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TPOCTTWFP – Chapter 27

The So-called Heroine (1)

“Purpose?” The original low voice was heard.

This sentence became sharp, “You still dare ask the purpose of this seat?!”

“. . .” Little Huanmo didn’t say anything and could already feel Yun Ge coming in her direction.

“When you broke through the barrier and escaped to the mortal world, did you ever think that you would end up in today’s situation?” Heiwu surrounded little Huanmo and increased its strength.

“. . .” Little Huanmo still didn’t speak, but the dantian that hasn’t been able to draw Qi into the body has unknowingly changed.

“This seat thought you would stay in the mundane world for the rest of your life. . .” Heiwu smiled, “That woman is almost here. . .”

Little Huanmo knew that, she lowered her eyelids and the light in her eyes flickered.

This is the time! ! !

Heiwu sensed that something was wrong in an instant, “What are you going to do?”

“You! ! !” Heiwu felt a powerful attraction trapping its body, and being a demon spirit, he had no ability to resist!

Heiwu wanted to escape from the seemingly harmless girl in horror, but was completely unable to control his demon power!

“You. . . how can you. . .” He hadn’t even spoken yet, but the black mist had already been sucked into the grim-faced girl’s body.

When Yun Ge arrived, she only saw her little disciple who had fainted and was seriously injured!

Yun Ge hurriedly picked up the girl, “Huanmo!”

As soon as she touched little Huanmo’s body, Yun Ge already felt that the little disciple’s dantian had been destroyed. . .

The little disciple hasn’t introduced Qi into her body. . .

Then the dantian was destroyed. . .

Yun Ge gave birth to a wave of anger from the bottom of her heart, but even more so was her heartache!

She took out the spirit pill that Elder Lian gave when she left. At the time, Elder Lian gave it to her because she was worried that she would be injured on the field.

Yun Ge opened her little apprentice’s lips and sent the medicine in.

She then picked up the person and walked towards the resting place.

Because at this time, almost all monks were watching the competition, there were only a few outer disciples that were in charge of guarding inside the rest house.

Seeing Yun Ge, they lowered their heads and called out, “Senior sister.”

Yun Ge didn’t have any time to pay attention to these people and went straight back to her room with her little disciple in her arms.


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When little Huanmo woke up, she saw Yun Ge’s bloodshot eyes and her voice was hoarse, “Master. . .”

Yun Ge was surprised to hear her voice, “You’re awake!”

“Master. . .” The little disciple leaned forward and wanted to sit up. Her original pink and tender face that looked like glutinous rice dumpling-like face had become pale because of her injury. Finally, all the meat he had accumulated was gone, and her already pointed chin became sharper. There was only one Wan Qingquan left in her big eyes.

Yun Ge was distressed just by looking at her. Her little disciple had been in a coma for half a month and they had already returned to the Yunfu sect.

“Don’t get up.” Yun Ge held the child down and saw the child’s dazed eyes, “Does it still hurt?”

“Master, what’s wrong with me?” Little Huanmo grabbed Yun Ge’s hand, “DId you win master? Why are you back?”

Yun Ge’s heart was sour. She originally thought only her little disciple’s dantian was destroyed because her little disciple couldn’t draw Qi to her body, so the problem wouldn’t be particularly serious. But she didn’t expect that not only was the dantian destroyed, her little apprentice’s body also suffered the same irremediable damage, and Yun Ge remembered the words of Elder Liu who specialized in treatment.

“Master. . .” The little disciple’s eyes were always watery, even at this time. Yun Ge certainly understands that the little apprentice must be feeling uncomfortable.

“Master won,” Yun Ge touched the little disciple’s thin face, “Huanmo, do you still remember what happened after master went on stage?”

Yun Ge checked for a long time, but she didn’t have any clue. Her little disciple seemed to have disappeared suddenly and she couldn’t find out who hurt her!

“. . .” Little Huanmo’s eyes were full of confusion, “Master. . . what happened?”

Yun Ge hugged little Huan mo as she didn’t know how to tell little Huanmo.

“Master. . . I’m fine. . .” Little Huanmo rested her head on Yun Ge’s shoulder, looking at the familiar layout of the cave, she felt satisfied and all the riots in her heart settled down. As long as her master is still there, everything is alright.

On the demon cultivator’s side. . . Little Huanmo’s eyes turned into a gorgeous dark red in an instant, looking coquettish and dangerous.

“It’s okay. Master won’t let you be in danger in the future.” Yun Ge let go of little Huan mo and looked at her dazed and watery eyes seriously as if stating a vow.

“Master is the best! I like master the most!” Little Huanmo seemed unable to feel the pain in her body as she wrapped her arms around Yun Ge’s neck and rubbed her small face on Yun Ge’s neck. Her voice was a little hoarse but was full of dependency.

“Gu gu gu. . .” A strange sound rang out.

“Are you hungry?” Yun Ge picked up little Huanmo. Her body was a lot lighter than before and Yun Ge had made up her mind to make up for it!

Because she hadn’t eaten for a month and had been relying on grain pills, coupled with the little disciple’s current weak body, Yun Ge didn’t dare to give her something too greasy or difficult to digest, so she gave her porridge to drink first.

As soon as Yun Ge fed her some white porridge, she heard a crisp voice outside, “Is senior sister here?”

“. . .” Little Huanmo felt her master’s hand go stiff for a moment. Little Huanmo felt that her heart was inexplicably stabbed by needles, causing sudden pain.
Master rarely has mood swings due to outsiders. . .

“Master, who is the uncle outside?” Little Huanmo tilted her little face and asked.

Yun Ge stood up with little Huanmo in her arms, “It’s your little senior uncle Lin Yuan. He’s the little disciple Elder Lian took after we left.”

Yun Ge said, holding the little disciple as she walked out.
This is the heroine ah!
Yun Ge couldn’t describe her feelings. . .

For this heroine who could abolish her dantian, ruin her face, and then throw her into a lowly brothel in the mortal realm, Yun Ge actually always had an image in her mind of what she looked like. That is, the image of a haughty ice queen who has her hatred!

When she saw this young girl standing behind Elder Lian and kept peeking at her when she returned from the hundred-year competition with her unconscious little disciple in her arms, Yun Ge simply frowned a little. It was because she didn’t have enough thought to spare because of her little disciple.

When Yun Ge heard Elder Lian’s introduction, “This is my new apprentice, Lin Yuan.”

Yun Ge took a glance at the girl who was still peeking at herself and saw her face. . . Yun Ge felt that she must be mistaken. Will such a harmless girl be the same person who can think of such vicious ideas in the future?

“Master. . .” Little Huanmo buried her head in Yun Ge’s arms. Master would never delay her meal for others. . .

Then as soon as they went out, Huanmo saw the so-called little uncle that wore an. . . an idiotic expression while looking at her master. . .



The fake heroine has made her appearance!!!!!!

I think by Lin Yuan’s actions, we can safely say that little Huanmo has met her love rival. The next chapter mostly consists of Lin Yuan’s thoughts so yeah. . .

And let me tell you, she’s weird. . .

Anyway~! I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did!!

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