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MOF Chapter 5

Classmate Xiao Liang, you shouldn't say these words so casually to an alpha.

Chapter 5: Classmate Xiao Liang, you shouldn’t say these words so casually to an alpha.

Tang Yuliang was flabbergasted, he didn’t understand what the man in front of him meant, but he was still looking forward to it anyway.

When Tang Yuliang was waiting for a good show, he suddenly smelled a faint scent of merlot. This scent became stronger and stronger, Tang Yuliang didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt dizzy as if he was drunk, he really wanted to smell this scent more. It was so good, but the more he smelled it, the more he felt weak.

Since entering Minsheng University, there were a lot of alphas who had persuaded him, some alpha even released their pheromone in front of him, trying to control him, making him weak in front of them, but they were all beaten by him in the end.

Because those pheromones didn’t affect him at all!

But at this moment, he really felt soft and fluttered. If he came into contact with Zhang Gushen pheromone even longer than this, he would not be able to hold on much and he might even do something shameful like omegas usually do when they responded to alphas pheromone.

Wu Ping’s face turned pale, he felt a great pressure coming from the man in front of him, making his legs weaken, he immediately knelt on the ground. The other students were already on the verge of death, this merlot scent was even more powerful than that of Wu Ping pheromone, it could make them feel stuffy and suffocated.

When Zhang Gushen saw Wu Ping kneeling, he revealed a satisfied smile, the scent of merlot also faded away little by little. The other students felt as if the stone on their heart had been lifted, they wiped away the sweat on their forehead and stood up with relief.

Zhang Gushen put away his smile, his eyes were icily cold, he looked down at Wu Ping, and said indifferently, “Sram.”

Wu Ping gritted his teeth with hate, he wiped the sweat on his forehead, then he stood up, and walked away without giving Zhang Gushen another look. While walking, Wu Ping did not forget to check on his little brothers, their condition was not different from him. At this moment, he hated Zhang Gushen even more, and he somehow already regarded Zhang Gushen as his enemy.

Tang Yuliang, who was standing behind Zhang Gushen, couldn’t help but murmured to himself blankly when the scent had vanished, “The smell on his body is so good…”

Zhang Gushen turned around and happened to hear what Tang Yuliang had said, he couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “Classmate Xiao Liang, let me give you some advice. You shouldn’t say these words so casually in front of an alpha.”

Tang Yuliang revealed a puzzled look. “Why?”

Zhang Gushen’s smile deepened. “I thought you were showing love to me.”

Tang Yuliang: “…” This guy was too confident in his charm, right?

After Wu Ping left, the two people were called by the principal. Zhang Gushen was extremely relaxed all the way, while Tang Yuliang’s expression was still as cold as ever. Neither of them felt fear after being called by the principal.

When entering the principal’s office, Zhang Guhen smiled at the principal in a friendly manner. As for Tang Yuliang, he didn’t say anything, just lifted his eyes, and glanced briefly at the middle-aged man in front of him before lowering his eyes indifferently.

In fact, he was not in the wrong from the beginning about this matter. It was all the guy named Wu Ping that violated the school’s rules, and he had no idea about why the principal called him and Zhang Gushen.

The principal’s name was Wu Li, he had been working in Minsheng University for about 20 years already. At this moment, Wu Li was smiling gently at Zhang Gushen. “Xiao Shen, this is all Xiao Ping’s fault. I will let him apologize to you about this matter.”

Wu Ping opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he was blocked by his father’s dagger glare.

Zhang Gushen raised his brow lazily and glanced at Wu Ping, who was standing on the side, then he shook his head. “No, the one he should apologize to is not me.” Then he pointed to the silent Tang Yuliang. “He should apologize to him. He had released his pheromone to control an omega, which is against the school rules.”

Wu Li also knew that Tang Yuliang was an omega. Besides, this young man had an outstanding performance and he was also a genius in the Medical Department. What’s more, Wu Li didn’t want to have any conflict with the professors from the Medical Department.

If those professors knew that their precious student had been targeted by an alpha, who was actually the principal’s son, Wu Li would undoubtedly predict in advance that they would come and have a good talk with him, and he didn’t want to deal with them either. So it was better to let his son apologize to the two students in front of him.

Wu Li couldn’t help but sigh helplessly. Wu Ping was really good at attracting trouble. He actually offended someone he shouldn’t have offended, it was fine if he had only offended that top omega student.

After all, this omega student’s identity was not really as important as Zhang Gushen’s. He heard that this omega was an orphan and had accidentally saved someone’s life from a prosperous family, and they also asked him what he wanted as compensation. As a result, this omega said he had no money but he wanted to study at Minsheng University as a medical student, and this was why he had been able to enter Minsheng University, which was full of sons and daughters from rich families.

Nevertheless, after Wu Li read about Tang Yuliang’s background, he somehow felt strange. How could an orphan child like him have such delicate skin? Besides, his personality was also cold and sometimes appeared to be a bit arrogant as well. No matter how he looked at the omega student in front of him, Wu Li didn’t want to believe at all that this kid was an orphan and poor. But he had checked the other party’s background many times already, and the result was as he had known earlier so he could only accept it.

Wu Li took a deep breath, he said to his son, “Quickly apologize to Xiao Shen and Xiao Liang.”

Wu Ping had received his father’s threatened gaze numerous times, so he had no choice but to say unwillingly, “I’m sorry, I’ll not do this again in the future.”

“Good, I hope you three will be able to become friends in the future. You all are in the same school, you should make more friends.” Wu Li smiled and explained to the three people inside the room patiently like an old father educating his children.

Zhang Gushen didn’t take the principal words to his heart at all, and neither did Tang Yuliang, the two only nodded and asked for leave.

After the two students left, Wu Li’s smile disappeared, he glared at his son. “Don’t provoke him in the future.”

Wu Ping was puzzled. “Why? Your attitude toward him is too respectful when you talk with him.” He couldn’t help but add with disdain, “He is just a student, why are you respecting him so much? Besides, even if he is strong, so what?”

Wu Li laughed ridiculously, “So what? Son, when you enter your freshman year, have you ever heard the students talk about the ‘Ace Duo’?”

Wu Ping mulled over for a moment, then he nodded. “I heard a lot, but they suddenly dropped out of school three years ago. Their performance was amazing, they had completed various S-Level missions. So the students from the Military Department called them ‘Ace Duo’. Because these two people were the top alphas during that period.”

Wu Li sighed. “Yes, do you know who they are?”

“…No.” Wu Ping scratched his head awkwardly, he didn’t understand why his father was asking him about this. Furthermore, he only heard about the title ‘Ace Duo’ but never heard of the two people’s names. And even when the other junior students asked the fourth-year senior students about the two legendary existence, they still didn’t get any news. All the fourth-year senior students, who knew about these two people, were tight lips. The instructors also never mentioned their names. Thinking about this now, Wu Ping suddenly felt weird.

Wu Li said solemnly, “The ‘Ace Duo’ that everyone talks about are the descendants of the Zhang and Tang Families.”

Wu Ping was shocked. “No way, The descendants of the two powerful families in Star City?!”

Wu Li: “Yes, they are the eldest grandson of General Zhang and General Tang. Even if the two people had retired, their eldest sons all have power in their hands. So their grandsons aren’t weak either.” His expression was serious. “This is my last time warning you as a father, don’t provoke someone from the Zhang and Tang Families.”

Wu Ping still didn’t understand. “Wait, you mean Zhang Gushen is from the Zhang Family? And you even think Tang Yuliang is also from the Tang Family?”

Wu Li looked at his son as if the other party was an idiot. “Or else? Don’t they have Zhang and Tang as their surnames?”

Wu Ping shook his head. “No, as far as I know, the eldest young masters of the Zhang and Tang Families have already become lieutenant colonels. So even if Zhang Gushen has the surname Zhang, he shouldn’t be someone from the Zhang Family nor he is the eldest young master of the Zhang Family. Someone who had already become lieutenant colonel at such a young age would not come to study here to waste his time.”

Wu Li was speechless for a moment, he really didn’t know how to explain. What’s more, he had promised the Zhang Family not to disclose Zhang Gushen’s real identity to others, even if the other party was his son. And after knowing that Wu Ping had offended Zhang Gushen, Wu Li was almost frightened out of his wits. But he also heaved a sigh of relief when Zhang Gushen didn’t take it seriously, otherwise, he couldn’t imagine what the outcome would be.

Nevertheless, he still tried his best to hint at his son, trying to let Wu Ping know Zhang Gushen’s identity, but looking at the young man in front of him, who reveal an outrageous expression, as if he didn’t believe his father’s words at all, made Wu Li wanted to vomit blood on the spot.

Why did he have such a stupid son?!

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