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The So-called Heroine (6)

The location of the teleportation array under the Yunfu Sect mountain in the mortal realm was the entrance to the downtown area.

Yun Ge squeezed her little disciple’s confused little face, who obviously hadn’t been relieved, “Here we are.”

The downtown is located on both sides of the river, and it had river town vibes like those in the south of the Yangtze River. Merchant ships and cruise ships pass by the river frequently. The two sides of the town are crowded with people as Yun Ge held the little Huanmo from walking, listening to the clear voice of the girl on the boat and the faint sound of the pipa.

Yun Ge’s attention was almost all on the river and the willow trees on both banks. As soon as she looked back, she saw that her good little apprentice was not like her usual self. She was biting her little lips and looking up at her with a glare and puffed cheeks. Seeing this, Yun Ge squatted down and poked her little apprentice’s angry cheeks and asked with a smile, “What’s wrong?”

“Master is looking at that group of vixens. . .” Said the little apprentice while glancing at a young girl wearing a goose yellow dress who was stroking a pipa on the bow of the ship not far away.

Yun Ge thought at the back of her mind,
Where did my little Huanmo learn this strange vocabulary?

“Don’t say that.” Yun Ge felt the need to teach her little apprentice.

“. . .” The person who was originally huffing and puffing suddenly deflated and sniffed upon hearing Yun Ge’s words and responded with an aggrieved tone, “This is what the little senior uncle said. . . she often calls me little vixen. . .”

“. . .” Yun Ge was embarrassed.
Is Lin Yuan so unreliable? Teaching children something bad!

Originally, Yun Ge had hoped that little Huanmo would have a good relationship with the heroine Lin Yuan, and even after discovering Lin Yuan’s energetic characteristics, she didn’t change her mind. Isn’t she just a little noisy? But now, the three virtues are involved! No wonder little Huanmo doesn’t like Lin Yuan!

Yun Ge immediately recalled the plot at once in her heart.

How could Yun Ge know that ‘vixen’, ‘elope’ and so one was indeed something Lin Yuan said. Little Huanmo was just copying her and often muttered, she even hugged Yun Ge’s thighs and then wondered the possibility of success in eloping with Yun Ge. . .

“You can’t say this to a girl in the future. It’s very rude, you know?” Yun Ge rubbed little Huanmo’s head and sighed. She must teach little Huanmo well, after all, she can’t really accompany little Huanmo for the rest of her life. She will end up marrying someone in the future.

There were all kinds of shops and stalls on both sides of the river. The wine shop not far away is emitting an attractive and unique fragrance. In addition, there are countless stalls selling all kinds of small dried fruits. Yun Ge thought that there is a long way to go to educate little Huanmo about these things and she can’t rush it. Thinking about it, she bent down and hugged her little disciple, picking her up, “Master will take you to eat delicious food.”

Xiao Huanmo responded softly and then rested her little head on Yun Ge’s shoulder, looking at the man next to the singer not far away.
That lustful gaze is really unpleasant ah!

Little Huanmo doesn’t look big. She looks like a little girl who knows little about the world, but in fact, she’s about the same age as Lin Yuan, only a few years younger than Yun Ge. Not to mention that the environment she grew up in made her vigilant and sensitive.

Yun Ge’s gaze was soon attracted to the stall that sells candied haws not far away. She didn’t expect there to be actually candied haws in this world! Yun Ge carried the person and walked over.

“Two sticks of candied haws.” Yun Ge’s voice was clear that the seller was taken aback for a moment. It then took two sticks of candied haws and handed them to Yun Ge.

The candied haws in here seemed to be the same as the ones in the 21st century. Yun Ge handed both sticks to her little disciple then paid eight copper plates before taking her little disciple to the inn not far away.

Once inside the room, Yun Ge saw the tempting red candied haws by her mouth, “Master! Eat!”

The little disciple places one in her mouth as her long eyelashes that looked like a small brush curved a beautiful arc. Her head was covered by a wide long cloak while tilting her little face, looking like a good-looking baby model. Yun Ge’s heart is full. . .

“Okay, one for each person!” Yun Ge opened her mouth and bit into one, a sweet taste mixed with the unique sourness of hawthorn spread in her mouth.

Two people just ate up two sticks of candied haws one by one and then Yun Ge suddenly remembered that she’s a cultivator!

The question is, should she vomit now?
Is it too late?? What kind of strange author is this, there isn’t any other Xianxia novel that has this odd setting! Cultivators can’t eat mortal food.

If Lin Yuan was here, she would have skimmed her lips and said, “I’m in charge of my writing! The female lead is so powerful that one has to use some special means to take her down! Like food and meat. Of course, everything is for the sake of the fragrant meat. ~╮(╯▽╰)╭

“Master?” Little Huanmo exclaimed nervously, looking at Yun Ge’s slightly contorted face.

Yun Ge used her spiritual energy to try and vomit what she had already eaten, but it turns out that no matter what she did, it was useless. Sh*t!!! Yun Ge suddenly remembered that cultivators who are still at the foundation level won’t have a big problem as most of them will only experience diarrhea, but once the cultivator has formed a dan and ate mortal food, their dantian will be temporarily blocked!

What kind of world setting is this? Can you imagine? A powerful person on the dan formation or a Nascent Soul eating mortal food is equivalent to dying! Yun Ge didn’t pay much attention to this before, because, at that time, she hasn’t formed her dan, and as a result. . . 

Yun Ge felt cheated after thinking about it! Is the author’s brain filled with water?! Why isn’t anyone complaining about such a weird setting? Yun Ge recalled for a moment and it seems that aside from her own comments, the comment section was harmonious. . .

Because her dantian was temporarily blocked, Yun Ge had no choice but to stay in the inn with her little apprentice.

Fortunately, her little disciple is well-behaved, lively, and is especially fond of Yun Ge, so it wasn’t boring for the two of them to stay together.

Yun Ge thought that even if her cultivation is sealed, it will only be sealed for a few days at most. The biggest problem now is that, if she were to go to the Land of Extreme Cold, what would happen to her little apprentice?

She also wants to take her little apprentice with her whenever and wherever she can, but the problem is that her little apprentice won’t certainly be able to bear the Land of Extreme cold.

“Master. . .” The little apprentice rubbed Yun Ge’s neck, “Don’t frown. . .” The little girl’s voice was soft as if Yun Ge’s frown was so unpleasant.

Yun Ge held the person tight, “I remembered when I met little Huanmo in this small town. At that time, little Huanmo was so overbearing that she ignored her master. . .” Yun Ge’s voice was also soft. Her face that usually didn’t show much expression was extremely bright when she said this.

How could little Huanmo forget, she originally wanted to jump and escape that day but didn’t expect to be caught in a cold yet fragrant embrace. . .

“Okay, let Master teach you how to play the qin.” Yun Ge didn’t have this idea before, but since she saw the woman who played the pipa by the river, Yun Ge suddenly remembered that the women of this world are concerned about qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting. It doesn’t matter if they stay in the immortal world, but what if her little apprentice likes a man from the mortal realm in the future?

  1. here’s a sample of a pipa instrument 
  2. Mortal food refers to food without spiritual powers


The chapter is indeed short, not because I cut it, okay??

And there are indeed parts where the author themselves dissed themselves in the chapter.
I didn’t write that okay??

Anyway, I kinda think that Huanmo deliberately made Yun Ge eat that candied haw. . . . Idk, just a hunch. . .

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    She’s indeed made Yun Ge eat the candy.

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