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HYIMA Chapter 2

The dean’s office is brightly lit.

Dean Cheng put away his smile and said seriously: “I heard that you refused Dr. Yinuo’s invitation?”

“Yes.” Shen Zhan’s voice was low as if the MIT1MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is known as one of the top engineering schools in the United States. offer was not worth the price.

Dean Cheng frowned: “You should know in your heart that although Huaqing’s electronics major is No. 1 in the country, it is always inferior to MIT, not to mention Dr. Yinuo as your tutor.”

Shen Zhan smiled: “There is no reason to go back after a person already left.”

Dean Cheng thought about the reason why Shen Zhan had dropped out of MIT, and he couldn’t say much, “It’s up to you.”

Shen Zhan was silent.

Dean Cheng sighed from the bottom of his heart and changed the topic: “Do you have any considerations to join the information security competition in Asia next month?”

“Don’t consider.”

“Alright, take a rest for a while and then continue. It’s good to not be similar to those ridiculous stinky boys who stay in the laboratory all the time. Don’t be discouraged and feel like you have to be busy like a cow all day.” Dean Cheng stood up, walked over, patted him on the shoulder, and said seriously: “Shen Zhan, thank you very much. Huaqing University Electronics Institute is proud of you.”

Shen Zhan said “um” without modesty.

Dean Cheng, who has always disliked the arrogance of students, is now very satisfied with the talented young man in front of him. From the beginning of last semester to the present, numerous awards, large and small, have blinded his face and made the Electronics Academy dominate.

At the level of Shen Zhan, humility is rather unnecessary. When you are young, you must be vigorous and arrogant.

“Dean Cheng, I will leave first if there’s nothing.” Shen Zhan said.

Dean Cheng nodded: “Go.”

Shen Zhan nodded slightly when he heard the words, turned, and walked out.

The moment he touched the doorknob, Dean Cheng stopped him: “There are some things that can’t be true, and not everything is your fault.”

Shen Zhan turned around and smiled calmly: “It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Out of the office door, a few female dance students were waiting outside. Without raising his eyelids, Shen Zhan walked past them with a pair of long legs.

Halfway through, he stopped as if suddenly thinking about something, and took out the phone from his trouser pocket.

His hands are very slender with distinct bone joints and the blue veins under his cold and white skin are faintly visible, making a sharp contrast with the dark black phone.

It’s strange to say that Shen Zhan’s whole person is extremely undisciplined. His eyes are long and narrow, and his irises are colored amber under the soft light in the room with shreds of lights gleaming on them. It seems that he always has a casual and careless charm, but it couldn’t hide the precious energy in his bones, as if he was born on the top of the clouds.

Shen Zhan lightly scratched the screen that was broken like snowflakes. It was broken in the United States but he still brought it back to China.

A girl with wavy curls shoved her short-haired companion: “Go, go, he happens to be looking at his phone.”

The girl with short hair asked, “Why don’t you go?”

“Don’t you want his phone number?” The girl with wavy curls smiled.

The girl with short hair saw through her at a glance: “Don’t tell me you don’t want it too.”

“I’m afraid of being rejected.” The girl with wavy curls smiled: “Besides, you are better-looking than me so your chance is greater.”

The girl with short hair flattened the corners of her mouth: “No matter how good looking I am, my chance is still not better than Zhang Zhihan.”

“He will leave if you don’t go right now. The last time I saw him was three months ago.” The curly-haired girl continued to instigate her: “This opportunity should not be missed. You will regret it if you don’t go.”

The short-haired girl was moved and mustered the courage towards walk to him, but another girl next to her got there first.

“Shen classmate.”

“Shen classmate?”

Guo Zhen took another step, her voice raised a little, “Shen Zhan?”

After sending a text, Shen Zhan put it in his pocket and slowly raised his eyelids, revealing that his pupils were very light, but under the look of impatience, he appeared a little faint and dull.

“I’m Guo Zhen from Telecom 172. I’m a classmate of yours.” Seeing that he finally had some reaction, Guo Zhen hurriedly handed out her mobile phone and smiled naturally, “I don’t have your contact information yet.”

The girl with wavy curls rolled her eyes and sighed: “This trick is too powerful.”

“Classmates are difficult to refuse.” The short-haired girl began to regret why she hesitated.

“Otherwise we wait for her to get it and ask her for it afterward?”

“She won’t give it to us.”

Shen Zhan lowered his hand and looked at her leisurely: “Guo Zhen?”

“Yes, I’m Guo Zhen.” Unexpectedly, Shen Zhan had an impression. Guo Zhen said hurriedly: “We were in a group.”

Shen Zhan didn’t speak.

“I was in the same group as you for the simulation experiment last semester, but you didn’t come…” Guo Zhen paused, and recalled: “You seemed to be participating in a contest.”


Guo Zhen looked up at him expectantly.

“I don’t know you.”


Guo Zhen stayed in place, and when she recovered, Shen Zhan already walked away.

The two girls in the dance department behind her were still chatting and discussing.

The girl with short hair rejoiced and said, “Fortunately, I didn’t go. He is a god, so I can only stand and watch from a distance. I’m giving up.”

“Don’t give up, even Zhang Zhihan never gave up.”

“Forget it. I can’t compare to her. However, if I was like Lin Jiayin, I might try it.”

“Huh? I think Zhang Zhihan looks better.”

“Obviously, Lin Jiayin looks better.”

“What level of beauty do you appreciate?”

“What level of beauty appreciation do you have!”

Lin Jiayin was lining up with Tao Mo to buy Yihetang’s2Yihetang – It is a brand of milk tea that was originally founded in Wuhan. Their stores are mainly located near universities and their customers are mostly college students. milk tea when she received a text from Shen Zhan. Her mobile phone suddenly slipped from her hand and it slammed on the ground just in front of Tao Mo’s feet.

Tao Mo bent down, and as soon as her fingertips touched the screen, she rushed to look at it.

“Why are you so nervous?” She straightened up. “Are you selling illegal movies again?”


Speaking of selling movies, Lin Jiayin took a part-time job at the end of last semester. Under the brainwashing of the business owner, she got first-hand resources with an agency fee of 188 yuan and sold illegal movies every day. However, she accidentally selected the wrong contact and it was sent to Shen Zhan’s mobile phone. The next day, Shen Zhan threw her a copy of “Primary School Sex Education Enlightenment.” She tried to explain that she was making a living, but it was of no use. Shen Zhan looked at her like she is mentally retarded.

“I don’t sell those anymore.” Lin Jiayin explained: “It was my boyfriend who sent me a message.”

“Oh.” Tao Mo nodded indifferently, and then snatched it while she was not paying attention, “Let me see what sweet words were sent.”

[I’m back]

“Give it back to me!” Tao Mo was half a head taller than her and raised the phone high, making Lin Jiayin stomp her feet with anger, “Give it back to me!”

“SZ?” Tao Mo said, “Why is the contact name the same as Shen Zhan’s initials? You are not daydreaming, are you?”

Tao Mo looked at her meaningfully.

“You’re going to pay me back soon!” Lin Jiayin jumped to grab it.

Without successfully grabbing it for a long time, Lin Jiayin became discouraged. She turned her face away, became angry, and ignored her.

“Give it back to you.” Tao Mo slapped the phone back in Lin Jiayin’s hand while sticking out her tongue, “Your boyfriend is really boring. There is even no punctuation at the end.”

Lin Jiayin retorted: “That’s no concern of yours.”

“Amazing, you still protect this kind of boyfriend.”

Lin Jiayin snorted: “I am happy, I will protect him no matter what.”

“Love has entered your brain.” Tao Mo rolled her eyes, “Be careful not to be left heartbroken by him.”

Lin Jiayin pressed her cell phone to her heart, “I’m telling you, that’s not going to happen even in a dream.”


Tao Mo dragged Lin Jiayin to the acquaintance party. Lin Jiayin shook her head a hundred times and waved her hand a hundred times, “If you want to go, then you go yourself. I have something to do.”

“What are you going to do?”

Lin Jiayin shook her head: “I can’t say it.”

“You are just lying again.” Tao Mo was expressionless.

“…” Lin Jiayin said with a bitter face, “I have something to do.” It was an excuse last time, but she really has something to do now that she learned Shen Zhan is back.

“You’re just saying the same sentence again and again, what’s the matter with you?” Tao Mo grabbed her arm tightly, “I won’t let you go no matter what you say.”

Lin Jiayin was so troubled by her, “I’m going to see my boyfriend.”

Tao Mo: “…”

Tao Mo looked at her amusedly: “Then why not just explain it like this?”

“I will be attacked by his fans.” She tried to break her arm away.

Tao Mo giggled at her words, “Do you think your boyfriend is Shen Zhan?”

As soon as the words came out, Lin Jiayin fell silent.

“…Oh no.” After being quiet for a few seconds, Tao Mo touched Lin Jiayin’s forehead, “It’s not hot, why is this girl being stupid again?”

Lin Jiayin: “…”

Lin Jiayin: “I’m still not going to the party; I’m going to find him.”

Tao Mo twitched the corners of her mouth: “He only replied with two words. He doesn’t seem to be enthusiastic to see you.”

Lin Jiayin: “He always speaks like that.”

“It’s always been like this?” Tao Mo became even angrier after hearing that, “I said Sister Lin, can you have a bit more spine? Let him come to see you instead.”

“I don’t have a spine.”


“And he won’t come to me.”

Tao Mo snorted, “Awesome.”

Lin Jiayin took her milk tea and handed Tao Mo the other drink. She muttered, “I miss him.”

“He doesn’t miss you.” Tao Mo took a sip of the milk tea, speaking plainly.

Although Lin Jiayin also felt this sentence in her heart, she still said: “You are not him, how do you know? He may also want to see me a little.” She gestured with her little finger.

“Ask him then.” Tao Mo leaned close to Lin Jiayi’s face, “If he says he wants to see you, I will let you go; if he says he doesn’t want to or something else, you will go out with me obediently.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Lin Jiayin–” Tao Mo raised the milk tea, “Believe it or not, I’ll hit you.”

Lin Jiayin was shocked and shrank back.

Tao Mo sighed, held her neck and her voice softened, “Yinyin, Little Yinyin. I’ll just tell you that I fell in love with a senior who will go to that acquaintance party, and Zhang Zhihan happened to be there too.”

Lin Jiayin: “Does it have something to do with me?”

“Of course, there is. If that senior doesn’t like me, it’s better that he get attracted to you rather than Zhang Zhihan.”


“Go, go with me.” Tao Mo begged her.

Lin Jiayin bit her straw and got tangled. On one side was Shen Zhan, whom she hadn’t seen for half a month, and on the other side is Tao Mo who is looking directly at her with shining eyes.

The balance was already tilted towards Shen Zhan from the beginning, but Tao Mo is her only friend in college.

“Just think about it, your jerk boyfriend only texts you every other week. What happened to him all day?”

“He’s not a jerk.” Lin Jiayin loosened the straw, pursing her mouth in a straight line.

“Well, not a jerk but an immortal-looking boyfriend, more handsome than the most immortal-looking guy in the electronics school.” Tao Mo said in an angry manner.

Lin Jiayin shook her head: “No one is more handsome than him.”

Shen Zhan is the immortal-looking guy in the electronics school. How does he compare with himself?

Tao Mo smiled: “You are still aware.”

Lin Jiayin took out the phone again and looked at Tao Mo behind her back.

The screen stayed where she asked if she could go back tonight. She sent it a few minutes after Shen Zhan sent [I’m back]. Shen Zhan hasn’t replied yet, so she should just not reply.

Lin Jiayin put the phone in her bag and turned to Tao Mo and said, “Forget it, I’ll go with you.”

Tao Mo was so happy that he rushed Lin Jiayin back to the dormitory to change clothes and apply make-up.

The girls in the dance department are slender and love to dress up. All of them want to be at the forefront of fashion. Tao Mo tried eight different dresses in one breath and asked Lin Jiayin which one is better. In the end, the first one turned out to be the best-looking one and she wore it back again. Tao Mo examined her fitted waist and the strapless little red dress, “Look again, are you sure this one looks the best?”

Lin Jiayin who was standing in front of the window looking at the scenery outside turned her head when she heard Tao Mo’s question. Behind her, a beam of light brushed across her cheeks, the skin was white and glowing between the light and shadow, and the contours of the side of her face were smooth and soft. With her movement, the long curly chestnut hair that was waist high shook gently, revealing a slender white swan neck.

“It looks good.” When Lin Jiayin smiled, her dimples appeared, her big eyes were bright and moving.

Tao Mo looked a little dazed, but then frowned again: “Didn’t I told you to change your clothes?”

Lin Jiayin looked down and said, “I already changed it after I finished practicing earlier in the morning.”


Pink t-shirt and light-colored jeans. This is not what a person wears when going to a college social gathering but when going to an elementary school party.

“You wear this one.” Tao Mo took out the smallest size skirt from her closet.

Lin Jiayin took a half step back.


Lin Jiayin continued to step away.

“What about this one?”

The expression is still showing resistance.

Tao Mo: “Not good-looking?”

“No.” Lin Jiayin pursed her lips: “I’m too lazy to change.”

“…” Tao Mo tucked her clothes back into the cabinet, “Forget it, it’s because you have a face that looks good in everything.”

As the sun finally sinks on the horizon, the neon street lights are lit up one by one, and the food street next to Huaqing University became very lively and crowded.

When Lin Jiayin and Tao Mo arrived at the hotel, everyone is almost there. They put together three tables, and the boys from the engineering department sat in a row, all with a standard haircut and black-framed glasses.

On the other side are girls from the dance department. The two of them are from the classical dance class. As for the others, they are from the ballet class. Lin Jiayin have met them before but didn’t personally know.

“Tao Mo, Jiayin. Come and sit down quickly.” Zhang Zhihan stood up and waved to them, “I just have an empty seat here.”

Zhang Zhihan has a standard melon-shaped face, a straight nose, and large eyes. She has black wool curly hair covering her chest, her shoulders half exposed, and she is full of femininity.

Tao Mo didn’t even look at Zhan Zhihan, and took Lin Jiayin to another table, “I won’t sit next to her.”

Tao Mo and Zhang Zhihan had a long history of grievances. The cause was a senior at the Academy of Fine Arts who chased Zhang Zhihan for two months. Zhang Zhihan rejected him and made him give up.

Half a semester later, the senior fell in love with Tao Mo and he pursued her passionately. Just when Tao Mo was about to agree with the senior, Zhang Zhihan suddenly asked the senior to have dinner and watch a movie with her in private. The senior was quite upright. He not only refused Zhan Zhihan but also told Tao Mo about it.

However, the two of them still separated in the end because of the difference in their personalities.

Tao Mo said: “Zhang Zhihan is sick. She refused to agree when he was chasing her but feel wrong when he finally liked another person other than her. Last time, she shamelessly robbed the boyfriend of another student who was in the ballet class next door. It took less than two weeks before she dumped him. What’s more awesome is that she fell in love again but with the ballet girl’s new boyfriend.”

Lin Jiayin glanced at Zhang Zhihan and followed Tao Mo far away from her, lest she gains interest in her and steals Shen Zhan.

As soon as Lin Jiayin sat down, Zhang Zhihan greeted and invited a person from a group of newcomers. Several people stood beside him. Among them, the tallest boy was slim and have long legs, with a handsome face, and naturally attracts the eyes of all the girls around him.

Shen Zhan is wearing a thin white shirt and suit trousers, with one hand in his pocket, standing with uneven shoulders, full of unsuppressed discipline and laziness.

The dazzling lights in the store shone on his cold white skin, as if coated with a layer of translucent glaze, the long bangs of his hair were a little messy on his forehead, and there was an obvious trace of impatience in his eyebrows.

“Why don’t l talk to Zhang Zhihan and let’s go to another table?” Lin Qingxuan asked tentatively. Sitting on Zhang Zhihan’s table was not his plan. However, because of Zhang Zhihan’s help in the New Year’s Day performance of the Electronics Academy last semester, it is not easy to refuse.

“Sit.” Shen Zhan withdrew his gaze from the person at the corner of the table who was talking happily with someone, and pulled the corner of his mouth casually, “It’s just a seat.”

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    MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is known as one of the top engineering schools in the United States.
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    Yihetang – It is a brand of milk tea that was originally founded in Wuhan. Their stores are mainly located near universities and their customers are mostly college students.
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