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The Obedient Disciple is too Cute! (13)

Soon after Yun Ge came into this world, she knew that immortal cultivation can be classified into spiritual cultivation, magic cultivation, Buddha cultivation, demon cultivation, and sword cultivation.

Several major sects are all typically spiritual cultivation. They cultivate through spiritual veins and spiritual power, while demonic cultivation doesn’t exist in their side of the world, but in the land of extreme devils, specifically, there is no record in the library of the Yunfu gate. And for hundreds of years, the two sides of the devil and the spirit of the well don’t offend each other and are at peace.

Buddhism is a miraculous existence and is just a legend. According to the legend, it is said that a few hundred years ago, there was a predecessor through the enlightenment of the Dao and became an immortal. But it can only be regarded as a legend!

The only difference between spirit cultivation and demon cultivation, also known as the darling of heaven, is their affinity for spiritual power. It is said that the wood spiritual veins cannot be compared, but it is precisely for this reason that the demon cultivator failed in a spirit monster battle after being driven out of the world where spiritual cultivation is now!

As for sword cultivation. . .

Yun Ge’s is simply a master of martial arts because basically anyone who can enter this world can draw qi into their body. Since they can draw qi into the body, not many people are willing to give up their spiritual power and become sword cultivators, which is why sword cultivation is considered to be a semi-defeat.

Yun Ge was a little surprised when he was called to the peak where the Sect Leader is located. The last time he came to the main peak was because he had succeeded in building his foundation.

“Sect Leader.” Yun Ge bowed his head.

“I’m calling you this time because of the Zongmeng Grand Competition held once every hundred years.” The Sect Leader looked at his senior nephew with a gentle tone.

“Your Senior Brother Fuyan is just over a hundred years old and can only participate in the second stage of the competition. In the first stage, the Cloud Floating Sect is not for you,” The Sect Leader looked at this young and famous senior nephew. It seemed a little difficult to read her expression. It was originally intended for its own eldest disciple, but in the end, it didn’t expect Guiyizong. . . But it does not matter, the living conditions for Guiyizong were also very good.

“I understand.” Yun Ge also heard about this once-every-century- sect competition, “Sect Leader, can I bring my little disciple along?”

“Yes,” As long as Yun Ge agrees, bringing people isn’t much of a problem.

The so-called once-in-a-century competition between sects was a competition of cultivation between several major sects that were prominent in the immortal cultivation world.

The competition is divided into several stages. The first stage is for cultivators within 100 years of age, which is also the most important one because the cultivation level of cultivators within 100 years of age will become the prospects of the entire sect.

Yun Ge knew a long time ago that she would participate in this sect competition.

When she returned to the cave, her young apprentice was still practicing her sword in the back of the mountain and had not returned. Junior sister Lin Ling and second junior brother Lin Han were standing outside the cave, waiting for Yun Ge.

“Senior Sister!” As soon as she saw Yung Ge, Lin Ling’s eyes lit up.

Yun Ge was a little surprised, why didn’t the third senior brother didn’t follow Lin Ling? But did not ask anything, there is no need to ask this kind of thing. looking at the relationship between the younger sister Lin Ling and the two younger brothers, she knew that the girl hadn’t gotten the hang of it yet.

“Eldest sister, we talked to the master. We also want to participate in the Zongmen Competition!”

“Well, let’s leave together in two days.” The sect leader must have wanted these three juniors to go out together to open their eyes. From the very beginning, Elder Lian is notorious for not being strict on her disciples and letting them develop freely. If it wasn’t for the fact that Yun Ge had given all of them an insurmountable feeling at the beginning, plus Elder Lian has only four disciples, or else they wouldn’t know how messy it would be.

“Eldest sister. . .” The little junior sister hesitated, “Eldest sister, can we join you. . .”

According to the rules, all disciples should be taken by the elders who lead the team this time, especially the disciples who have not yet built the foundation and cannot protect themselves. For the sake of safety, there is almost no freedom to go outside. Like Yun Ge, such disciples who have built the foundation have no such requirements!

“Zongmen rules are not allowed,” Yun Ge said differently. She has to take the young apprentice. When the dragons and snakes are mixed, she may not be able to take care of it. Not to mention junior sister Lin Ling is too lively. Yun Ge also thinks it is safer to be with the elders!

“Oh. . .” Lin Ling was a little lost and suddenly thought of something, “Eldest sister, will you take the little nephew?”

Yun Ge was a little surprised at how Ling Ling would ask such a question, “Yes, what’s wrong?”

“Eldest sister, isn’t it not safe for my junior nephew to go?” Lin Han, who hasn’t spoken this whole time, said.

“I’m even more worried about leaving her in the sect.”


Gui Yi Yi


“Ming Xuan, are you back?” The sect leader of the Gui Yi clan looked at his son with relief.

“Mm.” Ming Xuan nodded, “I want to attend the Zongmen competition.”

“It’s good that you’ve figured it out.” The sect leader patted Ming Xuan’s shoulder, “How confident are you about the Zongmen competition?”

Ming Xuan glanced at the sect leader with a meaningful look, “I’m not at the same stage as her.”

The sect leader averted his eyes, “I’m only asking as a father, there is no other meaning.”

“I understand father’s meaning,” Ming Xuan looked at the hall and was silent for a while, and finally spoke slowly, “But father, don’t forget how my mother died.”

When the Sect Leader heard this, his face instantly changed, “Ming Xuan!!”

“Father, rest assured, I won’t let my wife sacrifice like this.” Ming Xuan was secretly happy when he saw the black face of the sect leader.

As he walked out the gate of Guiyizong, Ming Xuan’s mind suddenly recalled a woman whose whole body emits a soft light. She was still such a cold person at the moment. . .

If such a person is placed in his heart, then she’ll have the warmth of the whole world, right?

It’s like walking in the dark all the time and can’t get out no matter how they go.

Then this darkness of the human world, saw a warm light, even if that belongs to others, but still wants to grab it.

“Junior brother, I have already inquired that the disciple sent by Yunfu Sect who is still in the stage within 100 years of age is Yun Ge.” A male cultivator came up.

“Let’s Go too.”

The little disciple didn’t know that her master was being missed, and was still holding the bowl and eating well.

“Little Huan Mo, what about your image?” Yun Ge looked at the little apprentice who was eating extraordinarily well. Her heart was satisfied and there is nothing more satisfying than looking at her to eat well.

But Yun Ge still couldn’t help but want to tease her little apprentice because every time she teases her little apprentice, the girl would be like a little rabbit robbed of carrots and that kind of bewildered appearance is especially painful!

Sure enough, the little apprentice raised her head, her eyes were clear but dazed, and her tone was sappy, “Master. . .”

“Okay. I know you’re hungry. Remember to be more civilized in front of outsiders, okay?” How could Yun Ge resist such small eyes, her heart has been sprung.

The little apprentice nodded quickly, still thinking about the Zongmen Grand Competition.

The little apprentice doesn’t think that there will be someone above her master who’s within 100 years of age, but. . . the little disciple’s eyes that were buried in the bowl suddenly became fierce. If the feeling at that moment last time was true, then she also can let them go without return!

The little apprentice recalled the plan once to make sure that there was no problem before she raised her head and smiled sweetly, “Master’s cooking is so delicious!”


I am so sorry about the very late update and the chapter is a little confusing, but the chapter generally talks about Yun Ge being her sect’s representative for the grand competition and her fellow disciples wants to come with her, and well, our little Huan Mo is jealous.

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