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HYIMA Chapter 6

“Why are you acting like a rogue?” Lin Jiayin covered her eyes but couldn’t help peeking through the spaces of her fingers.

The next two buttons have been untied. A drop of water happens to slide down from his sculptured jaw and drip down to his chin. When he moved, it slowly slid down again as it runs over the outline of his Adam’s apple, before finally disappearing in the lines of his chest muscles.

Lin Jiayin feels that she’s going to have a nosebleed.

Shen Zhan raised his eyes frivolously: “You don’t like it?”

“No!” After speaking, Lin Jiayin realized that the question was not right. She placed down her hand in a hurry. Her eyes widened and she was annoyed: “Shen Zhan, you can’t do this.”

Shen Zhan smiled: “So, you like it?”

“Just—it can’t be like this!”

“Oh.” Shen Zhan raised his eyebrows, “Then you still want me to continue?”

He simply lowered his head and unbuckled his belt. Lin Jiayin turned around and ran away.

However, the soles of her feet slipped because of the wet floor. She suddenly fell and knelt on the ground.

There was a sound of “boom,” followed by a moan of bitter “um.” Afterward, whispers of “it hurt, it hurts, it hurts” could be heard.

Shen Zhan’s pupils constricted.

This posture of Lin Jiayin kneeling in front of him…

He said blankly: “Your words are quite different from your actions.”

Lin Jiayin raised her head when she heard these words. Her eyebrows were originally twisted because of the pain, and when she saw her hands tightly grasping his pants, her eyebrows flew up.



Lin Jiayin took her hand away as if she was electrocuted. Her brain stopped working for ten seconds.

Lin Jiayin was lifted by him. Her left hand was placed on his forearm so she could push herself up while her right hand is placed on his shoulder.

“How can you slip?” Shen Zhan only moved the corner of his lower lip.

Lin Jiayin looked down at her knee, “I don’t know. It hurts a little.”

He sighed lightly, squatted helplessly, and slowly pulled up the jeans on one of her legs.

Lin Jiayin’s calf was as thin as chopsticks, and her skin was so white that the redness on her knee is so visible.

“It’s purple.” Lin Jiayin lowered her head to look.

Shen Zhan said “um” and continued to roll up the jeans on the other leg.

Lin Jiayin: “It’s also purple.”

“…” Shen Zhan looked up: “I’m not blind.”

Shen Zhan directly carried her and walked out, “I will go down to see if they have Yunnan Baiyao.1Yunnan Baiyao – It’s a traditional Chinese medicine product that is marketed as a pain reliever that could also stop bleeding and prevent bruising.

She was caught off guard when he held her. Lin Jiayin’s heartbeat speeded up instantly, her body stiffened, and her fingers around his neck were tightly clasped.

She stared at his long eyelashes and whispered, “But your clothes are wet and the buttons are broken.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Zhan originally wanted to say that it was her fault but held back.

“You still can’t go down.” Lin Jiayin ground her teeth a few times, and finally said: “Or else, I will have more rivals.”

“…” Shen Zhan put her down on the bed. He turned around and wiped his hair with a towel, “Lie down and don’t move.”

“Oh.” Lin Jiayin laid down on the bed and watched Shen Zhan leave.

When the door was closed, Lin Jiayin suddenly rolled over. She buried her head under a pillow for a long time, and her two legs swayed back and forth as if there’s no pain at all.

Lin Jiayin is unbelievably happy. Although it was only a short distance from the bathroom to the bed, her wish when she was eighteen is finally fulfilled.

Shen Zhan! Embraced! And! Carried! Me!

Lin Jiayin began to enter the crazy mode. She rolled around inside the quilt, and the pillows were kicked to the ground. She even created her own song and hummed it with a special tune.

“Shen Zhan hugged me~”

“Shen Zhan hugged me~”

“La la la la la Shen Zhan hugged me~”

Shen Zhan returned from downstairs after acquiring the medicine. When he walked in front of the door, he could hear someone joyfully singing. He pushed the door and entered, and he was confused by the scene in front of his eyes.

Lin Jiayin is lying horizontally on the bed while waving her hands and pedaling her legs in the air. She was too happy by herself that she didn’t even notice a person standing quietly in the hallway.

“Hold me, hug me, Shen Zhan, hug me~”

“Hug me today and hug me tomorrow~”

“La la la la la la la la~”

“Shen Zhan, hug me! Hey—!”


Lin Jiayin finished her song with an earth-shattering “Hey!” at the end. Shen Zhan coughed.

? ? ?

! ! !

Lin Jiayin wanted to turn over, but instead, her body fell forward and her head dropped down at the edge of the bed.

From her field of vision, she could see a pair of straight long legs approaching her.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay still?” Shen Zhan bent over and frowned. The tips of their noses are only just a millimeter away.

Lin Jiayin didn’t know what to think about the face that was so close to hers. She suddenly jerked her head up forcefully and her forehead slammed to his chin.

Shen Zhan: “…”

Lin Jiayin: “…”

The air was filled with embarrassment for a few seconds.

Shen Zhan stood up, picked up the pillow beside his feet, and threw it onto the bed. He held her shoulders so he could assist her in a sitting position.

He held a brown glass bottle in his left hand, “There is no Yunnan Baiyao but this one also works similarly.”

Lin Jiayin nodded.

However, Shen Zhan was too tall and the bed was too low. Squatting on the floor was not easy so Shen Zhan directly sat on the bed, took Lin Jiayin’s leg, and placed it on his lap.

Lin Jiayin’s legs looked thin, but due to long-term dance practices, the calf was firm. Shen Zhan pulled the jeans up again but stopped halfway.

Because of the dim lighting in the bathroom, he didn’t notice that the other parts other than the knee were also covered with large and small light-colored bruises.

“This is not the first time I fell.” Lin Jiayin explained, “I also fell several times during dance classes.”

“Be careful next time.” Shen Zhan continued to roll the hem up. He poured the medicinal liquor into a cotton swab and carefully used it to wipe her knees.

He curled his eyebrows while wiping her knees gently. “Remember to tell the teacher that your leg was injured.”

Lin Jiayin’s major is dancing, and the importance of her legs to her occupation is very evident.

Lin Jiayin replied “Okay.” Actually, she wanted to say that this injury was nothing at all. Last time, she practiced a quick jump and flipped. Her fall was so bad that the whole right side of her buttocks was colored black.

After Shen Zhan wiped her with the medicine, he went straight to the bathroom to wash. When he came out, he found that Lin Jiayin was still looking at the ceiling with her eyes open. He does not know what she was thinking about again.

“Not sleeping yet?” Shen Zhan walked to the other bed and combed his wet hair with his hand.

Lin Jiayin returned to her senses and realized that Shen Zhan was only wearing a bath towel around his waist. Her eyes instantly don’t know where to look at.

She decided to simply pull the quilt over her head: “I’ll sleep now.”


The light was turned off and the room plunged into darkness.

Lin Jiayin quietly grasped the corner of the quilt. She raised her head slowly, and carefully peeked at the person opposite.

At first, it was pitch black. When she got used to the darkness, she saw Shen Zhan lying on his side and sleeping on the bed next to her.

His eyes are closed and she could see his eyelashes even from the distance. They were too long. When his eyelids slightly moved, his long eyelashes also trembled faintly.

Lin Jiayin hadn’t peeked enough, but the person opposite her suddenly opened his eyes.

“Sleep. There’s still a class tomorrow morning.”

Lin Jiayin was shocked: “You still have classes on a Saturday?”

It is rare for Shen Zhan to patiently explain something to her: “Elective.”

“Oh.” Lin Jiayin revealed her small face out of the quilt. She couldn’t help sighing: “You are so pitiful.”

“…” Shen Zhan turned his back to her, “If I remember correctly, all students of Huaqing University have elective courses on Saturday morning.”

“Really?” Lin Jiayin asked seriously.

Shen Zhan didn’t speak anymore. It seemed that he’s already asleep.

Lin Jiayin thought about it for a while, and then said: “Ah, I remember that I also have elective courses.”

The elective courses were also brought by the new principal. He said that the two sides of Yueming Lake should become unified in reality and that the students should also develop in all aspects of morality, intelligence, and physical beauty.

When the science and engineering students who were already full of academic load learned about it, they jointly wrote a letter to the principal. Since he really wanted the schools to be integrated, the opposite has to shift to their side and learn their courses instead.

After weighing in, the principal announced that the whole school will take elective courses on Saturday. However, the science students will still study engineering elective courses, but this time, it will be together with the art students. In this way, they can also achieve friendly exchanges.

This time it was unknown why no one refuted it. Perhaps it was the words of “friendly exchanges” which evoked the young hearts of the girls from the art academy.

Therefore, the students of the art academy must take a major course on the other side. They have to take an elective course that they have no prior knowledge about.

Lin Jiayin and Tao Mo chose “Introduction to Electronics General Knowledge” randomly. After the selection, they only learned how popular this course is. The reason is that Shen Zhan also chose this course. The course selection system site crashed down. Those who weren’t interested in the course announced that they are willing to exchange their slots at a high price. A rich lady in the art academy even bid one slot for tens of thousands of yuan.

Tao Mo also praised Lin Jiayin at the time: “You really know how to choose. A lot of people were squatting on the ground and waiting for Shen Zhan to choose his elective course so they could be in the same class as him.”

Lin Jiayin curled her lips. She might as well take another course. She knows that this “Introduction to Electronics General Knowledge” will only torture her to death.

While frowning, she suddenly realized something.


He just said that he will attend an elective course tomorrow, and it should be the same course as hers!

“Shen Zhan.” Lin Jiayin whispered to him.

No response.

She continued to whisper: “Shen Zhan? Shen Zhan?”

“…” Shen Zhan answered her angrily, “What?”

“Are you going to go to “Introduction to Electronics” tomorrow?”


“What a coincidence. Me too.”

“…” Shen Zhan wanted to say “how unfortunate.” But in the end, he only made a weak “um”.

Lin Jiayin lifted the quilt in excitement, revealing her whole face: “Unexpectedly, I still have the opportunity to sit in the same classroom and attend the same class with you.”

“The last time was three years ago when I sat behind you. I looked at your back with the blackboard as your background in class every day.”

“Can I enter the classroom with you tomorrow?”

“Don’t worry, I will pretend not to know you.”

After she finished speaking, the room fell again into silence.

“Huh? Are you already asleep? You fell asleep so soon?”

“Shen Zhan?” Lin Jiayin propped up her upper body and looked at him: “If you’re already sleeping, give me a squeak and I won’t speak anymore.”


Who would respond to her if he’s already sleeping in the first place?

Shen Zhan finally couldn’t help it, turned over, and sat up. His tone was a little grumpy: “You don’t want your mouth anymore?2“Don’t want your mouth anymore?” – This is like a threat and it’s equal to saying “shut up.”

Lin Jiayin quickly retracted her head quickly and tightly covered herself with the quilt. After a while, she couldn’t help but poked her head outside again.

Her lips opened, and she hesitated for three seconds. Her voice was smaller than that of a mosquito: “Don’t be angry. Promise, this will be the last.”

Shen Zhan’s head tilted slightly, and he pulled his quilt.

Lin Jiayin understood that he agreed for her to continue.

“A piece of glass is about to jump off the building. Guess what it will say?”

Shen Zhan’s voice was light and perfunctory: “What?”

She hid on her quilt and her voice was muffled: “Good night, I’m broken!3Apparently, this is a pun-based joke. The Chinese word for “broken” has a similar pronunciation with the Chinese word of “sleep.”
碎 = suì = broken
睡 = shuì = sleep


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  • 1
    Yunnan Baiyao – It’s a traditional Chinese medicine product that is marketed as a pain reliever that could also stop bleeding and prevent bruising.
  • 2
    “Don’t want your mouth anymore?” – This is like a threat and it’s equal to saying “shut up.”
  • 3
    Apparently, this is a pun-based joke. The Chinese word for “broken” has a similar pronunciation with the Chinese word of “sleep.”
    碎 = suì = broken
    睡 = shuì = sleep
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