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HYIMA Chapter 5

Since childhood, Lin Jiayin knew that she was stupid. Her mother said that everyone has their natural shortcoming in life—don’t be upset and face it instead with an optimistic attitude; it’s no big deal.

Lin Jiayin was used to being laughed at by other people. Anyway, she doesn’t care about them and it’s inconsequential. However, if it’s Shen Zhan who is angry about her stupidity, then she is very concerned.

“Actually, I’m not that stupid.” Lin Jiayin tried to explain while pulling Shen Zhan’s arm. She didn’t have the confidence, and her voice is getting smaller and smaller.

Shen Zhan casually uttered an “Oh,” and his long legs continued to move forward.

His legs are long so a single step for him is equivalent to two steps for Lin Jiayin. She ran up in fast small steps to walk side by side with him, “I entered Class A in the first year of high school.”

Lin Jiayin searched her intestines,1搜肠刮肚 – literally means “search one’s guts and belly.” It’s an idiom that means that the person racked his/ her brain to think hard of the best solution. and this is the only proof she can think of to prove that she still has a little bit of IQ remaining.

Shen Zhan stopped when he heard her words and turned his head.

Lin Jiayin held his arms with both hands, intending to hang her whole body close to him. Because the height difference between them was too large, Shen Zhan bent his back, lowered his head slightly, and stared at her with his beautiful eyes, “I remember.”

She can feel his warm breath on her face and she can detect a faint pine fragrance. Lin Jiayin’s heartbeat missed a beat. Her five fingers clenched together unconsciously, clutching his thin shirt sleeve tightly.

He actually remembered.

Lin Jiayin felt as if honey had seeped into her heart. It was so sweet that it made her dizzy.

“The impression is quite deep.” He straightened his back and their height difference returned to normal. Lin Jiayin’s slightly upward gaze turned and stayed on his slender and deep neckline. She watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down.

“Then do you remember where I sat?” Lin Jiayin couldn’t help asking. She is unabashedly excited.

“Of course, I remember.” He seemed to remember something, his long narrow eyes raised lightly and have hints of laughter.

“!” Lin Jiayin was so happy that she almost jumped up.

The person who she thought had never paid attention to her before actually had an impression of her. He even remembered the location of her seat.

However, in the next second, Shen Zhan said blankly: “You sat behind me. During the weekly test, you copied my answer. However, instead of copying 13 which is the correct answer, you wrote a stupid B in your paper.”


Their high school implements a class cut-off system and they have a small test every week. The weekly and monthly results are compared with the overall batch’s monthly assessment total scores. If a person’s ranking falls out of the top 50, that person has to move out to class B, and if his ranking falls out of the top 100, he has to move to class C, and so on.

Lin Jiayin stayed up late to memorize the previous exam questions and answers that semester. During the final exams, there was a major school event and the teachers were too busy to hand in new exam questions. The final exams were basically the original questions drawn from the weekly exams and monthly exams. Consequently, Lin Jiayin entered Class A successfully.

At her original level, she will definitely return to Class E one month later. Lin Jiayin racked her brain to find a way to prevent that. Finally, she looked towards the paper of Shen Zhan who was sitting diagonally in front of her.

Because Class A has an excellent academic performance, the teacher is very good at supervising during the exams. Lin Jiayin used her amazing eyesight to copy Shen Zhan’s answers to fill in the blanks of her paper.

On the day of the release of results, the math teacher raised a paper from the podium and called out: “Student Lin Jiayin, please explain why you answered letter B in this question.”

When the words came out, the whole class burst into laughter.

The specially mentioned Lin Jiayin stood up confusedly, and asked blankly, “Isn’t that the answer is B?”

“…” This is the first time that the teacher of encountered this kind of situation. He pushed his glasses and asked seriously: “It’s fill in the blanks with the correct number answer and not a multiple-choice exam with letters. Why would you write B in there?!”

The whole class’s laughter became more intense. Lin Jiayin was at a loss and panicked. She glanced at the young man who has a straight back in front of her. With a small voice: “Shen Zhan also wrote B.”

Teacher: “?”

Lin Jiayin: “Why don’t you ask him?”

Teacher: “…”

“I see.” Lin Jiayin opened her lips and said hesitantly: “Teacher, you were probably mistaken. The answer to this question should be B. Would you like Shen Zhan to clarify with you?”

The teacher couldn’t bear it anymore and slapped the paper on the desk with a loud sound: “Did Shen Zhan write B?! He wrote 13! —13!!!”


The classroom was quiet for a few seconds before the whole class roared with laughter which was louder than before.

“Quiet! Don’t laugh at me.” The teacher got furious, walked off the stage, pulled Shen Zhan’s paper, and placed it with a “bang” on Lin Jiayin’s desk. He pointed at it, “Open your eyes. Show me, is it B or 13? Write a reflection paper and move your table back to Class E afterward. No student in this class has a low IQ like yours.”

After the teacher left, the corners of Lin Jiayin’s lips drooped down. At this moment, a hand stretched over and took the paper from her desk.

“Next time, copy it properly.” He curled his eyebrows. His voice was dull and hoarse with a trace of fatigue as if he hadn’t slept the whole night: “Don’t insult my papers.”

The memories come to an abrupt end at this point.

That was the first and last sentence Shen Zhan said to her. Before Lin Jiayin had the time to get back to Class E, Shen Zhan suddenly went abroad.

“It turns out that you remembered me like this.” Lin Jiayin lowered her head dejectedly. After a while, she became cheerful and raised her head: “No matter what reason why you remembered me, I am still very happy. It’s okay as long as you remember me.”

Shen Zhan pulled the corner of his mouth disdainfully.

“It doesn’t matter that I’m stupid,” Lin Jiayin jumped from Shen Zhan’s side. She said happily: “Anyway, you can complement me with your intelligence.”


The school dormitory was already close at this time. They had no choice but to spend the night in a nearby hotel.

A huge hanging crystal lamp is shining brightly in the hall. The lady at the front desk checked his ID card and peeked at Shen Zhan from time to time.

This guy is so handsome. Her drowsiness during the night shift is gone.

The girl standing next to her was also very beautiful. She’s like an innocent sweet girl who came out of a comic book. She was lowering her head at the moment, her pink lips pursed shyly. Not only her cheeks but also her ears were crimson colored.

They can only open one room together without her ID card. She must be embarrassed.

The lady at the front desk handed his ID card and room card to Shen Zhan, “Go up on the elevator on the right. Your room is number 03 on the 18th floor.”

“Thank you.”

Lin Jiayin followed Shen Zhan and got on the elevator. Her head is still buried down.

At one glance, her cheeks were noticeably colored red. Shen Zhan went over: “Lin Jiayin, don’t overthink.”

Lin Jiayin was not slow this time. She immediately raised her head to retort: ​​”I’m not thinking at all.”

Shen Zhan was very straightforward: “Why are you blushing?”

Lin Jiayin pursed her lips first, and then—

Her face got even redder. It appears like one could squeeze blood from her cheeks anytime.

“This is not something I can control.” Lin Jiayin also explained directly.

Shen Zhan smiled, his tone indifferent and casual: “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.”

“Actually—” Lin Jiayin opened her lips. After three seconds of hesitation, she blushed and said, “It’s okay if you want to do something to me.”


The elevator door opened and Shen Zhan walked out without looking back.

Lin Jiayin stayed for a few seconds before shouting frustratedly: “Hey”.

She couldn’t even hold Shen Zhan’s hand seriously, so what was she thinking?

After arriving at the door, Shen Zhan inserted the room card and turned on the lights.

Seeing that there were two beds, Lin Jiayin was relieved, but at the same time, a little disappointed.

“You go inside and wash first. Don’t dawdle.” Shen Zhan turned on the air conditioner and put down the remote control. He opened the quilt, laid on it, and folded his hands behind his head. His pair of long legs fell on the edge of the bed.

After getting rid of the tiredness, his whole person was relaxed.

He closed his eyes, his long eyelashes casting fan-shaped shadows on his cheeks. His lips illuminated by the white dangling ceiling light were vivid and piercing.

Its cherry color tempts people to take a bite.

Lin Jiayin suppressed her “sexy” thoughts and walked into the bathroom lightly.

The switch of the rain shower is different from the one in the dormitory and the one in Senhe community. Lin Jiayin fiddled with it for a long time and could only draw cold water. She suspected that it’s broken.

Lin Jiayin walked out of the bathroom and called him: “Shen Zhan.”

His eyes remained closed and asked lazily: “What’s the matter?”

“There is no hot water. The water heater seems to be broken.”

Shen Zhan slowly opened his eyes. His slightly amber irises were brighter than the light above their heads, “Turn the handle to the right.”

“I turned it around but it doesn’t work.”

Shen Zhan pursed the corner of his mouth, dropped his feet, and stood up. He slowly raised his arms and stretched out. The hem of his shirt suddenly revealed a thin waist with toned muscles and deep lines.

Lin Jiayin bit her lips again.

However, this eye-provoking spring scenery2春光 – literally means “spring scenery.” Figuratively, it means a sight of an erotic or sexy image/ scene. was soon covered up when he lowered his arms back down.

His long legs stepped forward, and his arms stretched out. He held Lin Jiayin under her armpit and carried her to the bathroom.

Lin Jiayin held the showerhead in one hand and turned the handle with the other hand, “Look, there is no water coming out.”

“…” Shen Zhan removed her hand from the handle and said speechlessly: “Are you so stupid that you can’t even distinguish which direction is left and right?”

After he said that, he twisted the handle to the right.

The next second, warm water gushed out from the showerhead placed on Lin Jiayin’s hand.

The direction she was twisting it earlier was indeed wrong.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Lin Jiayin looked at Shen Zhan who was sprayed with water. She immediately let go of the showerhead and it fell on the bathroom tiles. The water sprayed straight up in the air and then dropped down like rain.

She hurriedly turned the switch to turn it off, but instead, the water pressure was getting bigger and bigger.

Finally, Shen Zhan stretched out his hand to shut the water off.

“Open your eyes.”

The person opposite him did not react.

“…” Shen Zhan’s tone increased a bit. “Open your eyes.”

As soon as Lin Jiayin opened her eyes, she saw Shen Zhan who was soaking wet from head to toe, with a few crystal drops of water sliding down on his face.

Although she’s very embarrassed, this kind of wet look… She swallowed.

“What should you do next?” Shen Zhan smiled.

Lin Jiayin looked at him, then looked down at herself. Her clothes were only dampened a little. It’s different from Shen Zhan’s clothes which are drenched with water.

“I’m sorry.” Lin Jiayin grumbled.

“Except for saying sorry, what else can you say?”

Lin Jiayin thought about it for a few seconds, then reached out to unbutton his shirt.

“Take off your clothes immediately,” Lin Jiayin thought that Shen Zhan was accusing her of not making any substantial remedy about this problem: “I will wash it you for you. I’ll wash and dry it quickly.”

Before Shen Zhan could grab her wrist, one of the buttons is suddenly torn from his clothes.

Really seeking a death…

Lin Jiayin watched the white button flew out with her eyes as it draws a beautiful arc in the air.


Shen Zhan smiled again: “Lin Jiayin, are you doing this deliberately?”

Lin Jiayin shook her head frantically: “No.”

Shen Zhan: “Then what are you further doing with your hands?”

Lin Jiayin looked down. Her hand is still touching his open chest. No wonder her palms feel so hot.

“I, I, I—” Lin Jiayin was speechless for a while.

The corner of Shen Zhan’s mouth twitched. He raised his hand and began to unbutton it, “Since you are so active, I’m not going to refuse.”

T/N: Okay, for students out there: cheating is bad. Don’t repeat what Lin Jiayin did HAHAHA (although I didn’t really like her teacher’s last sentence. That’s too harsh.) HAHAHA Anyway, Lin Jiayin is so silly. When I was editing, I could also palpably feel Shen Zhan’s headache.

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  • 1
    搜肠刮肚 – literally means “search one’s guts and belly.” It’s an idiom that means that the person racked his/ her brain to think hard of the best solution.
  • 2
    春光 – literally means “spring scenery.” Figuratively, it means a sight of an erotic or sexy image/ scene.
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