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HYIMA Chapter 12

I just want to say that I’ll only divide a single chapter if it’s too lengthy (ex. it exceeds 3k words). But if it’s not (like in this case ch.12 is less than 2k words), I’ll post the whole complete chapter. Again, if you see any mistakes in grammar, spelling, etc. please feel free to comment 🙂

Holding the white rabbit doll in his hand, Shen Zhan was inexplicably embarrassed. He pulled the rabbit ears with a ridiculous tone, “Why am I feeling uncomfortable?”

Lin Jiayin looked at him and was silent for two seconds. She has an unusually obvious expression on her face as if telling him—”Stop trying, I know you are uncomfortable.”

“Speak.” Shen Zhan lowered his eyebrows and spoke lazily.

Lin Jiayin choked, her tone was a bit vexed: “Do you really want me to say it?”

Shen Zhan nodded.

Lin Jiayin: “Then I’ll say it.”

Shen Zhan: “Yeah.”

Lin Jiayin pointed to him, “You, nineteen coins.” Afterward, she pointed to herself, “Me, one coin.”

Shen Zhan said flatly, “Oh”.

“I caught the rabbit doll.” Lin Jiayin looked at him with pity and continued: “And you didn’t. No, you caught something, you caught—”

She imitated the doll machine claw and grabbed her chest, “Air!”

Shen Zhan: “…”

“But I have given this to you.” Lin Jiayin poked the rabbit’s cheek, “So in the end, you still grabbed it. It’s yours now.”

“So don’t be uncomfortable.” Lin Jiayin smiled sweetly at him.

“Then I have to thank you?” Shen Zhan also slowly raised the corners of his mouth and returned her with a reluctant smile.

Lin Jiayin scratched her cheek and said shyly, “No need.”

“No need to thank you?” Shen Zhan raised his eyebrows.

Lin Jiayin rapidly shook her head.

Shen Zhan placed his hand in his pocket: “If you don’t want words of thank you, then I’ll give you a candy instead.”


Lin Jiayin was puzzled. Shen Zhan didn’t like sweets, and would usually never bring candy with him.

Shen Zhan stretched out his hand in front of her and spread his five fingers.

At the center of the palm lies a piece of cube-shaped candy wrapped in pink tin foil.


Plus, it’s her favorite strawberry flavor.

However, her joy was soon overwhelmed as she recognizes the familiar wrapping paper.

“You didn’t eat it?” Lin Jiayin asked him. This was obviously the strawberry flavor piece that she secretly put on his desk this morning in the experimental laboratory class.

There were three pieces of them in different flavors: vanilla, milk, and strawberry.

She struggled for a long time, thinking of whether to save the strawberry-flavored chocolate for herself. However, fearing that Shen Zhan would not have enough to eat, she gave him all three.

“I didn’t eat it.” Shen Zhan chuckled lightly, putting the candy in her palm. “Now I’m giving it to you to eat.”

Lin Jiayin bit her lower lip. She raised her hand in the air but took it back after a moment.

“What?” Shen Zhan asked: “You don’t want to eat it?”

Lin Jiayin looked at him again for a while, and thoughtfully said: “But this was originally mine.” How can it be counted as him giving it to her?

Shen Zhan: “Isn’t it that it’s already mine after you put it on my table?”

Lin Jiayin paused before taking the candy with her hand.

Although what he said is relatively true, she still thought that it was strange.

While accepting the candy, which she originally gave him, as a thank you gift, the Chinese characters of the word “shameless” appeared in Lin Jiayin’s heart.

Wait, no way.

How can she think of Shen Zhan as someone who is shameless?

Although, indeed, he really seemed a bit shameless…

Lin Jiayin looked depressed.

“Do you think I’m not sincere enough?” Shen Zhan said in a huff.

Lin Jiayin nodded straightforwardly.

Shen Zhan turned and walked forward: “Let’s go.”

The direction is different from where the car is parked near the pet store. Lin Jiayin immediately followed up and asked, “Where are we going?”


“Supermarket? Why are we—” Before Lin Jiayin can finish asking, she was interrupted by Shen Zhan’s low voice.

Shen Zhan: “I’ll buy you candy.”

He thought of the lack of daily necessities at home and the supermarket was right in front. It was just in time to go there.

Inside Carrefour.1Carrefour – It’s the name of the supermarket and the company group that owns it. Carrefour operates a chain of hypermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores in China.

The two walked side by side; one tall and the other short.

Shen Zhan was pushing the cart with the white rabbit doll sitting on it. He thought that it was too stupid to look at, but it matches the secretly silly person nearby.

Lin Jiayin was so happy that she could explode. The previous feeling of depression completely disappeared.

She can be happy for at least two months if Shen Zhan is to buy her candy.

The cart turned to a corner.

Lin Jiayin was puzzled: “The chocolates are not here.”

The shelves are full of daily necessities—obviously, there are no chocolates.

Shen Zhan paused and said reluctantly: “I’ll buy a bottle of laundry detergent since we’re already in the grocery.”

“Oh.” Lin Jiayin suddenly said, “Okay.”

Shen Zhan took a bottle of laundry detergent and put it inside the cart.

“Buy this.” Lin Jiayin pointed to the green bottle in the second row.

Shen Zhan: “Is there a difference?”

Lin Jiayin put the laundry detergent in the cart back to its original place and replaced it with the other bottle.

“This smells better.” She said, “This is the same bottle at home.”

“Oh?” Shen Zhan didn’t care.

Lin Jiayin approached him and sniffed.

Shen Zhan looked and smiled: “Are you a puppy?”

“It has the same smell on you.” Lin Jiayin said earnestly: “It smells very good. I smelled it when I hugged you last time.”

Speaking of that light hug, Lin Jiayin wanted to do it again.

Shen Zhan narrowed his eyes: “Then you might as well hug the bottle of laundry detergent.”

Lin Jiayin: “Can the bottle of laundry detergent compare to you?”

She spoke seriously and completely forgot the embarrassment.

“The laundry detergent is cold.” She continued to babble: “Although you are also cold.”

After she said that, she turned her head and glanced at Shen Zhan.

Although her tone was relaxed, there was still a trace of grievance that was not easily detectable.

Shen Zhan’s peach-blossom eyes were closed. He had a smile that didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. The corner of his mouth was tickled: “Do you want me to be passionate?”

Lin Jiayin was taken aback for a moment, and then naturally said, “Like you’re going to be a hot fire in the cold winter?”

Shen Zhan: “…”

Forget it, he lost to her.

After buying daily necessities, the two walked into the candy area.

“What else is there other than the strawberry flavor?” Shen Zhan asked her, putting boxes one by one into the cart.

Lin Jiayin: “Milk.”

Shen Zhan: “Okay.”

Lin Jiayin looked at the seven or eight boxes of chocolates in the cart, and then at the empty shelves, “Aren’t those too much?”

“Not much.” Shen Zhan continued to stretch his hand for the milk flavor chocolate candy, and said without expression: “Buy it all once and for all.”

Lin Jiayin didn’t understand how these are “not much,” but she only nodded.

Shen Zhan is really kind to her.

She was so happy like a little fool.

Shen Zhan Yuguang glanced at her. He couldn’t help but say, “Lin Jiayin, if you want others to treat you well, you just—”

A child suddenly appeared behind the shelf. Lin Jiayin who was standing in the middle of the aisle was slammed backward.

Shen Zhan has a quick reflex. He immediately lifted her waist.

Shen Zhan asked: “Are you hurt?”

Lin Jiayin shook her head.

The child was shocked. After regaining senses and seeing that the situation was wrong, he ran away.

However, he did not run away fast.

“Little brat, apologize to older sister.”

Holding the boy’s collar, Shen Zhan leaned down and directly looked at the boy’s face, his eyes narrowed with a touch of appalling oppression.

The little boy was obviously frightened; his pupils were startled and his lips slightly trembled.

Shen Zhan curled up his lips and smiled: “Child, don’t let this older brother say it a second time.”

The boy swallowed and stammered: “I, I—”

The apology was interrupted by a sharp female voice from behind the shelf.

“Xiao Ming?”

When the boy heard the shout, it was as if a switch has been pressed. He cried loudly in an instant, wailing and calling his mother.

The middle-aged woman was carrying a bag of biscuits, and when she saw her son being grabbed by the collar, her face became angry. Her pace quickened.

“Mom, mom—” The boy wanted to get rid of the elder brother behind him. The collar was pulled too tightly, and the more he struggled, the more painful his neck was.

The woman threw the biscuit in her hand to the ground: “What are you doing?! Are you bullying my son?”

Shen Zhan ignored her and looked down at the boy. His voice was a little cold: “Child, apologize.”

“I don’t want to.” Seeing his mother who came, the boy immediately became stubborn knowing that he has a backing.

“You don’t want to apologize?” Shen Zhan chuckled as he continues to hold the child’s collar. His voice was loose, but it was mixed with a bit of coldness: “Do you know Big Big Wolf2Big Big Wolf – It’s the villain male protagonist in the Chinese animated television series called “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.”?”

The boy froze for a moment and nodded.

“Believe it or not, this brother can kick you up to the sky?” He curled his lower lip, “Just like Big Big Wolf.”

The child was startled, his face turned pale, and the next second, he began to cry.

The crying voice was shaking so hard, indicating that the child was truly terrified.

Shen Zhan let him go, and the middle-aged woman immediately pulled her son into her arms.

“What’s the matter with you? Terrorizing children? Believe it or not, I’ll call the police!”

Her voice was so high and sharp that Shen Zhan frowned.

“This aunt.” He squinted over: “Your kid bumped into my girlfriend. Isn’t that it’s only right for him to apologize?”

“What auntie!” The woman said louder: “Can you speak normally? Don’t you respect other people? How old do I look compared to you?”

Shen Zhan thought for two seconds, “Oh.” And then, he said: “This grandma, your little brat hit my girlfriend. He must apologize today.”

The woman was so angry that she didn’t speak for a while. It took her a long time before she could confidently speak: “Where was she hit?  I don’t see it anywhere.” She looked at the young girl who stood at the side.

Shen Zhan took a step forward and looked at the child hiding in the middle-aged woman’s arms with dangerous eyes.

“What do you want?!” The woman held her child and pushed back.

Shen Zhan said in understatement: “If you don’t punish him, he won’t learn his lesson.”

The young man in front of her is tall and full of aura. The woman’s voice became quieter: “It’s normal for a child to be ignorant. He has been so scared by you that he cried so hard, so just forget it.”

Shen Zhan smiled: “If your son doesn’t apologize, your son will not just cry.”

Hearing these words, the child buried himself in the woman’s chest again and burst into tears.

“You are so despicable! Didn’t you hit anyone when you were a kid? Is your girlfriend more expensive than my son?” The woman straightened her chest and stared angrily.

Shen Zhan twitched the corner of his mouth and half-squinted: “I’m sorry, my girlfriend is indeed more expensive than your naughty son.”


  • 1
    Carrefour – It’s the name of the supermarket and the company group that owns it. Carrefour operates a chain of hypermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores in China.
  • 2
    Big Big Wolf – It’s the villain male protagonist in the Chinese animated television series called “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.”
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