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TPOCTTWFP – Chapter 31

The So-called Heroine (5)

In the so-called Land of Extreme Cold, Yun Ge already had a goal in mind.

There is indeed such a place in the realm of Xianxia. It is located in the far north in the realm of immortals, the sky is cold and the ground is freezing. Even cultivators that haven’t formed a dan formation cannot resist the cold. Thankfully, Yun Ge just happened to achieve the dan formation.

To reach the far north, one has to pass through the mortal realm, so Yun Ge brought little Huanmo to the moral realm and prepared for their travels especially for their destination, the extremely cold land of the desert north.

When the night fell, Yun Ge could only stay in the forest with little Huanmo, waiting for the activation of the teleportation array that would lead them to the mortal real when the sun rises the next day.

The immortal world itself carries a cool air, even more so at night. Yun Ge would always meditate at night, but because her young apprentice is not in good health, she gave up on her cultivation and instead hugged the little mortal into her arms.

“Go to sleep. We’ll be in the human world when you wake up and then this master will buy you delicious food.” Yun Ge affectionately said as she soothed her little apprentice’s nose.

The little apprentice’s eyes shone brightly and nodded fiercely, “Master should also sleep!”

When the person holding her had fallen asleep, little Huanmo opened her eyes and could see Yun Ge’s aura floating about, more specifically floating around the person in Yun Ge’s arms.

When little Huanmo raised her head and saw Yun Ge’s delicate chin, she stretched her hand and outlined Yun Ge’s soft silhouette. Under the moonlight, on the white long wool blanket, her long silky black hair was scattered randomly. Yun Ge’s whole person was shrouded in a layer of shimmer white tulle because of the surrounding aura. She didn’t know why but restless people who’re in deep sleep would habitually tightly frown their eyebrows with their lips pursed.

Little Huanmo looked at her for a while then saw a burst of white light. The originally thin and small girl turned into a slender and beautiful girl in an instant. She only saw the woman quietly holding the person next to her arms. While the spiritual energy in the surroundings became denser, no one saw the beautiful girl’s drooping eyes flicking from black and red, but the gentleness and brewing madness hidden within hadn’t changed at all. It was contradicting yet harmonious at the same time.

Because of the dense spiritual energy, it had attracted a high-leveled spiritual beast that was observing them from far away in a daze. The high-leveled beast knew that the person in front of it had lived for many years had comfortable and warm energy, but it hesitated to come forward and was confused because its ‘survival instinct’ was telling it to escape as fast as it could.

The beautiful girl ignored the spirit beast and only focused on the person who was holding her in her arms with her eyes closed, “Master. . .”

She is still too weak. . .

Mentally and physically weak.

If she was strong enough, then she wouldn’t be in this mess. She knew how dangerous the Land of Extreme Cold, she knew it better than anyone else, but how was she going to tell her master who had never doubted her that her dantian hadn’t been injured and that there was nothing with her body? Was she going to say that her dantian wasn’t injured but was reshaped while she was desperately absorbing the demon spirit? And her body? Should she say that it was the group of people from the Yunfu sect who tried to get her master to send her back to the human realm suggested it?

Little Huanmo thought about it and her eyes shone blood-red like Shura, bloodthirsty and mad.

The high-leveled spirit beast in the distance immediately ran away. The beast no longer believed that the cultivators who can actively gather such immense spiritual energy are good people but a deceptive beast!

“Hmm. . .” Maybe it was because of the girl’s dense hostility, the woman who was already sleeping restlessly became even more uncomfortable.

Hearing her voice, the girl’s expression immediately softened. She then lowered her head and placed her cold cheeks on the side of the woman’s sleeping face. Her sexy voice filled with unbiased tenderness, “It’s fine as long as you’re here.” As long as this person doesn’t abandon her, she won’t touch anyone. Whether it’s the annoying master uncle, the scheming master, or the fake benevolent Fu Yan. . .  she won’t make a move to those dirty and sordid bugs. How could she show such a sight to this person?

The young girl slowly hugged the person in her arms tightly, smelling the cold fragrance, and gently whispered in the ear of the woman in her arms, “Don’t be afraid.”
Whether it’s greed or schemes, as long as I’m here, you will never be tainted.

Surprisingly, the person who had been frowning loosened her tight frown at this moment.

The next day, as soon as Yun Ge opened her eyes, she saw the big bright eyes of her little apprentice, “Good morning, Master!”

“Good morning, good girl!” Yun Ge thought that the sleep she had was really comfortable. After many years, she seldomly had a good night’s sleep, she didn’t even have those strange nightmares so it was really good.

“Put the cloak on!” Yun Ge hugged the girl who wanted to escape by the waist and threatened her.

“. . .” Little Huanmo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Master, I’m already wearing a lot. . .” She was already wrapped like a dumpling, why does she need to wear a cloak?

“No, you have to put it on. Wah, how adorable, you look so fluffy!” Yun Ge complimented while tying the cloak to the girl.

Not she doesn’t look like a dumpling, but a ball. . . 

Yun Ge looked at the little girl who looked at herself pitifully and turned her head. The little apprentice’s eyes were really lethal so she couldn’t bear to look at them anymore. . .

“Master, can we not go to the mortal realm?” Little Huanmo asked with a pout.

“What’s wrong? When we arrive at the mortal realm, this master will buy a lot of delicious food for you. The food in the mortal realm is more delicious than what this master can make!” Yun Ge hasn’t eaten anything she made but by tasting its smell and just looking at them, she would be full already!

“Don’t eat. . .” Little Huanmo puffed her cheeks. Yun Ge’s heart melted as she witnessed her little apprentice’s bulging cheeks.

Yun Ge squatted down and poked little Huanmo’s puffy cheeks, “Be a good girl and be obedient. We have to go in a while as we can’t stay here for long.” Yun Ge suddenly felt that when the time comes that she would have to leave this girl in the Yuan family’s estate, it would be difficult for her to go to the Land of Extreme Cold alone. . .

“. . .” The little apprentice’s eyes immediately went red, looking aggrieved and frightened. Tun Ge couldn’t react to what happened to her little disciple.

Her little disciple had always been upset, especially when she sternly forbade her from practicing her sword techniques. Yun Ge felt that her little apprentice thinks that if she isn’t strong enough, she will be abandoned.

 “What’s wrong? Tell master.” Yun Ge picked up the little girl and tenderly rubbed her face against her little disciple’s already thinning little face as she asked softly.

“Master. . . Don’t. . . don’t want me. . .” The little apprentice buried her head into Yun Ge’s neck and continued in a muffled voice, “I’ll become very powerful in the future too. . . don’t. . . don’t leave me. . .”

“Why do you think that?” Yun Ge thought that she made it clear from the beginning that she didn’t care whether her little apprentice was powerful or not, she would protect her anyway.

“They said. . . Master will send me back to the mortal realm. . . don’t leave me. . . Master. . . “

Yun Ge’s heart shook. The thought never occurred to her. . .

Has her young apprentice always heard other people say this? Yun Ge remembered certain unforgettable fragments from her previous life that even if she came to this world so many years ago, she still haven’t forgotten. Hearing people say certain things as a child can make them remember them for a lifetime. . .

“You are this master’s disciple. This master will not give you up no matter what.” Yun Ge’s voice was a little hoarse. Her eyes unexpectedly had a tinge of red as she thought in her heart that no matter whether she’ll go to the Land of Extreme Cold or not, she would never leave her little apprentice alone in the Yuan family estate. Young children like her need more psychological security.

I seriously admire Huanmo’s manipulative and Yandere tendencies. . . .
Anyway!! I also look forward to the day Yun Ge will discover Huanmo’s real identity. Hahahahahaha!!

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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Shooting the other disciples while they’re lying down, huh? Curious how she intends to go from riceball to potential love interest in Yun Ge’s eyes… Thank you for the chapter.

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    Thanks for the chapter!

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