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TPOCTTWFP – Chapter 33

The So-called Heroine (7)

“Eldest Sister!!!” Yun Ge was still feeding her little disciple when she heard an excited cry.

Yun Ge listened to the familiar voice then glanced at the little apprentice who immediately pouted unhappily, thinking
Is it too late to pretend not to know?

Yun Ge didn’t know why he would mee the heroine, Lin Yuan, in the mortal realm.

Lin Yuan couldn’t wait to pounce on her with tears streaming down her face.
Elder sister, I’ve finally found you!

“Junior sister.” Yun Ge turned away to control her expression and nodded slightly.

“. . .” Before she finished nodding, she saw the man standing next to Lin Yuan. Yun Ge was silent for a few seconds. The male cultivator was the middle-aged youth who was talking to himself when she met him during the Hundred Year competition. Well, she already had a guess that this man is the young master of the Gui Yi sect. Don’t ask her why this was her guess. . .

“Hello, cultivator Yun Ge, my name is Ming Xuan of the Gui Yi clan.” Ming Xuan didn’t know if it was just an illusion, the other party, after seeing him, there was a trace of disgust on her expressionless face for a moment. . . disgust. . .

“. . .” There’s no prize in guessing.

“Eldest Sister, let me tell you after you left, I have been looking for you for a long time. How could you not take me with you? Eldest sister, I missed you so much!” Lin Yuan pitifully approached her with watery eyes.

“If Junior Sister is not cultivating ins the cave, what are you doing in the mortal realm?” Yun Ge skilfully removed the fish bones and fed the tender fish into her little apprentice’s mouth before asking in a gentle tone, “Don’t be picky!”

“Eldest Sister, don’t you know that I’m so bored in Yunfu sect by myself!” There’s no one to teach her again, she’s getting moldy. . .

“. . .” My question should be about why you came into the mortal realm?

Yun Ge no longer wanted to know why the heroine would want to go with Ming Xuan of Gui Yi sect, she’s the heroine after all. . . Rather, Yun Ge is more curious whether this Ming Xuang is the hero?

“Eldest SIster, Senior Brother Ming Xuan specifically came to Yunfu sect to look for you, but you weren’t there, and the elders as Gongde Hall said that you came to the mortal real using the teleportation array. Senior Brother Ming Xuan thought that you might have gone to the mortal realm to go to the Land of Extreme Cold, so I came to help you. . . I begged Senior Brother Ming Xuan to bring me along in looking for you. Eldest Sister, I missed you. . .” Lin Yuan repeated those words over and over again in her heart. There should be no problem since she had already emphasized how important her Eldest Sister is to Ming Xuan while explaining that she has no relationship with the unlucky Ming Xuan, and finally stressing that she misses Yun Ge so much.
Ahh, I emphasized that the most important thing for this guy is still Eldest Sister, so Eldest Sister has to believe that even if I have a leg with you, it’s impossible with this guy! Uh. . . It seems something wrong mixed in. . .

“Yun Ge, the Land of Extreme Cold is not easy. If it’s convenient, allow me to go with you.” Ming Xuan saw that Lin Yuan had already said everything that should be said and only opened his mouth after her.

Yun Ge reflexively prepared to refuse, then she suddenly remembered that her cultivation was temporarily blocked and little Huanmo, so she could only nod slowly.

Little Huanmo lowered her eyes, covering the restlessness in them.
Stupid, there are ten places in the Land of Extreme Cold that you can’t exit once you enter! I had already planned to keep Master by blocking her cultivation. It won’t be long before it becomes an open secret in Gui Yi and then Master wouldn’t have the energy to think about the Land of Extreme Cold! But to think I’d mee these two idiots!

In her mind, her master wants to go to the Land of Extreme Cold because she’s unaware of the recent situation in the Land of Extreme Cold and that she cares for her little disciple, but the two people opposite to her were just fools!

“Eldest Sister! You Promise?” Lin Yuan was overjoyed.
It’s good that she said yes! The Land of Extreme Cold is a great place!
Lin Yuan thought in her heart. She can’t even feel any spiritual energy now, not to mention inducing qi into her body. Lin Yuan also looked at the possibility that maybe she’s so useless because she reincarnated that the world doesn’t recognize her to be the heroine! When she thought about it, Lin Yuan couldn’t wait to tear up and express the happiness in her heart. One should remember that she wrote a meat-filled essay, ah! If the female protagonist is a wastrel, then she must have a great bloodline/birth. And after being hit on the face, and hitting back, only to get severely beaten in the face. After this face-slap realization, the heroine starts the journey of becoming a cultivator by dragging and blasting the sky, and finally stands on top of all living things, but what she wrote is a meat-filled essay. If the heroine has become like that, how about the written spicy meat? Do you want the heroine to smile evilly and then crush people? Therefore the heroine is bitter, in the realization that her body doesn’t seem to appear like the body the heroine should have, Lin Yuan almost shed tears of joy, ah!

“Eldest sister, I’ll wait for you guys back in this town with little niece, okay?” Lin Yuan thought of the opportunities in the Land of Extreme Cold. She’s now in this state, so she doesn’t think about that kind of thing and might as well be given to her Eldest Sister. With her and little niece waiting here, wouldn’t it only be her Eldest Sister and Ming Xuan? Only two people in the world! Ice and snow, ah! Skin to skin date, ah! Uh. . . cough cough cough. . . thinking too far. . . career problems. . .

Yun Ge used to just think that this heroine looks a little dumb and a little noisy. Since her little apprentice told her to look at her again, especially now, she always felt that this heroine is also a little. . . lewd. . . especially when in a daze. At the time, she obviously had a pretty innocent face, but now it looks obscene!

If it was before, Yun Ge may have agreed. Now, Yun Ge touched the two little disciples who were obediently eating vegetables and lowered their heads. She glanced at the unreliable heroine, wondering whether Yun Ge should think or forget.

Ming Xuan saw Yun Ge’s expression and knew that she didn’t want to, and was a little dissatisfied upon seeing how important her little disciple is in Yun Ge’s heart. But thinking about it again, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to raise this ruined resource back in Gui Yi, not to mention that Yun Ge is also considered to be an important character and he doesn’t have much patience.

“There are fire heart pills in Gui Yi. It should be fine to eat one in the Land of Extreme Cold. Not to mention that we have already formed a dan, protecting the two of them shouldn’t be a problem.” Ming Xuan spoke up.

Yun Ge froze for a moment as she didn’t expect that Ming Xuan would take out such a precious item from the Gui Yi sect. Yun Ge didn’t want to get involved with this person, now that her cultivation is also blocked, she thought that it was a little strange. These two people don’t seem to know that her cultivation is sealed, so Yun Ge finally said indifferently, “Nothing is free in this world.”

Because there are rows of willow trees outside the inn, Yun Ge sat by the window as a breeze blew in. A strand of her hair slips down to her delicate collarbone as her hair wasn’t tied. Yun Ge’s skin is already white while her pure black hair stood out even more in winter. Yun Ge has always been dusty in front of outsiders, acting indifferent and distant, emitting an arrogant aura that makes people look at her as someone unachievable. This contradictory scene flashed in Ming Xuan’s eyes.

“Master!” The little apprentice sat right next to Yun Ge, called out to her, and all of a sudden jumped into Yun Ge’s arms, “Full!” She declared while pulling Yun Ge as she touched her round little tummy. Because she was sitting by the window, Yun Ge was dead set on having her draped in a cloak, so outsiders couldn’t see Yun Ge gently rubbing her little belly.

Yun Ge dotingly pinched her little disciple’s cheeks, “Not a picky eater?”

“Mm!” The little disciple’s eyes shone brightly at Yun Ge then wrapped her arms around Yun Ge’s neck. “Huanmo listens to Master’s words! Whatever Master says is always correct!”

Not to mention her collarbone, even her neck is blocked!

Lin Yuan curled her lips and suddenly resented on how old she is. . . if she suddenly pounced like this, will she be thrown out?

“Yun Ge, it’s not that I’m asking for nothing. I’ll give you two Fire Heart pills, and when I return to Gui Yi and the secret realm opens, I hope we can form a team.” Ming Xuan withdrew his gaze and said without hurry.

Yun Ge thought for a while but finally agreed.

Just why should I bring Lin Yuan with me?
Yun Ge’s thoughts are simple, when the time comes, she’s certainly going to protect her little disciple and the heroine, of course, will be thrown to Ming Xuan who brought her here to the mortal realm. The Land of Extreme Cold. . . Cold. . . Two people, when these two people would get together, imagine how much trouble can that save her!

Now, the problem lies in her cultivation. . . Just because of that cheating candied haws!

Then Yun Ge was thinking about it, she found her dantian warming up, startling Yun Ge but wasn’t visible on the surface. And there’s still a person in her arms, so the two people opposite to her naturally didn’t notice Yun Ge’s abnormality.

After noticing that the spiritual energy in her body could move freely, Yun Ge felt like she was given a pillow when she was dozing off.

“No, right? I’m going with the little nephew as well?”
Lin Yuan doesn’t want to go! And one big light bulb is already a headache, but there’s another one, can you properly cultivate your feelings? Elder Sister, how can you pick up Ming Xuan like this? So dense, ah!

“It’s okay, your senior brother Ming Xuan and I are already in dan formation, plus you and Huanmo will take the Fire Heart pill, so don’t worry too much!” Yun Ge still spoke out to comfort Lin Yuan a little.
If you don’t go, how can you cultivate your feelings? Don’t regret it in the future and then use this reason why you didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to destroy the people!

Lin Yuan looked at her Elder Sister who was holding the skinny little girl and then suddenly changed her mind.
Yes! Only if I go with them can I create opportunities for these two people! Otherwise, with Yun Ge’s personality, she would definitely stay with this thin, poor-tempered child all the time, so how could she cultivate feelings?

After little Huanmo learned that Yun Ge would take her with her, she no longer prevented Yun Ge from going to the Land of Extreme Cold. There was something that she had thought about for a long time and wanted to give to Yun Ge, so she could just go and get it.

So with everyone having their own agendas, they reached an agreement that they would go to the Land of Extreme Cold.

Because of the Fire Heart pill, Yun Ge can only let her little disciple, who was originally wrapped like a dumpling, once again became the thin girl that could be easily blown away by a gust of wind. Yun Ge picked up the child who was too light. . . Yun Ge thought in her heart that she would make up for it after returning from the Land of Extreme Cold.


When entering the teleportation array to head to the Land of Extreme Cold, Yun Ge was holding her little apprentice so she didn’t fall to the ground like Lin Yuan didn’t.

“Eldest Sister! It’s so beautiful here!!!” Lin Yuan didn’t even get up before she was already fascinated by this crystal clear world, “Ahhhhh!! I’ve finally fulfilled my dream! As a true southerner! I have lived today!!! I wonder if there will be snow treasure?!”

Yun Ge hugged her little apprentice who was originally watching Lin Yuan running and jumping, withing to bite those ice cubes! When she heard Lin Yuan’s mutterings, because she was too excited, she was completely unaware that because of how quiet the place is, even her whispers could be heard clearly.

Yun Ge struck ‘southerners’ and ‘snow treasure’ in her ears like a lightning, then she suddenly realized. She said that this heroine doesn’t look domineering enough and her personality isn’t as pleasing as the heroine in the novel. This novel isn’t only about cultivation, but it’s also about transmigrating cultivators. . .

So now this kind of silly and noisy character is good because ‘you just came to this world and don’t know anything about acting, right?’ Yun Ge quickly recalled the various transmigrating women novels that she read on It was the author’s favorite to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. . .

Yun Ge thought about it while holding her little apprentice and took two steps back. It’s better for Ming Xuan to deal with this kind of woman. Haven’t you heard? The most unlucky woman in web novels that ranked first aside from the female protagonist is the second female lead or other female support characters. As long as it’s not the female protagonist, whether they’re allied or against the female protagonist, none of them will have a good ending. Some will even end up becoming the female protagonist’s arch-nemesis and to get her revenge, her cultivation will constantly rise to a higher level to fight against. . . Haha. . .

Ming Xuan didn’t look at Lin Yuan acting silly and firmly stood next to Yun Ge before speaking, “Don’t go too far. Your current cultivation base may not be able to deal with the spirit beasts in here.”

The little disciple, on the other hand, stuck to Yun Ge’s ear, “Master, it’s so beautiful here!”

Yun Ge nodded, “Do you want to come down and have some fun?”

Little Huanmo wrapped her arms around Yun Ge’s neck, “No matter how pretty it is, it’s not as pretty as Master so I won’t go down!” The little child’s voice is full of joy and then kissed Yun Ge’s cheeks, grinning so much that her eyes bent an arc as she continued to sweetly say, “Master is the most beautiful!”

Her little disciple would say words smeared with honey from time to time that could catch people off guard. In the end, she didn’t forget to say that what she said was true, especially this time, with big brilliant eyes looking forward to praising, Yun Ge couldn’t wait to rub her arms!

“Your mouth is the sweetest! When we go back, I’ll reward you with two strings of candied haws!” Yun Ge intimately rubbed her little disciple’s delicate little nose.

When Lin Yuan came back and saw this scene, she wanted to cry.
Eldest sister, I finally mustered up the courage to run a little farther, do you not know how to talk to the handsome man next to you? Is teasing that child really good? Is this the pace to start the pension mode?

The world was silent and there was nothing but ice and snow, but the fourth people knew that this place isn’t as peaceful as they imagined.

The deeper they go, the quieter it becomes, the more vigilant one should be!

Haaaa, I really had a hard time translating this chapter. It’s difficult to figure out which ones are their thoughts and whatnot. I’m not really confident with this chapter so please comment if you have any thoughts on this chapter.


The little rascal knew how to manipulate her master that it’s scary. . .

That’s why kids who’re in love these days are terrifying. . .

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