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MOF Chapter 2

You have a good memory.

Chapter 2: You have a good memory.

Tang Yuliang felt the blue vein on his forehead jump wildly, he tried to resist himself not to beat the two bastards in front of him. He took a deep breath and said, “I said earlier not to shout. Or do you want me to throw you out of here?”

The other party’s voice was too rigid. Chen Hong and Li Min also heard the gritting sound coming from Tang Yuliang when he said those words. Knowing that Tang Yuliang had a short temper, Li Min coughed. “I’m sorry little Dr.Tang, we were too surprised just now.”

Tang Yuliang glanced at Li Min coldly, this title was one of the titles given to him by the person that was laying on the bed. And since then, Zhang Gushen’s trio would often call him ‘little Dr.Tang’ despite how dissatisfied Tang Yuliang showed. After knowing that it was no use to change these three people’s minds, Tang Yuliang let them be, thus this continued until now, and he was also used to it.

Just when he was about to say something, the room suddenly filled with the scent of merlot, Tang Yuliang’s face changed slightly. Without thinking much, he walked toward the drawer, taking out a high-level scent blocker. Then he walked to Zhang Gushen, removed the old scent blocker from the alpha’s gland. Tang Yuliang held his breath and stuck the new high-level scent blocker onto the man’s gland.

Then he said coldly, “Sit up, I need to bandage your wound.”

Zhang Gushen pinched the bridge of his nose, using his two hands to support himself and he sat up cooperatively. He looked up at the beautiful young man in front of him, and asked as if he was wronged, “Little Dr.Tang, how can you talk with such a tone toward your patient?”

Tang Yuliang hummed softly, turned around, and walked toward the medical cabinet. He took out the cotton, gauzes, and rubbing alcohol from the medical cabinet. He then moved back to Zhang Gushen and began to clean the other party’s wounds.

When the merlot scent dissipated, Chen Hong heaved a sigh of relief, their boss phenomenon was too strong, if this scent was not fade away within 30 minutes to 1 hour, maybe they couldn’t even stand straight. Chen Hong turned back to his senses, threw what he was thinking to the back of his mind, and asked Tang Yuliang in puzzlement, “By the way, how come it is you who work here? What about the beautiful omega sister last time?”

“Are you talking about Xiao Ying?”

Chen Hong pondered for a moment. “I’m not sure, but that little girl has a lively personality.”

“Xiao Ying had been transferred to the school clinic in the south.” Tang Yuliang poured the rubbing alcohol onto a piece of cotton before he pressed the cotton that was soaked with rubbing alcohol onto Zhang Gushen’s wound. The other party hissed lightly, “Little cat, can you be more gentle?”

Here we go, another nickname that was given to him by this man. Tang Yuliang’s face darkened, he inserted more strength and pressed on Zhang Gushen’s wound even harder than before, making the person in front of him groan painfully. Gritting his teeth, Tang Yuliang said with a frosty tone, “Serve you right.”

Chen Hong and Li Min turned their heads at the same time, looking at the two people who were sitting on the bed. One with a green combat uniform, while the other one was in a white coat, it was undoubtedly a picturesque image. However, Tang Yuliang’s expression was too cold, accompanied by Zhang Gushan’s pale face and grunting sound, this seemingly pleasing scene shattered in an instant.

Li Min was skeptical. “What’s wrong with the two of you?”

Chen Hong was also shocked. “Boss, your face is even paler than before.”

Tang Yuliang replied, “Don’t bother, he won’t die.”

With this remark left by the little Dr.Tang, Li Min and Chen Hong immediately shut their mouths, glancing at their boss pitifully.

Li Min whispered to Chen Hong, “I say, our boss already knew about Xiao Liang’s temper, but why is he keeping on teasing him?”

Chen Hong shrugged. “Who knows? Maybe he loved this type of fierce omega?”

Tang Yuliang’s cold voice could be heard at this moment. “I can hear you.”

Chen Hong coughed twice, and hurriedly changed the topic. “The school clinic in the south is in between the Scientific Research Department and Science Technology Department, right?”

Tang Yuliang: “Yeah.”

Minsheng University had four majors in total, which were the Medical Department, Military Department, Scientific Research Department, and Science Technology Department. All these majors were somehow very important to the Star Empire. The students that graduated from Minsheng University mostly worked for the Star Empire, and they also made a name for themselves.

Moreover, the university also had two school clinics, the clinic that Tang Yuliang often stayed in was located in the north, and the people who came to this clinic were usually the students from the Medical Department and the Military Department. As for the school clinic that was located in the south, it was undoubtedly for the students from the Scientific Research Department and the Science Technology Department.

This was also the reason why Tang Yuliang was pretty sure a moment ago that if it weren’t the students from the Medical Department who came to him, then there were only the students from the Military Department.

Li Min was curious. “One more thing, Xiao Liang, don’t you have class? Why are you here? No, no, not only you, but I saw many students from the Medical Department often staying in the school clinic.”

Tang Yuliang answered casually, “We have class three days a week. I stayed on duty in the school clinic every Thursday and Friday.”

Li Min nodded in understanding. “No wonder. Sigh, you are really lucky, staying in the room with an air conditioner every day like this.”

As if he had just recalled something unpleasant, Chen Hong couldn’t help but vented it out. “I’m really angry today!” He turned to Tang Yuliang who was bandaging his boss’ injury, “Xiao Liang, do you still remember the guy with the surname Wu?”

Tang Yuliang furrowed his brow and asked directly, “Are you talking about Wu Ping, the Principal’s son?”

Chen Hong nodded, he said angrily, “That bastard is too arrogant and he has never learned his lesson after we beat him last time. This time, I really want to beat him to death.”

Tang Yuliang frowned. “What happened?”

“Brother Liang! We’re back!” Liu Qing walked in with a cup of mint bubble tea in his right hand, and some other snacks in his left hand. 

Then he was stunned by the three alphas’ presence. However, after seeing Chen Hong, the little guy hurriedly gave the mint bubble tea to Tang Yuliang before he strode to Chen Hong happily. 

“Xiao Qing, I thought you were not on duty with Xiao Liang.” Chen Hong rubbed the little omega’s hair affectionately.

“Ah, how come? No matter where Brother Liang goes, there will always be me and Mumu by his side.” Liu Qing said confidently.

Tang Yuliang sipped the mint-flavored bubble tea that was newly bought by Liu Qing. He was also amused by the little guy’s statement, and he couldn’t help but pour cold water onto the young man. “What about when you’re married, are you still following me?”

Liu Qing froze, he scratched his head in embarrassment. “That…Brother Liang, maybe you are already married at that time?”

A chuckle could be heard from behind, Tang Yuliang turned his head and glared at Zhang Gushen. The other person immediately made a zipping gesture and closed his mouth, proceeded to be dead.

Li Min asked, “Where is Mumu? How come only Xiao Qing is here?”

Before Liu Qing could answer, Jia Mu said from behind, “Brother Min, you come and help me, I can’t hold all of them.”

Li Min turned back, only to see the little omega holding so many snacks in his hands, some of the snacks were about to fall onto the ground as well. Thus, he quickly walked to assist Jia Mu, and also couldn’t restrain himself from asking, “Why are you buying so many? And they are especially mint-flavored snacks.”

Jia Mu whispered, “Actually, Brother Liang loved to eat snacks so much and his favorite flavor is mint. However, because he was too lazy to buy and didn’t want to bother us, he always remained silent. In the end, we couldn’t bear it and often bought them for him even if he didn’t ask.”

Li Min nodded, indicating that he understood. In addition, he helped Jia Mu put all the snacks on the desk. Zhang Gushen also noticed the two people’s movements, he raised his eyebrows in interest, then he leaned over and said softly to the person next to him, “They bought so many of your favorite snacks.”

Tang Yuliang was stunned, he looked at Zhang Gushen, opening his mouth many times but didn’t know what to say. Zhang Gushen also noticed Tang Yuliang’s action, he couldn’t help but laugh. “Well, whenever I see you, you always eat those snacks. So I assumed that they are your favorite.”

Tang Yuliang lowered his eyes, hiding all of his emotion, and said flatly, “You have a good memory.”

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