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HYIMA Chapter 4

When his question entered her head, a sour feeling came up from her tight chest. Lin Jiayin rubbed her nose.

Shen Zhan looked down: “What are you thinking?”

A gust of wind blew and their hair flew gently in the air.

Lin Jiayin raised her head and met his eyes that were bright and clear. His irises reflected her, but there was no emotion, and the corners of his mouth are curled into a thin line.

She squeezed her fist, gathered her courage, and slowly raised her elbows—wanting to hold him but not daring to do it.

Finally, after a moment of hesitation, she hugged him gently at a certain distance.

After a while, she dared to raise her head again to carefully observed his expression and check if he is angry.

“Lin Jiayin.”

He called her name wearily with a scornful smile.

Lin Jiayin: “Huh?”

Shen Zhan’s expression was light and his voice was even: “Let go.”

Lin Jiayin pursed her lips and peeked at his expression. She tried to bargain: “Just for a while, okay?”

Shen Zhan twitched the corners of his mouth, “Not good.”

Uh… he’s angry.

Lin Jiayin didn’t want to let go, but she had to let go.

Shen Zhan looked at her with a dull expression.

She explained in a low voice: “The wind is a little strong today.”

“And then?”

“I can’t stand firmly so I want to lean to you for a while.”


Shen Zhan scrutinized her for a moment, hummed softly, then took his hand out of his pocket.

“Let’s go.” He only dropped two words, lifted his long leg, and walked forward leisurely.


Lin Jiayin followed him quietly. She walked and trotted while maintaining at least five meters away from him, deliberately hiding her face from the students they pass by.

Fortunately, on the way from Yueming lake to the exit gate, the lights are dim and the faces of people are not recognizable. Today is Friday so there are fewer students inside the campus.

No one cast glances on both of them.

In the beginning, Shen Zhan clearly said to not overthink and cause him unnecessary trouble. Lin Jiayin has always remembered this sentence.

For a while, the two walked with a certain distance between them.

Since fewer students are passing through the central garden, Lin Jiayin couldn’t help but speed up her pace, sneaking closer and closer to him. Her eyebrows couldn’t stop bending, and she smiled happily.

She lowered her head and took small steps carefully to avoid stepping on his long shadow that was drawn by the street lamp’s light.

They said that stepping on a person’s shadow will pull out his human soul from his body.

Thinking of this, she became even more careful.


She suddenly ran into Shen Zhan who had stopped. She accidentally bit her tongue, and Lin Jiayin’s face frowned in pain.

“Can you walk properly?” Shen Zhan’s slightly pressed brows were knitted.

Lin Jiayin shook her head before nodding again.

“…” Shen Zhan ran his tongue along the back of his teeth, “Give me your phone.”

Although she didn’t know what he was going to use it for, Lin Jiayin still handed the phone to Shen Zhan happily.


Lin Jiayin bit her lower lip, “Your birthday.”

Shen Zhan was not surprised at all, and his slender fingers quickly pressed a few numbers. When the interface opened, the cartoon icons that appeared was too colorful that it can induce a headache to a person who’s looking.

“Where is WeChat?”

Lin Jiayin stood on tiptoe and leaned forward to point at her phone, “This.”

“I’ll book a taxi outside the gate first. You come there quickly.” Shen Zhan turned and walked towards the door.

His legs are tall and long. His figure immediately shrank from her vision within several steps.

Lin Jiayin looked up at the night sky while she was still able to see the outline of his figure. She raised her hand to connect the stars into a heart-shaped line with Shen Zhan’s name centered on it. She forgot where she learned about it, but they said that if you did this, the person you like will also like you back.

After casting the “magic,” Lin Jiayin retracted her hand. Her eyes fell on the back of her hand, and her eyes widened suddenly.

There was a large area of ​​black and green on the back of her left hand between the web of her thumb and her forefinger.

She lowered down her hand tremblingly, walked under the street lamp, and looked at it again with her eyes carefully.

The faint purple-black color has already spread over most parts of the back of her hand. It looks like blood has oozed out underneath the skin after a blood vessel ruptured.

Lin Jiayin’s throat tightened and her eyes turned red.

It’s over…

She was poisoned.

She is dying.

It is very likely that she will never see Shen Zhan again.

With tears falling on her face, Lin Jiayin covered her mouth while gasping. She sobbed and choked, and ran towards the gate while wiping her tears.

While standing on the other side of the road, Shen Zhan saw Lin Jiayin crying and out of breath. He was a little confused, “What’s the matter?”

It’s only a few minutes and she’s already crying like this?

Lin Jiayin rushed into his arms and hugged him regardless, “Uuuuuuuuuh—”

Shen Zhan frowned and pulled her away to put some distance between them.

Lin Jiayin cried until she hiccups. She wiped her tears, choked, and explained: “Yes, yes, don’t die.” Hiccup.

“…” Shen Zhan scrunched his nose, “Why am I going to die?”

“No, it’s not you.” Lin Jiayin took a deep breath and stretched out her hand, “It’s me, I’m dying.”

People can’t see clearly at night, and the back of Lin Jiayin’s hand looks color black in the darkness.

Shen Zhan glanced, frowned, and asked: “Did you bump somewhere and bruised it?”

“No, no.” Lin Jiayin shook her head.

“Think carefully.”

“I’m poisoned.” Lin Jiayin’s eyes were filled with tears. She couldn’t stop crying, “I ate mushrooms yesterday.”


Shen Zhan didn’t think it was poisoning. It was more probably that Lin Jiayin knocked the back of her hand but she wasn’t able to remember it.

He turned around and knocked on the car window. “Sorry, mister. Please first go to the Provincial People’s Hospital.”

Then he opened the door of the back seat and let Lin Jiayin go in first.

Along the way, Lin Jiayin kept crying as she is convinced that she was poisoned.

Shen Zhan didn’t lift his eyelids and was too lazy to explain it to her. He let her pull the corner of his clothes and cry in fear.

“Shen Zhan, I am going to die.”

“Uuuu I’m going to die.”

“I will never be able to see you again.”

“woo woo woo woo……”

Shen Zhan grabbed her collar impatiently and lifted her from his chest. His shirt was now wet with tears and snot.

“Lin Jiayin,” Shen Zhan rubbed his eyebrows. “Shut up.”

Lin Jiayin stopped sobbing abruptly with a hiccup.

“See the doctor first. It won’t be too late to cry after you’re examined.” Shen Zhan said blankly.

Soon, the car arrived at the Provincial People’s Hospital.

It was 10:30 in the evening. Shen Zhan went to the emergency room and took Lin Jiayin over.

Lin Jiayin pulled the hem of Shen Zhan’s clothes and followed behind him with red eyes.

The doctor in the emergency room is about forty or fifty years old. He’s wearing a pair of glasses and was sitting in front of the computer checking the information. When someone came in, he raised his head and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Doctor,” Lin Jiayin let go of Shen Zhan’s clothes and ran over, “I’m poisoned.”

When he heard the word “poison”, the doctor shot up from his seat.

“What did you eat? When did you eat it? What are your symptoms?”

“I ate mushrooms. I ate them yesterday. As for the symptoms…” Lin Jiayin tremblingly stretched out her hand.

Under the incandescent lamp lights up above their head, the actual skin color on the back of her hand became more obvious.

Lin Jiayin swallowed and waited nervously for the doctor to make a diagnosis.

The doctor took her hand and looked at it for a long time. Afterward, he touched the frame of his glasses and didn’t speak.

“Doctor, please tell me.” Lin Jiayin reluctantly looked at Shen Zhan on her side, and made up her mind to use her remaining time to live happily, “I can bear it.”

The doctor let go of her hand: “Little girl, you go over there for a wash first.”

“Huh?” Lin Jiayin didn’t react immediately.

He pointed to the sink next to him, a little speechless: “Wash your hands with a soap.”


Outside of the hospital doors, Lin Jiayin smiled while looking at the back of her hand which had returned to look normal.

Shen Zhan sneered silently; his eyes filled with “How can there be such a person in the world?”

“It’s so great. I am not poisoned.” Lin Jiayin said with the joy of like she was born again, “Shen Zhan, I will be able to see you again.”


Shen Zhan did not have the desire to talk to her. He hailed a taxi on the side of the road and the two of them returned to Senhe community.

Shen Zhan doesn’t live in the school’s dormitory and has an apartment in Senhe community. However, he also rarely returns to Senhe community because he always attends various competitions outside the country. Lin Jiayin sometimes visits and occasionally comes here to clean when she is free.

The relationship between them is more like that of an employer and a housekeeper.

It’s just that the employer didn’t expect that his housekeeper could be so foolish.

Lin Jiayin curled her lips. After they came out of the hospital, Shen Zhan ignored her.

“I’m sorry.” She tugged the corner of his clothes.

Shen Zhan stopped and said angrily: “Don’t say sorry to me. You should have said sorry to the doctor who checked you.”

“Sorry, sorry.”

Shen Zhan twitched his lips: “The doctor’s IQ has been insulted by you.”

“…I’m sorry.” Lin Jiayin pursed her lips into a straight line.

Lin Jiayin lowered her head and followed him quietly without speaking.

Shen Zhan walked to the door and stopped. He turned his head, “Key.”

“Key?” Lin Jiayin was shocked.

Seeing her blank expression, Shen Zhan has already guessed something wrong. He asked again, “Where is the key?”

Lin Jiayin hurriedly opened the zipper of her schoolbag, reached out, and rummaged inside. After a while, she bit her lip.


Shen Zhan took her schoolbag upside down and shook it twice. The colorful trinkets inside fell on the ground.

However, there is no key.

Shen Zhan raised his eyes and looked at her speechlessly.

“It seems… I also didn’t bring it.” Lin Jiayin lowered her head. Her voice sounds like that of a mosquito.

The air was quiet for a few seconds. Shen Zhan suddenly laughed, then deeply chuckled. His chest rose and fell as his breath brush Lin Jiayin’s face.

“Little ancestor.1Little ancestor – It’s a term that a person/ parent uses to address or complain about his/ her naughty child.” He poked her forehead, “Can you grow a little bit here?”

Lin Jiayin shrank her neck back, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I will work hard to make a progress.”

“Forget it,” Shen Zhan turned around. “It’s not you, Lin Jiayin, if you suddenly became smarter.”

“Shen Zhan,” Lin Jiayin hurriedly ran ahead of him. She turned around and stretched out her hands to block him, “Are you angry?”

Shen Zhan nodded angrily: “Yes, I am made angry by your foolishness.”

T/N: I’m laughing and crying at the same time. Lin Jiayin… she really overreacted there HAHAHA Please be patient, Shen Zhan >.<

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    Little ancestor – It’s a term that a person/ parent uses to address or complain about his/ her naughty child.
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