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HYIMA Chapter 8

Yang Bo is over fifty years old and has been teaching for nearly twenty years. Based on his long experience, he has never met a student like Lin Jiayin.

The earth-shattering laughter made his chest stuffy. He felt a feeling of helplessness while teaching and educating these people. After a long moment, he pointed to her seat while trembling. His voice was a little dumb: “You sit… sit down. Sit down.”

Lin Jiayin raised her head amidst her classmates’ laughter, slowly lowered her hand from her head, and blinked at Yang Bo: “No need to continue?”

Yang Bo almost vomited out a mouthful of blood. He murmured and shook his head. He walked back on the podium, “No need.”

“Oh.” Lin Jiayin curled her lips.

There was another burst of laughter.

Tao Mo pulled Lin Jiayin back to sit on the stool.

While everyone was still laughing, Yang Bo walked back in front of the board, took his teaching stick, and slapped the table. He pointed to some boys from the art department who laughed the most arrogantly in the front row: “Continue to laugh!”

The clear sound of metal continuously hitting the tabletop shocked everyone. The loud laughter stopped abruptly.

Yang Bo put down the teaching stick and looked at the students. He couldn’t hold back. He pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled.

When the boy in the front row saw the teacher laugh, he snorted again.

Who would have thought that Yang Bo’s face would instantly change? His eyes stared at the boy solemnly: “Still laughing happily?”

The boy froze immediately.

Yang Bo said: “Get up from your seat and demonstrate how to use the wave detector.”

“Teacher…I don’t know how.”

“You don’t know—” Yang Bo sneered, his voice suddenly raised: “Then what right do you have to laugh at your classmate?!”

The boy who was scolded bowed his head. Yang Bo glanced at the class. A quarter of the students inside the classroom were all from the art department. His brain starts to hurt.

Fortunately, Shen Zhan is also here.

“Shen Zhan, come in front to show everyone how to use the wave detector correctly.”

Shen Zhan stood up and demonstrated how to use it in a lazy and perfunctory manner. However, in Yang Bo’s eyes, Shen Zhan explained it earnestly and in detail.

“Remember what he just did! I’ll call people to demonstrate it again in the next laboratory class next week.” Yang Bo looked at the last row: “I’ll also call the female student who was late.”

Lin Jiayin nodded, and Yang Bo couldn’t bear to scold her again with her well-behaved appearance.

Yang Bo continued to lecture. Tao Mo glanced at the podium with lingering fear while secretly texting on her phone.

Lin Jiayin took out her vibrating phone from her schoolbag.

Tao Mo: [Don’t be sad]

Tao Mo: [If Yang Bo also called me like that, I guess I’ll also put it on my head]

Tao Mo: [Everyone doesn’t necessarily know how to do it. You just misunderstood]

Tao Mo: [Don’t mind their laughter, okay?]

Lin Jiayin: [I know!]

She was not sad. She was often laughed at since she was a child. At first, of course, she felt uncomfortable. It’s just that after a long time, she already became immune from it.

Tao Mo: [By the way, have you seen him?]

Lin Jiayin: [Seen who?]

Tao Mo: [Shen Zhan ah]

Lin Jiayin: [Yes]

While Lin Jiayin was typing, she raised her head and glanced on the front row.

Shen Zhan turned the pen in his hand and listened to Yang Bo’s lecture casually. With his handsome side profile, the girls couldn’t help but stick their eyes on him. They were so distracted that Yang Bo had to knock on the blackboard several times to get their attention.

Tao Mo: [It’s similar]

Lin Jiayin: [Similar?]

Tao Mo: [Yeah, it’s exactly the same]

Lin Jiayin: [What is exactly the same?]

Tao Mo: [The sunflower on his chest is the same as yours]

Lin Jiayin was shocked. Well, that sunflower pin was bought when Lin Jiayin was shopping in a jewelry store with Tao Mo. The yellow color of the sunflower on his shirt is extremely eye-catching.

Lin Jiayin panicked. Will Tao Mo recognize it?

Tao Mo: [You show me yours]

She panicked even more. Lin Jiayin’s hands that were typing stopped.

Tao Mo: [I want to see if it’s the same]

Lin Jiayin took a deep breath.

Lin Jiayin: [I didn’t bring it]

Tao Mo: [I remember that you put in your schoolbag]

Lin Jiayin: [I lost it]

Tao Mo: [What?]

Lin Jiayin: [Well, I probably dropped it somewhere]

Tao Mo: [What a pity. You missed the rare opportunity to have a matching couple item with Shen Zhan]

Lin Jiayin was still struggling to conceal something, but Tao Mo is still chattering.

Tao Mo: [I don’t understand. Shen Zhan’s aesthetics turned out to be similar to that of a young child]

Tao Mo: [Like a little girl, still wearing a little sunflower on his chest]

Tao Mo: [Terrible, terrible]

Tao Mo: [Eh! You said you dropped it. Could he have picked it up?]

Tao Mo: [But that seems impossible. Recently, I noticed that my brain loves to make up some inexplicable and annoying non-sense]

Tao Mo: [By the way, I haven’t told you, right? I dreamt that you were with Shen Zhan last night]

Tao Mo: [? ? ?]

Tao Mo: [Sister Lin, why aren’t you answering me?]

Tao Mo: [Aren’t you excited about my dream? Although I guess this is what we call a pipe dream]

Lin Jiayin only replied a series of ellipsis.

The bell rang and the class was dismissed. Yang Bo patted the chalk dust on his hands and walked out of the classroom without looking back.

“What does the ellipsis mean?” Tao Mo frowned.

Lin Jiayin glanced at the person in the front row. She saw Shen Zhan being called by Yang Bo to talk outside.

“What are you looking at?” Tao Mo followed her gaze.

Lin Jiayin retracted her gaze: “It’s nothing.”

“Let’s go to the toilet?” Tao Mo stood up.

Lin Jiayin shook her head: “I won’t go.”

“You won’t accompany me?” Tao Mo frowned. Both of them usually go to the bathroom together after class.

Lin Jiayin paused and babbled some excuse: “I’m a little uncomfortable and I don’t want to move.”

“Are you okay?” Tao Mo asked worriedly.

Lin Jiayin shook her head: “Yeah. I’m just lazy.”

“…” Tao Mo said: “Then I will go by myself.”

Tao Mo walked to the back door, and when she reached it, she looked back at Lin Jiayin who was currently looking for something in her schoolbag.

It’s so strange. Lin Jiayin didn’t even accompany her to the toilet.

Anyway, her bladder couldn’t hold up anymore. Tao Mo turned around and walked out of the classroom.

Lin Jiayin rummaged through her bag for a long time, and finally found three pieces of chocolate in one of its pockets. The flavors are strawberry, vanilla, and milk.

She looked at the three pieces of chocolate and licked the corner of her mouth.

She’s so hungry and she wants to eat them.

But Shen Zhan did not eat breakfast.

Lin Jiayin stood up, placed the three pieces of chocolate in her palm, and slowly walked towards the front door of the classroom.

Shen Zhan’s position was in the third row. A boy with a familiar face was sitting next to him. Lin Jiayin pretended to pass by and quickly opened her hand while the boy’s head is lowered as he plays with his phone. The chocolates in her hand fell on the table.

She glanced around. A lot of students were sleeping and chatting, but no one noticed her.

Lin Jiayin breathed a sigh of relief. She continued to move forward briskly. She went out from the front door and then intended to enter again the classroom with the back door.

Before she could enter, she happened to meet Tao Mo who came back from the toilet.

She asked: “You’re going to the toilet?”

Lin Jiayin was startled, and she could only echo Tan Mo’s words: “I’m going to the toilet.”

“Then why did you come out through the front door?” The back door was obviously closer to the toilet.

When Lin Jiayin is in panic, her ears would become red. Tao Mo became felt that Lin Jiayin is strange today as she looked at her. Lin Jiayin was speechless for a while.

Tao Mo leaned close to her; her eyes slowly widened: “Are you hiding something from me?!”

“No!” Lin Jiayin walked ahead first.

Looking at Lin Jiayin’s back, Tao Mo scratched her head.

A tall boy is standing in the aisle next to the last row. He tapped the shoulder of the student in the front row.

“Classmate, can we change seats?”

The girl in the front row was sleeping on the table. She was very upset when she was suddenly awakened. When she opened her eyes, a handsome guy is standing in front of her. She became shy in seconds: “Change seats?”

Qi Zheng smiled: “You don’t want to? It’s okay if you can’t.”

“It can be changed.” The girl stood up immediately, “Where is your original seat?”

Qi Zheng pointed to the front left side: “The third row by the window. The location is perfect—you can see Shen Zhan when you turn your head slightly.”

The girl examined the position and what he said is true. She let him sit on her seat and left with joy.

As soon as Qi Zheng turned around, he saw Lin Jiayin standing behind him. He smiled and said: “What a coincidence.”

“You are…?” Lin Jiayin felt that this person looks familiar, but she couldn’t remember his name for a while. She looked at him blankly.

“No way.” Qi Zheng sat down. “You even laughed at my jokes yesterday. You don’t even remember me?”

“Oh~” Lin Jiayin suddenly said, “Liu Xiaoming!”

“…” Qi Zheng sighed, “Liu Xiaoming is the one sitting next to me, and he’s not called Liu Xiaoming, but Liu Xiaojun.”

“Qi Zheng?” Tao Mo came from behind them, “Why are you here?”

Qi Zheng raised his eyebrows: “I’m attending this class.”

“Why haven’t I seen you before?” Tao Mo asked.

“I haven’t seen you in this class before either.” Qi Zheng replied.

Well, it’s impossible to know everyone in the university in just one semester. Not to mention, this is only a once-a-week elective course.

After the two chatted a few words, Lin Jiayin had already sat down.

“You don’t really remember me?” Qi Zheng asked her.

Tao Mo replied on her behalf: “She’s bad in remembering faces.”

Lin Jiayin nodded.

Qi Zheng smiled and pointed at his face: “Even though I am this handsome, you still can’t recognize me? No one is more handsome than the one in front of you in the whole Huaqing University.”

“…” Tao Mo asked: “Did you change your seat?”

“Yeah.” Qi Zheng nodded.

Although she knows Lin Jiayin was the reason, Tao Mo still asked: “Why did you change your seat?”

“To tell you a joke.” He replied.


When Shen Zhan sat down, Lin Qingxuan’s game happened to just end. He put down his phone and wanted to ask what Yang Bo told Shen Zhan when he asked him to go out. Before he could open his mouth, he accidentally saw the chocolates on the table.

“The sun has risen from the west. So, my brother Shen Zhan can now eat chocolate?” He took a piece that was wrapped in tin foil with little cartoon designs. He looked at it for a long time, before turning his head. “When have you been so childish?”

Shen Zhan ignored him, picked up one of the azure-wrapped chocolates, and looked at it.

“It’s delicious.” Lin Qingxuan peeled the chocolate on his hand and stuffed it into his mouth. He chewed twice and then asked: “Where did you buy it?”

Shen Zhan didn’t speak.

“What’s so nice about the packaging?” Lin Qingxuan leaned over.

Shen Zhan raised his eyes from the chocolate and pushed his head away: “Why do you have so many questions?”

“I’m just asking casually.” Lin Qingxuan felt aggrieved.

Shen Zhan lowered his eyelids and continued to play with the chocolate in his hand: “Don’t disturb me.”

“You’re not eating it?” Lin Qingxuan looked at the piece left on the table beside the other one in Shen Zhan’s hand. He still feels unsatisfied and wants to eat the last one.

Accustomed to this guy with few words, not saying anything means he’s agreeing. Lin Qingxuan stretched out his hand to take it: “Then I’ll eat it. I didn’t eat breakfast this morning.”

His stretched-out hand was slapped away. Lin Qingxuan frowned: “I thought you don’t want to eat it.”

Shen Zhan glanced at him and slowly peeled off the paper packaging.

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