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TPOCTTWFP – Chapter 30

The So-called Heroine (4)

The headmaster originally planned to hold a dan formation ceremony to celebrate Yun Ge becoming the first person who was below 100 years of age to achieve dan formation, but it was stopped because of Yun Ge’s reluctance.

Yun Ge’s reluctance is one of the reasons while the other is because of the opening of the secret realm in the Gui Yi Sect.

The people from Gui Yi sect have arrived at the Yunfu Sect.

Yun Ge has always acted freely and this time is no exception. Yun Ge left a message with her little disciple that she had already gone to Gui Yi Sect, which meant that Yun Ge didn’t go to meet the messenger from Gui Yi Sect.

Because Yun Ge had already heard that the messenger coming was the young patriarch from Gui Yi Sect, Ming Xuan.

The first thing Yun Ge did wasn’t to go directly to Gui Yi, but went to Qianji Pavilion, looking for Bai Shusheng.

When Bai Shusheng saw Yun Ge, his face was happy, “What an honored guest, what can I do for you?”

Yun Ge held her little apprentice, “Let’s talk inside.”

Entering the second floor of Qianji Pavilion, Yun Ge’s right hand gently pressed on her little disciple’s head. When she saw the little apprentice who had her eyes open, yawn, Yun Ge lowered her head and said, “If you’re sleepy, you can sleep for a while. Master will talk some things with your Uncle Bai, I’ll wake you up later.”

The little apprentice calmly glanced at Bai Shusheng on the opposite side. He reflexively stood up while he felt sweat drop and hair stand as he instinctively felt the danger. But when he saw the harmless little girl weakly lying in Yun Ge’s arms, he felt that he was just overthinking it.

Bai Shusheng was a little surprised on why would Yun Ge place the little girl under a sleeping spell, but he didn’t ask.

“Shusheng, you must already know about what happened at the Hundred Year Competition, right?” Once Yun Ge saw that the little girl had fallen asleep, she immediately cut to the chase and asked.

“With something that big happening, the whole immortal cultivation world knows about it. Congratulations Yun Ge for becoming the youngest dan formation cultivator.” Bai Shusheng felt that Yun Ge was really considered the darling of the heavens. She was indeed diligent, but not everyone is as diligent as her to get to her current cultivation base!

“That’s not what I’m talking about.” Yun Ge frowned. His original intention wasn’t about her forming a dan, “Little Huanmo was taken away while I was on stage.”

“. . .” Bai Shusheng knew about this, of course, “I haven’t heard any information from here to know who the other party was.

“Little Huanmo’s dantian was destroyed.” When Yun Ge said this, her entire aura changed. She was still obviously wearing an expressionless face, but it was Bai Shusheng’s first time to see such a Yun Ge, Her almond-colored eyes that were like calm water suddenly bloomed a huge whirlpool that would make people shudder, “Elder Liu said, with little Huanmo’s body, it would be difficult for her to live through adulthood. . . “

Bai Shusheng froze for a moment before he turned his gaze to the child in Yun Ge’s arms, “What are you going to do now?”
Who would lay such a heavy hand on a little girl who had no way to draw Qi into her body?

Yun Ge shook her head, “I don’t know. Elder Liu said that the spiritual energy of the immortal cultivation world is not suitable for little Huanmo. If she’s sent back to the human world, she may be able to live for two more years over there. . .”

“What do you mean?” Bai Shusheng also thought that Yun Ge would send this person back to the human realm sooner or later, so he wasn’t surprised.

“I didn’t agree.” Yun Ge has brought up a lot of children so she understands her own little apprentice. She is not a person who will help others make their own decisions for reasons like ‘this is for your own good.’ What’s more, it would be impossible to return to the mortal world and that there are many wonders in the world of immortal cultivation – where she could find something that would cure her little apprentice, “I promised little Huanmo that I will protect her for life.”

The burning crimson eyes of the person in Yun Ge’s arms subsided because of these words. In fact, her master will never understand as what she wants is not protection but being with her for a lifetime. But what qualifications does Huanmo have to demand a lifetime like this? She is just a monster born to be forgotten and destined to be abandoned by the heavens. But even her appearance of this weak child. . . and everything else, is fake. . . .


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“You came to be because you want to know if there are any spiritual objects in the immortal cultivation world that can repair the dantian and nourish the bodies of ordinary people?” Bai Shusheng finally understood Yun Ge’s purpose.

Yun Ge nodded, “The secret realm in Gui Yi Sect will open a month from now and the master has granted me permission to go down the mountain, so I thought I would see if I could find such a spiritual object during this month.

Bai Shusheng thought for a moment before calling his subordinate, “You go and bring down the information card from the third floor.”

“I can’t really remember it, but there should be something. I’m not a cultivator, yet I have collected a lot of things in this area, but there are too many of them that I can’t remember all of them.” Bai Shusheng was a little embarrassed and then suddenly remembered something, “Does the little girl know about this?”

Yun Ge shook her head, “I didn’t tell her. I just wish she’ll have a happy life and not live in fear all the time.

“You. . .” Bai Shusheng paused for a moment, then continued, “You’re a good master.”

“. . .” Yun Ge didn’t speak. She simply stroked little Huanmo’s little head in her arms lovingly. She wasn’t a good master or a teacher because if she was, little Huanmo wouldn’t have been hurt and been badly injured.

“Pavilion master.” Not long after, the subordinate came back down.

“. . .” Bai Shusheng carefully took it and carefully began to check.

Yun Ge waited next to him while holding little Huanmo.

“There it is!” Bai Shusheng suddenly spoke, “Here, the Earth’s Heart fruit!”

“It’s used to repair the damaged body,” Bai Shusheng frowned, “But it isn’t easy to find. It can only be seen in lands of extreme cold and it’s not clear on what it looks like.”

“It’s good that there’s something.” Since there’s something, there’s hope.

“Master. . .” Little Huanmo wailed, then slowly opened her eyes that weren’t focused yet since she just woke up as she looked at Yun Ge.

“Awake? Are you hungry?” Yun Ge held her little disciple before going out to eat, leaving only Bai Shusheng who had a bewildered look while gazing at Yun Ge’s back. Even if they went out, she wouldn’t throw him away, right?

There isn’t any food available for ordinary people in the immortal cultivation world, but because Yun Ge went out, she had already prepared a lot of food inside her storage bag. After Yun Ge left, she took out two small dumplings and handed them to little Huanmo.

“. . .” Little Huanmo ate with her bulging cheeks, looking like a cute little hamster. Yun Ge felt warm as she looked at it, but also heartbroken. She originally raised her little disciple as a cute girl with full cheeks, but she lost so much weight this time.

“Master, the two of us should elope together~” Little Huanmo took two more when she learned that her master didn’t bring someone else from the same Yunfu Sect to the point that there was no annoying and noisy so-called little uncle. She was clearly excited as her whole person was cheerful and full of joy.

“. . .” Yun Ge was embarrassed when she heard the word elopement. . . 


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