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MOF Chapter 3


Chapter 3: A-Liang.

Chen Hong clapped his hands twice and said, “Since everyone is here, then I will continue to answer Xiao Liang’s question just now. That guy, Wu Ping, actually had an intention of wanting to harm the boss, but the Instructor didn’t stop him nor did he report this matter to the Principal.”

Li Min added, “That is also the reason why the boss is injured. He was stabbed with the dagger by Wu Ping.”

Liu Qing touched his chin and said meaningfully to Zhang Gushen who was sitting on the bed with Tang Yuliang. “Brother Shen, with your strength, you wouldn’t be defeated so easily by that bastard, right?”

Jia Mu also inserted himself into the conversation, he asked Zhang Gushen with pure and innocent eyes, “He was defeated by you numerous times already in the past. Why did you suddenly be beaten by him like this? This isn’t your usual self at all, Brother Shen!”

Liu Qing also caught his friend’s meaning, thus he added, “Mumu is right! Hehe, with your personality, you will not lose to others that easily.”

Chen Hong and Li Min seemed to understand what the two people had said as well. Hence, they immediately turned their heads to their boss and revealed a meaningful smile.

Tang Yuliang was left in the dark by everyone. Therefore, he frowned and asked in displeasure, “What are you guys talking about?”

Zhang Gushen looked at these people, then turned to look at the cold and aloof omega who had no clue at all about what others had talked about. He rubbed his brows helplessly, feeling like his plan had been seen through by them. Hence, he could only cough to hide his embarrassment. “You all, leave me some face, alright?”

“Okay, no problem. Brother Hong, you accompany me to have some fun.” Liu Qing laughed happily, he then dragged Chen Hong out of the room, Liu Qing also did not forget to wink at Jia Mu. As if he had caught the meaning behind his friend’s wink, Jia Mu also left with Li Min afterward.

The room suddenly sank into silence, leaving only two people in there. Tang Yuliang prepared to leave as well, but his wrist was caught by the person next to him.

Zhang Gushen said lightly, “You stay here, and find some topic to talk about with me. I’m bored.”

Tang Yuliang raised his brows, his answer was simple. “You also knew that I’m not a talkative person.”

Zhang Gushen said nonchalantly, “Then just sit here and let me look at your face.”

Tang Yuliang’s earlobes turned red in an instant because of shame. His teeth were itching with hate, wanting to beat the patient in front of him so much. “Shut up.”

Zhang Gushen sighed, his appearance was a bit pitiful at this moment. “Classmate Xiao Liang, why are you so cruel?”

Tang Yuliang ignored this shameless person. He put the drink in his hand onto the table that was filled with various snacks before picking one of them, opened the snack wrapper, and began to eat it while walking back to Zhang Gushen.

The other party was still talking nonstop, “Little Dr.Tang, did you hear what I’m saying?”

“Classmate Xiao Liang, I’m talking to you.”

“Little cat, are you trying to ignore me?”

“Xiao Liang? Little cat? Little Dr.Tang? A-Liang?”


Just when these words left his mouth, Both Tang Yuliang and Zhang Gushen froze on the spot. They didn’t know why, but there was a burst of pain in their heart as if this name had left a deep impression on both of them.

Tang Yuliang was the first to calm down and return to his normal self. In fact, he didn’t feel disgusted nor displeased when Zhang Gushen called him that way.

Tang Yuliang stood in front of Zhang Gushen with a cold look. “Open your mouth.”

Zhang Gushen was bewildered. “Huh?”

“Open your mouth.” The person in front of him was still repeating this same sentence. Hence, Zhang Gushen had no choice but to open his mouth cooperatively. Then a refreshing mint taste touched the tip of his tongue, and Tang Yuliang’s finger also happened to brush past his lips lightly.

As if he had been electrified, Tang Yuliang hurriedly withdrew his hand. On the other hand, Zhang Gushen was laughing happily while enjoying the piece of snack that classmate Xiao Liang had fed him.

If the Medical Department and Military Department students witnessed this scene, they would rather doubt whether they had a hallucination or that piece of rumor that had floated around the school was false.

Tang Yuliang took his mint-flavored bubble tea and drank it to hide his embarrassment. In the end, he couldn’t help but murmur. “You talk too much.”

Zhang Gushen: “Hm?”

Tang Yuliang said with a gelid tone. “You talked so much a moment ago, that’s why I stuffed you a piece of snack to shut your mouth.”

When classmate Xiao Liang finished explaining everything, he suddenly regretted it. Why did he have to explain this trivial thing, what if that bastard surname Zhang’s mind was not in the same line as him, then didn’t what he said just now became an embarrassing thing instead?

“Oh~” Sure enough, Zhang Gushen deliberately stretched out his tone. His cunning eyes were staring straight at Tang Yuliang’s beautiful face.

Tang Yuliang knew that he was a thin-skinned person, he was also not as shameless as Zhang Gushen. At this moment, he really wanted to dig a pit and bury himself in so much. Because his thoughts became a mess, the cold emotion in Tang Yuliang’s eyes was also replaced with panic.

He quickly took another sip of mint-flavored bubble tea to soothe himself. Zhang Gushen also noticed the change of the person in front of him, he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong with you?”

Tang Yuliang muttered, “I don’t know.”

Zhang Gushen sighed, realizing that the person in front of him was the cold, aloof, stubborn, and fierce omega. He decided not to go deep into the topic. “Are you tired? Maybe you can go back and rest? Doesn’t this school clinic have a resting area for the students on duty like you?”

Hearing this suggestion, Tang Yuliang didn’t know why but his temper suddenly flared up. “Do I look so weak in your eyes? I don’t need yo to look at me this way at all, Zhang Gushen!”

Zhang Gushen was stunned, he unexpectedly stretched out his hands, wanting to pull the person in front of him into his embrace. But he paused, seemingly realizing his own action. Thus, he retracted back his hands and sighed inwardly. “I didn’t mean that.”

Tang Yuliang didn’t say anything more, he just walked out with a mint-flavored bubble tea in his hand. When the four people that were playing in the resting room saw little Dr.Tang walking in with an awfully cold expression, they couldn’t help but want to reduce their sense of existence.

Tang Yuliang didn’t bother to care about the people that were present in the room. He scurried over to the sofa, taking his bag and putting it on his shoulder before he turned his head toward Liu Qing and Jia Mu. “You will be responsible for signing Zhang Gushen’s leaving approval.”

Every student who had come to the school clinic needed at least one doctor to sign their leaving approval as evidence that they indeed came to the school clinic. The person who usually signed it was the medical students who were on duty.

After all, it was almost every day that the medical students had to stay in the school clinic to experience themselves. As for the school doctor, they were the senior students that had graduated. They decided to be the school doctor to explain and instruct the medical students when they came to the school clinic. Moreover, the school doctor came only once a week.

Tang Yuliang didn’t wait for them to respond, after putting the white coat on the hanger, he left a sentence to the four people. “I’ll be going first.”

Then he went out without giving any more explanation. The four people that were left in the room were dumbfounded.

Chen Hong couldn’t help but say, “Is Xiao Liang quarreling with the Boss again?”

Li Min: “It shouldn’t be an old grudge, right?”

Chen Hong seemed to be remembering something, his eyes widened. “Don’t tell me that Xiao Liang is still harboring a resentment against the Boss because of what had happened six months ago?”

Jia Mu sighed. “If Brother Shen let me tell Brother Liang the truth, these two people wouldn’t be like this until now, right?”

Li Min was surprised. “You two haven’t told the truth of what happened at that time to Xiao Liang yet?”

Liu Qing admitted it. “Yes. After all, Brother Shen didn’t want us to tell Brother Liang the truth.”

Chen Hong scratched his head in bafflement. “Why?”

Liu Qing rested his chin on his palm, while he placed his left elbow on his left knee, and said thoughtfully, “Maybe Brother Shen knew beforehand that Brother Liang had a short temper and was also a vigilant person. Besides, if I told him the truth, he might not have believed it. That’s why Brother Shen let us keep our mouths shut.”

Li Min said angrily, “After thinking about all this, I was still wondering who the fuck spreading the rumors? And said that the Boss and Xiao Liang were enemies?”

Jia Mu shrugged. “At that time, when Brother Liang heard about the rumor. His face was really ugly, he even wanted to beat the person behind all of these matters. However, we still haven’t found out who the mastermind is yet.”

Chen Hong wiped the tears that didn’t exist on his face, and said emotionally, “Speaking of this, I still remembered when we first met.”

Lou Qing couldn’t help but chuckle. “It was truly a horrible timing during that period.”

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