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IBKAWB Chapter 29

Gold master

Chapter 29 Gold master


Li Xi sneaked into the door, tiptoedly walked to his bedroom, just touched the doorknob with his hand, and Fu Jingshen’s faint voice came from the living room——


“Oh, the busy guy is back?”


Li Xi was frightened stiff: “Why are you like a ghost?!”


Fu Jingshen: “You are so careful, did you just come back after stealing something ?”


Li Xi turned around and sneered at him: “No! I’m back after discussing business!”


Talking about business?


Fu Jingshen was taken aback for a moment, then he bounced off the sofa, “”Guo Shi”?” It shouldn’t be, a high-cost drama like “Guo Shi” is made by a newcomer. Who would dare to buy it? Are you being taken advantage of? The reason why Fu Jingshen could not sell the script with Li Xi was that he was sure of two points-one was that Li Xi had no way out, and the second was that no party A would dare to spread the money.


Li Xi lifted his chin, “Yes!”


Fu Jingshen held out his hand solemnly, “Contract!”


Li Xi: “Huh?”


Fu Jingshen said, “I said you should show me the contract, or did you not sign the contract? ”


Li River shook his head.


Fu Jingshen breathed a sigh of relief, there was still room for transfer without signing the contract. He rubbed his eyebrows and patted the sofa next to him: “Come here Lixi, I have something to tell you.”


Li Xi was still awkward, standing still at the door of the bedroom with a cold face.


Fu Jingshen immediately laughed, “Are you angry with me? Can I not make a mistake? Come here and tell brother, who did you talk to about this business today?”


Li Xi slowly moved over and said uncomfortably, ” I went to see Mr. Lu…”


After listening to him, Fu Jingshen was silent for a few minutes, and said, “I will be with you tomorrow.” Fu Jingshen touched Lixi’s head: “Follow me, what do you care about as a child. Fortunately, its Lu Yuzhou you are looking for, you may be tricked by someone else.”


Speaking of it, Lu Yuzhou is essentially a businessman. Although he would not bully Li Xi, the  fool, how could he not even take advantage of it?


Li Xi didn’t understand what Fu Jingshen was thinking about. He lay on the sofa and imagined the scene after the script was shot. He said, “You said, how about asking Brother Qiao to play the male number one? He really fits the national teacher. The image of…”


Fu Jing noticed the name of the person sensitively: “Brother Qiao ?”


Li Xi: “Chi Zhong Qiao, didn’t you mention him last time, saying that he is very good at acting?”


No wonder, for sure. Chi Zhongqiao was also there, and Lu Yuzhou pretended to be good again.


Fu Jingshen rolled his eyes secretly. But fortunately Chi Zhongqiao was here, otherwise Li Xi would’ve sold himself and helped the bastard Lu Yuzhou to count the money.




“Mu Yi Tianxia” is over, and one day before the end, the important role of “The Invisible Crime” was finally finalized, and the makeup photos were taken at the same time. On the next day, the finale of “Mu Yi Tian Xia”, the official announcement and makeup photos were announced.


Chi Zhongqiao is holding the cast list, and every name on it is a heavy mountain.


The heroine Yan Qingbo, the jade pot award winner who has the genuine goods at a fair price, is the biggest in the whole group.


The male protagonist Ge Fangyu, a professional man who expects to get the movie emperor, does not become the movie emperor not because he is not good at acting, but because he is unlucky, and the films played by his opponents are always better.


Dissecting the amazing male and female protagonists, the rematches underneath are all old drama bones and powerful factions. The entire crew and the actors of the “Muyi Tianxia” crew are not a match at all.


Chi Zhongqiao put down the cast list and let out a long sigh.


Zhuang Fu, who was very concerned about the future of the little prince, hurriedly rushed over to take a look.


Zhong Yin had already sneaked a glance, and was too scared to say anything because of the lineup above, for fear that the panting would disturb the pondering Chi Zhongqiao.


Zhuang Fu took a few breaths in succession, “This…” Entering this kind of crew might be really stressful to death.


He stared at Chi Zhongqiao’s look, stumbling and comforting, “You are the youngest in the rematch, and  be more tolerant when you enter the group… This is also a great opportunity to learn! You can interact with so many acting skills. I don’t know how many people are going to be envious outside…”


Chi Zhongqiao calmly said: “I heard that Brother Zhou had an audition.”


Zhuang Fu froze and said, “Yes, yes, he tried it.”


Chi Zhong Qiao thought for a while, and said, “He should be in the group earlier than me. He may be more nervous than me. Brother Zhuang, would you like to see him?”


Bad thing! Yunmo entered this kind of crew for the first time, and now he is probably too anxious to sleep!


Zhuang Fu ran out quickly.


Zhong Yin said in a small voice : “Is Brother Qiao  not nervous? ‘


Chi Zhongqiao said:” It’s not too stressful. What kind of drama doesn’t have this kind of cast? I’ve already thought of that when I took on the drama. ”


It’s just that he wasn’t sure of the calibre of the lead actress and didn’t expect an actress of Yan Qingbo’s calibre to come back to play a TV drama.


On the contrary, it was Zhou Yunmo. His role and the heroine had many rival roles. Now that he knows that the heroine is played by Yan Qingbo, his mentality will collapse 80%.


Chi Zhongqiao took a sip of water and calmly said: “I am going to class.” Zhong Yin said after him: Brother Qiao, look at the hot search! Your heat is about to fry the pan, you still have the mind to go to class!


Since “Invisible Crimes” announced the list of male and female leads and supporting roles, Chi Zhongqiao’s name has repeatedly appeared in various forums and communication software. Not to mention the crowds, even Chi Zhongqiao’s own super chat and fan base exploded.


All the fans asked each other, “My son is really going to play “Invisible Crimes”?”


“Really? F*ck, my son’s style…”


“My Qiao is so awesome this time.”


“No, I still can’t believe it. That’s Fu Jingshen. How many awards has he won? The heroine is Teacher Yan, and the hero Ge Fangyu. Any supporting role is a familiar talent… Now my qiao is acting as second male lead? ”


” Yeah sisters a little confidence to Qiaoqiao, Qiaoqiao is acting is good, he has dealt with Yan teacher on the program. ”


” FML! Makeup photos came out! ‘


The original hot group suddenly became deserted, and nine out of ten people online were cut out, and they all went to the official account to view makeup photos.


Yan Qingbo’s makeup photos are undoubtedly at the forefront. The heroic female detective has wounds on her body. She touches the holster 1 holster: a holder for carrying a handgun or other firearm, typically made of leather and worn on a belt or under the arm. around her waist with one hand, and gently rests the other hand on the corner of the wall, her eyes sharp and cold.


The comment underneath was “I can’t stand it, I’m going to bend.”


Ge Fangyu’s fixed makeup is under Yan Qingbo. His role is not a policeman, but a forensic doctor. Unlike his previous tough guys, Ge Fangyu in a white coat exudes the unique cold temperament of forensic medicine. .


Going down…


the man in the black coat is building a pot of brilliant bouquets, the sun is bright, the whole picture is bright, but if you look closely, you will find that there are semi-dry blood stains on his hand holding the scissors.


The man stared at the bouquet with a gentle expression as if he was looking at his lover from another generation, but he acted ruthlessly.




I listen to your voice in the wind V: Is this me Qiao? Is it is it? I didn’t dare to recognize it at first sight!


Instant noodles without ham sausage: Fuck, is this the actor of Mu Yan?


No one in the wild crossing: Substitution acting…This is not my Qiaoqiao!


Many fans who are not Chi Zhong Qiao’s fans were also taken down by this photo. In fact, the color tones of the makeup photo itself is very warm and bright, and Chi Zhong Qiao’s expression is also normal. Just pick a romantic drama and put him in there to become the affectionate male second. But not knowing why, it always makes people shudder.


Buried in his son’s arms crying: Mom, is this… the villain or the affectionate male second? Looks a bit dark, persuaded.


This is part of the netizens, and the other part of the people who always have a clear perspective are good at finding melons without melons. Although Chi Zhongqiao’s appearance in “Invisible Crime” has nothing to do with Xu Xingzhou, there are always people who love to watch the fun and take it out for comparison.


Oh, Xu Xingzhou debuted a year earlier than Chi Zhongqiao, and now the resources seem to be inferior to Chi Zhongqiao.


Although it is a male lead, it seems that the popularity is not as good as czq.


Isn’t czq the biggest winner of the show “Muyi Tianxia”? Let’s make it to the sky in one step, this luck is really impossible to say.


Uh… I heard that xxz’s next drama is an idol drama? It’s still the hero, it’s not bad, the hero.


Isn’t the difference big? Seriously upstairs? That’s Fu Jingshen, who has directed such boutique dramas as “One Hundred Miles” and “Four Weeks of Resurrection”. Do you think the script in his hand is at the same level as the idol drama? Although czq is not the male protagonist, it is still the male second. The theme of “Invisible Crimes” cannot be revolved around the male and female protagonists. The male second will definitely participate in the plot of the case, and the drama will definitely not be less.


Since ancient times, the male lead and the female lead love each other , since ancient times, the second male lead gets the love of everyone. I guess czq will be more popular than xxz after the performance of “Invisible Crimes”, right? I don’t know why, I always feel that these two are positioned differently. Although czq is a newcomer, it always feels like a B-list actor.


It’s because of acting skills, it’s not blowing, he obviously felt that kind of gap when he was acting against other people.



But neither Chi Zhongqiao nor Xu Xingzhou paid attention to this hot topic. Their attention was on the annual drama event to be held in early January.


“Muyi Tianxia” was shortlisted.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t expect “Muyi Tianxia” to catch up with this year’s annual drama event, and was surprised when he got the invitation letter.


“Nominated for the best supporting role ?”


Chi Zhongqiao asked while opening the invitation letter.


Zhuang Fu nodded.


Chi Zhongqiao picked up the phone and glanced at the list. He probably had a charter in his mind, so he put the invitation letter aside.


Zhuang Fu : “The best male supporting roke also has a strong competitor. Deng Pei of “Aroma through the bones” rushed up this year. His performance in “Aroma through the bones ” is very impressive, and he is not a newcomer , The fan stickiness may surpass you, so this award…you be prepared.”


The majority of the voting for the best male supporting role is in the hands of the judges, but online voting also accounts for a part of the proportion, and this part is often necessary. It’s up to the fans.


Although Deng Pei is not a newcomer, he is not old either. He was at the same time as Xu Xingzhou, but his reputation has not been as good as Xu Xingzhou. In terms of popularity, in fact, it is no worse than Chi Zhongqiao.


Zhuang Fu glanced at Chi Zhongqiao’s face and gave some precautions carefully.


Chi Zhongqiao’s mentality is stable, and the pipes that go through his heart are all straight lines. One is that he has passed the age of utilitarianism, and the other is that he knows whether he can win awards.


Although “Aroma through the bones” seemed to go hand in hand with “Mu Yi Tian Xia” and became the big winner of this year’s TV series together, “Aroma through the bones” collapsed afterwards, and the overall splash was not as big as “Mu Yi Tian Xia”, and due to the theme And the reason why the plot is slightly weaker, the award is still a bit difficult to get .


And in the original work, the second male of “Mu Yi Tianxia” won the award for best supporting role, which is a reassurance.


Chi Zhongqiao said, “I won’t be anxious to get awards, there are some expectations , but not getting is okay. It’s twelve o’clock, I’m going to have dinner with Yuzhou, and I’ll leave first.” He waved his hand and went out.  Zhong Yin and Zhuang Fu looked at each other.


“Brother Qiao has a good mentality.” Zhong Yin sighed with emotion.


Zhuang Fu: “It is true that the emperor is not in a hurry, and the eunuch is anxious to death.”


Zhong Yin has a heart of admiration for Chi Zhongqiao, “I think it’s probably Brother Qiao, he played so well. Really! Brother Zhuang, you didn’t watch the super story of “Muyi Tianxia”, most of it is inside. They are all of Qiao’s fan pictures. He is really red, not worse than Deng Pei.”


Zhuang Fu glared at him: “Don’t talk nonsense, Deng Pei also has several works, all of which have diehard fans. How long has Qiao been popular? Do his fans really have that kind of stickiness?”


There are so many votes these days, who is not a true lover who wants to spend time canvassing for you?


Zhuang Fu said, “It’s not that I’m bad, the company is good, the agent has access, and Deng Pei’s qualifications are enough, we have to face this gap, do you understand?”


Zhong Yin bowed his head obediently, but he didn’t even take this to heart. He is indeed unprofessional and not knowledgeable , but as an audience, can’t he still see the acting skills?


Deng Pei also played well, but compared with Chi Zhongqiao’s little general, he always felt a little bit worse. He couldn’t tell where it was, but he didn’t have that kind of outstanding and moving.


Besides, Brother Qiao’s magpie koi spirit will definitely get a prize.


When the two were worried about each other, Chi Zhongqiao suddenly turned back, “It’s not much time left for the event, Brother Zhuang remember to help me contact the clothes.”


Zhuang Fu patted his forehead, “I almost forgot! I just…”


“No need” Lu Yuzhou, who was next to Chi Zhongqiao, interrupted him, “I have prepared the clothes.”


Zhuang Fu: “…Mr. Lu?!” Yes,Chi  Zhong Qiao said he was going to have dinner with Mr. Lu.


Chi Zhongqiao turned his head: “When did you prepare?”


Lu Yuzhou gently embraced him, and Chi Zhongqiao turned around following his strength. As the two of them walked out, Lu Yuzhou said, “I thought that Brother Qiao might want to to participate in this year’s annual drama event, booked in advance, it will be delivered in a few days. Brother Qiao will try it on for size first. I was so busy these two days that I forgot about it.. ”


” you are not afraid that It may not be necessary.”


“If you don’t need it, just put it away. It’s not a precious thing.”



The two voices were getting farther and farther, Zhuang Fu stood there blankly, feeling that he as an agent really had no sense of existence.


Zhong Yin craned his neck and said enviously: “Mr Lu is so kind to Brother Qiao, even the clothes are prepared in advance.”


How expensive is the artist’s clothes, and Mr. Lu actually said that it is not a precious thing? That can only be said that Brother Qiao is more precious in Lu’s heart.



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    holster: a holder for carrying a handgun or other firearm, typically made of leather and worn on a belt or under the arm.
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