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HYIMA Chapter 9.1

Lin Qingxuan watched Shen Zhan slowly peel the wrapper to reveal red and pink chocolate. He moved the corner of his mouth, “You can give it to me if you don’t like strawberry flavor?”

“Extend your hand.” Shen Zhan said.

Lin Qingxuan spread out one of his hands.

The candy paper wrapper was slapped on his palm.

Shen Zhan said: “Thank you.”

“…” Lin Qingxuan felt bad. It turns out that Shen Zhan is not about to give him chocolate but to let him throw trash.

“Do you have to be like this?”

Shen Zhan: “It’s necessary.”

“I haven’t seen you eat chocolate much before.” Lin Qingxuan stood up and looked at him puzzled.

“Do you really want to eat this today?” Shen Zhan glanced at him blankly, his tone full of impatience. 

It is a sign that he will get rid of this guy if he speaks another word.

Lin Qingxuan quietly closed his mouth and went out to throw the garbage outside the classroom.

The trash can placed in the corridor was facing the back door of the classroom. After throwing the candy paper, he walked in through the back door naturally.

When Lin Qingxuan passed the last row, he saw Lin Jiayin, glanced at the wave detector on the table, and suddenly laughed.

Perhaps his laughter was out of sync with the buzzing gossip inside the classroom. It was so abrupt and harsh, the few people in the last two rows stopped talking.

Tao Mo turned his head first: “What are you laughing at?”

With a bad tone, Lin Qingxuan straightened the corners of his mouth: “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold back.”

The three of them stared at him in unison. Lin Jiayin’s natural dull expression made him feel a little sad.

A person is naturally born slow-witted. How can he laugh at others like this?

Although it is really funny.

Lin Qingxuan thought for a while and said, “To express my apologies, I will teach you how to use a wave detector. What do you think? Shen Zhan’s teaching method, I guess you didn’t understand it.” He paused and said, “Even if you understood it, you probably definitely didn’t remember.”

Lin Jiayin nodded. She did not understand nor remember.

“Look at this.” Lin Qingxuan took the two wires and held them in his hands.

“Teach your ass!” Qi Zheng grabbed the wires in his hand.

Lin Qingxuan: “?”

“Can you even teach?” Qi Zheng asked in disdain.

With a stunned face, Lin Qingxuan was displeased: “I’m not teaching you.”

“Did I ask you to teach me?”


Lin Qingxuan convinced him: “Do you not understand normal speech?”

“I don’t understand dogs’ barking.” Qi Zheng replied.

Lin Qingxuan: “…”

“Won’t go away?” Qi Zheng raised the wires in his hand, “Are you waiting for me to pick you up on your ass?”

Lin Qingxuan’s mouth tightened. He glanced at Lin Jiayin who looked dumbfounded, Tao Mo who shut her mouth and smiled, and Qi Zheng who was grinning like he owes him money.

Sure enough, birds of a feather flock together. They all have pits in the brain.

When turning around, Lin Qingxuan whispered: “Fool.”

“Ugly.” Qi Zheng shouted at his back.

Lin Qingxuan curled his lips, decided not to be at the same level with him, and walked forward as if hearing nothing.

“Qi Zheng’s mind was probably stuck on the door. Why would he be interested in an idiot?”

“Is it because his own IQ is not too high?”

“Qi Zheng was very smart when he was a child, but he became more and more stupid as he grew up. He has not beaten me in the exam rankings since we were in junior high school.”

“If my aunt hadn’t donated two buildings, could he go to the same school as me?”

“What’s your opinion about it? Won’t you die from excess anger if you have a girlfriend like Lin Jiayin?”

Shen Zhan automatically blocked Lin Qingxuan’s countless questions-but-doesn’t-require-answer questions until he uttered Lin Jiayin’s name.

“You are not necessarily smart yourself.” Shen Zhan coldly threw him these words.

This was spoken by the genius, Shen Zhan. Lin Qingxuan could not refute, but said: “I am worried that Qi Zheng will be angered to death.”

“Don’t worry,” Shen Zhan raised his eyelids lazily, “He won’t be.”

“How do you know?”

Shen Zhan’s tone became more sloppy: “He doesn’t have that kind of chance for the time being.”

“You mean Qi Zheng won’t be able to pursue Lin Jiayin successfully?” Lin Qingxuan twitched the corner of his mouth and smiled.

During the experiment class, everyone bowed their heads. Tao Mo fell asleep directly on the table and Lin Jiayin helped her look at the teacher on the podium while staring at Shen Zhan.

She can only see his back so she doesn’t know if he has eaten the chocolates.

She just stared at him until the end of the class. When Yang Bo took the textbook and walked away, everyone in the classroom stood up instantly.

Lin Jiayin struggled to find Shen Zhan’s figure from the crowd. As the people in front walked out of the classroom, her field of vision gradually became wider.

She didn’t see Shen Zhan. He should have left already.

Lin Jiayin pursed her mouth and sighed.

She sighed more often recently. She scratched her head in distress.

“Let’s go and eat.” Tao Mo moved the stool back under the table and glanced at Lin Jiayin who was still in a daze.

“What are we eating?” Qi Zheng hasn’t left yet.

Tao Mo jokingly said, “What? Are you still going with us?”

“It’s pitiful to eat alone.” Qi Zheng said in a sad tone.

“I don’t care.” Tao Mo looked to one side and raised her eyebrows: “It depends if our sister Lin agrees.”

“I want to eat at the small cafeteria,” Lin Jiayin raised her small fist: “Go, go, go!”

The group of three went to the small cafeteria. Since the whole school has an elective today, the main canteen was too crowded and even the small cafeteria that was farthest from the laboratory building was also full.

The dining tables are full of school bags, notebooks, pens, water glasses, and other items that can occupy seats.

Tao Mo saw that there were just three empty seats in the middle and pointed, “There is no one there.”

Lin Jiayin took both of their schoolbags, sat down first, and asked Tao Mo to help her get food.

While just sitting there, a person suddenly walked to the nearby table on her side.

Surprisingly, it was Shen Zhan. He sat down with a plate and did not show any surprised expression when he saw her.

Lin Jiayin couldn’t help but smile secretly.

The surroundings were noisy and there was no one on the other seat. Lin Jiayin lowered her voice, leaned forward, and pretended as if she’s not talking to him. She spoke to him: “Did you eat the chocolate?”

There was a light “Hmm” from his side.

“Was it tasty?”

His answer is very concise: “Too sweet.”

“Strawberry flavor is the sweetest.” Lin Jiayin said: “But I like the strawberry flavor the most.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Lin Qingxuan approaching their table with a plate. Lin Jiayin pursed her lips, and the brief conversation with Shen Zhan ended.

He walked to the opposite of Shen Zhan and sat down. He moved the book that was open on the table.

Oh, it turned out that it was really a coincidence.

It was not that Shen Zhan deliberately sat next to her.

Lin Jiayin felt a little lost.

Lin Qingxuan put down the plate. When he saw Lin Jiayin sitting next to Shen Zhan for a moment, he sat down, and then looked back.

Qi Zheng and Tao Mo came over with a smile. Qi Zheng was holding a plate in each hand.

Lin Qingxuan curled his lips in disdain.

“Fuck.” Qi Zheng put the plate in front of Lin Jiayin and walked around to sit next to Lin Qingxuan. He turned his head and glanced at him: “My appetite is ruined.”

“Why? Did I spoil your appetite?” Lin Qingxuan stretched out his chopsticks and picked the vegetables from Qi Zheng’s plate. “If you have a bad appetite, then don’t eat.”

“Isn’t it?” Qi Zheng glared at him.

The two pairs of chopsticks began to fight. The more they fought, the more vigorous their actions were, and the soup splattered everywhere.

Lin Jiayin suddenly said “Ah” and closed her eyes. It was so hot and painful that tears flowed down.

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