“Hero” saves “Beauty”
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“Hero” saves “Beauty”

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Synopsis “Hero” saves “Beauty”


Maeve took her newborn brother into her arms and carefully creased his tiny hands…I will protect you and raise you into the finest youngster on Zen…


When he was 10 “Miss, young master beat up his classmate and is suspended from school”. She stood in front of Aurel, he blinked at her cutely and then sweetly said “Sister! he hit me first…so I just hit him back…” he pouted. Maeve: Ahh my brother is soo cute!!!!! “It is fine.” The AI servants: …Miss, the other was almost beaten to death.


When he was 30 “Miss, young master demolished the Wave Star City Mall.” Aurel tugged his sister’s sleeve and innocently said “Sister! The boss was cheating people with too many Star points…” Maeve: It isn’t his fault, that mall owner deserved it. “Ok then, go and have fun!” The AI servants: …Miss, it is said that young master didn’t like the owner’s attitude.


When he was 50 “Miss, young master stole a battleship and top elites are looking for him” Aurel smiled brilliantly and said “Sister! I was learning how to use a battleship…” Maeve: My brother is very intelligent! “Go and learn, nobody will dare to disturb you!” The AI servants: …Miss, it is an A-class battleship from your headquarters.


When he was 70 “Miss, young master ‘destroyed’ the Rie family, now they are on the streets.” Aurel said with a frown on his cute face “Sister! That old man’s son cheated on my friend!” Maeve: Bad people deserve that! “Good job! let them suffer, sister has your back, don’t worry” The AI servants: …Miss, it is said the young master had a grudge on him, and the engagement was long broken by young master and his friends.


When he is 90 “Miss, young master came home with an injured man” Maeve: Who? Aurel shyly looked at his sister and excitedly said “Sister! I like him and want to marry him” Maeve: Oh…ok-wait what?! “No way!!!” A few days later “Aurel! Are you going on a date? Ok enjoy and both of you come back safe!!!!” The AI servants: …Looks like Miss never changes.





ENJOY!! \(0u0)/

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