still said it. It’s better to be prepared than not, “I’m afraid she will die soon. . “


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It’s because of these words that Yun Ge was unable to control her spiritual power for a while, resulting in a spiritual power riot and reluctantly formed a dan.

Because of the incident of Guiyizong, Yun Ge has been suppressing her spiritual power, trying so hard not to form a dan. But she didn’t expect to form it in the end.

When Lin Yuan left, Yun Ge rubbed the hair of little Huanmo in her arms, “Why are you unhappy?”

“Nothing.” The little disciple’s voice is muffled as her thin wrists wrapped around Yun Ge’s neck. When Yun Ge lowered her head, she could only see a small head.

“Master still doesn’t know you.” Yun Ge sighed. She knew that little Huanmo didn’t like Lin Yuan, but she still had to approach her. She is the heroine, and Yun Ge had little hope in her heart, hope that the heroine can help her little disciple. Even if the chances are slim, Yun Ge still has such hope.

Even if Lin Yuan can’t help, by being friends with the heroine, even if there is something she can’t take care of, there will always be someone to help her.

“Master. . .” the little disciple the arms that were around Yun Ge’s neck tightened. She once smiled like a little girl with cheeks as plump as pear blossoms. But now, her big watery eyes are red like a rabbit’s, and even her delicate little nose followed the redness.

Seeing this appearance of her little disciple, Yun Ge was startled, “What’s wrong? This is?”

“Master, you. . . . *hiccup*. . . like senior uncle. . . and not. . . like me anymore. . .” The little disciple said as tears fell down, looking at Yun Ge, heartbroken.

Yun Ge quickly wiped little Huanmo’s tears, “Why do you think that? You are this master’s little disciple. How could this master not like you?” Yun Ge hugged little Huanmo tightly and tenderly comforted her.

“She’s taller than me. . . Master likes taller ones. . .” The little disciple’s voice was getting more and more aggrieved as if Yun Ge had really abandoned her.

“Silly child. . .” Yun Ge laughed at this reason.
How could this child be so silly?

“Master still smiled at her. . .” The little apprentice’s muffled voice came over.

“Master is still polite, you know?” Yun Ge thought for a while and said straight, “Silly child. You must remember master’s words, don’t fight against your little senior uncle, all right?”

“. . .” Little Huanmo, who had already been coaxed, stiffened when she heard this! Master also said that she liked the foolish little uncle?!!

“Silly child, this master is saying this for your own good.” Yun Ge hugged the person. She knew her little disciple’s reaction and flicked her forehead, “Master will tell you a secret. Your little senior uncle will be more powerful than this master in the future. This master is afraid that you will suffer, you know?”

Something inside little Huanmo rioted, but it was immediately suppressed by her.
How powerful? Haha. . .

“Master, I’m not afraid. . .” The little disciple tightly hugged Yun Ge, “Master is mine alone!”

“Mmm!” Yun Ge touched the little disciple’s head lovingly and felt her little disciple’s heavy dependence. With her heart satisfies, the whole person softened, “Master is little Huanmo’s alone.”

After little Huanmo got what she wanted, she immediately cried while laughing, “I will right what Master said so that Master can’t cheat in the future!”

“. . .” Little disciple, the word ‘hua xin’ is really not used like that!

“Master. . . you hesitated. . .” the little disciple grinned before immediately began to cry, “Master, you really are lying to me. . .”

“. . .” Yun Ge was dumbfounded by her mood swings, “Master is not lying to you. Master is just thinking, how can my disciple be so cute!” Yun Ge said while lowering her head and rubbing her nose against the tip of her little disciple’s nose while smiling softly.

The little disciple’s face turned red all at once, and her eyes didn’t know where to look, “Master. . .”

“How are you easily embarrassed?” Yun Ge previously thought about it be like if she had a daughter. Now, this image seems to be more and more realistic and turning into little Huanmo. Yun Ge thought that after she brought her little disciple to the hundred-year competition and the unfortunate things happened, her heart felt more and more complicated. . .

“Master will definitely protect you.”


花心 (hua xin) – literally means ‘flower heart’ but little Huanmo used it as ‘philandering’ or ‘cheating’

Our little Huanmo is so devious! Hahaha.

I kind of pity our little devil because I’m afraid she’ll have a hard time erasing that ‘daughter’ image our MC has towards our little devil. . .

But anyway! I hope you liked this chapter as much as I did!

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