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TPOCTTWFP – Chapter 23

The Obedient Disciple is too Cute! (11)

Regardless of what Ling Ling was thinking, Yun Ge held the shivering little disciple back to their cave, wrapping the little disciple in a blanket, “The next time you go out, try and see if you don’t wear a cloak.”

The little disciple’s eyes were wet and dazed as if a layer of water mist was covering it. Her small brush-like eyelashes slightly trembled a few times while her eyes looked at Yun Ge eagerly. Yun Ge’s whole heart softened by the little disciple’s look. . .

“Okay, in the future, Master will tell little Huan Mo whenever Master goes out, or I will take the koala bear little Huan Mo with her.” Yun Ge finally understands why many people want daughters. The lethality of the padded jacket is too great!

“Master. . .” Little Huan Mo poked her head out from the white long hair, “Can Master. . . accompany me to sleep?”

“. . .” Yun Ge’s heart was already chaotic and it was useless for her to go back and meditate. On the contrary, it will only get more messed up, so she picked up her disciple and laid her on the blanket. She also removed her outer clothes and laid beside her.

When Yun Ge laid down, the little disciple wrapped herself and hugged Yun Ge’s waist. Yun Ge also did not move and simply reached out and wrapped her arms around the little disciple, “Okay, go to sleep.”

Yun Ge had not slept in a bed with anyone for a long time. Thinking that she wouldn’t be able to sleep only lasted for a while. She could no longer open her eyes and fell into a deep sleep!

As soon as Yun Ge closed her eyes, the aura around her settled down and the whole cave was so quiet that she could hear the breathing of two people intertwined together.

The little disciple who had closed her eyes opened them and looked at the master that was sleeping peacefully. All the storms in her eyes faded away.
As long as you’re still here, as long as you don’t abandon me. . .

The little disciple’s swordsmanship has improved by leaps and bounds. Looking at her little disciple training hard every day, Yun Ge’s heart ached and she felt guilty. She was completely dragging her feet with her diet, ah!

Thinking about this, Yun Ge decided to go to Bai Shusheng and get some kitchen utensils. . . huh. . . She really is a qualified master. . .

“Master, eat barbecue!” Little Huan Mo handed over a piece of roasted flame beast meat.

Yun Ge awkwardly looked at her little disciple and a second-class flame beast working together to roast meat. . .

She didn’t want to admit that her master’s barbecue was completely inferior to her own. After eating the same barbecue she roasted on the third day, little Huan Mo finally stretched out her hand. . .

It was then that the little disciple and a second-class flame beast cooperating to barbecue. . .

“Master, eat quickly. This piece of yours has spiritual power!” The little disciple’s eyes lit up as if she was holding the world in her hands!

Yun Ge took it and simply had to admit that her own roasting skills were simply crushed!

“Our little Huan Mo is becoming an ideal housewife, ah!” Yun Ge ate the barbecue that was grilled just right then rubbed little Huan Mo’s head as she complimented her with a smile!

Little Huan Mo lowered her head shyly. . .

“Master is going to Uncle Bai’s place for a while, is little Huan Mo coming?” Yun Ge squatted down and looked up at little Huan Mo. Little Huan Mo was insecure and Yun Ge wanted to give her a sense of security. When she went out last night and left little Huan Mo, the reaction was too big!

“Go!” Little Huan Mo rushed over, “Master will definitely take me there? Right?” Little Huan Mo nuzzled Yun Ge’s neck obediently and her especially attached little eyes made Yun Ge’s heart soften like a puddle of water.

“Of course, little Huan Mo is master’s koala!” Yun Ge picked up the little disciple, thinking in her heart,
A little girl of this age should be spoiled so that in the future, she will not be easily deceived by male cultivators!

The reason for this idea was because of Lin Lin. Yun Ge only realized that this little ‘friend’ wasn’t as good as she thought when Lin Lin was sent to the mortal world!

During the introductory guidance, the little boy snatched a lot of things from little Huan Mo, but little Huan Mo never came to her to talk about it and never resisted. She even regarded this young boy as a friend. . .

Too much of a saint! Yun Ge also knew that the wood spiritual vein is well-known for its saintly temperament, so she wasn’t particularly surprised, but she still felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. How could anyone bully her sweet little cotton-padded disciple?

When Yun Ge led the little disciple and appeared in Bai Shusheng’s Qianji Pavilion, Bai Shusheng froze for a moment, then quickly came back to his senses, “Yun Ge, long time no see.”

“Shusheng, do you have any kitchen utensils for making mortal food here?” Yun Ge looked around but didn’t see anything as expected.

“. . .” Bai Shusheng glanced at the little disciple standing behind Yun Ge and then nodded.

Yun Ge was too good to say anything about this little disciple.

“Yun Ge. . .” Bai Shusheng thought of something, “About the Guiyi sect’s matters. . .”

“How come so many people know about it?” Yun Ge felt a little strange. From her master to her junior sister, and now Bai Shusheng. . . so many people already know?

“Have you forgotten what I do?” Bai Shusheng smiled, “What do you. . . What do you think?”

“Nothing to think about, what else can I do now? I’m not in a hurry to form a Dan.” The meaning of Yun Ge forming a Dan is her forming a Taoist companionship with someone. Yun Ge’s meaning in this sentence is very obvious.

“If you have anything useful, don’t be polite!” Bai Shusheng was surprised. Yun Ge was very talented. She is the only one who had built a foundation at the young age of sixteen. She shocked the entire immortal cultivation world, otherwise, she would not have attracted the attention of the Guiyi sect. But he didn’t expect Yun Ge to delay the formation of Dan. . .

“Thank you.”

“How’s the little disciple’s swordsmanship?” Bai Shusheng could see that Yun Ge didn’t want to talk about this matter and change the subject.

“Little Huan Mo is very powerful.” The little disciple liked to stand behind Yun Ge very much. Yun Ge thought that the little disciple was shy and picked her up, “It’s just a pity that she doesn’t have any spiritual power.”

“Fortune and misfortune go hand in hand.“ Bai Shusheng thought.

Yes! If the little disciple can draw qi into her body, then trouble will only follow one after another. A pure yin body with a wood spiritual vein. . 

“Pavilion master, here are the things you want.” A cultivator sent a storage bag from above.

“Come down.” Bai Shusheng was unhappy when he saw his subordinates looking at Yun Ge, but didn’t make a fuss, so he took the storage bad and said,

“Yun Ge, all the things you want are inside.”Bai Shusheng handed the storage bag to Yun Ge.

The little disciple took it and then laid in Yun Ge’s arms again, refusing to speak.

Yun Ge was already accustomed to the little disciple being almost crazy in front of her but shy in front of outsiders.

“Then we’re going back.” Yun Ge put away the storage bag, feeling that her little apprentice’s life could be saved.

When Yun Ge walked out of the Qianji Pavilion with the little disciple in her arms, a person stood up from the second floor while looking at Yun Ge’s slender back, then frowned, “Is she Yun Ge?”

A flattering cultivator came up from behind, “Senior brother, she’s Yun Ge. She’s very good-looking, but is too cold!”

The male cultivator’s body was permeated with a cold aura. His cool lips were slightly curled up and then glanced at the people behind him, “Go back and tell the clan master that I agree.”

“Senior brother, you. . .” The one behind was a little surprised.
Didn’t he go out because of this incident? Why are you going back again?



Hii~~ so, I also decided to pick this up. It’s kind of a waste to not continue this funny novel so I decided to continue it on the previous translator’s behalf. I hope you guys like it!


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