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BATCFO Chapter 38.2

T/N: Thank you Emi, Beya, and Somebody for supporting this translation! This half-chapter isn’t so fun, but there’s some interesting MC/ML moments to come soon.



In the afternoon, Yun Xingze went straight to the modification room. He had been studying how to use double star mechas to defeat the thick-skinned storm mecha. But a breakthrough had been eluding him.

In the beginning, his idea was to strengthen the defense of his mecha, and make both mechas stronger. At the same time increasing the number of lethal weapons that can cause fatal damage to storm mechas.

However, this solution is a bit difficult to employ on a B-level mecha. No matter how strong and aggressive it is, it is insignificant in front of a S+ level storm mecha.

Then Yun Xingze changed his mind. He wanted to make the two mechas more flexible. After all, although the defense of the large mecha was high, it also sacrificed speed.

This solution is feasible, but after Yun Xingze simulated multiple modification solutions in his mind, he found a serious problem. That is, the fault tolerance rate is very low.

No matter how flexible a mecha is, as long as the front is stretched, it can be directly hammered in front of the behemoth storm mecha.

Yun Xingze took a deep breath. He had to admit that the result predicted by Lu Ranxu’s software was completely correct.

His current mecha hardware can’t compete with a storm mecha’s armor at all.

At this time, Zhuo Feiyue came to the modification room to look for Yun Xingze. He saw that Yun Xingze was a little bit distressed and stepped forward to comfort him: “Xingze, do you plan to fight the next round?”

Even if Yun Xingze doesn’t fight, it should be no problem to enter the school team.

But Yun Xingze is faced with a reward of 500,000 stars. How could he give up the duck that has almost reached his mouth!

After a while, Yun Xingze replied: “I want to try.”

Zhuo Feiyue saw Yun Xingze’s firm eyes, knowing that he is unlikely to change his decision, and said: “Xingze, I know you have a strong personality. But the storm mecha is a very special mecha. When it opens its shield, almost only mechas with higher levels can injure him. In other words, it is difficult for everyone in the school except Luo Wenchuan to confront it head-on. ”

Yun Xingze looked thoughtful when he heard Zhuo Feiyue’s words.

Zhuo Feiyue continued: “Unless… you can destroy a storm mecha’s shield, or launch the most violent attack on it the moment it lowers the shield.”

Yun Xingze nodded: “I know all of these, but …”

“But you probably won’t find a chance.” Zhuo Feiyue sighed “If He Haomin’s shield is raised throughout, and only put down to quickly attack, and randomly launches a few particle cannons at you, then you’ll be finished.”

A storm mecha’s particle cannon is a super large artillery fire with a wide range. It is also the strongest weapon allowed in the contest.

Hearing Zhuo Feiyue say this, Yun Xingze suddenly had some inspiration. He said to Zhuo Feiyue: “Teacher, thank you for your inspiration, I have some ideas.”

Zhuo Feiyue was stunned. He originally wanted to comfort Yun Xingze, telling him it’s not a shame to lose.

But Yun Xingze actually said he was inspired?

After a while, Zhuo Feiyue suddenly laughed: “You really are the most special student I have ever met.”

As expected, he was the mecha master Luo Wenchuan liked.

After sending off Zhuo Feiyue, Yun Xingze continued to study the modification on his optical brain.





For the duel between Yun Xingze and He Haomin, Su Zinan can be said to be happy.

“Unexpectedly, you really met.” Su Zinan found He Haomin and said. “Senior, you are simply the god of luck, too powerful.”

He Haomin’s mood became very good when he heard Su Zinan praise him.

“Since god gave me this opportunity, then I must let them know,” He Haomin curled his lips and said eagerly, “us students from the barren star are not something students like them can defeat at will.”

“Haomin, you’re the pride of us barren star students.” Su Zinan looked at He Haomin and said admiringly. “I helped you so many times at the beginning, and really didn’t see you wrongly.”

He Haomin looked at Su Zinan, and a warm current surged in his heart.

Both he and Su Zinan were poor students from a barren star. When they first entered school, they wore much worse clothes than other students, and  were squeezed out and looked down everywhere.

Even if he entered the school team and became an S+ player, He Haomin always felt that the eyes around him were showing contempt for him.

Although his strength has improved, his mecha could not be upgraded due to financial constraints.

As a result, He Haomin had asked many people and worked a few jobs to make money, but he still couldn’t save enough materials and modification costs for an S+ mecha, and his storm mecha was always stuck at the A+ level.

He Haomin was even more annoyed because of his inability to show his S+ level talent.

At this time, he met Su Zinan.

Su Zinan said that he had obtained good-quality storm mecha parts from barren star smugglers, and gave them all to He Haomin for 600,000 to 700,000 coins.

These star coins were saved by He Haomin’s ten-game winning streak last year and the money he earned from working.

“Changsheng Mecha Company…” He Haomin looked at the brand of accessories and was stunned. “This company is very famous in Emperor Star. Although I don’t know who the boss is, I heard that they have ongoing cooperation with the military.”

Su Zinan nodded: “Yes, my selling it to you cheaply, just treat it as aiding a fellow barren star student.”

Desperate, He Haomin seemed to have met the dawn in the dark. He was so grateful towards Su Zinan’s help that he was almost moved to tears.

Precisely because of this incident, He Haomin always believed that Su Zinan was a kind omega, and he was only punished because he was calculated by Yun Xingze and others.

What He Haomin didn’t know was that after Su Zinan sold those accessories to He Haomin, he met Chi Yu.

Chi Yu asked: “Have you sold that batch of goods?”

Not long ago, Chi Yu asked Yun Xingze for a batch of accessories for a storm mecha. There were many of them that he didn’t like, so he entrusted Su Zinan to resell them.

“Well, it’s sold to He Haomin.” Su Zinan nodded. “However, you also know that although the goods are new, there are some small flaws in the design. Although it is innocuous, He Haomin still keeps the price down and only sold for 300,000.”

“He Haomin is really stingy.” Chi Yu frowned. “It’s really cheap for him. If it’s 300,000, you can take 100,000 then.”

Su Zinan laughed happily, and asked Chi Yu a question at the time: “Will he be angry if we sell the accessories Xingze gave you like this?”

And Chi Yu’s answer at the time was: “It’s not like I threw them away. He gave them to me, can’t I change it to money?”

However, Su Zinan obviously did not intend to let He Haomin know the truth.

Let He Haomin maintain his hatred of and hostility towards Yun Xingze, and use his hand to defeat Yun Xingze. Su Zinan thought it was a pretty good idea.

On the Internet, most people were pessimistic about the game between Yun Xingze and He Haomin.

“Ah, although I really think Yun Xingze is the best omega, he still has no chance of winning against He Haomin?”

“Be bold, but there is no chance of winning.”

“B-level beating A+ is already very difficult. Playing a S+? It’s a fantasy…”

“It’s unfortunate. If Yun Xingze won the tenth match, it’ll be a game-winning streak unbeatable by other omegas.”

“How can I said it, yes, nine consecutive victories are enough for him to become a legend and be worshipped for a long time.”

“Yes, there is also a bonus of 50,000 yuan for entering the school team. Although it’s not as much as 500,000, but it is a lot of money.”

“I wanted to see Yun Xingze’s last fight, but now I don’t think it’s necessary. He’ll definitely lose terribly.”

Chi Yu looked at the various voices discussing Yun Xingze on the forum. He was a little angry, but wanted to reply and scold these people. But he also felt what they were saying made sense.

Chi Yu felt that since he wanted to restore Yun Xingze’s heart, he had to start by caring for him.

So Chi Yu asked someone specifically for Yun Xingze’s location, and waited for him to come out be the doors of the modification room.

After all, he and He Haomin used to be teammates. He also drove a storm mecha. When Yun Xingze saw him, as long as he stretched out an olive branch, Yun Xingze would definitely ask him for help.

Just as Chi Yu was confidently waiting for Yun Xingze at the entrance of the modification room.

Luo Wenchuan was upset because of Yun Xingze for a long time. He did not think to pay attention to Yun Xingze’s affairs, because it was too exhausting. But when he heard that Yun Xingze was matched against He Haomin, his heart nearly froze.

He Haomin was only fourth in the school team last year.1Don’t ask me about the numbers. The author changed them around. Whether he’s 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, He Haomin is up there, but below Luo Wenchuan. But from the performance of this year’s competition, he has clearly surpassed Ke Lei and Ashley, which is enough to show this man’s ambition.

Luo Wenchuan knew very well that He Haomin’s strength was even more terrifying than everyone knew.

How can Yun Xingze defeat such an opponent?

Luo Wenchuan simulated a variety of situations in his mind. Without exception, Yun Xingze was the disadvantaged party.

And it is a huge disadvantage.

But Luo Wenchuan never thought of encouraging Yun Xingze to give up.

In addition to worrying about Yun Xingze, he is more curious. How will Yun Xingze come back against the winds this time, like before?

Luo Wenchuan sat at the table, thinking about the game between Yun Xingze and He Haomin in his mind.

When he reacted, an entire morning passed.

He wanted to prevent himself from being affected by Yun Xingze, but he couldn’t stop being attracted. It even took over his entire mind.

Luo Wenchuan took a deep breath and decided to find Yun Xingze in the modification room.

When he walked outside the building of the modification room, he saw a familiar and annoying figure – Chi Yu.

Chi Yu was talking to Yun Xingze.

After making a rare decision to find Yun Xingze, Luo Wenchuan ran into this scene. HIs heart was uncomfortable and saying it must be a lie.

Looking at the two figures with narrowed eyes, he pursed his lips, his throat rolled, and his jawline was taut.

Yun Xingze naturally had nothing except cynicism, and was speechless, at Chi Yu’s visit.

After dealing with Chi Yu, Yun Xingze’s suddenly noticed a familiar figure’s back.

It’s Luo Wenchuan.

He doesn’t know why, but these days he rarely sees Luo Wenchuan. Maybe he’s too busy?

Yun Xingze didn’t think much about it, leaving Chi Yu behind and quickly walked towards the departing Luo Wenchuan. The corners of his lips couldn’t help but rise.

Seeing Yun Xingze talking to Chi Yu, Luo Wenchuan suppressed the stifling feeling in his heart and turned away.

The cherry blossoms on both sides of the road were blooming more prosperously than the previous few days, like a splendid oil painting in the sun. But Luo Wenchuan had no intention to appreciate it.

He didn’t know what he was upset about.

At this time.

Footsteps came up from behind.

Before he could react, there was a sudden force, carefully tugging the corner of his uniform.

Luo Wenchuan was taken aback, and stopped suddenly.


LWC needs to grow some balls… Always retreating without determining the truth.

And SZN… well, its nearly climax before this secondary villain is dealt with.


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  • 1
    Don’t ask me about the numbers. The author changed them around. Whether he’s 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, He Haomin is up there, but below Luo Wenchuan.
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  1. Avatar Astral3 says:

    Thanks for your work >w<

  2. Avatar ErzaTitania says:

    Is He Haoming listening to himself? Let them know? Let them know what, you idiot? You’re a S+ Alpha with an S+ mecha who was fourth in the whole team. The MC is a B+ Omega with a B+ mecha whose only experience comes from this single tournament. If you managed to defeat him, that would be a matter of course, dumbasss. It’s like a college student bragging that he can beat a 5th grader. With a zero IQ like yours, no surprise people were looking down at you.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      It’s not as explicit in the early chapters as it is later on, but the BATCFO world is one full of “alpha cancers” who think they’re the greatest, hot shit, and everything holy. In contrast, omegas should – on average – stay at home, cook, knit, etc (thus why SZN stands out).
      This becomes more apparent a little later on.

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Buy some confidence, ML!

  4. Avatar owo worm? says:

    The tag says “overpowered protagonist” and I believe in it wholeheartedly. And Luo Wenchuan stop angsting around and pay attention to Yun Xingze. He chose to be your mechanic and that loser’s still trying to poach him. Yun Xingze’s about to choose you over Nuisance #1 again from the looks of this cliffhanger.
    Thanks for the update!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      +10086, though to be fair, XYZ would never go for CY

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