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MOF Chapter 4

I'm Zhang Gushen, nice to meet you, Little Doctor.

Chapter 4: I’m Zhang Gushen, nice to meet you, Little Doctor.

Two years ago…

“A virus is a small collection of genetic code, either DNA or RNA, surrounded by a protein coat. A virus cannot replicate alone. Viruses must infect cells and use components of the host cell to make copies of themselves.” Inside the classroom, the female professor in a white coat was explaining the lesson through the projector screen.

One of the students raised his hand. “What will happen if the host is affected by the virus?”

The professor smiled and explained patiently, “The virus will kill the host cell in the process, and cause damage to the host organism.”

After answering the student’s question, the professor continued her lesson, “Viruses have been found everywhere on Earth. Researchers estimate that viruses outnumber bacteria by 10 to 1…”

Just then there was a sudden knock on the door. The Principal appeared at the door with an apologetic smile on his face. He said to the professor, “Sorry for disturbing your class. Professor Su, I wanted to borrow some of your students to help.”

Professor Su furrowed her brows, but she still maintained her polite attitude and inquired, “What do you need my students for, Principal?”

The Principal smiled and gave a reason. “The students from the Military Department were training hard these days, and they happened to be injured, almost all of them. So I wanted the student from your class to treat their injury, and I think it’s also a good opportunity for the students from the Medical Department to experience the process of treating the patient.”

Professor Su pondered for a while. “Alright, please wait a minute. I will choose two or three students for you.” Then she began to look around. “Tang Yuliang, Liu Qing, and Jia Mu. You three will follow the Principal to treat the students from the Military Department.”

The three students who were named by Professor Su stood up. The young man with silver hair had a cold expression on his face. Even when the professor called him, he still maintained the same expression. As for the other two students, they were more lively and cheerful, they hurriedly responded to the professor before walking to the Principal, and following him to the Military Department.

When the Principal led the three students from the Medical Department to the Military Department, they had attracted many people’s attention. Especially the young man in a white coat who was walking in the forefront, his expression was extremely cold.

However, his appearance was too dazzling, he had silver hair, with glacier blue eyes, accompanied by smooth and delicate skin, making him even more beautiful.

The young man seemingly ignored all the burning gazes that were cast on him from time to time, it was as if he had viewed everything around him as air. The other students that were from the Medical Department who also came to treat the students from the Military Department couldn’t help but glance continually at Tang Yuliang, Liu Qing, and Jia Mu.

The female omega student that came from the Medical Department whispered to her companion. “Isn’t that Tang Yuliang’s trio?”

The companion answered, “It’s them! I heard that Tang Yulian’s and his two other friends’ performances are really outstanding!”

“Their scores are also the highest in the Medical Department.”

Sigh, such an outstanding student, and also good-looking, it’s a pity that he is an omega. If he is an alpha, I would not hesitate to chase after him.”

When the two female students were gossiping, they didn’t at all notice the presence of a young man in his green combat uniform, sitting about five meters behind them while trying to bandage the wound by himself.

And upon hearing the topic of the two students’ discussion, the young man couldn’t help but raise his head in curiosity. Then, what he saw was a beautiful young man in a white coat walking toward him, making him a bit stunned.

The female students who were conversing just now also became silent. They immediately turned their eyes, looking at where Tang Yuliang was walking to, and when they knew that Tang Yuliang was heading toward the handsome alpha in green combat uniform, the two female students widened their eyes in surprise.

Tang Yuliang didn’t care about the shock in other people’s eyes at all. When he stepped into the training area, he saw that every military student already had one or two medical students helping them, so there was no need for him to squeeze in. Therefore, he decided to look around first, whether there was still any student that needed his help, and then he caught a glimpse of a young man sitting further away from others in a remote place, bandaging the wound by himself.

Tang Yuliang was surprised at first when seeing the man’s action. However, knowing his task for coming here today to help the military students, he walked directly toward the man and squatted down to remove the man’s bandage.

The other party seemed to be startled by Tang Yuliang’s movement, hence he couldn’t restrain himself from asking, “What are you doing?”

Tang Yuliang responded coldly. “Bandaging your wound.”

“But I’ve already finished it.”

Tang Yuliang paused his movement, he lifted his eyes, looking at the person in front of him. The man felt that the pair of glacier blue eyes were extremely beautiful, and the whole person was just like a cold beauty.

Tang Yuliang lowered his eyes and continued to remove the bandage on the man’s right arm, he also said, “You bandage yourself without cleaning the injury, this is not what we, the medical students do.”

The man was silent for a moment, then he chuckled. “I’m Zhang Gushen, nice to meet you, Little Doctor.”

Tang Yuliang was stunned by the title, he looked up at the handsome man in front of him once again before he bowed his head and continued his duty. “Tang Yuliang.”

The two people unconsciously became friends, they found many topics to chat about. Nevertheless, it was Zhang Gushen who talked the most, and Tang Yuliang was the listener. While the two were talking, they heard sudden footsteps approaching them, Tang Yuliang and Zhang Gushen looked over, only to see three students dressed in green combat uniform walking to the place where they were.

The guy in the center stopped in front of Tang Yuliang, he raised his brows and said, “Yuliang, I’m also injured, why don’t you help me too?”

After bandaging the wound for Zhang Gushen, Tang Yuliang stood up, he looked coldly at the person who had spoken to him just now. “We are not that close, don’t use this type of tone with me. I feel disgusted.”

The man’s expression darkened. His face was filled with anger. What’s more, he had been interested in this person for too long, and upon seeing Tang Yuliang’s behavior toward him. The man immediately became furious, the desire to conquer the cold beauty in front of him was already to the degree. Therefore, he immediately released his pheromones.

Because the man’s pheromones were strong, some students on the scene turned pale in an instant. The omega students that came from the Medical Department had already become weak, they knelt on the ground with pale faces, their bodies soaked with sweat.

Tang Yuliang frowned, he subconsciously dragged Zhang Gushen as a meat shield, separating himself from the pheromones that the man had leaked. He also stuck his head out behind Zhang Gushen and said coldly to the man in front of him with a gloomy expression. “Stop it. Don’t you see the condition of the students around you? Releasing the pheromones in school like this is against the rules.”

The man laughed haughtily. “I, Wu Ping, can do whatever I want, there is no such a thing as rules. Even if there is, then I will be the one who creates it.”

Wu Ping’s words were so domineering that they attracted a lot of hate from others. Tang Yuliang’s hands were itching, he really wanted to punch that bastard, thus he whispered to Zhang Gushen, “You can fight right? Go and beat him, I really can’t stand his arrogant attitude.”

Zhang Gushen chuckled. “Since he said he can do whatever he wants in the school to the point that he even violated the rule. Then, I will let him taste his own medicine.”

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