My Omega is Fierce
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My Omega is Fierce

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Synopsis My Omega is Fierce

There was a rumor saying that the cold and aloof omega, Tang Yuliang from the Medical Department, and the powerful alpha, Zhang Gushen from the Military Department were enemies. 

Yet, at this moment, the protagonists of the discussion were actually standing in front of three alphas. 

One of the alphas said arrogantly, “Zhang Gushen, three against one, do you think you will have a chance to win?”

Before Zhang Gushen could respond, another alpha said to Tang Yuliang. “Be obedient and let me mark you!”

Zhang Gushen was leaning his back against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. He ignored the three troublemakers in front of him and turned to ask the cold-looking omega that stood next to him. “Little cat, do you want me to teach them a lesson?”

Tang Yuliang revealed a cold smile. “No, I’ll teach them myself.”

After saying this, he rolled his sleeves, cracking his knuckles, walking forward with a chilled smile adorned his lips. 

The three alphas were stunned. Seeing Tang Yuliang’s action, the leader sneered, “A soft and weak omega like you want to fight with me?”

However, the soft and weak omega in the leader’s mouth didn’t answer him, and before the three of them could react, Tang Yuliang had already dashed toward them.

Tang Yuliang stepped on the leader’s chest with one leg. He leaned down and whispered to the person under him. “He’s much better than you. I can beat your gang without his help, but I can’t beat him alone.”

Zhang Gushen walked toward them. He couldn’t help but sigh helplessly. “A friendly reminder, my little cat is really fierce, it’s better not to provoke him.”

Tang Yuliang turned around, raising his eyebrows, he hummed softly. “In that case, from today onward, you will be sleeping on the couch.”

Zhang Gushen: “…” One more thing, this little guy also loves to hold a grudge!



-This is an original story.

-The picture is from Pinterest, all the credit goes to the rightful owner.

-I just saved the picture and edited it by myself.


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