Holding You Into My Arms
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Holding You Into My Arms

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Synopsis Holding You Into My Arms

Shen Zhan, a talented young man of Huaqing University, has a face of an enchanting immortal and possessed countless of admirers.
He is indifferent and lazy, looking at everyone as if they aren’t worthy of his sight.
According to his closest classmates, Shen Zhan, with an IQ of just less than two hundred, hates s*upid women the most.
Lin Jiayin from the dance department has a fair complexion and sweet looks.
She won the Taoli Cup Gold Award.
She was booked by the chief of the National Opera.
She is naturally dull and a little s*upid, and she often makes people doubt life.
Both of them were entitled as the CP which makes the school proud, but will never get together.
Until one day, someone saw Shen Zhan taking Lin Jiayin’s hand and walked into Haagen-Dazs to buy a limited cherry blossom ice cream to feed her personally.
Taking pictures as evidences.
The roommate of Lin Jiayin couldn’t help but ask: “I heard that Shen Zhan is your boyfriend?”
Lin Jiayin, who had just thrown Shen Zhan under the bus, denied it nervously: “No, don’t talk nonsense!”
The next second, Shen Zhan opened the classroom door and walked over in front of her: “Mom told you to go home for dinner tonight.”
Roommate, who Lin Jiayin was talking to: Mom? Are they married?!
Lin Jiayin rolled “da da da da da da da da”.
Shen Zhan smiled: “…I didn’t tell you to roll into my arms.”
Lin Jiayin hugged his waist, raised her head and said aggrievedly: “Who will love you after I roll back?”
Although sometimes she is s*upid and she seems to have no brain, I have to admit that I love her. ——Shen Zhan


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