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TPOCTTWFP – Chapter 28

The So-called Heroine (2)

“She looked like a goddess from the nine heavens that it would be blasphemous to look at it more.” It was the description of the appearance of the female heroine of this downfall abuse pit. Lin Yuan’s memories are still relatively clear, and because there is only one female heroine in the whole book, how can one not remember it?

But. . . when looking at this face, it’s exactly like the ‘one more look is blasphemy’ kind of feeling!

Because of the adrenaline rush, constant images flashed in her mind!

# Goddess! I want to have your babies! #

When she knew that she was called ‘Lin Yuan’ and had just been accepted by Elder Lian as a young apprentice, the whole person wasn’t good in fate!

Haha. . . as an NP meat / literary author. . . dressed as a heroine. . .

If it’s the later stage. . . hehe. . . not even in the later stage! Even if she writes meat/essays, she is still a good young man with integrity. Yes! That’s right, she has integrity!

And now is the beginning of the plot. . . Lin Yuan’s first reaction is suicide! Just thinking about talking to her dozen (?) capture targets, she might as well die. But she was interrupted by Elder Lian who had just come to see her, saying that several of her senior brothers and sisters were back!

And then. . . She saw the sister who was ‘more stunning than a goddess that a glance would be blasphemous,’. . . while hugging a little girl while rushing back. As a face chaser, she must get together!

Lin Yuan immediately put the suicide thought to the back of her mind, first look at the beauty and talk to her!

Lin Yuan thought about it. She is the heroine of this world and set as the darling of heaven from the beginning – but what if she dies? Will this world cease to exist? – wouldn’t such a beautiful person be gone if the world didn’t exist? No! How can a face chaser tolerate such a thing from happening?!


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“Cough cough cough.” A voice pulled Lin Yuan back from her thoughts.

The only thing she saw was Yun Ge, who had just come out from the cave and was busy with her little disciple’s affairs, had her ink hair -that was originally tied by a red hairband- had scattered flowingly on her white clothes, like peach blossoms. There was a sense of distance from their first meeting, and the curvature of her lips curled to a leisurely smile in the next second.

Lin Yuan couldn’t look away, # Goddess!!! She smiled at me! #

Little Huanmo withdrew her gaze. If it wasn’t for the clarity of the other person’s gaze, she would have absolutely destroyed those eyes!

“Why did little junior sister come?” Yun Ge didn’t put her little disciple down, but said softly, “Is little junior sister coming to the cave?”

Lin Yuan widened her eyes and looked at Yun Ge, completely mesmerized by her gentle voice!

# Goddess is so gentle! #

# Goddess invited me! #

Yun Ge looked at the young girl in front of her, unable to describe the feeling in her heart. . .
Is this really the heroine? Dingding’s online heroine shouldn’t be in this style, right? Silly white sweet? The only words I read about her are domineering. . .

There is always a feeling of watching Taobao buyers show, which is completely chaotic. . .

Lin Yuan foolishly followed Yun Ge into the cave and saw a few small dishes on the table. She has been eating grain pills for more than a month!! This is clearly a temptation to ***!

Lin Yuan made a move that she wanted to kill herself every time she remembered what would happen in the future. . .

“Senior sister is eating ah. . .” Lin Yuan’s eyes were glued to the table.

“I haven’t eaten. . .”

“Senior sister’s dishes smells so good. . .”
I almost said, Senior sister, I want to eat too. Please take pity on me!’

Yun Ge smiled, really smiled,
This little junior sister is really. . . 

“Let’s eat together.” Yun Ge said.

“. . .” Little Huan mo glanced at the corners of Yun Ge’s lips and the joy that radiated from the corners of her eyes. The mania in her heart exploded in an instant. It was the first time her master showed such a smile because of someone else.

“Master, senior uncle is a cultivator, and the things I eat have no spiritual power. . .” Little Huanmo reminded, looking like a good nephew who cares about the cultivation of her senior uncle.

Yun Ge suddenly also remembered this fact, “If little junior sister wants to eat, this elder sister will make you spiritual food in the future, but you can’t eat this!”

Lin Yuan only then noticed a small girl with a sharp chin on Yun Ge’s arms.

It’s no wonder Lin Yuan didn’t notice Huanmo, she had been to the Yunfu sect for so long and had heard of her, but Lin Yuan thought it was strange at the time. There shouldn’t be anyone with such an old name in her book, right? Since there wasn’t anyone, it means it’s not an important person.

“Is the little nephew feeling better?” Lin Yuan only knows that this young nephew seemed to have suffered a lot of injuries and was in a coma for a month. Lin Yuan guessed that she would be gone by this time, that’s why there is no such person in the novel, right?”

Anyway, she should hold her senior sister’s thigh first! After learning the so-called jade sensing exercises that she doesn’t understand in the cave, she would make a series of plans to hook up with the elder sister!

She is the darling of this world, yes, but now she doesn’t know anything! And after she crossed over, she couldn’t perceive the spiritual power her master had said at all!

Yes! She can’t sense spiritual power! As soon as she woke up, she had been accepted as a disciple by Elder Lian and heard that the reason was that she was a Heavenly Spiritual Root!

Right. . . this novel belongs to the category xiuxian fantasy. But that’s the outer skin. . .

Xiuxian fantasy? What’s that? Her readers have rated her as the invincible meat king of ‘the plot is wrong, the meat comes together!’ for three consecutive years!

This novel, for example, was originally written with the intention of writing an authentic xiuxian text!

As a result, after only three chapters, the following group of goblins became impatient!

“My pants are down, yet you’re showing me this?”

“What’s the heroine? What kind of heroine has such low-level cultivation? Haha. . .”

“The heroine is really annoying!!!”

“You don’t know the basic xiuxian knowledge when writing a xiuxian novel The author is crazy!”

The last one completely pissed Lin Yuan off and completely disregarded the heroine’s own name, and directly broke the plot!”

There is something wrong with the background of xiuxian, right? Whenever the heroine’s cultivation is involved, it immediately solves it!

The heroine has a bad personality, right? Too weak? Forced to be blackened and downright cruel. Everyone who has offended the heroine will die one by one!

╮(╯▽╰)╭ The final ending is very simple. Sure enough, everyone doesn’t need to have a high IQ to ***. Even if the heroine is in danger at the last moment, or her life is at stake and she doesn’t know how to make it back, have a slice of big meat! And then the next chapter came and led to other places, the following readers still shout, “The meat is delicious! Asking for more!!”

Lin Yuan has planned it long ago. The first part of the plan of hooking up with the elder sister is to stay away from the first male lead, the male cultivator that the elder sister likes! If the elder sister likes him, give it to her. Anyway, when it comes to the important ***, the heroine doesn’t lack any men. . . don’t know why I suddenly want to cry here. . .

Yun Ge felt that this little sister’s expression is really rich. Starting from entering the cave, her expression can be made into an emoticon pack.
“Little junior sister, if you really want to eat, you can. Just don’t eat too much.”
Yun Ge saw the little sister’s inexplicable grieved expression. She thought that she was aggrieved because she couldn’t eat. She is the darling of the heavens, although Yun Ge looks a little uncomfortable, she can’t stop Lin Yuan from being the heroine! If she remembers this stuff in the future and then used the excuse ‘not even giving her anything to eat,’ to turn her into cannon fodder, there will be no place to cry by then!

The expressions of the two people who heard this were a bit wonderful. Little Huanmo lowered her head.
This person is really special to Master! Special enough that I want her to disappear!

“Elder sister!” At the speed of light, Lin Yuan got the bowl for dinner. . . The action was so fast that Yun Ge felt that she was hungry for a lot of meals!


So, before anything else, I would like to apologize for not updating yesterday. A lot of things happened so yeah. . .

Alright, so the ‘meat’ referred here is. . . well. . . slang for umm. . . intimate actions.

And this chapter, albeit short, finally introduces who the ‘wrong protagonist’ is. She’s apparently the writer of the said novel so yeah. . . This is probably the first time that our little Huanmo met a real potential love rival after all this time. Hahaha

Anyway~ I hope you liked this chapter as much as I did!

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