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MOF Chapter 0


Prologue: You are the best general in my heart, General Zixin…

“The General has returned!!”

“We won the war!”

“Congratulation to the General!”

“This is a really great victory!”

“Such a handsome and powerful man like General Zixin, it’s a pity that he hasn’t had a wife yet.”

“The woman that is worthy of our General should be someone that is strong and courageous!”

This was the third time that General Zixin came back from war with a glorious victory, many people in the Qing Kingdom had great respect and admiration for this young general.

Five years later, everything changed…

“Kill that traitor!”

“Kill him!”

“Don’t let him alive!”

“He’s not the General Zixin that we used to respect! He is a traitor!”

“Huh, I heard that he was in love with Prince Ming as well.”

“Prince Ming? The seventh son of the Emperor?”

“I heard that he was sick since he was born, but I have never expected that he was a monster!”

“A monster?”

“Did you know? That Prince Ming actually gave birth to a son! And his son is already five years old now!”

“You mean Prince Ming’s son is also that traitor’s son?”

“Or else? They should be all dead! They aren’t worthy of the Qing Kingdom!”

Five years ago, these people praised and respect General Zixin, who everyone regarded as the War King, someone that could bring glory to their Qing Kingdom. Yet, five years later, these people pointed their hands at him, slandered him, cursed him, called him a traitor…

This was human nature, if he did well, he would gain their admiration and respect, but if he made a mistake, even if it was only a minor mistake, his past glory would sink into an abyss. They would accuse him and blame him harshly, they didn’t care whether he was the general that used to defend the kingdom for his whole life.

Inside the palace, many imperial guards surrounded a young man in armor. His face was emotionless, there wasn’t any hint of fear in his eyes.

“General Zinxin, we will give you one last chance to plead guilty.” The Emperor was sitting on the throne, looking down at the young man in front of him.

General Zixin opened his mouth and said without any emotion. “I didn’t do it.”

The Emperor laughed angrily. “Great! Really Great!” He then ordered, “Guard! Executed him now! Immediately!”

When one of the imperial guards raised the bow and shot an arrow, a figure suddenly rushed toward General Zixin and hugged him. Hence, the arrow pierced through the young man’s heart.

Everyone’s expression changed. “Prince Ming!”

The Emperor also rose from his seat. He closed his eyes, and whispered softly, “Xiao Liang…”

General Zixin embraced the person in his arms tightly, his voice trembled. “Why…”

“Because…I can’t…bear to see you die. I…love you…You are the most amazing general in my heart, General Zixin…” The young man raised his hand and caressed the other party’s face gently, a smile appeared on his lips, then he slowly closed his eyes. “Please…take care of our child…”

“No…don’t leave me…A-Liang…A-Liang!!!”

Nobody knew what truly happened that day besides the people in the palace. However, there was already a rumor around the Qing Kingdom saying that General Zixin wanted to rebel, thus he was executed on the spot by having many arrows pierced through his heart. As for Prince Ming, he was dead because of protecting the traitor.

Since then, in many citizens’ hearts, General Zixin and Prince Ming were the traitors…

And this also become the history…

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