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HYIMA Chapter 3

After Shen Zhan sat down, the atmosphere was cold for a moment.

Yu Guangquan, the boy who organized the party, looked at Shen Zhan with full of admiration, completely ignoring the girl from the dance department sitting in front of him.

Anyway, the eyes of the other girls from the dance academy had long been locked on Shen Zhan’s charming face.

Lin Qingxuan stared at Shen Zhan who was slowly washing his chopsticks with hot water, then turned his head to look at every one.

Regardless of whether they’re men or women, they all look at Shen Zhan…

He coughed slightly and everyone recovered. They continued to pick up the previous topic they were talking about and none of them dared to talk directly to Shen Zhan.

Everyone acquiesced that they had to be at least at Lin Qingxuan’s level to be qualified to talk to this big shot.

Zhang Zhihan sat across from Shen Zhan. When the waiter brought the bowl, she took it first and then handed it to Shen Zhan.

This is the closest she has been to Shen Zhan. Her heart is beating fast, but she doesn’t act like an idiot. This made her look different from the other girls.

“My name is Zhang Zhihan. I’m from the dance department and you can call me Xiaohan.” Zhang Zhihan raised her hand, “I’m pleased to meet you.”

“Fu Yanzhou.”

“Zhu Xiaomei.”

The hair on Fu Yanzhou’s forehead is long and it covered the upper half of his face. His head is lowered as he looks down on his phone. The screen was full of dense English.

Zhu Xiaomei who has bangs and wears round-frame glasses was sitting next to him and was eating her food quietly. She has a small face and is a head shorter than Fu Yanzhou. Zhu Xiaomei is a relatively young college student—only 16 years old this year. She is also considered a genius legend at Huaqing University.

One focused on reading, one just ate food, and one did not even lift his eyes when she introduced her name. Looking at Zhang Zhihan’s raised hand was a bit embarrassing.

Zhang Zhihan swept her gaze towards Shen Zhan and noticed that the corners of his eyes were slightly raised and his eyes seemed to look unsatisfied. She felt that if those eyes fell on her, she’ll automatically be blocked from speaking

Zhang Zhihan followed Shen Zhan’s line of sight and her eyes landed on a girl wearing a pink t-shirt who was sitting at the farthest corner of the table and was chatting with the boy opposite of her.

Zhang Zhihan was startled. She immediately retracted her gaze and looked at Shen Zhan’s face.

The tails of his eyes were raised, and his light brown eyes glowed with a thin, translucent shine under the room lights. His usual indifference was now turned to show a little caring emotion.

Zhang Zhihan turned his head away and looked indifferent again. Afterward, Shen Zhan looked at Lin Jiayin again.

This discovery made Zhang Zhihan very uncomfortable.

“Do you know Lin Jiayin from our class?”

Lin Qingxuan who happened to be picking up food thought that Zhang Zhihan was talking to him. “Who doesn’t know Lin Jiayin?” He glanced at her and laughed, “I was dumbfounded and laughed off my head when she was featured in the school newspaper. It was also quite famous.”

“It appears that there are really foolish and slow-witted people in this world.” Lin Qingxuan said while looking at Shen Zhan with a sigh. This genius with an IQ of over 200 must have disliked those people who have a below-average IQ.

Shen Zhan ignored him, lowered his eyebrows, and ate the dishes in his bowl.

Lin Qingxuan thought that Shen Zhan was indeed disgusted that he didn’t even have the desire to speak.

“Weird and cute.” Zhu Xiaomei who hadn’t spoken for a while suddenly said while her head continued to bury down on her bowl.

After a click, the sound of a phone being placed down on the table was heard. Fu Yanzhou raised his hands: “Agree.”

Zhang Zhihan paused, then smiled: “She’s indeed cute.”

Zhang Zhihan looked at Shen Zhan, and Shen Zhan let out a soft snort. His tone was lazy as if he had heard some joke.

Lin Qingxuan shrugged when he looked at Lin Jiayin who was suddenly scalded by the hot food and was fanning wildly in front of her mouth.

She’s really full of cuteness. Unfortunately, she seems to have no brain sometimes.

“Senior Shen thinks she is also very cute.” Zhu Xiaomei suddenly turned her head and said abruptly.

“The circuit diagram is also very cute.” Shen Zhan put down his chopsticks and asked her, “Are you finished?”

Zhu Xiaomei immediately closed her mouth and continued to eat quietly.

“Xiaomei, you have been in the laboratory for more than half a year. Don’t you know that brother Shen Zhan hates fools? Think carefully about how you are the only girl in the laboratory that he doesn’t dislike.”

Zhu Xiaomei whispered: “That’s because I don’t look pretty and don’t chase him.”

“Xiaomei, in my heart, a girl who can solder circuit boards1Solder circuit boards – It’s a technical term for connecting two or more different electrical components on a circuit board. is the most beautiful.” Fu Yanzhou put down the phone and said to her seriously.

“…” Zhu Xiaomei looked at Fu Yanzhou who was about to be stabbed blindly by his long bangs. “Senior Fu, your hair should be cut already. It’s covering almost half of your face.”

Fu Yanzhou brushed the bangs on his forehead behind his ears exaggeratedly, “Xiaomei, remember to bring scissors tomorrow and cut mine the same as yours.”

“Okay.” Xiao Mei nodded.

Zhang Zhihan: “…”

The world of geniuses is really incomprehensible to ordinary people.

Zhang Zhihan couldn’t get into the topic at all. She could only chat with Lin Qingxuan at most. While Zhang Zhihan was struggling to say something, Shen Zhan borrowed a mobile phone from Lin Qingxuan.

Lin Qingxuan asked: “What are going to do?”

“I’ll send a text message.”

“To whom?” Lin Qingxuan asked curiously. He held out the phone but didn’t let go.

Shen Zhan twitched the corners of his mouth: “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“I won’t give it if you don’t answer.” Lin Qingxuan retracted his hand and smiled slyly.

Zhang Zhihan handed her phone to Shen Zhan, “Use mine.”

This scene was seen by Tao Mo who had just turned her head. Shen Zhan and his group were sitting at the other table, and because Zhang Zhihan was there, they didn’t look at that side the whole time.

Tao Mo thought that she saw Zhang Zhihan talking and laughing with Shen Zhan.

“Fuck, isn’t that Shen Zhan?!” Tao Mo pulled the hem of Lin Jiayin’s shirt.

Lin Jiayin, who was chuckling from the jokes that Qi Zheng was telling them, heard the name “Shen Zhan”. As if pressing a switch, her smile suddenly disappeared, and she turned her head abruptly.

“You use mine.” Zhang Zhihan handed her phone to him: “Rest assured that I will not ask.”

Shen Zhan stretched out his arm and grabbed the phone that Lin Qingxuan was holding in his hand. He curled his eyebrows, lowered his eyes, and typed quickly with his slender fingers. “Thanks, but no need.”

Zhang Zhihan’s throat directly choked with his cold tone.

“No way.” Tao Mo looked over, “Is Shen Zhan blind? He even gave her his phone number.”

Lin Jiayin looked at Shen Zhan who was typing with his head down. She is feeling a little sore in her heart and her lips curled unhappily.

“Fuck, I’m so mad.” Tao Mo turned her head and saw Lin Jiayin’s head that was down in frustration. She asked suspiciously: “What’s wrong with you?”

Lin Jiayin whispered: “Nothing.”

“This good cabbage was actually eaten by a pig.2A good cabbage was eaten by a pig – it’s a saying which means that a high-quality person has been spoiled or taken by someone unfitting.

Tao Mo continued to fume.

The Qi Zheng who was sitting opposite them disagreed: “What is good about Shen Zhan, except that he is more handsome than me, IQ is higher than mine, and his family is richer than mine? In what else can be he be better than me?”


Tao Mo thought silently: There seem to be no other aspects in which he can be greater than Shen Zhan?!

Qi Zheng continued to talk.

“Will he tell you a joke?”

“Can he make you happy?”

“Instead of chasing the unattainable gods, it’s better to look at someone like me who lives in the real world! I’m also a handsome man!”


Tao Mo smiled awkwardly, and Lin Jiayin took out the vibrating mobile phone from her schoolbag.

[Let’s go after you eat. I didn’t bring my key]

Lin Jiayin couldn’t understand the meaning of the text message as she didn’t know who had sent it. She wanted to ask and already typed it halfway before realizing that it was Shen Zhan.

She raised her head and cast her eyes secretly.

Her line of sight just met Shen Zhan’s eyes. He curled his lips and showed a little impatience.

After waiting for several minutes, he sent another text: [I’m Shen Zhan.]

Lin Jiayin’s breathing stopped, and she clenched her phone tightly. She couldn’t stand his direct gaze. She quickly lowered her head, not knowing whether she was shy or afraid that she was discovered.

Shen Zhan took the initiative to message her! Although it was just because he didn’t bring his own key.

Lin Jiayin: [I already finished eating]

Shen Zhan: [Leave]

Lin Jiayin: [Now?]

Shen Zhan: [Hmm]

Lin Jiayin thought for a while and typed quickly: [You go first, wait for me at the southwest gate, I’ll come right away]

After the text message was sent, Shen Zhan glanced at it, stood up, deleted their conversation, and threw the phone to Lin Qingxuan, “I’ll leave first.”

“You’re going already?” Lin Qingxuan caught the phone.

Shen Zhan lazily said “um”.

Zhu Xiaomei and Fu Yanzhou did not look up, still immersed in the world of reading and eating food.

“Shen Zhan, goodbye.” Zhang Zhihan raised her voice.

“Goodbye.” Shen Zhan didn’t even turn his head; his tone was extremely perfunctory.

Zhang Zhihan who was treated indifferently pursed her lips.

Lin Qingxuan comforted her: “He’s just that kind of person who doesn’t care about anyone. Don’t take it seriously.”

“Really?” Zhang Zhihan looked at Shen Zhan’s retreating back.

Zhu Xiaomei and Fu Yanzhou nodded at the same time.

Lin Qingxuan added: “If it’s not because he shows obvious distaste to me, I would immediately suspect that he’s gay.”


“Senior Shen is not gay.” Zhu Xiaomei was sounded so sure.

Lin Qingxuan flicked her forehead, “How do you know?”

“I just know.” Zhu Xiaomei leaned back to prevent him from flicking her forehead again, “I just can’t tell you how I know.”

The last time Zhu Xiaomei used Senior Shen’s computer to debug a program, she accidentally opened the browser and a Princess Dress Up Game suddenly jumped out on the interface. As everyone knows, Senior Shen doesn’t have a sister, and it’s impossible for him to play this game.

Girls from outside can’t access his computer in the laboratory. Therefore, Zhu Xiaomei has long suspected that Senior Shen has a girlfriend.

Lin Qingxuan curled his lips and didn’t pay attention anymore.

Lin Jiayin looked at the time and waited for Shen Zhan to go far so no one would have ideas.

She carried her small yellow bag on her back and said goodbye to everyone.

She walked fast as she crosses the road and enters the main entrance of the school. After she passed a small street, she finally ran directly. Lin Jiayin ran so fast as if her heels were burning.

On a Friday night, the campus was sparsely populated. Across the Yueming Lake, the street lights were dim, the summer breeze was blowing, and the shadows of trees were swaying.

Suddenly, someone caught the strap of her schoolbag.

Lin Jiayin was forced to stop and turn her head abruptly.

The dim light cast Shen Zhan’s shadow on the ground. One of his hands was inside his pocket, while the other is holding the strap of Lin Jiayin’s bag as he raises it above her head.

The whole person stood lazily. His pair of peach blossom eyes are curled up, and the corners of his mouth are slightly hooked up.

No one spoke.

“I told you to wait at the Southwest Gate.” Lin Jiayin pursed her lips.

“Yeah.” He let go, and Lin Jiayin staggered back a little as the schoolbag fall, “I just suddenly want to watch something from here.”

His light-colored pupils looked particularly beautiful under the lights of the moon and the lampshade. His thin lips were so enchanting and charming.

“What are you looking at?” Lin Jiayin looked around.

Shen Zhan: “See if a certain fool can run fast.”

“…” She thought he was looking around to enjoy the beautiful scenery under the moonlight or something meaningful.

“Someone really came running.” Shen Zhan smiled casually.

He always smiled like this, with his eyebrows raised slightly and the corners of his lips curled up slightly. People couldn’t move their eyes away once they see this kind of smile.

Lin Jiayin looked at his long legs: “I’m afraid you will wait for a long time.”

“Oh.” The corners of his mouth twitched. He slowly said, “Is it not because you miss me?”

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  • 1
    Solder circuit boards – It’s a technical term for connecting two or more different electrical components on a circuit board.
  • 2
    A good cabbage was eaten by a pig – it’s a saying which means that a high-quality person has been spoiled or taken by someone unfitting.
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